Tips to How to get daily affiliate commissions as a new affiliate marketer?

How to get daily affiliate commissions as a new affiliate marketer? In this Article I will show you some great legit Affiliate programs that will give you daily commissions if you are new affiliate marketer or someone who wants to start earning online.

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What program to choose that will give me daily commissions?

First of all there are a few things you should know as a new affiliate marketer online when it comes to earning commissions.

Before I go into more details about programs that will give you daily commissions, there are a few things you need to be very clear about first.

1. What niche you are in

2. Who is your audience.

3. How much time and commitment you are willing to put in to reach your goals.

4. Long term mindset

No matter what program you choose it is always You and your mindset and actions that is the main success factor.

Read some of my articles here about mindset.

Another thing is that there are never any guarantees that any program will work unless you work.

It is probably not what you want to hear, but it is the truth.

Below I will show you a few programs I have used myself that I know work and have helped me earn

Daily commissions.

How to earn $300 a day – The easiest way?

So you want to earn $300 a day or more as a new marketer?

It is possible, but there are some things that you need to do before you can earn 300 a day.

You need to follow a proven blueprint and you need to build a list.

There are so many blueprints out there.

I have not tried them all, but I know one blueprint that works well if you want to Earn fast.

It is one of the most easiest blueprints to follow for new Affiliate marketers because it is just a copy and paste system where you get instantly paid 100% commissions for every sale you make.

Read more about it here


I personally use this Blueprint to build a list and get instantly paid 100% commissions on every sale.

There are other opportunities new affiliate marketers can use to generate $300 a day as well.

Some other chosen opportunities you may want to take a look at here

How to build a list fast – the easy way?

There is only one platform that will actually give you commissions while building your list.

It is free to join, but to get the maximum out of this system you would want to upgrade to get access to this commission on every click feature and other helpful list building tools.

Learn more about this list building system here

They offer some great list building growth hacks for free members like the lead magnet growth hack

They offer some great list building growth hacks for up graders like Solo ads for non-members

or Solo ads Growth hack for members

For their VIP members they offer great commissions, huge discounts on solo ads, and DFY commissions and access to some of the best high ticket programs for online marketers, Affiliate marketers and Bizoppers.

I personally use this system and I think it is one of the best platforms to earn and learn online.

How to earn commissions from multiple sources

Traffic rotators are popular because they give you massive traffic and leads.

There are two types of traffic rotators. Free and paid.

Below you will find some rotators I have used to get both free and paid traffic from

Free to start rotators with mixed types of leads (can upgrade to paid)


Global moneyline

Paid rotators with buyer leads:

Matrix – $45 per month

Traffic Dominators rotator – 99 per month

ViP downlinebuilder ( Free to join, but $20 to get Solo ads package)

New opportunities for New Affiliate marketers

Here are some chosen new opportunities for New affiliate marketers to build a list and generate more income online.

Discover how newbies earn commissions up to 5 figures here

How to earn daily commissions with your website?

When it comes to build a website there are so many website providers out there.

Personally I host my website at Wealthy Affiliate because of the support and the speed on the websites.

Wealthy affiliate also provide a very good training program for new affiliate marketers which I think is probably the best step by step training if you are new online.

You can build a free website and get a free siterubix domain on the 7 days free trial and You get a  domain if you choose to become a paid member and a lot of other benefits. Find out more here

It takes longer time to earn daily commissions with a website because your website needs time and content to gain authority online.

Go here to join the Wealthy Affiliate online training and start building your authority online with your website.

Can you earn Daily commissions as a new affiliate marketer?

In this article I have tried to give you ,who are a new affiliate marketer, some legit tips to earn daily, weekly and monthly commissions that also helped me build a list and get daily commissions as a new affiliate marketer online.

There are never any guarantees that you will earn anything, because it all depends on how serious you take these opportunities.

If you put in the work and follow the blueprint of your choice then you will start seeing results.

There are many examples online of newbies who took their opportunity serious and took action and went from zero to 5 figures and even six figures in a short time.

I earn daily commissions now, but it took me two years to get there. I would have got to this point faster if I had started building a list from the start.

My best tips is to start building a list from day one, choose one program or platform and just go for it. Be consistent and make it work.

If you are interested I am willing to go on a pitch free zoom call or chat with you if you are in doubt on what to do now.

Just leave me a comment below or contact me on messenger here

I hope you found this article helpful. Would love to hear from you in the comments below what you found most helpful or if you have any questions.

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