SEMrush Review

The best Keyword research tool for success? SEMrush Review


Brilliant competitor Analysis tool


Tracking Social Media Actions


Success team Support



  • Competitor Analysis
  • Back linking
  • Social Media tracking


  • Divided opinions about accuracy of keywords
  • No access to founders
  • Not so easy for starters

Do I need to say more? Yes I do. I need to tell you why SEMrush is ranked as the NO 1 Keyword and research tool 2019. Is SEMrush Simply the best keyword research tool for success? Well you need to read my review to find out more.
In my previous Article Jaaxy Review – the winner SEO tool for beginners? I mentioned that I would review other SEO tools out there too. So let us start with the ultimate SEO tool SEMrush who is said by many to be the Top of the cream SEO tool.

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SEMrush review

My Keyword tool Criteria

In my article today I will take a look at SEMrush and dig deeper to see if I find out more about the

1. Keyword Coverage – How much search coverage in % do the tool have on all online searches?

2. Keyword Accuracy – How accurate is the tool in searches for keywords.

3. Is there offer a free trial to test the product?

4. Do they offer training in using the tool?

5. Do they have an affiliate program ?

6. Is this tool easy to use?

7. How is the Support

8. Is there have a Plugin or App?

9. What does the Customers/audience say?

10. What are the alternatives?

I am not a daily SEMrush user myself at this point and my intent with this review is to give beginners some helpful information when choosing a keyword Search tool. I am writing this Review with the perspective of a beginner. I hope you find this Review helpful.

SEMrush – Best SEO tool 2019

Target Users: SEMrush users are many types. Professionals, Large companies, Teams. Most users seem to be in the mid market.

Best SEO tool 2019


User friendly score: 8,3 out of 10

Top 50 on G2

G2: Score 4,5 out of 5

Trustpilot: 4,4 out of 5

Coverage: 140 + Geo databases

Accuracy: Not found

Free trial: Get it now! 10 free back link search requests, 10 traffic overviews a day.

Pro $99,95 monthly – Get it now

Guru: $199,95 monthly – Get it now

Affiliate program: Yes. SEMrush Affiliate program is available to join on Shareasale

Offer training: SEMrush Academy offers in depth training in how to use the tool

Special Features: SEMrush is known for being strong on Competitive research and monitoring using their traffic analytics, back links search competitors’ best keywords, a complete analysis of a competitors’ domain, strategies, PLA data, Amazon monitoring, Automated ad campaigns with Trafficjet, AI Impact Hero content tool for improving content, feature.

Plugin: Yes

App: Score 4,62 out of 5 on GetApp

Support: Brilliant, Quick and helpful. Lots of good training resources.


What is SEMrush?

Instead of me writing a long block about SEMrush you can watch this video to get an overview of what SEMrush is all about.

Watch the SEMrush overview Video

How to start with SEMrush?

First of all you need to create an account on SEMrush. You can start a Free trial or go pro immediately. That is up to you.

You might want to see this video on how to start with SEMrush.

User Friendliness

The interface of SEMrush is easy to follow and there is a guide telling you what to do when you start.

SEMrush Training tools

I am positively surprised to find the huge ocean of different tools they offer.

The SEMrush Academy course offers free training in research, analysis and much more.

Academy course: Competitor Analysis

Academy course: Advanced competitive research – reveal your competitors secrets

Keyword Research course by Greg Gifford

The SEMrush You Tube channel have a lot of helpful tutorials, tips and advice.

Various tool kits for different types of tasks are all very brilliant and helpful.



Competitor analysis is SEMrush strongest feature.

Analyze and discover your competitor's SEO strategies with SEMrush. Try them FREE here!


Organic research

Organic research

Traffic Analysis

Traffic analysis toolbox (webinar)


Are your Back links SEO friendly? Learn how to Build backlinks.

SEMrush on page SEO checker

SEMrush on page SEO checker is a great tool.

Check out SEO made easy with SEMrush:

SEO made easy! Audit your site, discover backlink opportunities and ways to grow. Click Here!

SEMrush integrations

Another valuable feature is the integration with Google products and Social media Platforms - let you track your own progress in comparison to your competitors.

E books

SEMrush also offers a lot of E books where you can educate yourself in almost anything regarding SEO

Competitive research and market analysis with SEMrush

Competitor analysis in uncertain times

SEMrush toolkit for SEO Fundamentals course

Online reputation management checklist

Content marketing checklist


SEMrush offer you a brilliant competitor analysis tool. Imagine how great it would be to see how much your competitors' bid on ads and what keywords they are ranking for.

Another feature I like is that you can plan back links and the site audit.

Tracking your social media actions is a valuable feature

Success team that can be contacted on phone, email and live chat.


There is no private coaching available except from the support and the training Academy as far as I could see.

You can not access the founders, but they have their success team helping you out.

Divided opinions about Keyword Accuracy.

What does the users say about SEMrush?

Watch the G2 customer Frederico C review of SEMrush

Words like a Swiss army knife, versatile are what users mention.

SEMrush case study

On the SEMrush blog I found :

How I improved SERP visibility with over 1400% in 4 months

SEMrush vs Jaaxy

I think that when comparing Jaaxy and SEMrush you need to be aware of what is your intent and what you are using the tool for.

Starting out with SEO: Jaaxy is the easiest to start.

More advanced User: SEMrush

Monitoring competitors': SEMrush

Back linking: SEMrush

Price: Jaaxy is the cheapest


Jaaxy offers training and contact with the founders and experts in the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

SEMrush offers an academy online.

If you are a starter to Affiliate marketing and SEO SEMrush is not as user-friendly as Jaaxy. It does not offer Affiliate Programs for your keywords like Jaaxy does and you can not talk with the founders.

But for more Advanced users SEMrush seems to be the clear choice among them which probably explain why they are said to be Simply the best SEO tool out there regarding monitoring competitors keywords and back linking.

From a cost perspective Jaaxy is much cheaper than SEMrush is. Almost half the price.

With Jaaxy you get access to build your own free website, affiliate boot camp and an online entrepreneur training.

SEMrush is just a SEO tool, but they offer an affiliate program  SEMrush affiliate program.

On Quora I found this question added by Upwork : Which is better tool for SEO? Jaaxy or SEMrush?

When deciding which tool to use you need to set up your own criteria of what is important for you.

backlink tools

Alternatives to SEMrush are:

1. Jaaxy : The winner for the beginner

2. Raven - Leader Fall 2020 - SEO, social media, ppc, content platform and tool.

3. Serpstat : Top 50 at G2

4. Ahrefs - Leader Fall 2020 - back link analysis tool

5. Spyfu - Top 50 at G2 - research and reporting tool

6. Wordtracker - Keyword tool

7. Keyword. io tool - Keyword tool

8. Keywords Everywhere - Keyword tool

9. Google Keyword planner

10. Moz Pro - Leader Fall 2020 - G2

11. Wordstream - search advertising tool for adwords

12. Junglescout - Amazon search tool - Leader Fall 2020

14. Longtailpro - AI optimization tool

Final discussion

All in all SEMrush is the number one choice for many affiliate marketers who are doing more advanced search involving competitors,back linking and analysis. They have a high score on user friendliness, a prima support and their own SEMrush academy providing all you need to use the tool.

There are several customer case studies that can proove that SEMrush have improved their serp visibility. The SEO coverage is good but I found no numbers on Accuracy. Doing my research there were divided opinions about the Keyword accuracy. Compared to Jaaxy this is a more advanced tool in some ways. The customers are overall very happy with the product. They can also offer an affiliate program.

The Features like having the possibility to plan your back links and tracking social media actions is valuable. So if you are looking for a tool to see what your Competitors are doing. The keywords they rank for and keywords they bid on in Ad campaigns this is the tool for you. I can definitely see why SEMrush is so popular.

Should you get SEMrush?

My answer is definitely yes. I think SEMrush is one of the better decisions you can make when choosing a Keyword tool.

Start for free Now!



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  1. Well! I actually enrolled for a freelance writing contract work that requires me to produce seo high point contents. Hence there is a need for me to focus on this and try my best to ensure I can make the best use of this in here. With SEMrush I can discover what keywords my competitors use. That will be very valuable for me as a writer. What you shared here  about SEMrush is really good and I value it in total. Worth to be tried out by me. 

    1. Author

      Hi Darmi! Well in that case SEMrush seems to be perfect tool for you and the work you need to do as a Freelance writer. It is a good decision. to give it a try. Glad you found my review helpful. 

  2. This is not really the first time I see anything about SEMrush online, but I didn’t think that it was a keyword research tool .I will definitely give the tool a try and see just how well it can work for me. It sounds really promising. I like how much detail you provided about the tool. The price for the tool doesn’t seem so expensive too. I think it is a good business investment.

    1. Author

      Hi Jackie! Thank you for giving your thoughts on my review. Glad I inspired you to try it out. It is absolutely a very good business investment without any doubt.

  3. Hello there, thank you for sharing this informative and educative review article about SEMrush .This is the first time i will be hearing of this keyword research tool and i now understand how it works. I will be glad to give this tool a trial. The features are awesome. I can see myself improving my SEO skills and get better results for my business.

    1. Author

      Hi Leslie! Thank you for your thoughts. Yes, SEMrush do have great features. I am absolutely sure that this tool and with help from the SEMrush success team your results will improve.

  4. SEMrush  sounds life a great keyword research tool for those who have a better understanding of keyword research. As a beginner, i am still trying to get a hang of keyword research so i think for now my favorite keyword research tool is Jaaxy. I like Jaaxy because of its user-friendly ness and accuracy. 

    But as you said, for advanced keyword research SMErush is way to go!! Thank you for the very informative article. 

    1. Author

      Hi Pranal! Thank you for your thoughts About the matter. Yes I think SEMrush can be too advanced for a beginner who does not even know what a keyword is from start. But I think SEMrush will be a natural addition for many affiliate marketers as they progress. I know many who uses many different search tools at the same time,because all of them offers their unique features of value to their business.

  5. I Googled SEMrush online and it doesn’t provide a way to test out the tool for free.  As a user, I would have like to see how it perform before I dive in and buy the tool and the free-trial locks you down for payment after 7 days.  As the article mentioned it a little bit more on the advanced users but it would be helpful if a free version existed somewhere in the SEMrush website.  

    1. Author

      Hi Reyban! I understand you want to test out the product before you buy. I am like that myself. A 7 day trial let you get an impression so you can make a decision. All products are like that. Jaaxy have 30 Free searches only to try the product. I think 7 days is a great deal compared to many other products who does not offer a free trial. SEMrush offers a free trial – free trial:.

  6. I did not know about the details of this SEMrush and how they operate with SEO keyword research. With the user-friendly score of 8.2, it is not bad and sounds like would be easy to use with time and dedication of getting to know the software. The price of Pro is a little bit high but with a good program, you can expect to pay a good penny to rank high on search engines with proper keywords researched. Think I will try their service out if I like it will pay by the year. 

    1. Author

      Hi Jannette! SEMrush is one of the major players in the SEO world and are regarded as the best in 2019. As you say it is high priced and maybe not the tool most marketers start with. But I am convinced that you will be well rewarded for using a supreme tool like this one.Thank you for leaving your thoughts. Glad I could inspire you to try it out. Let me know how it works for you.

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing this article. it is a very resourceful one and it will be very helpful to online business owners and marketers who are using Websites for their businesses. Finding the best keyword research tool to help you in your content making  and analysis will help your website get ranked higher. I like many of the Semrush features but Free trial is limited and it is an expensive tool for me.. I don’t like the idea of not having connection with the founder But I hope the success teams weigh up for that part. 


    1. Author

      Hi there! Glad to hear you found SEMrush to be a great SEO tool. A free trial is always limited no matter what product you try. A free trial is just a taste of the real thing so you can be able to make a decision if this is for you or not. I understand that the price can be too high. It is a high priced Quality tool. But I am sure you will get what you pay for here.You will get a lot of valuable insights for the money. You must think of it as an investment.Otherwise you might find  Jaaxy Keyword and research tool more suitable for your pockets.

  8. Hi there, I really enjoyed reading your article ‘The Best Keyword research tool for success? SEMrush Review’. Thank you for sharing such and informative and enlightening article about the platform. This is my first time hearing of SEMrush so I really benefitted a lot from your article and am really glad that I came across it. 

    1. Author

      Hi Sean! Thank you for leaving your thoughts. Glad you could benefit from reading my article and I hope you will give SEMrush a try!

  9. Hello Hilde, 

    You have made my search much easy because of this review you have shared here. SEMrush is all I have been looking for in most of the Keyword search engine tools that I have.explored Seeing how easy to use this is and how all the features match what I need, I will be glad to give it a try. I really don’t understand how they can monitor social media activity, can you help me with  explaining that?

    1. Author

      Hi Lawson! Glad to hear you liked my review and thank you for a great question! SEMrush track all Social media conversations online about your website or your brand. This tracker will give you valuable insights and reports that you can use to improve your strategy. They offer a free social media toolkit course in the SEMrush Academy you can take to understand it more.  I hope I explained it well.

  10. Hello there! Thank you very much for dropping this excellent article. I’ve gone through it and I really enjoyed it. I actually didn’t know about SEMrush and how they operate with SEO keyword search. After going through this article, I can see that that the SEMrush is awesome and I like many of the features. The only thing I’m not comfortable with is the duration of the free trial. But,that’s not an issue as I’ll go pro with it. Thank you.

    1. Author

      Hi Sophie! Glad you enjoyed my SEMrush review. Glad to hear you will try it out. I believe going Pro will give you a lot of value for the money! Wish you much success!  I would appreciate it if you let me know what you think about it after going Pro. Thank you for your thoughts.

  11. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information about SEMrush. I must say i really did enjoy going through your review as it contains a lot of valuable information’ I can hold on to. Personally I have been using Jaaxy because I feel it is easy to use, I am very content with Jaaxy and find that it is actually a quite advanced tool as well when you get to know it. I will give SEMrush a trial as well. It can help me do a site audit and become more aware of who I am competing with and find out more about my competitors.

    1. Author

      Hi Philebur! Glad you liked my review. Yes Jaaxy is absolutely a very advanced tool. Actually more advanced than people know. SEMrush take it a step further and will give you some other features like the site audit and more deep insights about your competitors. Just try it out. Combining Jaaxy and SEMrush will definitly give you a competetive edge.

  12. Very informative and useful post, thank you.

    I use Jaaxy but had not heard of SEMrush. It does sound a bit complicated and advanced for me at the moment. However, having read your post, it is something I will consider in the future.

    First though, I must learn more about Jaaxy as I don’t know much more about this tool than when I started.

    1. Author

      Hi Linda! Thank you for giving your thoughts. Jaaxy is also an advanced Keyword and search tool and you come very far with this tool. I recommend you to watch this webinar on how to use Jaaxy like a boss

      When you feel ready to grow further  in SEO SEMrush is regarded as a must have tool .Especially if you are in a very competetive sphere and are dependent on having that extra edge over your competitors. Combining Jaaxy and SEMrush will definitely give you the best foundation for success.

  13. This is a very unique article about SEMrush but unlike any keyword research tool available at the time, SEMRush gave way to a very special approach to searching profitable keywords.

    Being the first tool to have this type of capability, it had first movers advantage. Almost suddenly, it became a must-get tool in the SEO and online/digital marketing world. And it also reverse-engineering your competitors organic rankings.

    1. Author

      Hi Joshua! Thank you for your insights on SEMrush. You are right. It still is a must get tool for SEO in the online world. Most affiliate marketers use many SEO tools to keep the competetive edge. 

  14. Well, looking for the best research keyword tool is very critical to our online business. In fact, it’s something that a professional digital marketer won’t joke with. It helps to make better rankings and have this kind of friendliness with search engines. I’ve not heard of SEMrush since I started affiliate marketing. I’ve been making use of Jaaxy research tool from the very beginning. 

    For now, I don’t know the ins of SEMrush, but from your review, it’s cool to learn that they have free training in research and more. With everything I’ve read here, I see that they really want to do business. It’s also nice to know that they offer free trial just like Jaaxy. At least I will say that this is one of the qualities of a legit business. I will not say much further until I test the trial version and see what makes it looks different and much better than the one I use. Thanks for the review.

    1. Author

      Hi Kelvin! Thank you for leaving your thoughts. Just test it out Kelvin. It is the only way you will know if it is for you or not. You can use it combined with Jaaxy. I know many who do that. I would appreciate if you let me know your experience after you tried it out.

  15. Hey 

    Thank you for this review on SEMrush. I didnt know about until I came across your article . I was never aware of the many keywords tools you listed. This was very educational. I love the fact that SEMrush does not only help with the keyword research but with backlinks and other things. The subject of backlinks has  been taking my interest these days 

    1. Author

      Hi Bogadi! Thank you for your thoughts! Glad you liked my review. Yes SEMrush is an All in one SEO program so I think you will benefit from using SEMrush for backlinks.

  16. When it comes to an industry-standard keyword tool, you can rely on Semrush. Its been around for quite some time and it has passed all necessary test. The competitor analysis and the site audit it offers makes it a go-to tool for so many marketers. Although they do not have an academy but having a support team to help out should cover that. Honestly, it is a good pay for money spent 

    1. Author

      Hi there and thank you for letting me know your views ! Yes SEMrush is regarded as a reliable All in one SEO tool. They actually do have a SEMrush academy  I believe you will get  excellent value for the money. You might also want to read my Review of Serpstat which is a good competitor to SEMrush and you will find a good comparison here.

  17. I have been into the affiliate marketing game for a while. I really don’t like to spend much in tools. I know that may be a flaw. I have been already using Jaaxy and am happy with the results. But reading your post, I see the advantages that come with SEMrush and I am excited about them. Beeing able to see how much our competitiors bid on ads and the keywords the bid for is way more than I ever thought I could have access to. I’ll give this platform a try through the free trial.

    1. Author

      Hi Ann! 

      Thank you for your opinion. Glad to hear you found my review interesting and that it made you want to try SEMrush. Jaaxy is a very advanced and accurate Keyword search tool tool. I know many marketers who are happy with it, but being in the game for a while you probably know it can be wise to have multiple tools to give you that extra edge on your competitors. Well that is provided you know how to use the tools properly. SEMrush have long been regardes as number one and the best competitor analysis tool

  18. Hello. I have known about SEMrush for some time. I think insight into keywords is very important. In this way, we increase the visibility and accessibility of our networks as well as greater online traffic. However, the credibility of the keywords is debatable and certainly the features it provides should be further improved.

    1. Author

      Hi Jelena Thank you for your opinion! Great that you have knowledge about SEMrush. I would love to hear more about why you think the credibility about Keywords is debatable. What features exactly do you think should be improved? 

  19. Great review Hilde,

    I’ve heard a lot about SEMrush but I was thinking that it’s the same as another other keyword tools out there but man, being able to analyze competitions and find out how much our competitors are bidding is very helpful! I’ve been using Jaaxy but it’s high time I check out SEMrush too. Appreciate the insight, time for me to boost my rankings! 😀

    1. Author

      Hi Riaz! You are going to love SEMrush and get a boost for sure!  You already have a great tool, but what is better than having two amazing tools that can give you that extra edge? The Jaaxy accuracy with SEMrush Competitors tools will definitely help you. Thank you for leaving your thoughts.

  20. Hi there!

    I am used to using Jaxy, what do you think about that tool then ? I haven’t seen any reason to change, but maybe your review about SEMrush will change my mind ! I see you haven’t used it yourself , but you would like to inform people about other ways. It could be really interesting! Do you have any articles that may explain some more about SEO in general, that would be helpfull, thanks !

    1. Author

      Hi Lizzy! Great questions. I think your choice of SEO tool is a good one. 

      As a Wealthy Affiliate I use Jaaxy myself and I am very content with Jaaxy. All SEO tools have their limits, strengths and weaknesses. I am now exploring other tools to complement Jaaxy and tools that have other features I can benefit from especially on the competitor analysis and reporting field. It is always good to try new tools.

      So SEMrush which was awarded as the best SEO tool 2019 is a natural choice to try out. 

      I am sharing my research on  these other tools I explore so others ,who might have the same questions as me, can find some answers. I would love to try them all at one point, because you really do not know if the tool is right before you tried it out. 

      SEMrush offer a free trial.  I have only a short video introduction about keywords and SEO but no article at the moment who covers only basic SEO, but it is on my plan to make one. You can also try the Free SEO course that SEMrush offers .Wealthy Affiliate Free trial also offers a free course in basic affiliatemarketing and SEO. You can take a look at the understanding Keywords lesson. 

      Or you can find bits and pieces in my reviews on Keyword tools. You might want to read these reviews: 

      1. Jaaxy Review

      2. Raven Tools Review

      3. Serpstat Review

  21. It’s been a while since I worked with SEMRush. I have to admit, I did find it to be a bit complicated. For my needs, Jaaxy seems to be the winner. It may not have all of the same “bells and whistles” that SEMRush has, but the keyword search seems to be accurate and is easy to use. I also like that you can easily save keywords into desired lists so that you can find them later.

    1. Author

      Hi Marsha! Nice to hear from someone who have been a user. I agree that SEMrush have more bells and whistles than Jaaxy. As a Wealthy Affiliate I use Jaaxy, but now I am exploring other SEO tools to learn hands on which one that will suit best for me. You might want to read:

      1. Jaaxy Review

      2.Raven Tools Review

      3. Serpstat Review

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