OLSP Evergreen Traffic System

What is OLSP Evergreen Traffic system?

OLSP Traffic System


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  • No website or skills needed
  • Proven and tested system by thousands
  • Detailed training and superb support


  • Can be affected by Social media algorithms


What is OLSP Evergreen Traffic system and How to get traffic? This is maybe the most essential question in Affiliate marketing online. Without Traffic to your website you do not have a business. So every marketer out there needs it. Today I will take a look at the OLSP Evergreen Traffic system and how it can help you get more traffic and recurring commissions.

Before you read the rest of my post I want to inform you according to the best online practices with information that may be important to you:

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Facts about OLSP

Wayne crowe is the founder of OLSP and the traffic domination system. He is known as the Traffic dominator batman.

He is very interactive with his group and he wants to offer you as much value as he can. And that is why he created this evergreen traffic system.

Wayne Crowe

Photo: Print Screen of Wayne Crowe edited in Canva

He created a Facebook group called the Trafficdominators where you can learn about Traffic for free or Pay to get more advanced traffic training.

The group have increased yearly and Wayne and the traffic dominators are now regarded as one of the major trusted platforms to learn about traffic. And while earning you are even Learning.

Here you can see a video I made about the process


Bootcamp, TD pages, Traffic domination Labs, PPC shortcut, Click Domination, Tube Domination, Traffic Nemesis,

Free list building training, VIP GROUP, 30 days email hacks

How to become a Traffic dominator


1. Join the group

2. Complete the training and Earn $20

3. Implement the training and earn more commissions

4. Go pro and get advanced training (optional)

Step 2 – Bootcamp


The boot camp is an easy way for startups to learn about traffic. Unlike many other platforms you do not need a website to start earning. You need no skills either. You only need to join the group and share your special Megalink to the group.

Anyone can do this  and get more traffic and commissions says Wayne.

Photo: Canva Edited in Canva

After you have finished and completed the OLSP bootcamp you get a certificate where it says you have become a Traffic dominator. Your dashboard will then show you are a Traffic trainee.

I tested out the bootcamp and it was an awesome experience. Wayne shares tons of knowledge and is a very good teacher. Easy to understand and follow training. Below you can see my certificate of achievement for completing bootcamp. It took me 2-3 hours to complete.

OLSP certificate

Photo: Printscreen of my OLSP Trafficdominator certificate – edited in Canva

Step 3 – Implementing the training

Now it is time to implement the bootcamp training into practice. It is not difficult at all. You have everythhing you need in your dashboard. After becoming a Trafficdominator your next goal will be to reach the Allstar Level. On the picture below you can see how many points you need to reach each OLSP level. There are 7 Levels all together where you start as a trainee and end up hopefully as a Traffic Batman.

OLSP Allstar

Photo: Printscreen of my OLSP dashboard and OLSP Levels

TD pages

TD pages is the OLSP page builder where you can import done for you mega squeeze pages, pop ups, lead magnets and templates or create your own. It is extremely user-friendly with a startup guide and good support. TD pages is optimized to get a lot of traffic.

Commission Loop

Photo: My OLSP Megasqueeze page

You get a free for life account and 10 credits to buy ready-made proven to convert templates. All the templates are constantly measured and optimized to give you the best results.

You can buy an upgrade if you want. On the picture below you can see how much it costs.

TD Pages Price

Photo: Print screen of TD Pages Prices edited in canva

Mega squeeze pages

The boot camp give you access to one mega squeeze page of your own choosing among many templates and free traffic tools.

I chose the Commission loop megasqueeze page as you can se above.

This is one of the most high converting squeeze pages at OLSP.

These squeeze pages are tested by thousands and proven to generate leads and traffic.

There are templates suitable for every niche you can think of.

The conversion rates on the squeeze pages are good.

STEP 4 – OLSP PRO Traffic Toolbox

OLSP Dominator

(Photo: Print screen of OLSP Comment Domination Pro Logo edited in canva)

OLSP dominator pro is designed to take your business to the next level

Comment dominator Pro is an advanced program with a one time fee of $97 where you can earn extra commissions.

OLSP Comment Domination Pro

Commission lead machine software is a software that find targeted customers who are ready to buy from you.

This software costs $47 a month

Content Gorilla help you automate your content and costs normally $67 a month, but newbies get a special discount.

Your own Auto update blog – A blog set up for you and updated automatically with fresh content

Kontest king – Contest software $47 a month

Socialpost magic – organic free marketing software $39 per month

TD pages are free to join and Free for life, but can be upgraded to get more functions and templates.

SOLO ads training and traffic packs

How do you earn money with OLSP?

Photo: Made by dailypracticeforsuccess in Canva

Earn up to 48.000 yearly by sharing your megalink

Earning money with OLSP is maybe one of the simplest way to start earning your first dollars online if you are a startup or just want to earn a little extra.

There are several ways to earn money with OLSP and the easiest way is to share your free mega link and set up your free mega squeeze page in TD pages.

You can use Social media, Email or your blog to share your mega link.

You can actually earn up to $48.000 dollars just sharing this if you put in a little effort. How much you earn will ultimately  be a result of what you do with it. Many have already followed the training and got these results.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that programs mentioned in this post will work for you as there are too many factors beyond our control to make any earning guarantees

OLSP systsem

(Click to find out more)

Earn more with Comment Dominator Pro

Photo: Made by dailypracticeforsuccess in Canva

Comment Dominator pro is another way to earn money where you learn how to give quality comments to posts to help increase traffic and visibility.

This is a service where people pay to get quality comments on posts. Quality comments are important for traffic. Every comment will be looked through and approved or disapproved.

One word comments like Awesome! or short comments like Great training! is not approved.

You need to write relevant comments related to the post and product and give some value to the reader.

Normally 4-6 sentences should do.

Earn with Growthacks

Combining your mega link with TD pages will give you some real awesome growthacks so you can build your list faster and earn commissions.

Promote OLSP courses and products


Promoting OLSP courses like the 30-day email hacks or products like Traffic Nemesis can give you extra commissions.

Become a VIP for $297 a month

The Vip community is a mastermind group, own chatroom and includes basic and advanced Solo Ads coaching.

You will have access to all the traffictools free.

Increased commissions are one of the many benefits

Access to all mastermind classes.

This is a group for intermediate to advanced marketers.

Hear what the VIP members say about this system



Meet your team

Every time someone sign up to your links they will become a part of your team and your list. You become their OLSP mentor and will help them succeed within the system.

You can see how far they got in the training and help them by follow them up and answer their questions. Helping others is one of the core values of OLSP and is a huge reason why so many thrive on this platform.

You get training in how to follow up your team to success. Their success is also your success.

OLSP webinars


How Neil Effectively get traffic from all Social Media Channels


Wayne have a webinar every friday in the group where he teach things, invite speakers, launch contests and much more. These webinars are important to attend to and can sometimes generate extra points for different acttions during the webinars. He also hosts surprise webinars with different topics about generating organic and paid traffic. Often he surprise his audience with giving them awesome only on the webinar discounts to trafficprograms.

The Legends Event

This is a new yearly digital event that first took place in 2020 because of the virus that spread around the globe. As the driven and flexible marketers they are they were able to invite a lot of very successful digital marketers to a free joint venture where they reveal their stories, serve some golden nuggets to take away and present their most important growth hacks and give huge only on the webinar discounts to the OLSP members. This event can last for days depending on how many speakers are able to attend.

This year was very special because 20+ speakers were attending which has never happened before. Normally there have been live events where people actually meet. But these times seems to be over and digital events will most likely replace the live events in the future.

It is important partake inthe events if you want to earn commissions and traffic. These events is a golden opportunity to get new leads and customers, but also to collect extra OLSP points for achievements.

OLSP leaderboard

The olsp Leaderboard change from day to day and who is on the leaderboard is determined by number of points.

You can earn some good extra moneyprizes just to be among the top 10 on the daily leaderboard.

OLSP points

All time points – The total amount of points.

Monthly points – Every month starts on zero and you need to earn new points.

Comment domination points – points for persons who are Comment dominator pros

Unit completion points – How many training units you have completed

Sign up points – How many referrals signed up

Second level points – Your referrals points

Commission points – points for commissions you made

Trafficpackage points (Dominators Monthly Program)

Login points – How many times you logged in

Bonus points – Bonuses given by Wayne

Event points – points achieved on events for different actions made.

What I like about OLSP

OLSP system

Olsp is great because You do not need a website or skills to start the training and it is completely free to start.

It is a great motivation for startups to earn while learning.

Very detailed training makes it easy to understand everything.

It is a total gamechanger for your traffic and a A huge time saver.

The lead mgnets and squeeze pages are Constantly tested and Optimized.

OLSP is an Evergreen system where you can earn, build teams and delivers high quality traffic that actually generate



I do not see many cons with this system at all except that Facebook Algorithms may change and can affect the system in various ways. OLSP are prepared to handle changes in the Algorithm.

Alternatives to OLSP

There are some good alternative income platforms to OLSP that also offers tons of value and where the founders have been in the business for a long time and actively engage with their users.

Here are two platforms I highly recommend because they are legit, proven and tested systems with good results.

Wealthy Affiliate – A complete platform with websitebuilder, hosting, training and SEO tools. The home of Affiliatemarketing where you can build very solid affiliate marketing skills.

John Thornhill Ambassador program – A program for people who want to learn how to succeed with contentcreation, Funnelbuilding, Emailmarketing and Clickbank.

Final thoughts

As you probably have understood by now – I am not totally unbiased when it comes to OLSP because I use this system myself and I have experienced how easy it is to learn, earn and how well it works to earn commissions.

I like the fact that you do not need to go pro to earn money as you need to do on other platforms. You start earning while learning and it is up to you if you want to go pro. This is perfect for startups.

However it is not to stick under a chair that at one point you want to get more advanced training.

This system helped me generate monthly commissions and get a bigger understanding how traffic works and I can warmly recommend this to newbies because it is a well proven and trusted system that works 100% and I have tested it out myself.

Do you want some more traffic tips? Sign up to our maillist

If you have any questions about the OLSP system and the free training you can leave a comment below.



  1. Wow! To be honest, I have never heard of a service that offers money to complete the training. It’s very uncommon and unique!  And to provide knowledge on traffic is very crucial for anyone who wants to have their own business. I am going to consider this, as it will be really good for me, who is starting out in the online world. 

    Thank you for sharing this with us and I wish you all the best in life!

    1. Author

      Hi Amzy! Yes I am an OLSP Dominator Pro and I must say I was blown away by this traffic system too. And even more after I have tried it out myself. At first I thought it was some kind of scam, but it was far from it. After completing bootcamp I implemented the training and the sign ups started to come. And so did the traffic and  commissions. You are paid weekly which is good. If you do a little effort from the start it will pay off big time. There are Newbies who make 3K a month with this.  How to make 3k amonth. Of course the VIP program is the most rewarding, but I know several people who earn quite a lot on the free plan too. It only takes a bit more effort.

  2. Thanks for showing me this site – it is a great way to start from nothing and build a profitable business using a traffic system.  Without traffic to your site, your business will not get off the ground.  Everybody in online business knows this but few have the knowledge or the means to get traffic on their own.

    This program is managed to do just that.  Thanks for your information and I will look into it further.


    1. Author

      Hi Dave! You are welcome. Yes you are right. No traffic = No business. OLSP is a batman when it comes to Traffic. It is a very easy system for newbies to learn about traffic and earn money at the same time. OLSP are Social media Traffic dominators especially on Facebook. I Love this system and It allows startups to earn  and get a good start. The Pro and VIP program offers more advanced training in organic and paid traffic.

  3. Hi, Hilde!
    After reading your clear post I’ll be considering such an interesting product, for sure. Showing more pros than cons is always a good sign, I believe. Every newbie’s dream is to control and improve traffic. Do you recommend OLSP for beginners? I’d appreciate your sincere opinion.
    Thank you and keep safe!

    1. Author

      Hi Antonio! Olsp Is created for taking beginners to an advanced level over time. Normally newbies start with the $20  dollar bootcamp where you are paid to complete the training. From then on everything is optional. You can be on the free level and earn commissions or you can become an OLSP pro which is recommended and then Move on to VIP which is the most advanced Level and of Course the most rewarding in terms of traffic and money. It is perfect to start with for beginners. No website needed. No tools needed. No skills needed. You only need to share the link to this Facebook group. Everyone can do that.

  4. Hello,

    I am really interested in OLSP Evergreen and you make me want to join! If I understand well, you don’t need a website and all you have to do is selling on your social media? And if you choose not to join the paid programs but stay only on Traaficdominators lane, is it still interesting? Because I don’t have lots of money for now but I need tips to increase my traffic. Thank you

    1. Author

      Hi There! Yes You can stay on the free plan. No problem, but it will take longer time to get the same results as when you upgrade and get access to all the awesome traffictools. You need to work harder. You will build a list and get commissions when someone who signed up on your link purchase anything. I would of course recommend to become a OLSP dominator as soon as you can. As with any other system you will always get more benefits from the pro plans.

  5. Hey there!

    What an interesting site. Honestly I had not heard of this program before but I completely agree with you that having traffic to ones site is vital to its success. Personally, I am new to the online business world and only recently started creating sites and haven’t addressed ways to create traffic. This would be a good program to try out and see if I can create more reach for my products. Thanks for sharing your information.

    L, Sammy

    1. Author

      Hi sammy! this is definitely a good way to create traffic to your site and to your Facebook. You will be able to build a substantial list if you follow the program. You even get $20 to complete the free bootcamp. I do not know any other platform that pay you to complete the bootcamp.

  6. First off wow! I do have many questions about OLSP and how it works. But to me it seems really expensive to start up and keep using it. As I saw listed, there are many softwares that need to be used and purchased monthly, plus the cost of OLSP. With that being said, there is no guarantee of money being generated each month. I am highly intrigued by this program, but on the other hand, it seems to be too costly for me. Right now I am with Wealthy Affiliate, should I stay with them or should I branch out and do both?

    1. Author

      Hi Kristen! Good questions! First of all you can stay and earn on the free plan. You do not have to upgrade, but as with all training platforms it costs to upgrade to get more benefits, better tools and methods. That is just how it works all over no matter what industry you are in. You can see here what the VIP are saying about OLSP

      However you are paid $20 to complete the bootcamp. (stripe or Paypal). Many stay on the free plan because they learn a lot about traffic and you get access to all the free webinars in the Free Facebook group

      I am also a Wealthy Affiliate member and I think these two programs complement eachother well. WA is a training platform for SEO, Organic Traffic to websites while OLSP focuses more on Facebook traffic and building a list with social media.  I do both myself and I find no contradiction or problems in doing that. What I learn in WA I can make use of in OLSP and Vice Versa.

  7. Thank you for informing me of your OLSP traffic system. The prices seem reasonable and the twenty dollar incentive to do the boot camp program sounds very desirable. I am however wary of a hidden exception such as you have to make such and such more money in order to cash out. It is not something that would prevent me from trying it though, and as it stands I am very curious and wanting to try it!

    1. Author

      Hi Mona! It is completely free to use this system and earn. You do not need to upgrade. That is completely optional. However it is no secret that to succeed online and earn the big money you need to invest in good tools and methods or mentors at one point to save time, be more effective and optimize. You can earn a good extra lump on the free plan. It is always more value in a premium/pro training than in a free one. That is just how it is. 

      OLSP is a proven and tested blueprint for success over years and is constantly optimized so users get the best results. Personally I know of no one who have not earned money with this system when implementing what you learn in bootcamp. But there are never guarantees. 

      In the short period I have been in this program I have built a substantial list and earned money so I know this system works. A friend of mine Neil have managed to earn 20K in a very short period of time. You can hear his testimonial in this Video as well as other members who succeeded.

      To get your first payout you need to earn $50 – this is quite normal all over. It varies normally from $25 – 100 on all online programs I have been a part of. 

  8. You’reartical rocks traffic is a great thing to help people out with, and I’m very interested in this OSLP Evergreen traffic system, I have saved the link and will try it out before I’m finished for the day.

    Right now my main traffic generator is TAB. but there’s no pay for surfing so this makes me even more excited.

    The only one I saw was lead’s leap and they pay like 0.0005 an add, sop yes sign me up LOL  

    Thank You,

     Bill Wright  


    1. Author

      You are welcome to join my OLSP team Bill. I will make sure to help you succeed with OLSP. I recommend to start the bootcamp and implement what you learn there.

  9. I am always looking for more ways to increase traffic, so it is great to find more information on the olsp traffic system. I have heard about Wayne Crowe and Traffic Dominators before, so I know he is a legitimate trainer and traffic generator. 

    You say it is free to join, but also mention several plans. So realistically, can one earn just through the free membership, or what other costs are involved? Does one need an auto responder? I am not sure how the advertising on social media works. Is it just on this Facebook group, or do you also post on your private page? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Author

      yes. Line. The system is designed to earn on all levels. You do not need an autoresponder because the system does all for you, but it is recommnded if you want to build a list. You promote just lik you do with normal affiliatee maketeing. On your website or blog, Social media,  Email and more. You use both organic and paid traffic in a blessed mix.

  10. Hello Hilde. I think the OLSP traffic system might be something I would like to try. I started a blog recently, but I have only a few visitors a day and no income yet. I`m currently looking for ways to increase traffic to my website. I`m already a member at Wealthy Affiliate, and I can`t afford another paid program at the moment. My question is, how long does it take to see some traffic and income with the free OLSP free plan based on your experience?

    1. Author

      Hi Deborah! If your blog is new you need to give it time nd continue dding contnt to it. With Olsp you will increase traffic to your Facebook and to your affilite offers which in return will lead to more traffic on your website. Olsp offer a free training bootcamp where you get $20 to complete it 100%. You can earn on the free plan. There are 3 commission plans. Free, pro and VIP. Much like WA where you have a free trial, premium and plus. Only difference you get weekly training and  a mentor on the free plan with OLSP and you can still be inside the free community. You do not have to upgrade to continue like in WA.

  11. I had never heard before of this OLSP evergreen system. It seems to me that if you want to make some money with this program, you will need to have an extensive social network in place. Is that correct? Another point is that you are going to bombard your friends and acquaintances with a lot of information?

    Does this system guarantee anything, like income, success, or traffic? Thanks.

    1. Author

      Hi Jerry! 

      I undrstand that you have no knowledge of OLSP. You do  not need anything else than your FB to start. Not an extensive network. You get $20 after completing bootcamp 100%. You are not going to bombard anyone. It is a proven and tested system and it works.

      You use your Facebook profile or business page and the OLSP system to attract traffic. It is both SEO, organic and paid traffic depending on how far you want to take your business. No business can ever guarantee income because there are so many factors into play. And one of the most important factor in any business is you and wht you do. No systm cn control that. But I can say I am in the system myself and I earn daily commission.

  12. Hi can I cash out in payoneer of Skrill? I can’t make PayPal account in my region.

    1. Author

      Hi there! You can contact the OLSP support to ask as I have nothing to do with the payments. I know they use different payment methods for countries that does not have access to paypal. You can send a mail to: https://olspsystem.com/support

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