Webinar marketing – is it the best way to earn money online?

Are you into webinar marketing or have wanted to create your own webinars? In this article Webinar marketing – is it the best way to earn money online? I will show you how webinar marketing can be a profitable way to earn money online.

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What is webinar marketing?

I am sure you have been to a webinar or more in your Lifetime. Personally I love to go to webinars because I like to learn about different stuff werher it is marketing, health or any hobby I may be interested in. What about you?

When was the last time you went to a webinar?

Webinars are virtual Lives or replays about a certain topic, program, service etc that you can atttend from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.Webinars can also be encores or replays of the actual live event.

Webinar marketing is a way to provide value,  promote your products, services,trainings, ideas etc to the world using webinars.

Webinars is a very effective and profitable marketing method for high ticket affiliatemarketing when you get people to watch it because it is often both educational and will give you an only on the webinar offer. In marketing it is often a salespitch at the end of a webinar.

Ways to make money from webinars

There are different ways to make money from a webinar.

Live webinars you host yourself.

Be invited to other peoples webinars.

Get other marketers on to your webinars.

Sponsored Events.

On demand Webinars.

How much can you earn with webinars?

Top affiliate marketers easily earn from 10K to 70K on one webinar alone. It is a highly profitable way of marketing if you know exactly what to do. Webinars are a great way to promote high ticket products and generate new leads.

Conversion rates on a good Webinar is normally high. Between 35% – 50% of the people who registered on a webinar will turn up.

Once you have your leads on a webinar it is your job to provide them with value and engaging them throgh the webinar. Statistics show that 2-5% will convert into customers.

Why don`t people  make their own Live webinars?

If Live webinars are so profitable – then why are not more people doing it?

Well, Actually many online businesses use webinars without being really successful with it.

The most common reason why you would not do a Live webinar is because you are afraid to go in front of a camera or does not really know how affiliate marketing works with webinars.

Welcome to the club. Many marketers are afraid to go in front of a camera so they shy away from webinars.

However there are plenty of other reasons why you may not consider doing webinars.

1.You need an audience (who wants to be doing a webinar with just 1 person on?)

2.Selling skills are definitely an advantage

3. An Great product, course, training or service is required.

4. You have to hold users’ attention for quite some time. Often up to 2 hours.

5. Build relationships with other webinar users  (which takes years!)

6. It is hard to make them convert well without testing and optimizing

Why you will never succeed online

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How do I promote my Webinar for an affiliate product?

This is probably the most asked question when it comes to affiliate webinarmarketing.

As with all affiliate offers and partner links you need to generate traffic to them to build an audience and make sales.

Here are some tips you can follow:

1. First of all you need to do some planning on how to market your webinar.

2. You need to know what audience you are speaking to

3.  You need to test and test and test.

4. You need to decide where to promote your webinars

5. Be very consistent once you start promoting

Encores and replays are often a recorded version of a Live webinar and is great to be used for further promotions.

Promoting the webinars are often the reason where many are failing in making money with webinars.

Why people fail with webinars

The most common reason why people fail with webinars is that they lack traffic and a proven blueprint.

I have been to so many Live Webinars with less than 10 people. How can that be any profitable?

The latest webinar I attended was for a big brand and there were only 8 people on the webinar.

When this happen I start wondering why there are not more people on such big brand webinars.

Have you experienced that too?

Many marketers does not use webinars actively as a part of their marketing strategy.

Another reason is they do not test and optimize their webinars to their audience.

You need to learn how to set up a webinar to make it work for you and you need to constantly test and optimize if you want them to convert well.

But there are affiliate marketers out there who really make webinar marketing work for them. And one of them is Jeff.

How Jeff (66) changed his life with webinars

A while ago I attended a webinar with a 66 yeaar old marketer called Jeff. You might have heard about him already.

He started out quite late with affiliate marketing with a strong determination to succeed online.

He had no skills, expertise or experience with Affiliate marketing.

However he soon discovered it would take him years to learn all the skills he needed to make a full time income online.

As he said. I am 66 and I am running out of time. If I want to change my life around I have to find a way to do it faster.

To make a long story short – He found a faster solution. He created his own Method. The Multiplex method.

Today he makes 2K+ a day just playing webinars.: Want to know his secrets and see how he does it?

Go here to watch

How to succeed with webinarmarketing

You can follow Jeffs method or you can start on a traffic bootcamp to learn how to do affiliate marketing from scratch.

The most important you need is: An Audience An offer and Traffic.

As I have mentioned before on my website there are two platforms I know are good for learning affiliate marketing and I know both of them works really well.

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Webinars build relationships

I love to attend Live webinars because I feel I get a better relationship with the person who offers me the training or product and because I can get more information about the product or Topic I am interested in. I trust people I can see Live more than just seeing a presentation or read about something. That`s just me. What about you?

I think it is a great way to build relationships and trust with an audience.


Final thoughts

I think Webinarmarketing is definitely a great way to promote your affiliate products, but it takes time to learn how to make it work out for you.

In this article I have showed you that it is possible to be successful with webinar marketing if you follow a multiplex blueprint that Jeff have created at the age of 66.

If Jeff can do it so can you.

Webinarmarketing is the best way to get high ticket sales because it requires a different process that will require access to more info and a tighter relationship.


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