What is Rumble Video Platform review

What is Rumble Video Platform? Review







Publisher Pro



  • Free to create account
  • Earn Money on your videos
  • Affiliate Program


  • You need to become a Publisher to Publish videos, but the cost is low
  • You have to pay for more storage which means you have a limited amount you can upload.
  • Your Videos need approval for monetization

What is Rumble Video Platform? Is it a good alternative to You Tube? In this review I take a closer look at this new Video Platform and how you can become a rumbler and make money on this platform.

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What Is Rumble?

(Picture: Print screen of Rumble products made in Canva)

Rumble is a Video Platform where you can watch videos, exchange videos, host videos, earn money on your Videos, Rumble videos and invite new users.

I heard about Rumble from some network marketers on Webtalk who had used this Video tool for a while. Some of them had made quite a lot of money too just for uploading videos about their cats and dogs and travels. They told me ” You just have to start using Rumble – It is an awesome platform”.

However, I am a bit skeptic to unknown tools I never heard about before. Maybe you are too?

I started doing some research about it to find out more. And it is my research I share with you today. I am sure I am not the only one with questions about Rumble.

I hope this review will serve you well and that your questions about Rumble will be answered.

Who is Rumble For?

Making video

(Picture: made in Canva)

If you are a person who loves to capture videos on your phone or with video camera you are the perfect user for Rumble. You can even add old footage of your holidays, pets or whatever old footage you have.

All you need to do to earn money on your videos is to create a publisher account, upload your videos and start earning basically.
Rumble Is great for independent content creators who wants to earn revenue on their videos.

Why Use Rumble?

Rumble Video

(photo: Unsplash)

It is an easy way to publish and earn money on your videos.

The Fastest Video player on the market

Rumble is also a good alternative to You Tube. You Tube have more restrictions than ever and many content creators find this restricting them in many ways and difficult to relate to.

Rumble connects content creators with 3rd parties of distributors and syndicates.

You reach new markets and users

Rumble Speed

(Photo: Print Screen of Google PageSpeed Insights)


Founder: Chris Pavlovski



Below you can see a picture of the six different product plans rumble offer


(Photo: Made in Canva: Print screen from my Rumble account)

Features: Statistics and analytics, Payments overview, Transaction Overview, Referral Overview, Player Customization (Pro), Ad Integration (Pro), Data Usage (Pro), OTT and MRSS feeds (Pro), Widgets and scripts, Licenses

Account differences

The main differences in the different product plans or accounts are What you can do, how much control you have over your own content and where they are displayed basically and how much you can earn.

Rumble Account Differences

(Photo: Made in Canva: Print screen from my Rumble account)

How to create an account on Rumble

Creating an account on Rumble is very Easy. I signed up on one of my contacts Rumble Links. It is free to create an account.

Create a free Rumble Account here

Go to your profile settings and upload a profile picture.

Auto Syndication

(Photo: Made in Canva: Print screen from my Rumble account)

You can choose to Auto Syndicate your videos on You Tube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Facebook and Dailymotion. This feature is great for reaching a greater Audience.

Rumble Referral program

What I like about Rumble is that they have a referral program that will pay you for inviting new users to the platform.

You get 5% for all referred users. Not a very High commission, but it is a great tool to put in your marketing affiliate toolbox.

Rumble support

Rumble support seems to have a quite good support. Rumble offers a knowledge base, Support Tickets, video tutorials and more.

How to Create a Rumble Channel

Go to your account in the main menu. Click on Create Channel. Creating a Channel is very Easy to do.

Rumble Channel Registration

(Photo: Made in Canva: Print screen from my Rumble account)

Name: You can create channels with different names than your User Name to get a different URL that suits your purpose.

Description: Rumble recommend their users to write a description which is 500 words to increase your engagement.

The description should be as detailed as possible. You find a good description on how to create a description in the FAQ.

Make money on helping others with writing Channel descriptions

(Photo: Unsplash)

You can actually earn money to help other Rumble users with writing the channel description for them. You can earn $5 for each approved description. For people who are good at writing descriptions this can be a great way to earn some extra cash on Rumble. I think this feature is a very good feature that not so many other Video Platforms have.

How to submit a video description?

1. Look at Videos who wants to get help with channel descriptions. You do this by Clicking on Write Article in the navigation Menu.

2. To be able to write a valuable description you need to watch the users video. Under the Video you will find a Write Article button with a green $ sign which means that this user will pay you for a description if it gets approved by the user.

3. Click the button and submit your 500 word description.

4. Wait for Approval

5. When Approved, you have earned $5

Note! Not all videos have this buttons – only the ones who wants help.

Tips to write good video descriptions to get more reads and rumbles

1. Write only things that are relevant to the video

2. Describe as much in detail about the video

3. Engage your Audience

4. Make it fun to read

5. Inspire people to watch the Video

6. Tell your Audience why they should see your video and what your opinion of the video is

What is Rumbles?

Rumbles are internal points positive or negative. If someone clicks on the + or – sign on your video or video comments you get one positive or negative Rumble. Positive Rumbles displayed means you have more positive rumbles than dislikes.

How to make money with Rumble?

1. Referrals

2. Clicks on your videos

3. Approved Liscenced Rumble Videos

4. Monetization by advertisers (1- 14 days before approval)

5. Video Auto Swap Script for editors

6. Rumble contests

When you upload a video to Rumble as a publisher, it is put in monetization pending queue. Your Video will either get status as ads Free (not monetized) or Approved for ads.

Rumble Ranking

Rumble have a complex algorithm and ranking system. Below you can see some Ranking metrics

1. All uploaded videos get ranking prediction

2. Content

3. Quality

4. Past and present audit of the user

5. 3rd party predictions – A prediction of how well this video will do on 3rd party platforms.

6. Involvement on Rumble Community

7. 200 other factors

When your Video get ranked on Rumble Top Videos, you will most surely make some good revenue.

Rumble Exclusive video management license options

1. You can choose to give Rumble the exclusive rights to your Videos. If you have an exclusive video management license with Rumble they will distribute your Video in their Network including on You Tube, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and others. According to Rumble this is the best option if your Video is good and popular because you can earn more money this way. However, you have to remember that you no longer have any rights to this video and you must make a decision if you think this is a good idea for you or not.

2. Exclusive video management license The same as above except that your videos are not distributed on You Tube.

Rumble Non Exclusive License

3. Rumble player License: Excludes all other distributors and is only monetized on Rumble

4. Personal Use: Full rights and Full control over your own videos and content. Your video is only to be watched on Rumble and with your direct link. Rumble will not promote or monetize your video. You have to manage all promotion yourself.

Rumble Liscense Comparison

Policy Violations

Rumble Policy Violations

(Photo: Made in Canva: Print screen from my Rumble account)

You will be notified of any policy violations on Rumble. If you are caught of violating Rumble Terms, conditions and policy your account can be revoked and you loose it.

Prohibited on Rumble

Rumble users are expected to keep the Rumble policies below. If you violate any of these rules you risk loosing your account.

Rumble Policy

(Photo: Made in Canva: Print screen from my Rumble account)

Best Practices on Rumble

1. Do not swear – Not even a little.

2. Do not refer to race, sexual orientation or disability

3. Do not mention tobacco, alcohol, weapons, drugs or paraphernalia

4. Do not express political viewpoints

5. Do not write, say or do things that can be regarded as upsetting

6. Do not mention Sexual topics

7. Do not Submit low quality descriptions

How do I get Paid on Rumble?

Rumble pays you immediately after they received payments from their network.

Estimated earnings are payed out on a net 30 basis.

You can then cash out your earnings. It will take from 8 to 14 days before you receive your earnings on your PayPal or Payoneer Account.

Rumble Pros

Free to create an account to watch and upload videos.

You can make good money on your videos

Referral program

Good chance to rank on Rumble and be seen by 3rd parties

Not as many restrictions as on You tube

Rumble Cons

You need to pay to become a publisher and monetize your videos but the basic cost is low.

You have to pay for more storage which means you have a limited amount you can upload.

Your Videos need approval for monetization

To earn maximum you need to give Rumble Exclusive rights to your videos according to Rumble.

Rumble customer reviews

There are very few customer reviews about Rumble. Not enough to make a good customer review picture.

However, I found several twitter users who posted and re shared this message which express some frustrations with You Tube Censorship and therefore wants to use Rumble instead.


Alternatives to Rumble

You Tube, Google, Vimeo, Vidyard, Hippo Video, Wistla, Loom and more

Below you can see a print screen of an overview from Rumble where they compare themselves to some alternatives.

You can make videos in Canva or Invideo and upload to Rumble. It is free tools you can Use.


Rumble vs competition

(Photo: Made in Canva: Print screen from Rumble)

Final Discussion

I am myself a You Tube user and new Rumble user. However, I think Rumble is a great alternative or addition to You Tube and Vimeo. It is definitely a platform I want to put in my marketing toolbox and use. A place for content creators to reach a different audience, distributors and syndicates. It is also a great way to increase your traffic and earn money while doing it.

As I mentioned above it does not cost a lot for the basic monetization package, but for a small business it can be a huge investment to make.

I personally know many marketers and brands who have started using this platform because they have a referral program and it is easier to start making money with Rumble.

I think the chances to earn on your videos depends on the content, value and quality you can give your audience. Making a good description of the video will also help you succeed on this platform.

Should you use this platform for your Videos? My answer to that is Why not? Whether you choose to use it as an addition to other platforms or Just use this one is up to you.

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  1. Thank you for your review on Rumble. I came across this service the other day and I just have to find out what is it all about. This is interesting! Do you think that Rumble is better than YouTube or Twitch? I love the fact that it is free to create an account and earn some money from it. I have to say that I am in love with the Speed! I am going to check it out and give it a try. 

    1. Author

      Hi Nuttanee! You Tube is clearly the biggest platform. But for newbies it can be hard to get enough views and subscribers to start earning on their videos. I use Rumble in addition to You Tube. I have no experience with twitch. I do not use that platform. However it is a small cost to be a publisher. But it is easy to upload and publish. The speed is great. The only way to know how it works for you is to try it out. 

  2. Hey Hilde. Very interesting article. To be fair I’m just starting my adventure with online business and posts like this are extremely useful. I read before a bit about Rumble platform and to be fair opinions were quite mixed. Thank you for your detailed review, its seems as a good starting point to earn money online.

    1. Author

      Hi there! Thank you for your thoughts! As a newbie it is a great way to start earning on your videos. You Tube is of course the biggest platform, but it will take a while before you can monetize. I think rumble is an exciting platform and have a different audience than You Tube. You can also win prizes in Rumble battles.

  3. Hi, thank you for sharing this article, I have not heard of Rumble, sounds great actually, I am a copywriter and I am sure I can help others out by writing descriptions. Could you tell me a little more as to how this process works. I am definitely interested. Looking forward to some more great content.

    1. Author

      Hi Jean! Thank yo for the question. Yes you create an account. It is free. Then you can start watching videos and rumble the videos. You can earn $5 for every approved description. You click on the Write article in the navigation menu to find videos who wants help.

      It will pop up a write article button below the video if they need help. If the button is green with a dollar sign on it it means you will get paid if approved. Watch the video and write a description. Minimum 500 words. (affiliate disclaimers, links, imagery links other article links and description). 

      Submit your content and then you will see all the contributors if there are any oyhers and the status of your submitted content. Then you just need to wait to see if you get approved. Once approved your $5 will appear in your transactions area. 

      I hope this gave you some more clarity! Great Question. Thank you!

  4. Hi, Thanks for the brief, as you have mentioned regarding the description content. can we add affiliate links related to content (offcourse bridge page) in the description area. Is there any policy of Rumble for restriction of pramoting affiliate link into description?

    1. Author

      Hi Atul! Yes it is possible to add links to your promotional products in the description as far as I know as long as you write a disclaimer before the link. I have done that. It is a good rule to have a disclaimer in the description to make people aware that if they click through and make an offer you will make a small commission from it without any extra costs for them. It can also be smart to add a earning disclaimer on programs you promote about making money.

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