VIP Downline builder Review for beginners

VIP Downline builder Review for beginners

VIP Downline builder


Free Forever


VIP member



  • Free to start and earn
  • No need for a website
  • Real hits - It works!


  • Member area Visually not trendy
  • Few tutorials
  • 5 additional referral links possible to add - would have been nice with more.

Do not have a website yet? or Looking for a way to get more referrals and leads? Have you ever heard of VIP Downline builder? Some time ago I was invited to this platform. In this VIP Downline builder Review for beginners I want to tell you what it is, how it works and how it can benefit you as an affiliate marketer, networker or online marketer.

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What is VIP Downline builder?

A while ago I was invited by the founder of VIP Downline builder, Tony Hamilton, to join this platform. I know Tony from Wealthy Affiliate. I know he is a quite successful affiliate marketer who have been in the business for a while. So when he told me this was a good platform for getting referrals, leads and free traffic, I just had to check it out.

My intention with this VIP Downline builder Review is to help you understand what this platform is all about and show you how it can benefit you and your affiliate or networking business. Hopefully I will also inspire you to make a decision if this is a platform you would like to try out or not.

Shortly told the VIP Downline builder is a free traffic advertising platform for affiliate marketers, online marketers and network marketers who wants to become more visible and get results. You do not need a website to use the platform.

Free Advertising Platforms – How do they work?

There are many ways to advertise online. You can find out more about the different ways in this Wikipedia article if you are interested in finding out more. I think it describes how the various types of advertising works very well. I will now take a closer look at VIP Downline builder Free Advertising platform.

Why should you sign up to VIP Downline builder?

I have now used the VIP Downline builder for more than 6 months. Since I started I have got a lot of referrals, leads and sales from this platform. And I am quite sure it will not take long time before you get your first referral if you decide to start. In this VIP Downline builder Review I will tell you why this can be a good platform if you are an affiliate marketer or do online networking.

How to start?

VIP downline builder is free to join You can sign up here

You can also become a VIP member and earn more commissions as an affiliate.


When you sign up, you get free starting credits to buy ads. You will find more about buying ads further down in the article.

First I want you to get to know how to navigate the platform.

Navigating the VIP Downline builder platform

When you log in to the VIP downline builder members area, you may think that this platform looks a little different than you thought it would look. I know I thought so from the start.

Honestly, I do not think the member area look visually great, but that is not really important to me as long as it works and deliver what it promises. I could not care less if the website looks like a million dollars if it does not deliver the results I am looking for. Do you agree?

I used some time to figure out this platform when I started. It was not very intuitive to me. so I decided to make a short video tutorial on how to get started for newbies after I understood how it worked.

The founder of the website, Tony Hamilton, is now using this video as a tutorial on the front page of the VIP Downline Builder platform.

Watch the video:

I believe the video will help new users navigate the platform faster and easier when inside. You start by editing your profile, add your referral links, buy some ads with your credits and set up the ads. It is very simple once you understand how to do it.

Edit your details

First thing you want to do is to go to edit your details in the menu. Upload a profile picture and add your social media sites at least. It is a good idea to learn how to navigate the platform so do not be afraid to get to know the menu.

Earning and Buying Credits

Get free credits with your promo code

When you start you can claim free credits with the promo code. You do that by redeeming your code in the menu. Credits can also be earned by viewing ads or bought.

Earn credits viewing Ads

You earn free credits within the program by surfing sites or ads. For every surf or view you get credits to use for buying ads. It means you do not need to have money to buy the ads if you are willing to use some time surfing other peoples ads.

Use your affiliate commission to buy more credits

The affiliate commissions can be used as well to buy more credits instead of withdrawing them. That is up to you.

Buy credits

Or You can choose to buy credits via PayPal or coin payments.

Buying ads

There are 6 different types of ads you can buy on the platform and most of them can only be used for a limited number of views. You buy ads with your free or earned credits or paying for them.

1. Textlinks – These links are the easiest to set up and is a good way to start. Textlinks can be showed up to 5000 times before it is no longer valid and you have to add a new one.

2. Banner Ads – Here you can insert a text, banner and url. You can choose between banner ads up to 1000 impressions and 5000 impressions.

3. Lifetime ads are for lifetime. If it is an affiliate partner you are sure to have for a long time you can make a lifetime banner. This one will not disappear.

4. Solo Email Ads – Solo email ads are ads that will show up on emails in other peoples email lists. It cost $20 or 2000 credits to buy.

5. Login Ads with 1000 impressions

6. Full page Surf Ads – You have the choice to buy ads with 1000 views, 2500 views and 5000 views.

Adding and Using affiliate links

It is important to know you can only use https urls. It is always a good practice to ask your affiliate partner if they allow you to use their link in the VIP downline builder.

Not all affiliate partners will accept that. Some have it written in their terms and conditions. So the best thing is to send them a request with the link to VIP Downline builder if you are not sure.

The platform recommends some Affiliate links in different niches you can use without any problems like Wealthy Affiliate, Cashjuice, Gateway affiliates, Jaaxy, Webtalk, CBproAds just to mention a few of them.

Some niches recommended on the platform are SEO platforms, Hosting platforms, Traffic platforms, Health platforms, Animal platforms and more.

Setting up Ads

After you bought ads with your credits, or you have paid for it, you need to set up your Ads so they will be visible in the Website Ad rotator. In the menu under set up your ads you can add the title, text, banners and urls.

How does the VIP Downline builder work?

When you have inserted your ads and they are approved they become a part of the VIP Downline builder ad rotator. All the ads rotates all the time and this give all members a good chance of getting more referrals and leads in turns.

As a VIP member your ads are shown more often. I recommend upgrading to become a VIP member to make the most out of the platform, but it is not necessary.

Does the VIP Downline builder Work?

Yes, The VIP downline builder works. I can say that this platform delivers what it says it does. The truth is I had my doubts from the start, but now I can say that if you use the platform to promote your affiliate partners you will probably experience the same thing as I did. Getting more referrals, leads and sales.

Here are some proof:

VIP Downline builder Commission

I got 2 referrals to Jaaxy – Read my latest blogpost here.

How do you earn commissions?

You earn commissions as a VIP Downline builder affiliate by sharing your affiliate link. If someone sign up via your link, you get the commission if your referrals decide to upgrade to a VIP member. Another way you earn commissions is when some of your referrals buy ads.

VIP Downline builder membership – What are the benefits?

The benefits of becoming a VIP member is more exposure in the Ad rotator. This will benefit you in the form of more referrals, leads and sales.

Your ads will be shown more often than if you just stay on the free plan. You become one of the founding members. Your profile will be shown on the founding members page. This way you also gain more exposure to your website, social media accounts and more.

For affiliatemarketers this can be a great way to promote some of their affiliate partners and for networkers this is a great way to build their downlines faster.

How do you get paid?

The first in every month is Pay day. If you make a sale in February you would probably get your commission 1 april.  the first payday after 30 days of making a sale. You can choose to get paid via PayPal or coinpayment.

VIP Downline builder affiliate tools

The VIP downline builder is an affiliate program targeted towards affiliate marketers and network marketers. This is what you get when you become an affiliate:

1. Your own Affiliate link

2. Affiliate Banners in different sizes to put on your website or posts.

3.Email copy to use for sending emails.

4. Email & Forum Signatures, Text Links, & Top Sponsor Ads

Promo tweets

5. Viral Thank you Ads

6. Viral Website Integration

7. Referral stats

The Pros

It is free to join

Not required to have a website to join.

You get free bonus credits to buy ad banners if you use the promo code.

It is cheap to become a VIP member

The platform delivers what it promise

You can earn credits to buy ad banners.

It is easy to set up.

You can change your referral links as you please.

Real people who are ready to shop are looking at your ads.

Rotating ads give you a better chance of getting referrals, leads and sales.

The cons

The member area is not visually up to date with the newest affiliate website trends.

You can only add 5 referral links at a time in addition to the recommended ones.

Not all affiliate partners accept free traffic ad programs.

There are not many tutorials to show you how this platform works.

Some relevant alternatives to the VIP Downline builder

There are many alternatives to VIP Downline builder. But do not be fooled by all the stunning looking websites out there promising you free traffic. They do not always work as well as they look and many of them does not have real people looking at your ads.

However, I have tried many other free traffic sites and the alternatives I would recommend that I know are legit and works well are Cashjuice, Clickbank, CBproAds, Warrior Plus, Trafficadbar, Global Moneyline and Gateway affiliates.

Is VIP Downlinebuilder a good affiliate platform to use?

Yes, after using it for more than a half year I would say it is a legit, good free ad platform that delivers what it says it does. It has really surprised me how effective it was. But it has its limits in regard to what affiliate links you can use.

So to make a short recap: With the VIP downline builder you can add multiple referral links and get free traffic through the ad rotator on the site.

The good thing is that everyone can do this and it is free to join. You do not need a website like many other traffic platforms require and there are real people who are ready to buy looking at your ads.

The member dashboard may look a bit outdated but the most important thing is that this program works and that it give you results you want over time. I am sure you agree with me on this. I hope this review serves you well and that you feel inspired to try it out. Try it out now!


  1. Awesome Review Hilde!

    I appreciate You taking the time to do such thorough research and sharing your over 6 months experience on the VIP Downline Builder platform.

    Also, thank you for the YouTube video tutorial that I have indeed added to the sign up page that has assisted many friends in getting started more proficiently.

    Keep sharing & caring Hilde, it’s a pleasure to be your friend.


    1. Author

      Hi Tony! I guess it is me who should thank you for introducing me to the platform in the first place. You are Welcome. I hope the video helps getting started better and faster – for beginners – that was my intent. And I hope I did your platform well with this review.
      I love the platform and I will continue to explore it even more. Got a new referral today as well. Keep up the good work Tony! Always love to read your posts.

      1. Awesome Hilde!

        All of our continued success is my daily Prayer,


  2. Thank you for another great article. Im always finding interesting stuff on your blog, and always learn something new. I haven’t heard before about Vip download builder, but looking on your review it seems as a great place for beginners to start adventure with affiliate marketing. Its free to start which is very important for people who are not earning yet through internet. Looking forward to test this platform in practice.

    1. Author

      Hi there! Thank you for such nice comments! Glad to hear that you find some value on my website that can help you grow. Vip Downline builder is a place to get more traffic, leads and sales by displaying free ads on the platform. It is not an all in one affiliatemarketing platform like Wealthy Affiliate where many marketers start their journey.

      The benefit of VIP downline builder is that you reach a more quality audience to your products and people who are ready to buy from you. To me this have been a good way to increase my earnings and traffic and I think it is a smart solution for startups who have already built a website and have affiliatepartners they want to promote.

  3. Vip Downline builder seems like a simple and interesting way to create ads for yourself.  I guess when it comes down to it, as long as the website is doing what it says it does, is effective, and is a fair price, the way the website itself looks is not a big concern.  The most important thing is simplicity and effectiveness, which this seems to have both of.

    1. Author

      Hi Max! It is just like you say. A Simple and effective tool for creating free ads and free to join. Personally I have made several sales from VIP downlinebuilder and find it to be a must have tool in my tooolbox.

  4. Thank you for your review on VIP Downline builder. I came across this platform the other day and I also know Tony from Wealthy Affiliate as well. I love the fact that it is free and it works and basically this can drive a traffic to my site. I am just going to sigh up and take it from there. 

    1. Author

      Hi Nuttanee! I think it is a wise decision. This program have not only given me leads, but also many new customers. And I expect you will notice the same. If you need any help with setting up the free ads just ask me.

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