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Daily practice is what you do every day and more important than most people think it is. I have experienced it first hand in my own life. As I mentioned in my first post, creating my daily practice for success totally changed my life after a massive burnout from stress. Your daily practice can actually determine wether you succeed or fail, become unhappy or happy, connected or disconnected, healthy or unhealthy, rich or poor etc. I guess you already can relate to this more or less in your own life. And I guess you want to be happy, fulfilled and sucessful. Am I right? Today I am going to address how you can turn your daily practice into Success.

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Daily Practice for Success cover Photo
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What is sucess for you?

Take a minute and think about it. What is success for you?

Have you ever thought about that?

If you don`t know,  it is time to find out.

It is never too late to improve your life and your overall well being.


People often relate success with money, but success can mean so much more. Big or small.

Is it  Living a healthy lifestyle?, Overall wellness?, being a good mom and wife?, creating your own business or blog?, make a living of your hobby?, travel?, mastering a craft or a skill?, financial freedom?, or is it something else?

Please feel free to leave a comment below about what success is for you. I will appreciate that a lot.

Whatever success is for you it is important to figure it out so you can start creating a daily practice to achieve the successful life you truly want.

Success for me is to have the freedom to be able to grow constantly following my heart and dreams every day.

It gives me a feeling of fulfillment and joy – a state of gratitude, learning and giving.

I find  just as much value in the process as in the results.

I am a strong believer in whatever you can think or dream you can create.


How do you create your own daily practice for sucess?

Creating your own daily practice for success is a process.

It is quite similar to creating a cozy home. The big secret to your success is you.

That is where your daily practice for success starts. In your heart and in your mind.

It means that you need to invest in yourself on a daily basis to create the life you want for yourself.


You will need a strategy, a plan , a daily practice and to take action.

You may need to learn different kind of skills along the way.

You need to make it a part of your lifestyle as well ,otherwise you will not thrive.

Supportive community and surroundings will also be an important factor for your overall wellbeing and success.

And you must do something that is meaningful to you.


You can do this by using the tips and training you will find on my website that relates to you.


Some ways to build a daily practice for success

Depending on what your success looks like there are many ways to build a daily practice for success.

Optimize energy
Creating the right strategy for you
Making a plan

Learning basic skills
Learning specialised skills
Chase your dream

I will share my insights, strategies, and experiences that I hope will inspire you to take the action needed in your own life.


After I burned out I was like an empty cup.

I had to start optimizing my energy so I had surplus enough to do what I really wanted.

Learning the basic skills like patience, gratitude, relaxation, sleep and asking the right questions to mention a few things

my life slowly changed to the better.


After some time I started my own online courses and connected with so many wonderful supportive people .

I have achieved so much more  of value in my life. And I am still on the journey.

I have new goals and dreams to reach now and step by step I will get there.

Now I have become an affiliate marketer and joined Wealthy Affiliate.


Learn How to build a successful online business
Learn How to build a successful online business

If I can inspire just one person to take an action that will turn their life around It`s all worth it.


You can practice being successful everyday

Who is stopping you from practicing for success everyday except yourself?

Stop telling yourself you don`t deserve it or you are not good enough.

I know you can. If I can so can you.


A good mindset and good habits are the key skills to every successful woman.

There are plenty of strategies. books and articles about the topic out there to learn from.


On this website I will share with you my insights, strategies, own experiences and achievements and other things that I think will help you on your journey to your own daily success practice.

I will be happy if you tell me what is most useful for you in the comments below.

Starting a daily practice for success – How do I start?

Most people want to make their lives better.

I know I do. No doubt about that.


But the fact is that most people do not have a daily practice for success.

Mainly because they are unconsciously unaware of the importance of it so it is not a priority.

Secondly – they never start – something is holding them back.

What about you?

Do you have a daily practice for success?


Holding yourself back because you fear change or the unknown, what people might say about you or you are afraid of failing, not being good enough , will never ever give you the fulfillment you really want and deserve.

You probably have heard all this before but, if you really think about it ,you know this goes for you as well.


Starting is often the most challenging part in your process because where should you begin and why?

I suffered from procrastination a long time, holding myself back from fear of all I mentioned above.

You will fail many times on your journey, but you will also learn.

You will not be a master from the start but you will become better and better day by day if you practice.

The good news is that we all do – no one is perfect . Perfect is an Illusion.


You are not going to regret having a daily practice for success.

A daily practice for success require  self kindness – your comittment to yourself and your dreams.

Only by committing to yourself , investing time and making action a priority you will succeed.

A daily practice for success starts in your mind and in your heart.

As a healthworker I  hear old lonely and unhappy people telling me everyday “I wish I had  ….., I regret …..

I should have lived more,followed my dreams,  loved more, connected more, been happier, nicer, more giving, been more bold etc.

You are not going to be one of them if you create your own daily  practice for success.


You are just one decision away from doing so.


Learn How to build a successful online business
Learn How to build a successful online business

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