How to use InVideo professional video maker effectively

Looking for a quick and easy professional Videomaker? Did you know making a professional video does not have to be difficult or require a lot of skill and time to do? I am going to show you today How you can create a video quick and easy with InVideo easy professional videomaker. And I will give you my Top 10 Tips to how to use Invideo effectively to market your business.

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Why making videos?

Just think about it – when you are online looking for a product or service online you tend to look at those who can offer you some visual information as well. Am I right? I know I like to see a mix of text and visuals whether it is Video or info graphics.

Today people watch video more than ever before, because it is easy and more fun to watch a video. That is just how it is. People today are more visual than they have ever been. It is important to be aware of this fact when you have a website online. A website is your online office and a huge online asset. Video will not go away. It will stay. Almost everyone have a mobile with a video recorder and can upload videos at any time to their social media. They have access to You Tube and a lot of other visual media.

However making professional videos using video editors demand some more skills.

What if I told you that you do not need any skills to use InVideo? Invideo is an easy videomaker as well as a more professional tool that will help you create professional videos for your website, YouTube channel, Social media.

Just take a look here:

What is InVideo Easy professional Videomaker?

InVideo is an easy Professional cloud based videomaker. Read more about Invideo in my review.

How to make professional Videos with InVideo

It is easy to make professional videos with InVideo. There are plenty of free templates and templates you can buy for a small amount of money too. Find out more here

You can record your own voice or use a voice over.

Watch the short video I made about invideo with a robotic voice over here

How to make video for a website

InVideo is great for making promo videos about your website, mini reviews and mini articles as well as more in depth tutorials about a topic you are addressing on your website.

Top 10 tips to use Invideo effectively

1. Choose a plan and Create a video in InVideo

2. Upload it to your YouTube channel

3. Embed the video on your website.

4. Share your videos to Pinterest with a link to your website

5.Share your videos to Twitter with a link to your article or review

6. Share your videos on Facebook and linked in to get more traffic to your website

7. Share your videos on Instagram and Tik Tok to reach other audience and get more traffic

8. Create a free account on Webtalk and Share your videos to Webtalk and earn money on it while connecting with new audience.

9. Share your videos in a newsletter to make your newsletters more creative.

10. Re-use your videos in different ways and on as many social platforms you have.

After I started doing this I noticed I got a lot more traffic from You Tube and Google as well.

Invideo Free plan – Get it now!

Invideo Business – Get it now!

Invideo Unlimited – Get it now!

Invideo unique plan – Want a Unique plan?

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  1. I have been wanting to make some videos for my blog. I did it earlier this year but I find that video editing is very time consuming so I ignored it. Now, I see that more people are gearing towards video rather reading a good old blog so I have to find a software that will save my life. Thank for your review on Invideo and the tips! I am gonna check out the free trail and take it from there! Hopefully It is easier to use than Videorama! 

    1. Author

      Hi Nuttane! I have never used VideoRama so I am not able to say if it is better or not. I just love InVideo because it is quick, easy and I can use professional templates. Saves me a lot of time. Just try it out. Would love to hear from you when you tried it out to hear if it is easier than Videorama. Let me know .Ok?

  2. I have also noticed that marketing is shifting more and more towards video and as such we affiliate marketers need to search for video tools to give as en edge in video marketing. InVideo seems like a good alternative in this respect. Just like Tailwind, InVideo has already a set of templates ready for the different social media platforms. That is a great feature that saves a lot of time creating content for the Social Media platforms your on. 

    What is great is that they have a free plan which makes it perfect to try it, before committing to the software.


    1. Author

      Hi Roy! Thank you for your thoughts. Video will become more and more a natural part of marketing, but I do not think it will replace the written words. People still like to read a good article or blog. But  to spice up your website, article or reviews with a video is just great.  Invideo is free and you can add your own voice or a robotic voice on the free trial. 

  3. Well articulated and layed out information about Invideo. As a newbie in online business, i find this article very helpful to me now and the future if am to realize great traffic to my site and social media handles. I also notice and learn that invideo saves alot of time to manage your content. I really appreciate this info and am sure going to have my self signed up.

    1. Author

      Hi Mellon!

      Glad you like my article. I believe you will find Invideo a very useful and Time saving tool. Thank you for your thoughts!

  4. I know there is so much potential for video in online marketing that I have been looking forward to get started with it and Invideo seems to be a good program to get started with it. Thanks for the link to your review and I really like Invideo can be tested for free. Thank you very much!

    1. Author

      Hi Abel! You are right! Video is a trend to stay in marketing and Invideo makes it easy for anyone who wants to make videos withoth having expensive tools and editing experience. Invideo will give you an ocean of possibilities, templates and much more if you want to level up. Give it a go and let me know what you think. You can sign up for Free here

  5. This is an awesome post. Achieving a professional look is more about your technique than your  tools, so you don’t need to drop a fortune on expensive equipment –  chances are good that you can make great videos with whatever you’ve got right now, just by paying attention to a few key details. The tips that you have shared are superb!. Thank you and I look forward to more articles and news from you. 

    1. Author

      Hi Lucas! Thank you for giving your thoughts on my article. Invideo is perfect for anyone who have little to start with and want to create stunning videos. I am happy that you love my tips. I hope they will serve you well. I will do my best to provide you with articles, tips and news. Have you signed up to my newsletter where I am sharing my secrets, Pro tips and much more? If not I will invite you to do so.

  6. Since the world is really evolving towards video contents and the need for them has risen sporadically these days. Most bloggers are even turning to vloggers and all. So, it makes perfect sense having a tool Like Invideo. I particularly like how effective Invideo is and how fast you can make a video. Great! . I will check this tool out so I can use it to create videos when I finally create my YouTube channel

    1. Author

      Hi Nath! Yes videotools are becoming more normal as part of marketing as well. What is cool about Invideo is that You can upload to YouTube directly with Invideo. This is a helpful feature I ike a lot and saves me a little extra time. 

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