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Need a platform for professional connections? Have you heard about webtalk? Well today I want to give you a short Webtalk Review to give you some insights into what Webtalk is all about and why webtalk could be something that can help you grow your business.

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Facts About Webtalk

Founded: 2011 Have now 440k users (march 2020)

Founders: Rj Garbowich and Jeff Catherell

HQ: Florida

Website: www. webtalk.com

Mission: Help the world create more success


2011: Launched Social CPX rewards program

2019: Launched Pro Premium feature Suit

2020: Launched Magic newsfeed with social syndication to Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Twitter and slack.

Webtalk is now in phase 1

Personal networking

Professional networking

personal blogging

5-1 Newsfeed (Patent pending)

Social crm (Patent pending)

Pro Premium features



( Print Screen of pricing plan)

What is Webtalk?

Webtalk is a Social platform for business much like Facebook where you can communicate, connect and collaborate with across different niches. You can follow people and recommend people to others. You can post daily posts about your business, interests etc. and you can share others content.

You can watch the promotional video here:

Webtalk Features

(Print Screen of features)

Upcoming Webtalk Features

There are many exciting planned upcoming features that can help you grow commissions on Webtalk:

Ad Rewards pool – letting you earn commission when your referrals buy ads

Marketplace – Letting you sell services and products

Travel cash rewards




Watch the video to see the walk through of the reward program Here.

(Print Screen of reward plan)

Webtalk focus on the social aspect and help you connect with many professionals and people.

You get earning points for comments, viewing,

You will earn Engagement points per month for posting, liking, sharing and profile view – maximum 100 points a day.

You can earn influencer points with Content, videos, photos. Every like is giving you 10 points, comments 20 points, shares will be worth 30.

You can earn on inviting other people to follow you on Webtalk

Webtalk have calculated that you canon average earn 100.000 points in a calendar month which will be equivalent to $10 a month.

Is Webtalk easy to learn?

Yes it does not take long time to learn how to navigate through the platform. And you get good help from other members from the very start.

Webtalk support

Webtalk have a knowledge base and you get support from the one who invited you to join. They have video tutorials and a helpful community.

Make money with webtalk

The first day I earned a small commission so it went really fast to get some results.

Watch the video

How do you get Paid?

You have two options of getting paid: Via Stripe or Payoneer .

You will be paid monthly when the balance is over $100

Pros and cons

What I like about Webtalk: First of all it is free to start and easy to get started. You must engage to earn

What I like less about webtalk: There are still features to be rolled out,

Final thoughts

I heard about webtalk a while ago and at that time I was not very interested. Then a business acquaintance of mine told me about this platform and how well it worked for his business. So I signed up for a Free trial. I must say from a business perspective I think webtalk is much better and very different from other social platforms. It is still in its early stages and I truly believe this platform will grow immensely in the next couple of years.It is a totally legit company and far from a scam.

I have given you the information about Webtalk and now you just have to try it out for yourself so you can see how it works.

Follow me on webtalk!

One thing before you go – Can you do me a big favor and share this post on your social media or with a friend who would need to hear about Webtalk? Who knows – you could be the reason why someone earn money with Webtalk.

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  1. I have been hearing a lot about this Webtalk and wasn’t quite up to speed on it. Reading through this article and watching the video have helped me to gain an understanding about the platform. It seems legit and having such an active community networking success is guaranteed. How different is the Pro version from the free one and are you allowed to downgrade should you find any need to once you go Pro? 

    1. Author

      Hi there! Good question! Yes you can downgrade and switch to the free account. You can choose a  pro plan or the free plan. The difference is the commissions you get and the features you get access to. With the free plan you can have max 50 contacts and with the pro 500. Another valuable feature in Pro is the spotlight posts. You get 5 spotlight posts in Pro and none on the free plan. With the Pro platinum you get 20. You get a free trial on the pro for 14 days with a 50% off discount offer. if you choose this you are limited to only 2 posts and 2 talkmail messages during the free trial. 

  2. This is a great article and it reminded me that I signed up with webtalk quite some time ago and I still get emails that I don’t even look at from them!  As a blogger, I think I need to take a renewed interest in this site and really take the time learn it more thoroughly.  I look forward to following you there…once I remember all my login information! 

    Thanks again! 


    1. Author

      Hi Kara! Webtalk is a good toolfor leveraging traffic, connecting and earning. You can just change the pssword. Looking forwar to connecting with you!

  3. Ah, I have been seeing some ads online about this webtalk platform and now it’s really good to read a full review about it. It’s very detailed what you have written here and I think it would be nice to be a part of this platform too and see how well it would be able to work out for me.

    1. Author

      Hi Jay! You are welcome to join Anytime! Just try it out and see if you like it or not. It is free to use unless you go for the more lucurative commission plan in Pro and Pro platinum. Looking forward to contact with you there and sharing your posts.

  4. I’ve already heard enough about webtalk, and they all seem to give a very good review. We have been seeing it with my partner and we see that it can be a good opportunity to make contacts with other entrepreneurs. Since we specialize in sales, it can be very good to achieve a network of contacts that helps us spread our product

    Also it is always better to be surrounded by people who think like you, right? We have been using Linkedin, but we realize that in general many people are using it to get a job.

    One question, I still do not understand very well how money is made. Is it basically to generate a network of contacts? Or for promoting the website?
    Is it like an MLM?

    Beyond generating money, I find it very interesting to be able to generate a network of contacts.
    One more query, can it be divided by regions? (In order to have a more focused group, and at some point even to meet with one of these members!)

    Greetings and thanks for the contribution

    1. Author

      Great questions Jason! You get points for posting, sharing, viewing and liking and inviting people to join. This is Phase 1 of Webtalk. They are growing day by day. You will also get a bonus in form of more traffic to your website or Social media channels. Take a look here: You will find all about it here. 

      Yes I would say It is a Hybrid of Facebook, Linkedin and MLM as far as I see it. They have patented their own income system. But a good income scheme and free to join. You earn points for being active on the platform and you can earn money with the free version . The commissions are smaller in the free version. You can maximum have 5 levels under you. If you invite someone who join through your link you get a small commission of activity 5 levels down. There are limits to posting in the free version too. 

      Webtalk is the talk of the town now and their goal is to be as huge as Facebook . From a professional standpoint Webtalk are still in the early phase but have really got many peoples attention including my own. I have noticed that I reach new markets with webtalk that generate traffic.  Over 5 million now are using it and the number increase day by day. At least you can try it for free to see if it is something for you.

      You can add groups in the Pro version.

      I hope I answered all your questions. Check the Webtalk page to read all the details

  5. Well I have been hearing quite well about this Webtalk platform and the fact that it has very limited avenue to affiliate or internet marketers to actually meet up and be able to do something worthwhile by meeting with other marketers that are doing well and are on the platform to learn and actually share ideas to better the programs

    1. Author

      Hi Kimberly ! thank you for leaving your thoughts on this. Webtalk does not have a limited avenue to affiliate.On the contrary I would say. It is a great way for affiliate marketers and online business owners to become visible and connect wit new maarkets. By engaging in other peoples posts you will at the same time earn money. I know many marketers who increased their traffic and sales by using Webtalk.

  6. Webtalk seems to be a great social platform. Social Technology is here to stay and everyone seems to love it young and old. What makes Webtalk different from the other social platforms is being able to make money in different ways. I will most certainly use it. I know my friends and relatives will use it. Great article!

    1. Author

      Hi Cathy! Yes Social tecknology is here to stay for sure and Webtalk have patented their own system for this. I started using it a while ago and I think it is great for business, but also for personal use.Many of my friends use it too.

  7. Thank you for writing a review for Webtalk. I’ve recently heard about this social platform and got curious about the difference between it and LinkedIn. So, it also has a premium feature. Is it worth to upgrade to premium? For LinkedIn, I didn’t see a need to upgrade my account to be a premium. Can you compare Webtalk premium with LinkedIn Premium?

    1. Author

      Hi! Great question Linkedin was created originally for applying for jobs and creating a professional network. Most people on Linked in have their resume and looking for jobs. You can connect with others and create a network. 

      They also have a new business platform. On Linkedin the premium feature are mostly connected to job search while on Webtalk it is connected to higherearning potential  

      The main difference is that on Linkedin you do not earn anything for sharing, connecting etc. and you need to pay for ads. The same goes for Facebook. 

      On webtalk you can post your posts to get shares, likes, comments, recommendations etc. All engagements generate engagement points that is calculated into money. Check it ot here

      To answer your question I would say it is worth upgrading to Premium on Webtalk if you are planning to use it regularly in your business or social life. It is all about engagement. You do not have to upgrade. You can still earn money, but you will earn more with premium. There are also premium features that you get access to.

  8. Webtalk sounds like a good platform. It will expose you to a lot of good opportunities online and it makes you updated about the new things. A very interesting new platform. I don’t like the fact that it’s in the first phase though. I am excited to see what new features will be exposed in the second phase. I would definitely try out the free version of the platform to see if it works. Do you know when the second phase will be released? And do you think this platform can compete with Facebook and Linkedin?

    1. Author

      Hi there! Yes Webtalk is really a great platform. Still in its early phase, but definitely very interesting and appealing concept they have patented there. I can understand your emotion about first phase. Remember many years ago when Facebook and Linkedin started? They were very different than they are now.

      All platforms go through phases and stages to provide their users with the best features and to position themselves in the market in their field. Linkedin positioned themself as a leading platform for the job market and Facebook for the personal market – lately also business market. They say if Linkedin and Facebook got a baby webtalk would be the one.Webtalk is a hybrid of them and at the same time an income opportunity.

      As for now I do not think Webtalk will skyrocket ahead of Facebook and Linkedin this year. But who knows?

      But I really think people will open their eyes and mind to the new possibilities Webtalk can give them of additional value.The second phase will come around new year. A lot of new and exciting features will then be released like ad rewards and travel rewards just to mention some. 

      I see Webtalk not as a substitute, but an addition to leverage my business further and to expand my connections into new markets and niches. I use all three of them for different reasons. All of them have some featurres that are valuable to me personally and for my business. I hope I answered your question properly.

  9. Thank you for reminding me of this platform! I have read about it in a post by the ‘Digital Veteran’ Tony Lee Hamilton whose recommendations I trust, so your article has just confirmed to me hat this platform is worth checking out. 

    I’d like to ask you two questions: 1) Is it better to share my own blog posts on this platform, or can I share anything I like, such as posts by other people? I still don’t understand whether Web talk is more about showcasing your own website and blogs, (Like LinkedIn) or just general sharing or articles, videos, and photos (like Facebook). I’d like to utilise Web talk in the best possible way, (because time is so precious and I’m already spending a lot of it on all the other social media platforms) so I’d be grateful for your clarification.

    2) My second question is: Would I be allowed to post affiliate links directly on my Web talk wall? (I think that for example, Amazon doesn’t allow this, if I’m right..Thanks again!

    1. Author

      Hi Lucie!  Yes It was my good friend Tony who introduced it to me as well. It s absolutely worth Checking out Webtalk. To answer your questions:

      1. Yes you can share your own posts and whatever you want to share. You get sharing, viewing and liking points, ad pool points, referral points and many other engagement points  

      2. You can use it for personal or for business or both. It is up to you. No matter you will earn money for engaging. I use it for both personal and business.

      3. Yes you can post your affiliate links directly on your wall. Many Social media do not allow this.Or you can use shortlinks like Prettylinks.  I normally use Prettylinks.on affiliate links that are long I convert the links to a shorter link in Prettylinks so the links get my website name ex. https://dailypracticeforsucces… instead of https://get.webtalk.co/hilde

  10. Thank you for your review on Webtalk. I have seen the Webtalk ads from time to time and I just have to know what is it all about. Webtalk sounds a lot like Linked in to me but with a twist that you can earn some money. I wish they pay with Paypal. Anyways, I think it is a good platform to be in so I connect to a Like minded people. I will give it a try and will connect with you 🙂

    1. Author

      How great Nuttanee! I will help you. Just let me know if you need a hand. Youcan pay with Stripe and Payoneer. I think you will love it once you learn to use it.

  11. I think I have stumbled upon this app/site also from someone in the group I belong with. I was hesitant to try it out at that time because of it being by-invite only (if I remember it right). The 5-in-1 newsfeed sounds so novel but the thought of it is energetically draining to me, maybe that’s why I didn’t sign up too. Too many things to do, so little time (or maybe I don’t know how to manage time! haha). Oh, I think I didn’t sign up also because I encountered multiple landing pages from various people–kinda sketchy for me. I am actually wondering how many points do you actually need to earn before it translates to cash? How is it different from blogging where you also get the potential to earn through social engagement? Anyway, since it’s my second time to hear this, perhaps it’s about time to sign up! Thank you for the reminder. Your review is thorough and so helpful. 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi A! Webtalk is not a substitute for blogging  unless you want to. Most people who use it do it because it is a smart way to leverage traffic, create new connections, reach new markets and become more visible online. If you take a look at the video above Webtalks free cash program. You earn 10 points per like, 20 points per comment and 30 points per share.1000 points = 1 pie slice in the Ad pool rewards. and $0,01 lifetime rewards .Look at the video above. The points are adding up fast. 1 dollar  lifetime reward = 100K points. If you have people joining webtalk through your link  you earn 10% that month and if they become a pro member you earn 10% revenue share for life.. You are paid monthly based on your points on earnings. Balances over $100 will be directly deposited at the end of month to the designated account . I hope I answered your question.

  12. Hi thanks for the information you give in this article. I have not heard of Webtalk and it is always good to hear of a new platform that will have benefits in joining. I am wondering how long it takes to start benefittting from joining Webtalk and do you spend a lot of time being active on the platform on a daily basis. Is it worhwhile to join now and do you feel that it is better to do so sooner rather than later?

    1. Author

      Hi Mike! You start benefit at once. From day one you earn different points. The more you engage the more you earn. You decide how much time you want to use. I guess some sit all day with it to get maximum earnings. Personally I have set a certain goal and number of new connections, mails, likes, sharings and comments I do every day. If I do not have time I do it later, I post my own posts to leverage traffic to my website. It helped me increase traffic.  Webtalk is still in phase 1 and the sooner you join the more you will earn. New features will soon be released that will increase your possibilities to earn.

  13. Well! This is the first time I see anything related to Webtalk. Initially I thought it was a TV show. But actually, reading through your article, I could pinpoint the fact that it offers an awesome platform for affiliates and marketers in general to come together and actually get to learn the secret to attaining financial success in their field. Good one

    1. Author

      Hi Nath! Glad you took the time to read my article so you could learn to know more about Webtalk. I hoped it served you well and that you see the impact you can make in your business by using this platform. 

  14. Wow ! Thank you,I have heard and read about Webtalk before, but your article simplified the information I have been getting. I previously signed up for Webtalk  and never really went ahead to learn how to use it. I did not understood how it worked properly. I like that it is a social media platform for like minded individuals and of course the fact that you earn as you engage. Perfect for social and engaged individuals as well as for all kinds of businesses who need a new marketing channel.  It looks like I will greet Facebook, goodbye soon or at least use it less now that I know how to use Webtalk and get more gain. I do not get any commissions from using it so I might as well switch over to Webtalk.

    1. Author

      Hi Bogadi! 

      Thank you for your thoughts on the matter. As an affiliatemarketer I think Webtalk does not have to be a substitute for other social media platforms. To me it is a welcoming addition. A new channel to market my website and to get new connections.

      You have to remember that Facebook still is one of the biggest social media platforms and give marketers a reach into other customer markets than Webtalk do. Facebook have also been good for advertising especially for small businesses with a low marketing budget. All social media platforms have different kind of core users and features that appeals to different customers. 

      When that is said I think Webtalk will definitely become a big competitor especially after they release more and more features that people value and can earn money on using.

  15. That is a great article, I have joined Webtalk and make a notice that this social media network is very useful and provide us a lot opportunity to make money. I like the whole idea behind it and the platform itself and the way to create the commission with the reward program.. I think that we can enjoy connecting and create new networks professionally and privately. I see it as a way of making my life much better. I think once starting to use it you will love it. Thanks for your beautiful article – Sorath  

    1. Author

      Hi Sorath! Thank you for your thoughts and experience with webtalk. Yes, I also love the idea behind Webtalk and the reward program. I have already made many new connections and experienced a lot of traffic from webtalk to my website. And yes you can create your own private group where you share moe personal stuff. Looking forward to the new features coming soon. You might want to read my review of Webtalk affiliate reward program.

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