Top 10 Guide How to create a newsletter for free

Looking for a free newsletter for your website? In this post I will give you my Top 10 list of how to create a newsletter for free on your website, why newsletters are a great tool for your business, what you should look for when choosing a newsletter provider and some information about my top 10 newsletter providers, user reviews and how to get started.

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The newsletter jungle

I have been walking around in that newsletter jungle for a while and gathered a lot of information about the different newsletter providers out there. It is literally a huge jungle and a myriad of providers. It is not easy to know which one to pick the first time. And sometimes your needs changes and you need new features that can be helpful to your business and growth. That is why I want to help you to get through this jungle by giving you the information and experience I have with newsletters. I have created a Top 10 list below containing all the newsletter providers I have tried and used over the years.

Why should you have a newsletter on your website?

If you have a website and you do not have a newsletter you are missing out on a great deal of traffic. A newsletter is a great way to build an email list. There are plenty of email providers out there that can offer you contact forms, but not all offer you a free newsletter with templates that is easy to use. Another reason why newsletters are great is that you save a lot of time on scheduling your newsletters with new updates. My experience is that newsletters generate extra traffic and extra sales.

Top 10 best reasons why newsletters are great

1. Newsletters are great because you get the chance to get in contact with your readers, visitors, customers and clients. And they get to know you a bit better too.

2. You can dive more into certain subjects and offer your newsletter subscribers special offers they can get nowhere else than if they subscribe to your newsletter.

3. You can offer extra advice, solutions and value to your interested subscribers.

4. Newsletters allows you to create a tribe of people with the same interests.

5. You can offer special bonuses just for your subscribers.

6. Newsletters are proved to build more customer loyalty and trust.

7. It helps your business grow.

8. Newsletters helps you build a brand.

9. You will get more traffic and conversions.

10. Traffic on social media will often increase if you have a newsletter.

Top 10 things to look for when choosing a newsletter provider

1. Easy to install

2. Easy to use

3. Easy to create and customize

4. Free or affordable to start

5. Number of subscribers

6. Good looking Templates

7.Integration is easy to do.

8. Schedule features

9. Good support and instructions

10. Gdpr integration

My top 10 newsletter provider list

I have made a Top 10 list of my most recommended email and newsletter providers where you can create great newsletters.

1. Mailpoet

2. Optinmonster

3. WP forms

4. Canva

5. Formidable Forms

6. Woocommerce

7. Mail munch

8. Contactform 7

9. Google Newsletter

10. Mailchimp

1. Mailpoet Newsletter

Mailpoet is easy to install, easy to set up and easy to create and customize with a drag and drop system. There are many free and good templates. Instructions are very easy to follow. Integrates well with most programs. GDPR  compliant forms..
You can easily schedule your newsletters and have up to 2000 subscribers for free. You can make Amazing newsletters from scratch or use one of many Mailpoet templates. Read more here.


User reviews Mailpoet

Not mentioned in Trustpilot

G2 reviews score: 4,6 out of 5 stars (22 reviews- 86% 5 stars)

Get Mailpoet for free now!

2. Optinmonster Newsletter


Optinmonster is not free, but you can start at $9 which is a fair price. The opt in have a behavior automation and a pop up service. It is easy to install, create, use and customize. Have an intent feature for every form. Easy instructions to follow. Integration is good. And you can schedule the newsletters. GDPR compliant forms.

Read more about optinmonster here

See the videos:

How to set up your campaign

How to create an email newsletter Sign up form

User reviews Optinmonster

Trustpilot score: 3,7

G2 reviews score 4,2 out of 5 ( 40 reviews – 60% 5 stars)

Get optinmonster for now!

3. WP forms Newsletter

The WP forms newsletter plugin are Free and easy to install, use and have also drag and drop features that makes it really easy to use. WP Forms have great instructions and easily integrates with other programs and services. You can schedule your newsletters very easily.

You can read more about WP forms here

See video:

WP forms overview


User reviews WP forms

Trustpilot score: 3,4. Note: only 2 reviews given

G2 Review score: 4,8 out of 5 stars (235 reviews – 86% 5 stars)

Get WP Forms for free now!

4. Canva design for creating a Newsletter

Even though Canva is not an email service provider or a newsletter provider I chose to add it here as an alternative. Canva is a design program for social media. you can create Amazing newsletters in Canva. You can create the newsletter in Canva and add it to a blank template in your newsletter form or email. An alternative way to go about it.

Create newsletter in Canva

User reviews Canva design

Trust Pilot score: 46% out of 13 reviews were excellent

G2 review score: 4,7 out of 5 (2635 reviews – 82% 5 stars – Note that this is reviews for Canva overall not just their Newsletters)

Get Canva now!

5. Formidable Forms

WordPress form builder - formidable forms

Formidable forms is easy to set up, easy to use and start with and you have a lot of integration possibilities. You get a Free form and templates that follow the free form. However, you need to upgrade to Pro to get all the amazing features and make supreme newsletters and the using the scheduler. Formidable forms are very professional and you can create and integrate almost anything in the pro version. The 14 days free version only covers setting up an email form, email list and a welcome mail.

Read my previous review about formidable forms: How to make a contact form in less than 5 minutes

Read more about Formidable forms User Registration

User reviews Formidable Forms

Trustpilot score: 4,7 – (94% excellent out of 33 reviews)

G2 review score: 4,9 out of 5 (17 reviews – 94% 5 stars)

Get formidable forms now

6. Woocommerce


Wocommerce have really awesome newsletters for Woocommerce stores. Dropshippers tend to like this one. Great instructions to lead you through the details.

Read more about Woocommerce here

See Video

Woocommerce Email settings

Trustpilot score: 3,1 ( out of only 12 reviews 33% thought Woocommerce is excellent and 33% bad).Note that this is not specific reviews on the newsletter, but an overall review of Woocommerce

G2 reviews score 4,2 out of 5 (19 reviews – 57% 5 stars)

Get Woocommerce now


7. Mailmunch Newsletter

Mailmunch is an easy to install with drag and drop features. Great newsletters, instructions and integration.

Read more about Mailmunch here

See the video: How to grow your Email list

User reviews

Not mentioned on Trustpilot

G2 reviews score: 4,1 out of 5 ( 9 reviews – 62% 5 stars)


8. Contactform 7 Newsletter

Contactform 7 is basically a contact form for WordPress and additional newsletter plugins are needed. However, Contactform 7 is easily integrated with many WordPress newsletter plugins.

User reviews

Not mentioned on Trustpilot

Not mentioned on G2 reviews

You can get contact form 7 by adding the plugin in WordPress

9. Google newsletter

Google docs is Free and can be used to create newsletters, but you need to do it a bit differently by creating email groups.

How to create a newsletter in Google docs

How to create a custom email group in Google docs

Not mentioned on Trustpilot

G2 reviews score of Google docs: 4,7 out of 5 (5316 reviews – 81% 5 stars)

10. Mailchimp newsletter

One of the first mail services in the market. Free and Easy to install, create and use.

Trustpilot score:1,6. Of 218 reviews 71% thought it was bad and 9% excellent

Get Mailchimp here



How to choose?

Find it difficult to choose? I have tried all of these providers and all of them are good solutions to start with. I like Mailpoets Amazing templates and optinmonsters intentional and behavioral pop ups, I like WP forms easy drag and drop system and survey plug ins, I love Formidable forms professionalism and multitude of integration possibilities and forms, and I love Woocommerce easy subscription set up for a woocommerce store, I like that Google docs can handle simple newsletters via mail groups and Mailchimps versatility. The thing is you will probably like something about them all.

I can not make the choice for you, but I hope I have made your choice easier to make by providing you the Top 10 I believe you should use. No matter which one. All of them are great to start with, easy to use and meet all the criteria I listed above.

For a more professional use I would recommend going for the pro versions where you unlock all the best features.

Now it is up to you! Choose one and start sending your newsletter today!



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  1. This is an awesome article, Which newsletter provider are you using currently. I’m using get response but I am going explore your options and see if I can find a better one for my website, You said you liked all of them that you listed which one do you use and why? Keep writing and keep educating people this is awesome and  people will get a lot of value from this To Your Success,

    Alberto Lazaro

    1. Author

      Hi Alberto! I am currently using Mailpoet, because I think the interface is really userfriendly and the templates are great. Another reason was that I wanted to learn all about this email provider. When that is said I have tried all the others and all of them are great. All of the Top 10 Guide newsletters are good choices. It totally depends on your needs and how big your list is.

  2. Well! Many people do not give the significance that a newsletter worth to it. Actually I fancy all that you have shared here and I know that with proper time and dedication towards this, it is always possible to learn it. Knowing how to get the right newsletter out to people without seeming like spamming or disturbing can be a game changer in the online space in general. Thanks for sharing here

    1. Author

      Hi Kimberley! Thank you for your input here. You are right about that some do not see the value in a newsletter. As with anything else you need o know how to use your newsletter the best way for your business. It does not work just to copy what others do. It is no guarantee it will work for you. I absolutely agree with you that a newsletter should not be spammy. However if you have a GDPR compliant newsletter people will only get mail about the topics they signed up for and are able to unsubscribe at any time.

  3. For me as an online business owner, and I have a website or two, I think it is very important for me to know about newsletter as it’ll help me gather a lot of reader-owner’s interaction and it’ll pull a lot of traffic too. Thanks for sharing this amazing and helpful article, it’ll be of immense benefits to me and others.

    1. Author

      Hi there! Thank you for your thoughts on this matter. Yes a newsletter will help you getting to know your subscribers  more and they will get to know you better. It all depends how you use it. Newsletter improves traffic. There is no doubt about that. Glad you found my article helpful.

  4. And thank you too for this helpful information. I had often heard of creating newsletters on a website but never knew it has this much importance. The 10 reasons and tips are well very well understood and all the newsletters creators are cool. My favorite 3 are the Mailpoet, Canva, and Woocommerce. The Mailpoet is user friendly and I love beautiful templates. I am already using Canva for creating beautiful MP4 animations and never knew it is involved in newsletters too. I guess Canva will be my first choice since I am already into it although I need variety to spice up my work as I give my readers the best. Woocommerce seems basically for business, what do you think?

    1. Author

      Hi Akon! Good choices! You can create awesome Newsletters in Canva, but  it is not a mailprovider. Woocommerce is for dropshippers  or if you have a Woocommerce store installed on your website. I love Mailpoet  myself because they have a very user friendly interface and great Templates ready to use.

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the interesting read! I never knew about what power a newsletter can give to a website.

    Thanks again; I will look into the whole aspect of newsletters, and choose from the list you have provided.Your website is a school of knowledge; You have a lot to offer online entrepreneurs; Excellent for newbies; A trusted site; Which is priceless; From what I have seen, Your website provided quite massive and invaluable in every sense. Leaving your readers with a lot to see, to read, to process, and to consider. As for me, I will make out time to re-read the links for clarity. What you have done is quite impressive and selfless service. Good reviews took but are quite commendable.
    Thanks for your invaluable posts!

    Thanks again.

    1. Author

      Hi Joe! Glad you find my Top 10guide valuable and helpful. I hope you find the clarity to which newsletter provider you will use on your website.

  6. Thank you for making it clear to me as to why we need newsletters. Truth is I have been hearing about this word for quite a long term and never come to know what it really means to have a newsletter. My website is on the point of earning traffic right now, and I would love tools like these.I hope they will help me indeed build customer trust so as to reduce the bounce rate.

    1. Author

      Hi Paul! Thank you for your thoughts. I must say you are the first person who admits not knowing what it means to have a Newsletter. It is so common to have one. Most businesses do. Take a look at your needs and make a strategy on how to use your newsletters to build more trust and engagement.

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