What Is John Thornill Free Ambassador Program about?

What Is John Thornhill Free Ambassador Program about?

Are you looking for a smart way to make online success? Well look no further because in this article John Thornhill Free Ambassador Program I want to present you to and take a look at how you can actually get online success following one of the biggest Clickbank gurus unique blueprint – Partnership to success.

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Who Is John Thornhill?

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John Thornhill is one of the most successful product creators on Clickbank and have made millions in sales since he started online in 2004.

He used to be a normal worker and started out with an eBay account. His story has inspired many affiliate marketers over the years because he is a living proof that everyone can make it online if you are willing to put in a little effort.

He has coached many successful marketers over the years and some of his students are now his biggest competitors.

That does not bother John Thornhill. He sees it as a proof that his blueprint really works.

As he says, it is all about helping others the best way possible. His students describe him as a person who is always willing to walk that extra mile for you

Now he is opening up a unique new program for people who wants to succeed online. Partnership to success Ambassador Program.

Free Groundbreaking Training

This program is not an everyday opportunity you can get and not for anyone.

This is a groundbreaking training from one of the most successful marketers online who have

often been to see among the top 1% on Clickbank.

After earning millions on Product creation he is now ready to share his success with as many as possible.

You can now access a 7-day FREE training with John Thornhill and learn how he made his millions.

Not only that. He made a free done for you program so you can start earning your first real dollars online too.

So let us take a look at what this 7 day Free training is all about.

But who is really John Thornill Free Ambassador best suited for?

It is not for anybody and only for a limited amount of people at a time.


Who is the Free Ambassador Program for?

John Thornhill - The proven Formula

Photo: print screen from John Thornhill Ambassador Webinar edited in Canva

This program is for people who

1. Spent a lot of money online on programs that do not deliver what it promises.

2. Have not hit their goals last year or this year yet.

3. Do not have their own product yet.

4. Have created their own product but struggle to get traffic and sales to it.

5. Do not have an email list yet and want to grow one.

6. Struggle with email marketing and all the details that goes into it.

7. Have a desire to be successful online.

8. Fast Action takers because there are only a few limited spots on this course.

Who is this Program not for?


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This program is not for:

1. People who think they can build an overnight success business online without putting in some work.

2. People who are not willing to follow a proven system.

3. People who do not like to help others.

4. People who do not want to invest money in anything to improve themselves or their business.


Is the Free Ambassador program for you?

John Thornhill Simple formula

Well, I cannot say.

That is all up to you to decide. I do not know what type of person you really are and how much

you are willing to invest in yourself and your future of time, effort and money.

I can only say that I am an ambassador myself and I find this free training to be priceless no matter

if you decide to proceed or not.

Just the webinar tips in itself are priceless if you are struggling in your online business.

But if you think this could help you then jump on it while you have the opportunity.

There are only 100 spots available at a time so I urge you to act fast if you want in.


What do you get as a Free Thornhill Ambassador?

The Free Thornhill ambassador program is just a little taste of what the real Partnership to success program can offer you.

He offers you a done for you sales system.

Watch the Free webinar here to see what is in it for you:

John Thornhill exclusive


Do not expect to be rich overnight because it will not happen most likely unless you are really productive or lucky.

Be prepared for putting in some effort. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

As John say it could happen, but it all depends on you.

The fastest success testimonial he has is one of his students who managed to quit his job after 56 days on this program.

It is possible, but not the normal.

The ambassador program offers you an exclusive basic training in the proven formula John Thornhill teaches his Ambassadors. You get the chance to try it out for 7 days and then decide if you want to go all in or not.

By following his program you will be ready to launch your first product and be in a position to generate 6 figures a year.

In other words build a solid foundation so you will have the best chances to generate a 6 figure income.


Why I became a John Thornhill Ambassador

John Thornhill Simple formula

1. So many products online do not deliver what it promises, but I have seen this program work for others and really deliver.

2. I trust John Thornhill because he has walked the talk and also because many of his students have succeeded big online.

3. He has learned what works and do not work and he teaches this to his ambassadors in his partnership to success program.

4. I have not been working long online and I do not want to do all the mistakes and find out 5 years from now. I want to learn how to do it the right way from a man who did all the mistakes I do not want to do.

5. I did not hit my income goals last year, but this year my goal is to make this the best year ever.

I have challenged myself to grow and be profitable this year.

6. I have not yet created a product of my own and I want to learn how to do that from one of the best content creators on Clickbank.

7. I do have an adequate mailing list, but I could certainly need some more advice on how to grow it even more.

8. It is a proven coaching program with good results and John is a good teacher who tells it as it is and what you need to do.

9. I want to become financial independent.

10. I want to be able to help others.

What does the Ambassador Lite program include?

John Thornhill Simple formula

1. A custom-built Webinar completely done and set up for you designed to attract new customers.

2. A Custom built Affiliate website completely set up to generate 50/50 Profit share on Affiliate sales.

3. A 99 day Automated Email sequence all done for you and ready to go.

4. 100% sales on Johns Front end orders and 50% on a selection of High ticket sales.

5. Additional 50/50 Profit share on all upgrades your recruited affiliates make.

6. Special Traffic training and advanced ongoing traffic training

7. Full support from John Thornhill support team.

If you do not think this is an awesome offer I have no idea where you think you will get any better offer from.


How Does the Ambassador Program Work?

John Thornhill Simple formula

Step 1 : Watch the Free Webinar training

It is really simple really.

Link to webinar: https://dailypracticeforsuccess.com/Webinar and you sign up to the Free ambassador program.

Then you get access to John Thornhill member site where he shows you step by step how to get your custom

made website and Email sequence.


There are two requirements before you get access to your affiliate link:

1. You need a new Clickbank Account

2. And you need an Aweber Account

Step 2: Get white listed on Clickbank

To being able to promote the Partnership to success program as an ambassador you need to get approved and white listed on Clickbank.

Step 3: Grab your Affiliate Link

Now you get your own Clickbank Affiliate Link and can start promoting the program

Step 4: watch the bonus webinar for some awesome bonuses

There are 5 different Fast mover bonuses you simply do not want to miss out on.

Step 5: Generate traffic to your link

John Thornhill offers a lot of detailed videos with awesome tips on how to generate more traffic to your link. As he say you are only able to capitalize on the traffic you generate. So I advice you to listen to his advice on how to get traffic. Remember he did it for many years and knows what is working now.

Does John Thornhill Ambassador Program work?

Yes it works, but you cannot expect to be a millionaire in 7 days. Let us take a look at some success stories from some people who took action and actually have succeeded by becoming ambassadors in the partnership to success program.

Success stories

John Thornhill Simple formula

Steven Alvey is a real success story and one of Johns students. He made it real big because he followed this program.

John Thornhill Proof


See more success stories in Johns Webinar

What happens after 7 days in the Free Ambassador program?

Now you need to make a decision about if you want to get in or opt out of the program.

Opting out

If you decide to opt out you email to support before Clickbank bill your PayPal account. You will get a message from PayPal in advance with what day they will bill your account and what actions you need to take should you choose to opt out.

Opting in

Clickbank bills your account on the date they send you a message about. When you are billed you are an ambassador
Lite member or Elite member depending on what bonus you decided to act on.

Upgrade 1: Ambassador Lite

$697 (Limited Spots)

365 days ready-made emails plugged into your autoresponder to help generate sales on a daily basis.

100% of all sales on Johns Products on high ticket upgrades

50% sales from special selected products

50/50 profit share of all your affiliates upgrades

A kick start traffic to 20.000 blog readers and social media followers

A signature promoting your site to the bottom of every single broadcast emails next 99 days


Upgrade 2: Ambassador Elite

Price $1997 (Limited Spots)

75% commissions on Ambassador Sales

35 % Commissions on Elite Lite Sales

35 % Commissions on Elite Sales

50% Affiliate referrals

Direct promoted broadcast

Affiliate recruitment traffic sales

Blog promotions by John

PS! You need to watch the webinar to get the awesome bonuses for this program.


Final thoughts

John Thornhill Simple Formula


I think watching this webinar is a no brainer no matter where you are as a marketer.

Starters, intermediates and more advanced marketers can all learn from John,

the car fabric worker who found a way to succeed online big time.

It is easy to forget that he started with two empty hands when you see his ranks on top 1% on

Clickbank and his name all around the internet.

But this is the first time he gives a webinar and a 7-day trial for free so you better jump on it while you can.

It is all up to you if you want John to teach you this or not.

One thing is sure – He will give you material that works so you do not need to struggle online.

I firmly believe you will not look back if you jump on this training, but you need to take swift action because the spots are very limited. And you need to follow the training and put in some effort to succeed.


Just A few things before you wander off!


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Thank you for reading my article. I hope you found it helpful.

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  1. Hi Hilde. Very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with affiliate marketing and still looking around for good platform to invest too. I read before a bit about John Thornhill program and to be fair opinions were quite mixed. But looking on your review its seems as interesting opportunity to try. What I like is free trial which will give me better look if its worth to spend money into it. Looking forward to test it in practice.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment. Glad you liked my article. This program will not suit for people who are not willing to do any efforts themselves. How successful you become online is not only determined by the programs and tools you use, but also your own ability to use them to your advantage. 

      You will definitely get a good grasp of what John can help you achieve. 

      The training and successpackage is all done and set up for you.

      You will not become a millionaire in 7 days, but you get a good free training. 

      Should you decide to become an ambassador John will help you build a solid foundation based on his own experiences and knowledge that will have a potential to  generate a good income.  

      Watch the webinar and check out the awsome ambassador bonuses he will give you.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing a good article to learn more about what is John thornhill free ambassador program about, as I’m currently working on building up my own affiliate marketing website, I like to learn more about what is on the market that helps others to create their own digital business, I’ve hadn’t heard from John Thornhill before, but after reading your review it makes sense to me, this program might be good, as it will teach anyone how to work to build up a website on the affiliate marketing focused on Clickbank. My question for you will be, as you have tried this program, is it as good as it says, what about Weathly Affiliat and this program, which one is better. 

    1. Author

      Hi Alejandra! Thank you very much for your question! I love getting questions from my readers! 

      I will try to answer your question in a comprehensive way. I am a Wealthy Affiliate plus Member and A Thornhill Ambassador so I can tell you a bit about the differences. 

      Wealthy Affiliate teach you the basics of Affiliate marketing, SEO, building, blogging  and monetizing your website step by step. It is a platform for marketers on all levels. starters, intermediate and advanced marketers. You can host your websites there and you get one of the best SEO tools on the market. And it is an awesome community.

      It can be smart for a startup to build up website Authority to get the most out of the John Thornhill Ambassador program.

      The Ambassador Program focuses more on becoming a vendor, content creation, traffic and building an email list, funnels, sales and leveraging your monetization with Clickbank. 

      I cannot say either one is better. It all depends on what your goal is. 

      Both programs are proven blueprints for success. And both of them require that you put in a certain amount of time and effort. By using both platforms I think I get the best of the best.

      I hope this gave you some more clarity Alejandra. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. John Thornhill is very successful and you can hear he has been long in the game. Since 2004 he has been in this business. So he must be an expert and with his help you can learn and grow overtime how to be successful online. 
    Hope he can help my traffic issue for my site. Thank you for the article.

    1. Author

      Hi Bernard! I am sure if you follow Johns training your traffic issues will be long gone. However as John says You can only capitalize on the traffic you generate. He teach you his methods to generate more traffic as well as a lot of other useful and profitable methods. Thank you for your thoughts Bernard! Much appreciated.

  4. Thank you for providing this post! I have been on the fence about signing up with Clickbank, call it fear I guess. I hadn’t heard of this 7 day Free ambassador program. I think I will give this a try and see how it works and maybe I will sign up after! Thanks again for this valuable information

    1. Author

      Hi! Yes I know the feeling! I had my scruples about it too when I started out, but why not learn from the Clickbank Master? That is the best way if you want to succeed with Clickbank for sure. Thank you for leaving your thoughts.

    2. Thanks for this review. I’m really on the fence about this. I sounds very good to get into. The issue I have is being a senior I just want to do this as a part time thing. I feel at this age in my life 80 I satisfied with part time just for some extra income . Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks again.

      1. Author

        Hi Louis!
        You can do this part time. I am doing it part time myself.
        It is quite simple. You set up the system you get access to when you sign up on the webinar
        This is a funnel that goes on autopilot once set up.
        You only need to drive traffic to it by promoting it organically or with paid ads.

        I already made sales with the funnel so I know it works very well.
        John Thornhill support is very good and they will help you set it all up.
        I hope this answered your question. Just ask if you need more info. I will do my best to help you out.

  5. Thanks for sharing this training opportunity from John Thornhill with us.

    It certainly sounds like there is a lot of information packed into this training that will be useful to anyone and everyone, regardless of where they are on their online business journey.

    As it is free for the first week I having nothing to lose in checking it out.

    1. Author

      Hi Geoff! Glad you want to check it out. You will not be disappointed. John and his team are great teachers and you will learn a lot no matter where you are on your Journey for sure. 

  6. A wonderful review. The 7 day free trail sounds good for me so I can test the grounds before subscribing for the lite plan or elite plan.

    its also good for affiliate marketers who want to sharpen their skill by acquiring more knowledge  about email marketing,  swipes etc.

    this John Thornhill free ambassador program clearly states that it is not a get rich quick program. Participants  must put in hard work which is one of the greatest necessity for any business to thrive.

    1. Author

      Hi there! 

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes, the 7 day trial is for persons who really want to learn how to succeed online. As John says : He is looking for serious persons who are willing to put in the effort needed to make this work. If you do proceed you get a very good mentor, support and training.

      If someone just want to get on for 7 days and have no intention in the first place to proceed, then this program is not for them. I totally agree with you that it takes time to build any business no matter what some may say. 

  7. I think John Thornhill is the best salesman ever. He does his videos with such style that anyone would be hooked. And what an affiliate marketer he is. Truly one of the best. He has built a multi-million dollar empire and his programs are really popular. 

    I will check out the Ambassador program in detail. thanks.

    Aps B

    1. Author

      Hi Aparna! Yes John is a person most people can relate to as well. He isnatural,  honest about who he is and what he expects from you. No fluff or puff. He was not born rich. He was just a normal man working in a car factory. In his Ambassador program you will learn all about what works now in the online industry and he will reveal his secrets to success. 

      The best thing is that he offer his programs to all kinds of marketers and pockets. You know, a mentor program that he offers normally costs way more. I did my research and found that even heavily discounted many online mentors was not able to match Johns Ambassador offer. 

  8. I am very new to affiliate marketing. I loved everything about your article as it offers insight on the programme, which helps a lot. I read about clickbank on google when I was looking for ways to make money online. What I like most about this program is a chance to try it for free so that you know what you are getting yourself into. And thank you your specifying that you won’t get rich overnight because there is so much misleading information out there full of empty promises.

    1. Author

      Hi Mimie! Thank you for your thoughts. If you want to learn Clickbank you need to learn from the ones who have made it big consistently. 

      John is one of the 1% Top vendors on Clickbank and he have made his mentor program availiable so that most people with all kinds of pockets can attend. He only demands 3 things from you. That you are serious about learning, That you use Aweber and have a Clickbank account. 

      Following his training step by step using his method to success is proven to work by many of his students who are now constantly on the leaderboards of Clickbank. 

      Anyone who tells you you can get rich over night is not telling you the truth Mimie. Most successful people online have lots of failures behind them and used more than a few nights to get there. 

  9. John Thornhill Ambassadorship Program looks really awesome from the review you posted. Though I have not heard of this training before. I’ll like to find out if there are no upsells to this training? In all, John Thornhill seems committed to helping others succeed online. Thanks for this informative review

    1. Author

      Hi Jude! The ambassador pogram have the  upsells mentioned in the review. Most Mentor programs online have upsells to more advanced training and personal follow up training. The partnership to success program will be the next upsell after the Ambassador program. You get a mega on the webinar bonus to the partnership program. John have made his program affordable for many levels of marketers. You can upgrade whenever it suits you. Most highly discounted mentor programs with legends like John cost from $997 and upwards. Having a mentor will cost you because you get a lot of value back. You will learn Johns methods for success. 

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