What is Shop Monopoly All in one Storebuilder? Review

Shop Monopoly


Cash Store $27 (6 stores fully hosted)


Affiliate Activator $97


Market Place Maveric $197 (All in one)



  • Easy for beginners
  • All in one Solution with Low startup cost
  • Start selling in 20 minutes


  • Not Free - It is an investment
  • No guarantee for success
  • You Need to buy The Marketplace Maverick to get all the features

Looking to create your own Online store? Ever heard of Shop Monopoly? No? Then you should read this Article to find out what is shop Monopoly All in one store builder and how you can get started today at a low cost.

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Building an online store – Is there a market for it?

First of all I have to say that I do not use this store builder myself at the moment, but I have been thinking of making my own E com store lately and I have done some research on this because I know there are many new affiliate marketers out there who are looking for a good platform to promote their physical or digital products on.

The E com market is growing in many niches and more people than ever are shopping online. This trend is projected to last at least for the next decade. A whole new generation is growing up using online tools on a daily basis. Many Social Media platforms have seen this growing trend and jumped into this market as well to be able to serve their customers in the best possible way.

Earlier I wrote an article about how to create a free shop with your Instagram and Facebook shop.

Today I want to give you my review on another tool I think you should be aware of and because I think it is one of the most User friendly and low cost professional All in One E com solutions out there.

I love the fact it is an All in One Solution because they save time and are easier to relate too.

What is Shop Monopoly?

Shop Monopoly is an All inclusive drop shipping patented income method.

Founder/owner: Bryan Winters



Shop Monopoly membership: $1


Shop Monopoly Cash Stores DFY – $27

Shop Monopoly Super Affiliate Activator – $97

Shop Monopoly Marketplace Maverick – $197 (all in one solution)



Shop monopoly Features:

Shop Monopoly Storebuilder, Shop monopoly marketplace, Shop Monopoly hosting, Support, Affiliate program and activator program.

Review of Shop Monopoly

In this review I will measure this tool according to my criteria:

User friendliness

Features offered



Income potential

Customer reviews

What can Shop Monopoly offer you?

Shop monopoly can offer you all you want to start an E com Shop online at a low cost.

Get more traffic

Build an E com store

Get Access and listed to a profitable market place

Host your store on their platform for free

Free image and video content

Free Affiliates

Real persons help and support you



Shop Monopoly have several payment methods they accept:

PayPal shopping cart


Warrior Plus


Thank you, Page

When someone make a purchase, you have an automatic Thank you page included in your shop.


Another great feature is that you will be able to see all your analytics from your online store by using Google Analytics or the Facebook Pixel.



You get a 1-day profit training Video that will help you get started.



Shop Monopoly Membership Become a Shop Monopoly Member – $1

Shop Monopoly Cash Stores DFY – $27

You get six cash stores that is fully hosted

you can start promoting at once. It will take 20 minutes before it is ready for ordering:

Take a sneak peek

Includes a logo, product videos, shopping chart section and graphics.

Built in 5 star review app

Built in urgency timer

Built in ‘Sold Out!” function


Built in discount feature

Access to 1000s of free images

FREE automatic hosting of all your stores

Full stats reporting

Pre-written legal pages

Shipping and refund policy pages

Instant store duplicator function

And much, much more


Shop Monopoly Super Affiliate Activator – $97

This is an up sell that will link your affiliate links to the main Shop Monopoly store so you can get commissions when you promote it or when your customers access the main store and make a purchase.


Shop Monopoly Marketplace Maverick – $197 (all in one solution)

Here you get it all in one. Full marketplace listings that will give you more visibility, exposure and traffic to your store or stores.

How to grow your business with Shop Monopoly

Shop Monopoly are partners with Clickbank and JVZoo and by using Clickbank, Warrior Plus and JVZoo you can get affiliate partners to promote your online store as well. This is highly recommended doing to grow your business and get the maximum out of this offer.

Afraid to get scammed?

Do not worry. Shop Monopoly is far from a scam and Bryan Winters is a well-known Affiliate marketer who have created a patented E com solution that works just as well for newbies as for more advanced affiliate marketers. He also has a long track record of creating high converting marketing solutions for affiliate marketers and customers.

Customer Reviews

Let us take a look at what customers are saying about Shop Monopoly. I always do that. However looking at customer reviews it is Important to be aware of the fact that this product is in a highly competitive niche and there will always be both Good and bad reviews.

Some people give bad reviews to competitors and some give bad reviews because they just did not get it to work for them without explaining how long time they used it and what they did to get it to work.

There will always be Happy customers and not so happy customers. That is why I always look for helpful reviews that specify what is good and what is bad. Statements like this is great! or this is bad because I made no money are not good enough.


Offers an All in One solution at a low cost

Many people love this product and it is very popular.

Easy for beginners.

You can start selling in 20 minutes.

The Affiliate activator is a huge plus

Full marketing listing is a huge plus for getting more traffic and visibility.

Many great features.

It is the future of marketing.



It is not free

It is an investment you need to make.

There is no guarantee you will succeed.

You need the Marketplace Maverick for the All in one Solution

60 days Money Back Guarantee – Zero Risk

Alternatives to Shop Monopoly

1. Woocommerce

Woocommerce is definitely an E commerce platform I recommend if you has a wordpress website. It is also one of the most popular ones

2. Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Training Platform

If you think Shop Monopoly is a huge risk and investment for you to take right now I recommend you to start your own Affiliate marketing Website, Learn Affiliate marketing basics and how to monetize your website. Most Affiliate marketers do that. Not all are comfortable with E com solutions and it takes time to learn how to grow your business and make money Online.

An alternative to Shop Monopoly is to get your own website and Affiliate Marketing Training at Wealthy Affiliate – The home of Affiliate marketers. I can guarantee you that it will give you the training you need to become a good and successful Affiliate marketer.

As a premium member you get access to basic Premium training : How to create an E commerce store

As a premium Plus Member you get access to advanced training in E commerce in the From Startup to Growth Series

Here you get a step by step tutorial on how to start up, plan and grow with E commerce.

Should you become a Shop Monopoly member?

Anyone can start with shop Monopoly, but Is Shop monopoly for you?

I will leave that decision up to you. I hope the information I have given you here will serve you well in making a decision.

There is no doubt that having your own E commerce store is a great opportunity that will give you more income and financial freedom and a lifestyle you want if you succeed. It is clearly a future trend.

More and more people are shopping online and many affiliate marketers have found this to be a great way to earn money on promoting their passions online. But like so many others you may wonder what solution is best for you.

With Shop Monopoly you have the best chances of getting recurring daily income.

This is probably the most user-friendly and low cost way for a newbie or beginner to set up your All in One online store.

You get support in how to build and set up your Shop Monopoly E commerce store.

You have to remember that the Free shops I mentioned offered by Social media platforms are not All in one platforms.

Social Media Platforms can suddenly change their algorithms, or your page could be shut down for different reasons and the results can be quite dramatic for your business. You have to decide how much control you want to have.

I am personally a great believer in running your business from your own website and find solutions where you have control over your content. I think Shop Monopoly is a great way to use to leverage your website or your online business.

Shop Monopoly is easy to set up and you will not have to pay any fees on sales like with other e-commerce platforms which is a huge plus if you ask me. You can sell physical and digital products.

I think Shop Monopoly is a great solution and absolutely worth it. It is definitely not a scam and Bryan Winters innovative products are always popular online among affiliate marketers.

When that is said you need to remember that you hold the key to your success and that your success depends on your ability to practice daily, learn from your mistakes and do what works for you.

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  1. Hmm, a good review on store builder and how it works. I have not heard about it before. I have never used it before either. Your information about it made me see just how good it is. I have been wondering about creating an online store and I would surely be looking forward to try out Shop Monopoly sometime. I like the idea that you can build multiple stores with it and easy for beginners like me. That is awesome. Thanks!

    1. Author

      Hi Jamie! Yes I think this is probably the easiest and most low cost storebuilder for beginners. And yes you can make multiple stores too. In 20 minutes you can actually start selling. Thanks for sharing your views and opinion and I hope this online store will serve you well if you decide to go for it.

  2. This sounds like it could be an exciting new adventure to try out, but what would one sell on such a online store if you dont have your own products, is there still a use for it then? also I wanted to know that if the market for online stores are expanding so much wont there be too much competition then, how would I compete with the likes of Amazon?

    1. Author

      Hi Marthin and thank you for a real good question! 

      First of all Shop monopoly is an opportunity to create an online store at a low cost without having your own products. It is perfect for Affiliate marketers who wants to get into Ecommerce.

      Most affiliate marketers I know use Clickbank, JVzoo , Warrior plus and other relevant affiliate networks.

      If you read my article I mentioned you can use clickbank, JVzoo and Warrior plus to promote your store as well which is also recommended to do.

      My answer to your question about Amazon is to find a way to compete with them whether it is products or something else that you can do differently than them. 

      The market is huge and there are many niches you can target. You need to focus on your strengths. There is enough success for all to succeed.

      Ecommerce is said to grow huge for the next decade now and You can already see Facebook and Instagram are all preparing for it with their shops. Read my article about Facebook business shops.

      Woocommerce is also another great tool for Affiliate marketers and a great alternative.

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