Webtalk Review 2020- Platinum Pro

Webtalk Review 2020 – Webtalk Pro Platinum

Webtalk Pro Platinum


Free Plan


Pro Plan


Pro Platinum



  • 20 spot light posts
  • Multiple revenue opportunities
  • 5 level early adopter bonus


  • The 5 level bonus make some think it is a MLM system and hold back to start. It is not an MLM system.
  • The name platinum is associated with MLM
  • Still in Beta version


Heard about Webtalk? – The New and innovative social media platform that gives 50% of all the ad profits back to their users? It is the new talk of the town. If you have no Idea what Webtalk is or just curious, you should definitely read this Webtalk Review 2020 – Webtalk Platinum Pro. I know you probably have a lot of questions about it. I am a Webtalk Platinum Pro member and I will tell you about all the benefits of Webtalk and the Webtalk Affiliate program. What is Webtalk? Should you join Webtalk? What are the benefits of being a Webtalker and how to make money with Webtalk.

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Webtalk Review – Pro Platinum Program

This review look at most of the Webtalk features with a special emphasis on the Pro Platinum program and the benefits. This is not a comparison Review so I will not make any huge comparisons to other platforms, only mention a few core differences. This review is written from the perspective of a Pro Platinum Webtalker. For the facts about Webtalk I have added my previous reviews and videos.

What is Webtalk?

Video What is Webtalk?

I have got a bunch of questions about what Webtalk is, how it works, how you can earn money and if it is a legit program.

I had many of the same questions from the start so I hope this review will give you some answers, and that you actually join me on Webtalk when you see how great this platform is. However, that decision is up to you. I only want to give you some helpful information to base your decision on.

Webtalk is a New Innovative All in one Social Media platform still in Beta version.

This means it is not yet officially launched, but it will be very soon. So I hope you will not let this opportunity pass you by my friend.

Webtalk is Free to join. And you can earn money on the Free plan I will get back to that in a few seconds.

Webtalk offers an affiliate program for people who want to earn money on being engaged, promoting Webtalk and create a professional or social network where they can promote their own business as well.

How to qualify directly for the 5 level early adopter bonus.

Join the cash reward program as a pro member or a platinum pro member

If you want to stay on the free plan you need to refer a pro member to get qualified for this bonus.

The Webtalk income and commission system is patented and just to make it very clear it is far from an MLM system even if you can earn 5 levels down. It is a totally new and innovative concept based on affiliate marketing and is totally legit.

Webtalk is basically a platform where it pays off to be social in different ways as you soon will learn.

You might want to read my previous Webtalk review and learn more facts about webtalk here as well.

Webtalk affiliate program.

Webtalk Review – Social Success platform

Webtalk mini video review

Webtalk on ABC news

The Webtalk Free Cash Rewards program


In the Free cash reward program you can earn engagement points and influencer points.

The maximum you can earn is 3100 engagement points a month and unlimited influencer points.

Engagement points are earned when you post on your profile, like, comment, share, recommend and view other peoples profiles, watch ads. 100 engagement points a day is maximum.

Influencer points are earned when others like, comment, recommend, share and view your profile and interact with you. There is no limit to how many influencer points you can get.

1000 points equals one pie of the big Ad pie or Ad revenue.

(Picture made in Canva by Daily practice for success)

Every month Webtalk pays 50% of their Ad revenue. The size of the Ad revenue pie varies from month to month.

This month it is estimated to $8000. And this will grow as more members join and use Webtalk.

This month it is estimated you get: $0.009036 per pie slice. (this number varies from month to month according to the Ad pie size and member size).

Referral points: When someone joins your network through your links, you get matching points. If you go pro, or someone you referred go pro, you will get matching points on 5 levels down because you get qualified for the 5 level bonus.

Only the first million pro users and pro referrers get this bonus.

As soon as all have been awarded, this bonus will disappear.

Example If you have :

10 pie slices:= $0.09036 this month

100 pie slices = $0.9036 this month

1000 pie slices = $9.306

10.000 Pie slices = $90.306

Referral points is only one way you can earn on Webtalk. Let us take a look at the other ways you can earn.

Webtalk Affiliate Program

It is free to join and you do not have to purchase anything unless you want. Join here


Webtalk Pro commission Program

If you want to be qualified to the 5 level bonus for early adopters you need to be a Pro or refer a pro.

With a pro Membership you will also get 5 spotlight posts, 100% matching points and access to more functions inside Webtalk. All future pro updates and revenues.

The pro plan cost $200 a year and can be paid monthly. Right now you get a 7-Day free trial on the pro Plan. Your dashboard will be automatically updated with the Pro features. The dashboard is intuitive and user-friendly.

The Webtalk Pro Platinum Program

The Webtalk Pro platinum program is the program with most benefits. You get access to incognito browsing which means you can look at other peoples profiles without them knowing it is you. You will get advanced search so you can search on gender, age, location and remove the sponsored ads from your news feed.

And you get 20 spotlight posts a month. A spotlight post is a prioritized post. When you post it, all your contacts get notified that you posted it. This increases your visibility and chances of getting more points.

You will also be able to search who is available for hire and are looking for jobs.
This feature is especially important for companies who do human resources.
Another good reason to choose the platinum pro plan is you have unlimited contacts.

I have joined the platinum pro plan now. This way I can get the full overview of all 5 levels in my network and I earn 10% revenue share for life as long as I am a pro member. I can earn up to $48 a year for every referral on 5 levels.

I use Webtalk daily and prefer this platform over all the others. Get a 7-day free trial now

The dashboard will be automatically updated with the Pro feature and is intuitive and user-friendly.

How to upgrade from Free plan and Pro to Pro Platinum:

Click on the hamburger menu on your profile.

Click view plan.

Select pro platinum plan and complete the process.

Right now you can get a 7-day free trial.

If you go pro platinum now you get 58% discount for life.

How much does the Pro platinum cost?

Pro Platinum is a yearly plan. It cost $200 a year with a lifetime 58% discount if you join know.

How do you make money with Webtalk?

Video How to join and earn

Do what you normally would do on any other social media Platform. Connect, post your content, look at other peoples post, comment, like and share what you think is valuable for you and others. And do not forget to be yourself and have fun as well.

When Webtalk launches with all its features you can market and buy things, invite people to join the platform and your professional or personal network, do business, look for jobs, watch videos, gaming and discover and explore new places to travel and many other interesting things. There are sharing possibilities to other social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Slack and Twitter.

Or you can simply use the free plan and just be social and engage.

There are so many ways to earn with Webtalk and they keep adding more and more features over time. All the best from other platforms. Do not miss out on this unique opportunity.

Live Affiliate program demo

Pro subscriptions

When you invite a person who go pro, you will earn 10% pro subscriptions for this person for life. And you will qualify for the 5 level bonus until Webtalk have awarded all the first million pro users and referrers. If you get qualified to the early adopter bonus you earn 10% of all new pro members 5 levels deep. So the potential to earn here is quite huge. So do not miss this unique bonus. There is still a possibility before it ends so act now or it will be gone forever.

Ad consumers (soon)

Every time one of your free referrals are looking at some ads you will earn 0,01 CPE according to the latest news. If you have business users in your network who buys ads you will earn 10% of the monthly budget. More details on how this feature will be revealed when it launches.

Swag shop purchases (soon)

If one of your referrals purchase anything in the swag shop you will earn $1 per item. This feature will be possible to use when it launches soon.

Business card with integrated referral link (soon)

(photo: Pixabay)

You can use this card to give to people and they can use this together with their mobile to get straight to your referral link. This is a great Promotional material you can use to promote Webtalk and grow a bigger professional and social network on Webtalk. The card embodies an integrated referral link.

Early adopter bonus

Webtalk offers a great bonus to people who see the opportunity of Webtalk and join early. The first million of Webtalkers who qualify for the 5 level bonus are called early adopters. If you first join Webtalk at this point I see no reason to why you should not use this amazing opportunity to be an early adopter.

5 level bonus – Limited to the first million of Qualified Webtalkers

Are you an early webtalker?

If you are one of the first million qualified Webtalkers you will get 10% from 5 levels deep. You must be a pro or refer a pro to get this bonus The 5 level bonus can help you grow a good income and there are already people in the system who have secured their retirement according to some members I have been in contact with. This Bonus will end when all bonuses are rewarded. The income system then goes over into a new Phase.

The 5 level Bonus Phases:

Tier A: 5 level for life bonus to the first 1000. Completed


Tier B: 5- level monthly bonus to next 10.000. 40% is completed


Tier C: 5 – level monthly bonus to next 100.000 – will start when Tier B is fully awarded.


Tier D: 5 – level 1000.000(million) Awarding will start when Tier C is fully awarded.

After that this bonus will end .

This bonus is only valid for the first one million who qualify. Webtalk have the right to stop the bonus at any time for all members who have not earned the bonus when the bonus offer ends.

You will earn the bonuses for as long as you remain Qualified. If you become not qualified you will no longer have the possibility to earn the bonus in the future. It means that you or one your referrals needs to stay pro.


What is Engagement points?

(photo: Unsplash)

5 points for viewing someones profile

10 points for liking

20 points for commenting

30 points for sharing

Maximum 3100 engagement points a month.

What is Influencer points?

Webtalk point system

You get the same points if someone engage with your content. However, there are not a limit to how much you can earn there. When other people engage with your content you post on Webtalk you are influencing others and the more you engage the stronger is your influence. Famous influencers will have an advantage here to earn a lot the way I see it. So influencers out there on all levels reading this – Are you ready to join Webtalk?

But of course Webtalk is for everyone. Do not think just because you are a normal deadly person that you can not influence others. You will never know until you try. Share your thoughts, passions, collections, designs, hobbies, creative ideas, business ideas, artwork or whatever you are doing or interested in. Focus on producing valuable quality content. It will convert better into Influencer points. And who knows maybe you will be discovered by a talent scout on Webtalk?

What is Ad rewards?


Everything you do on Webtalk from logging in to logging out will generate points. Engagement. Influencer, ad or Matching points How cool is that? I do not know of any other platform that does that and pay you back 50% of their ad revenue. And the more members there are the higher will the ad revenue be. Webtalk has now become my main Social media channel and I hope it will become your main Social media channel too.

Display banner ads on your website (soon)

This is a web talk banner ad. You will have the possibility to display various banner ads on your website with this feature which can lead to more conversion for you.

Ad purchase (soon)

(photo: Pexels)

I did not find a lot of information about this yet because this is a feature that will come very soon. But you will get 10% if referrals purchase ads. I am not sure if it is only direct referrals or 5 levels down. We are soon to find out when the feature launches.

Swag shop Transactions (soon)

Transactions made in the Swagshop is generating revenue for you too If you are qualified in the rewards program.

You get 1% commission of service transactions in the swag shop and on every member to member product.

Travel cash rewards (soon)

(Photo: Pixabay)

When Webtalk launches officially very soon you will be able to earn cash rewards on flights, hotel and rental cars purchases from your direct referrals.via Priceline. You can earn from $3 to $300 providing you are a qualified cash reward member.

Webtalk Game (soon)

(photo: unsplash)

Here you can earn from $5 to $500 providing you are a qualified cash reward member. Exactly how these commissions are earned and paid out in detail is not yet revealed and will probably not be revealed before the launch.

Marketplace (soon)

(photo: Unsplash)

The earning potential here will be from $7 to $700 as I have heard from veteran Webtalkers, but this is not yet official how the compensation plan will look like. However, It is revealed that you will get your own marketplace dashboard.

Job services and Talent Solution (soon)

(photo: Pixabay)

This feature is meant for recruiters and employers. Here they will have the possibility to discover talent they are searching for. The earning potential with Talent Solution is said to be from $6 to $900 according to the latest webtalk news. So Recruiters, HR managers have a good opportunity to find some real excellent talents on this platform.

Landing page links (soon)

If you have a website you can get landing page links with your own referral code. You will have 3 different codes to three different sites.

Pages for business ( coming soon)

I am actually looking forward to this part. How this feature will be is not officially revealed as of now, but will be available soon. Hopefully before the year ends.

Mobile App (very soon)

(photo: Unsplash)

The mobile app is almost ready to launch. So when it launches, it is expected that Webtalk will grow very rapidly. This is another good reason why you should join now and be able to get the early webtalker bonus.

How much can you earn with Webtalk?

I have had so many questions about how much you can earn and I will try to give you an answer here.

*Please note that these numbers below are made in the Webtalk Calculator based on specific Parameters. It is all up to you what you want to make out of this opportunity. By altering the parameters your earnings will change accordingly.

Using the Webtalk calculator you can estimate your earnings:

Note! This is just an example I have made

You get max engagement points: 3100. (100 a day max)

You get influencer points: 3000

You invite 10 people who join webtalk on the free plan

Your free plan users get 1000 points each a month.

30% upgrades to pro

Your referrals invite 1 each to the free plan

You will earn = $36 a month = $432 a year

If you change the invites who join parameter the numbers will look very different

Your referrals get 2 invites each who join you will earn:$218

Your referrals get 3 invites each who join you will earn $848

Your referrals get 4: invites each who join you will earn $2388

Your referrals get 5 invites each who join you will earn:$5468

Your referrals get 10 invites each who join you will earn $77778

The average of joiners per referral is 5 at the moment. I personally have referred 11 to join the free plan last month and my network is growing every day as more people become aware of this opportunity. There are members who earn much more than these examples that is shown here who has been members for a while. So yes there is a huge potential here if you go for it.
Top influencers can easily earn 7 and 8 figures of income from what I have come to know.

Alternatives to Webtalk

(photo: Unsplash)

All the other social media platforms are great platforms, but you will not earn for being socially engaged on these platforms.

I believe Webtalk will set the new standard for Social Media platforms in the future. Just think about it. How much do the platforms you use today pay you for using it and putting out your content? They keep all the profits themselves and your success are not a part of their core values.

Now at least you have an alternative. Use Webtalk who actually wants to help you get some extra money in your pockets every month as a core value in their Vision- To create success for everyone.

Or do both. It does not have to be one or the other. As an affiliate marketer I will prefer Webtalk, but I will not stop using the other platforms mainly because I can reach more and different kind of people on the different platforms. Multiple ways to become visible online.

Positives and negatives with Pro Platinum Plan

It is hard to find anything that is not positive with Pro Platinum Plan. The greatest benefit is of course as of now the 5 level bonus, the 20 spotlight posts and multiple revenue possibilities. . It is also very affordable and it soon pays off if you go platinum.

If I should mention anything negative it has not so much to do with the plan itself but more with attitudes I have met trying to explain Webtalk to others. Some associate the terms 5 level bonus with MLM because of the levels and name platinum and this can in some cases hold people back from start or become more skeptic. However, this is a unique patented affiliate marketing system and must not be confused with an MLM system.

Is Pro platinum worth it?

I would say that it is a no brainer. This is probably the best opportunity you will get in a long time. It is totally up to you if you want to become an early joiner or wait until everybody else is doing it and loosing the chance of a 5 level bonus.

Do not let this opportunity pass you by without trying it at least.

Very soon the mobile app will.be launched. You have nothing to loose. It is free to sign up. And you decide if you want to go pro or stay at the free plan. You can earn both ways, but you will earn less on the Free plan.

Looking forward to connect with you on Webtalk!

(photo: pexels)

Want to learn my strategy for earning with Webtalk? Join me now

Video Spread the word

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  1. Wow, Webtalk looks like a Good platform. A platform that allows members share content and influence. I am surprised to see the cost of pro membership this cheap, 200USD is a good one. Top of it you can pay monthly, making payment flexible for beginners on this good marketing platform. The commission structure of paying out 50% of its earnings is another goldmine. Thank you for giving helpful information about this good platform 

    1. Author

      Hi Parameter! It is my favorite Social platform now. you should try it out. You will  easily earn back more than the investment if you are active there. I agree it is great for everyone. And I love the vision of Webtalk – to create success for everyone. And they will do that.

  2. Wow! Haven see that Webtalk has a rating of 5/5 in all its membership plans, I must say that Webtalk is a great online platform for anybody to get traffic for their website and also promote their businesses. Just to be sure about what I am reading on this article, I decided to check Webtalk out online, and it is indeed an all in one social media platform. You mentioned some new features that will be available soon, do have any idea of when they might be available?

    1. Author

      Hi Kelvin! Yes I have rated Webtalk as the best Social Media platform who pays their customers out of their profit.. The Mobile App will be released in December according to plan. No fixed date is set. As soon as the beta testing is ready. So I recommend you to join before Webtalk is launching officially. Is there any specific feature you were thinking about?

  3. I am a new member of Webtalk and I have to say that so far it has been a good start.

    I got to follow or invite people from my region. It just like any other social media platform except on Webtalk, affiliate links can be used without restrictions.

    I am still a free member and hopefully, I will upgrade in the next thirty days to take advantage of the discount offered to new members. And I have already made some money with activities that I have done so far and it is quite encouraging.


    1. Author

      Hi Adyn! Yes you will earn on the free trial too. As a platinum member however you get the best outcome. If everything goes according to plan with the beta testing the mobile app will launch in december. To be sure you get the chance to get the early webtalker bonus you should upgrade now to pro. Would love to connect with you on Webtalk. 

  4. Thank you for this review in Webtalk. I have heard a lot about it and have been procrastinating  to check it out. Truth is we spent a lot of time on social media, so its better we profit form the time we spent there. I think what is more interesting about this platform is that you have more like minded individuals who are interested in business growth just like you .

    1. Author

      Hi Bogadi! Yes I agree with you that why not profit for being engaged on Social media if you can? Now you can profit from being social on Webtalk and I think it is Brilliant. Webtalk is for all kinds of users. Not only business people.  Many only use it to be social too. Do not procrastinate anymore. Joining now will give you an early adopter bonus if you go Pro or invite a new member who goes Pro. 

  5. Hello Hilde,

    I have finally had to agree to the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”. From a far when I first heard about this business opportunity I was really suspicious of it thinking it will be an MLM company and that is a turn off for me. Finally, with this article I have got all the clarity I need and I’ll be very delighted to share with others so they don’t make wrong assumptions 

    1. Author

      Hi Reece! Yes I know – I agree on that.  I can totally relate. Some time ago i was asked by I friend what I thought about this company. She showed me the 5 level bonus plan.. Maybe a year ago. As soon as i saw the 5 levels I told my friend – I would be very sceptic because it looks like an MLM. scheme. And she did not join. But now , when I know much better and have studied the commission plans as well as possible, I know that is not a fact. It is a unique patented social affiliate marketing commission system – actually one of a kind. So I owe my friend an apology for this fast and wrong judgement. Always do your own research if you are in doubt about something.

  6. Hello there!  this is an awesome review. Webtalk is the best social networking platform i have ever used. I will definitely create more success for being social. It a 100/100 for me. Well-done Webtalk thank yous for vision to help the world create more success, communicate better and have more control of our privacy.

    1. Author

      Thank you Evans! Glad to hear you liked the review. You made a wise decision to become an early webtalker. Feel free to connect with me here. Webtalk is definitely going to be a social game changer. Thank you for your views.

  7. I did hear about Webtalk recently but did not join them as I was not sure how to make money with them. This review is very helpful and explained the process of how Webtalk works in a way that is clear,  concise and easy to understand.  It is always reassuring when there is a free trial to make sure that it is a program and platform that is suitable for your needs.  The concept of earning while socially engaging is very interesting with lots of potential. 

    1. Author

      Hi Line! Yes it has a lot of potential 

      Webtalk is still in Beta mode so it is invites only at the moment who can join now and get an early adopter bonus. The first million Pro users will get it – you become a pro user or invite a pro user you will  earn the 5 level for life bonus. This bonus ends once Webtalk is officially launched very soon. There will only be a normal 1 – level Affiliatesystem. If you want to be an early webtalker you should join now. 

  8. Hello, I have heard a great deal about webtalk and i have read a couple of other reviews. They did not explain how it works like you have. It seems like a very exciting opportunity to join and be 1 of the first 1 million members and get a rev share percentage. The new products and the vision they have for them look awesome. will have to get signed up and join in the action.

    1. Author

      Hi Lisa! Yes it is a very exciting platform to be a part of. At the moment it is only joining by inviting. So I recoomend you to join the action as soon as possible if you want to be one in a million and sign up on my invitation in this article.

  9. I haven’t heard of Webtalk so far, but you really described it in detail all the features, the whole system, and the different opportunities. It may sound very interesting and tempting, but I have a rule that I don’t get involved in too many programs at once because I like to commit to taking things seriously, and I’d rather continue and finish what I’m currently active in now.
    Thanks for the comprehensive review about Webtalk, I found out everything I need to know.

    1. Author

      Hi Nina! Thank you for your thoughts. It is totally up to you if you want to join or not. I just gave you an invitation to a great opportunity to start early.

      It is free to join and you can use Webtalk to leverage your other programs and earn at the same time without using extra time. Webtalk is the first social media place I promote my articles and affiliate products. It is a platform full of networkers and a perfect place to promote your business and meet new prospects and customers. Every day people are joining Webtalk now and when it launches it will be a huge rush.

  10. How interesting is this! Webtalk I mean there are so many ways to make money these days and this one is new for me. What got me the most was earning Travel Cash Awards I love money and to travel so this is a win, win.

    After so many points earned does it turn in to cash? This is very interesting platform I will be going and checking out more.

    Did this company just start up? Is that how come there is a promotion like this “the first million”? 

    I am excited to get started up with Webtalk and see what this is about!


    1. Author

      Hi Jessika! Good questions! Yes your points turns into cash. You have engagement points – all the things you do like commenting, sharing etc. Then you have influencer points which is all actions other do on your posts or profile. Referral points – if someone you invite join webtalk. Webtalk pays 50% of their Ad pool to their users.Therefore this Adpool is divided into pies. 1 pie is 1000 points. So for every 1000 points you get an Ad pool pie which has a different value from month to month depending on the Adpool size.

      Webtalk is still in Beta mode. It means they have not yet been officially launched. They are planning to launch in december if all the beta testing goes well. So right now it is invitation only to join Webtalk. So if you want to start I  am happy to invite you into my network and teach you how to earn money with Webtalk. Get started here

  11. Thank you for sharing your website!

    I have gone through your Webtalk review page. I found it very detailed and brilliantly explained. I agree with what you have researched about Webtalk. I have heard many success stories of other people too over the net. I would definitely join.

    Wish you good luck!

    1. Author

      Hi Rob! Yes there are many success stories on Webtalk. And Everyone can get success there if they use it. Glad you will join. You will be surprised how good this platform is and all the things you can do with it. Thank you for your thoughts. See you on Webtalk!

  12. I heard that webtalk is like a social media platform but it is one that works for those who are into affiliate marketing business and it also works because we are able to meet people who are like-minded and who can help us grow too. It’s the place where I should be looking to head to to learn more.

    1. Author

      Hi John! Yes Webtalk is a next generation Social media platform where you can earn money to be social. It is for all kinds of people over 18 years old. they do have an affiliate program too where you get access to multiple ways of earning money. Webtalk is free to start and always will be. You can earn on the free plan too, but you do not get access to all the opportunites of Webtalk. Right now Webtalk is in Beta mode and offers an early webtalker bonus. You can get a pro trial for free too if you sign up here now. As soon as Webtalk goes offical this bonus will end and new members will not be able to get this bonus. 

  13. I thought I knew what to expect when I started reading about Webtalk Pro Platinum, but instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are actually offering a lot for their users. I got even more interested when I noticed a free trial, as nothing can help a person evaluate an opportunity like a chance to try it out in person. Is the $200 / year fee with or without the lifetime 58% discount? That could be a very significant savings for beginners!!

    1. Author

      Hi Aly! You are absolutely right. This is a unique opportunity and a unique next generation technological platform . You can look at Webtalk as a hybrid of a social media/networking platform. A mix of Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and a contact management system.  The $200 fee is with the  discount. Right now you can try Pro for free.  Get a free trial here

  14. I just went through this and I am happy I stumbled over it today. WebTalk seem pretty cool. Before joining Wealthy Affiliate, I had a cold disposition about trying things I had not gained sufficient experience about. Wealthy Affiliate showed me that there are a lot of good stuffs out there I might just not know about, I think WebTalk is one of them. Good work .

    1. Author

      Hi there! Yes You can never know until you try it out. But Webtalk is easy to learn. You sign up for free. Complete your profile and you are ready to start posting, socializing and connecting. Glad to hear you think Webtalk sounds like one of the good stuffs. I can assure you it is,

  15. I have been trying to get started in affiliate marketing. and I have realized social media can be our ally. But what if we can also earn by using social media, as is the case with WebTalk. I also like there is an ecouragment to join early with the early adopner bonus.

    1. Author

      Hi Abel! Yes it is a special opportunity to be able to join early before a launch. And it is free to join now and always. Want to join? Join here

  16. Wow thanks a lot for this thorough review on the Webtalk. I became a member long time ago and didn’t get to open it just yet. Thanks for motivating me to do so! It seems to be a profitable program and well I heard that before too, but now I understand more what is about. Thanks! 


    1. Author

      Hi Sunny! Yes, There are more like you who did not understand what Webtalk was all about who signed up without starting to use it. I would advice you to get rolling now to start earning. Glad I could help you to see the real Value of Webtalk.

  17. Recently, I have been hearing a lot about Webtalk and it looks like it’s going to be a huge social media platform. What I really like about Webtalk is that it offers you the opportunity to make money without complicating it like FB. On FB you can run paid ads; however – and this is a big however – you need to know or learn exactly how to prepare those ads if you really want to earn some money. FB complicates things too much, and it looks like Webtalk is really designed for the users and to help the users. Maybe I should sign up. How long will this beta period last, do you know?

    1. Author

      Hi Christine! Thank you for leaving your thoughts. Yes Webtalk is designed for users. The Beta period is over very soon. The goal is to go official in december before new year. But The testing of the platform decide when. If the testing goes well they will go official in Q4. So It is a good opportunity you have now to sign up while still in Beta.

  18. I figured it was just a matter of time before another social media platform would try to compete with Facebook.  I have heard of Webtalk before, and find it an interesting platform.

    The idea that you can use it as an affiliate is extra interesting.  The whole idea of engagement points when you comment or like something is such a unique way to use the platform.

    Great review, thanks for the information.

    1. Author

      Hi Coralie! You were absolutely right! Webtalk is that new social Media and networking platform that wants to compete with the big ones out there. It is very interesting and the affiliate program is great. Just being able to earn from doing what I normally do is even better. Thank you for your comment. You should try it out! It is free to start.

  19. I have read quite a few review articles on WebTalk. From I can gather from the articles I have read, WebTalk is a great and lucrative affiliate marketing tool with a lot of potentials to increasing the income gotten from an online business. Left for me, the cons can be overlooked. I have WebTalk on the list of online platforms I would so much love to join.

    1. Author

      Hi Nelson! It is free to join Webtalk now and forever. I would be happy to have you join in on my network. I will teach you how to earn with Webtalk and make the most out of it.

  20. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I must say this is the first time I am hearing about webtalk but I must say I would definitely love to join as it show to be a place with alot of opportunities.

    1. Author

      Hi Nelson! It is an awesome platform to socialize, network and do business at the same time. I use this platform as my #1 now. I spend more time there than on any other platform. To me this has been the best source of quality traffic to my websites. If you are thinking of joining Now is the time to go all in for Pro. The early webtalker bonus will soon be history once we go out of beta. If you join me here , I will help you grow.

  21. Thank you for giving the review about the webtalk platform. I just got to know about it recently when a colleague at work told me about it too. I heard about the prospects associated with being a member since it encompasses all the people required to actually make the right effort too. I like what has been shared here. 

    1. Author

      Hi Liza! Thank you for leaving your thoughts. Webtalk is still in Beta and you need an invitation to join at the moment. If you want to join you can use my invitation link here.

  22. Another brilliant review, thanks. It is great to see your opinions on Webtalk Pro Platinum and how it stands in 2020. I am glad to see you discuss the 5-level bonus because I had got the MLM vibe at first and am glad to see this was incorrect. It seems as though they have tapped into a wide variety of abilities for you to profit (both socially and monetarily) on this platform. I hope to connect with you on Webtalk in the near future! 🙂 

    1. Author

      Hi A jaynes! Yes please do connect with me on Webtalk. You are so right it is a very special platform with a free earning plan and an Affiliate marketing program. Now is the time to grab the 50% off offer on Platinum if you did not do it already. The Launch will happen soon and we will go out of the Beta mode. Webtalk will explode.

  23. This is awesome!  I have been a free member for a while now and I enjoy it as a social network as well as connecting with other business people.  I am surprised to learn that I can earn money with referrals and just for interacting with others!!!  No one ever explained this to me.  I’m also excited about the upcoming ad rewards, swag shop and travel cash rewards.  I appreciate this information and I’ll be connecting with you soon!

    1. Author

      Hi cynthia! I am glad I could bring you some clarity then. Please do connect with me on Webtalk. I use webtalk daily and I did not know that either from the start. Soon the apps will be released so now is the time to grab your 50% off on Pro Platinum before the expected launch is coming.

  24. Interesting.

    Up until today I have never heard of Webtalk. In a era of digital everything these platform are very useful to anyone that has a message to put out to others.

    What do you think the overall success will be of this platform be in the future and what benefits and results will we all benefit from this social platform? I think with the addition of all of these platforms will open up the digital marketing marketplace and relive the diluted marketplaces we currently inhabit.


    Best Regards,

    1. Author

      Hi jordan! Thank you for your question. Webtalk is soon launching and is predicted to become one of the major player in 2021. This platform is a innovative hybrid of all the other platforms with the opportunity for everyone to earn for being socially Active. It will aso be a superb networking platform as well as a new social media platform. I also think Webtalk sets a new standard for platforms by giving back to their users.  It is hard to predict, but I believe Webtalk will be a popular platform for 18+ and a more grown up audience. The new rewards system will come in First quarter of 2121 and paypal integration too. It will also be a good platform for advertisers because real people will actually click on their ads and they will get more quality leads. It is mobile friendly and provide an app. The Softlaunch will start very soon the 21st of December according to the latest updates.  It is free to start, but I recommend to go pro to get the most out of Webtalk.

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