The Traffic Dominators Bootcamp insider review

The Traffic Dominators Bootcamp


The Traffic Dominators Bootcamp



  • you earn $20 to complete
  • High value training
  • No need for a website


  • Free plan have fewer commissions than the OLSP Dominator and VIP plans
  • Bootcampers have Only access to some products and training
  • Some mentors (members) are not good with following up their new sign ups

If youare searching for a boot camp to help you start online, look no further. You have surely seen some boot camps surfing around on google, YouTube, Facebook, pinterest and Instagram, but I bet you have not seen a boot camp that will give you $20 to start

Before you read the rest of my post I want to inform you according to the best online practices with information that may be important to you:

Affiliate disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links which means I will get a commission at no extra cost to you if you should click through and make a purchase.

Earning disclaimer: There is no guarantee that programs mentioned in this post will work for you as there are too many factors beyond our control to make any earning guarantees.

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Opinion disclaimer: All views and opinions expressed in posts on are my own and not my affiliate partners views or opinions. Projections in this post are not endorsements

However, before starting a boot camp online, it is important to do research on what the offer is and make some clear goals on what you want to get out of it.

So glad that you are here. This shows that you are doing your research to determine if this boot camp could be something for you which is a brilliant move.

Unlike many so called unbiased reviews written by people who have no knowledge of the product they are selling except from what they found online, I will give you a more in depth behind the scenes review of this boot camp to help you find out if this boot camp is for you or not.

Wayne the founder

Wayne Crowe is a veteran affiliate marketer, who has more than a decade of experience. He makes millions online with his traffic dominators boot camp. Hard to believe when he pays you $20 to start, but he is so sure of what this boot camp can do and have a burning desire to help others succeed.

TheTraffic Dominators Bootcamp

Trafficdomintors bootcamp

The traffic dominators boot camp is a program which he designed to help individuals succeed at biz opp and mmo affiliate marketing.

It is free to enroll and can be completed in 2,5 hours if you are effective. But it is recommended to focus on learning and implementation instead of racing through.

You can sign up to the boot camp directly here or Via the free Facebook page or via Commission Loop Growth hack

The program is for complete newbies and intermediate marketers looking to take their business to a new level.

As a member of his program, Wayne will give you his very own hacks such as copy and paste ad swipes, Squeeze pages, mega link, Magic links, Traffic toolbox, as well as different affiliate programs you can promote.

All the affiliate offers which you’ll be promoting comes with all the promotional tools you need.

Let’s have a look behind the scenes to see what you will learn in the $20 boot camp.

What is inside the BootcampTraffic Domintators Bootcamp

Let’s have an in depth look into what’s inside these 15 modules

I’ll be walking you through what you’ll learn in each module, as well as the additional tools and bonuses which you’ll get inside the program!

Module 1: The Journey to become a traffic dominator

In this module, you will be learning the following

  • Introduction to Traffic domination
  • How to become a trainee dominator
  • What will happen when you complete boot camp
  • How to unlock new training
  • The different levels
  • How to join the private Group
  • Rewards
  • About Wayne
  • What to expect from the boot camp
  • making money online
  • Shortcuts to making money
  • About traffic
  • community
  • How to start the boot camp
  • What you will not get
  • The steps
  • What you get
  • testimonials from bootcampers
  • Results you can get
  • Starter Problems you will face
  • Skills you will learn
  • Helping others

Module 2: introducing the Megalink

In this module, you will be learning the following

  • What is the Megalink and how does it work?

Module 3: How to earn with the Megalink

In this module, you will be learning the following

  • how to earn with your mega link

Module 4: OLSP points

In this module, you will be learning the following

  • What OLSP points are
  • About the Leader board
  • Points and Levels
  • bonus points
  • comment dominator points
  • Sign up points
  • Event points
  • Purchase points
  • Log in points
  • where to see your points

Module 5: meet your Team

In this module, you will be learning the following

  • Who is your mentor
  • How to get help
  • How to contact your team
  • How to build community
  • Being a leader
  • How to use the team tools
  • How to see your Sign ups progress in boot camp

Module 6: Introduction to The secret commission machines

In this module, you will be learning the following

  • about ONE time live training
  • Webinars
  • Replays
  • How to promote Lives, replays and webinars
  • where to find info about them
  • how to earn commissions with live training and webinars
  • bonuses
  • Commission Generator system
  • Commission generator link

Module 7: Affiliate Markting Traffic dominator style

In this module, you will be learning the following

  • The viral effect
  • comment dominator traffic tool
  • how the comment dominator traffic tool works
  • Differnce between Free comment dominator traffic tool andcomment dominator traffic tool Pro.
  • Traffic credits
  • commission loop

Module 8: Commissions

In this module, you will be learning the following

  • How to check your commission
  • The commission TAB and overview
  • commission statement and details

Module 9: The only toolbox you will ever need

In this module, you will be learning the following

  • about the trafficToolbox
  • traffic tools
  • DFY blog
  • Content Gorilla
  • Comment dominator pro
  • CLM
  • Socialpost magic dfy social posting
  • TD pages
  • Growth hacks

Module 10: Traffic domination toolbox

In this module, you will be learning the following

  • Traffic domination products
  • Product launches
  • Promotion
  • DFY promo materials
  • TD links
  • Affiliate Links
  • Live training
  • training Replays

Module 11: How to buy Traffic

In this module, you will be learning the following

  • Solo Ads
  • paid traffic
  • Solo ad Growth hacks
  • Growth hacks
  • magic link
  • TD pages
  • Mega link
  • How to buy
  • Get paid to promote
  • Get paid for testimonials

Module 12 : OLSP dominators

In this module, you will be learning the following

  • Get help with Traffic
  • Build Team
  • 100% commission on selected launches
  • OLSP perks
  • Get more Leads
  • 33% upgrade commission
  • OLSP Dominators traffic Only
  • Squeeze pages for OLSP dominators Only
  • TD symbol

Module 13 : Payment Structure

In this module, you will be learning the following

  • Commissions system
  • Earnings
  • Payment account
  • Second Tier Commissions
  • Commission Overview

Module 13 : Getting better

In this module, you will be learning the following

  • What happens now?
  • Options
  • Extra Free training Units
  • Free Level
  • Advanced level
  • Income stream multipliers
  • VIP
  • 30 Day email Journey Hack

Module 14 : Getting better

In this module, you will be learning the following

  • What happens now?

Module 15 : congrats

In this module, you will be learning the following

  • Practical info
  • Bootcamp test
  • Traffic dominators Certificate
  • Confirm your FB profile
  • Getting Paid – What to do
  • How to continue earning
  • Free plan opens up


Thumbs up

1. Newbie friendly

It is easy for beginners to start. It is free and all you need is a Facebook Profile.

2. Easy to follow tutorials

Wayne is breaking down everything in video lessons so it is easy to understand and he present it in an easy to Follow way with a lot of examples. It is possible to re watch each lesson as many times you want.

3. Motivating and active community

The community is very active. The free Facebook group have now grown to 93,6K members. The action takers group is 381 and the VIP group has 91 members.

4. Special on the weekly live only bonuses.

Here you can get training and do some real scoops on various traffic tools. You get lot of training in the boot camp which is priceless.

5. Weekly Q&A live session for all members every Friday. These sessions are priceless

6. The methods are super effective and works. You earn while you build a list and Learn.

7. Support is Superb, Quick replies and the support team is hands on.

8. You are taught how to advertise step by step and get promo materials, mail swipes, social swipes and much more. All you need to do is to copy and paste proven success prints from the start until you learn how it all works.

9. Content is updated regularly.

10. The Newest traffic hacks always presented

11. Upgrades to more advanced training for action takers who wants to boost their earnings and skills.

12. The Founder Wayne is very active on the platform.

12. This system produces great results. Take a look at some of them below.



1. Free plan have fewer commissions than the OLSP Dominator and VIP plans which is only natural.

2. Bootcampers have Only access to some products and training which is also normal on most platforms.

3. The training is time tracked so if you skip a second you need to re watch the lessons to get 100%.

4. Some mentors (members) are not good with following up their new sign ups and do not reply, so if you experience this you need to tell support about it so you get the help you need.

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Insider pro tips

If you want to make more money faster I urge you to upgrade to OLSP dominators or VIP as soon as you can to get higher commissions, more advanced training and access to tools that will help you earn money faster. You can buy the tools individually, but it will cost you so much more.

Another smart thing to do is to create a weekly plan with your daily tasks.

To earn Money online always require an effort on a consistent basis. OLSP will take care of the hardest parts for you, but your success will always depend on you. If you do not work – your affiliate business will not work.

No matter what platform or product – the fundamental principles for making money are the same.

Is Traffic Dominators boot camp for you?

Traffic Domination bootcamp

There is no doubt in my mind that for someone who has an interest in Affiliate marketing The traffic dominators boot camp offers tons of value and also give you a small start bonus to complete the boot camp.

you will find all sorts of training on this platform. Organic and Paid traffic. Email marketing, content marketing, SEO, Warrior+ training, Jvzoo training, Adwords training, Webinar training, social media training, marketing strategy, PPC and SoloAd training, Leader training and a lot more.

So if you are interested in learning the skills from some legends in the industry and make money online as a side hustle or a homebuisness then this boot camp is a nobrainer.

By joining the boot camp you will get a good feeling of what this platform can offer you and if you sign up on the link below I will guide you as your VIP mentor through the system and help you on your Journey.

Here is how to start

1. Sign directly up boot camp and start the training

2. Join the Commission Loop to get a step by step setup of your magic squeeze pages, mega link and Autoresponder

3. Join the Free Facebook Group to get in contact with the community


  1. Traffic dominators sound interesting and is something to consider especially if you plan to do affiliate marketing. Me personally always look at new ways to attract traffic to my website and it is not easy. I will maybe try this system out to learn some tricks I might know of. Thank you for the exposure!

    1. Author

      Hi Bernard! 

      This is really a no brainer if you ask me. It is a 100% free traffic bootcamp and if you are having a website you will only gain from going through this bootcamp. 

      Not only that you even get 20$ for completing it. Never heard of anywhere else and it cannot become Easier than that  to start on any platform online.  

  2. Hey there, I hope you are having a good day! I just finished reading your article about Traffic Dominators and thought I would just drop you a quick line or two. First of all, thank you for this information. I have not heard of this before but I am very interested in affiliate marketing so I thought I would give this a try! I can’t believe that they actually pay you to complete the course. I just joined up and got started and I’m working through the training. What is the mega link all about? I know the training will teach me but I just wondered if you could explain a little more about it?

    Thank you,


    1. Author

      Hi Andrew The mega link is much like a cookied affiliate link so all who sign up via your mega link will be cookied to you and your list. But it also have some extra functions. The megalink can be used in Growthacks and in TD pages as well to gain more traffic. and sales.  All is explained in the free bootcamp.

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