What is the OLSP Magic Link? + Free Magic Link Training for newbies

What is the OLSP Magic Link? In this article I will explain what the OLSP magic link is and how it really works and how it can benefit you as a new affiliate marketer who wants to build a list stress free and fast.

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What is a Magic Link?

As you probably guessed already, the magic link is not really magic.

A magic link is One special affiliate link you can use to build a list with cold traffic.

The magic lies in all the work behind the link and how it works.

It is done for you.

It means all the opt in pages, thank you pages, sales pages, offers and emails are tested for you.

All you do is promoting the link.


What is the OLSP Magic link?

The OLSP system have a magic link they use to build a list with Solo ads.

Solo ads are emails with affiliate offers.

What is special with the OLSP magic link is that you earn commissions on

Every email traffic click.

It means if someone clicks on your link in an email you get a small commission.

This is quite Unique and I do not know of any other traffic system than OLSP

who uses this method.

How does the OLSP Magic link work?

So how does it work?

1. You go through a magic link training that is free

2. You buy the Magic link

3. You set it up in your order form by ticking the magic link box

Now the OLSP traffic machine will send you traffic based on how much traffic you bought.

You get 100 FREE extra clicks at a value of $99 when you start getting traffic to your link.

You can also promote this link yourself to get even more traffic to it.

Where can I get a Magic link?

The OLSP system is the only System I know of who has this option at the moment.

If you know of other systems who has it then I would love to know.

Magic Link training for Newbies

OLSP have a special Magic link training for New Affiliate Marketers .

I have gone through this training and there are 4 videos you need to go through in the training.

It really made Solo ads fun and easy to do after I started using it.

Go here to start the Free training:

Magic Link

How to set up the OLSP Magic Link?

It is very easy to set up the Magic link. The Free magic link training will take you through the whole process.

The videos are short, informative and down to the point. Very easy to follow

However should you need some extra help you can join my free group where you will find my video on how to do it and get extra support from me.


What are the benefits of using the OLSP Magic Link?

The best thing about the OLSP magic link is that it helps you build a list fast.

The Magic Link is constantly optimized by the OLSP team so you will get the highest possible conversions.

The offers are tested and are Top offers that converts well.

There are of course not any guarantees for sales even if the traffic is high quality traffic.

It means the traffic that are sent to the Magic link is Top Quality targeted people who are ready to buy.

Another great benefit is that you also get commissions on every email traffic click.

With regular Solo ads you will not get that so this is really great if you are new to Solo Ads

What are the buts with the OLSP Magic Link?

The big but is The Magic Link can only be used promoting OLSP products and is only available for members who are dominators or VIP members,

Not so strange really as the traffic is Top Quality targeted traffic and if everyone had access to it,that would not be so magic anymore.

But remember! you can build a huge list promoting OLSP and earn commissions from that and then you can send whatever offer you like to that list.

My own experiences with the magic link

For a long time I was an organic marketer only because Solo ads are costly.and I had some bad experiences with some low quality traffic.

You never know if a Solo Ad Vendor is good until you try it out really.

I did not use paid ads because the few times I tried It I got no sales and I felt I just threw my money out of the window.

And the subscribers who signed up unsubscribed a few days later because I had not tested if my products were good enough.

But when the Magic Link came along it was a huge game changer for me.

All the testing was done for me so I saved a lot of time.

All I did was getting my magic link and set up the DFY emails in my autoresponder.

Now I actually think Solo ads are fun and easy to do and well worth it.

I think OLSP actually have made Solo Ads great again with this Magic link…

But that is just my opinion.

I do not have to stress with testing of opt in, pages and offers which takes a ton of time.

Now I can just order my Magic link and lean back while the system does it for me and I just get the commissions on every click and sale.

It could not be more easy and fun doing Solo ads than this if you ask me.

So if you are a New Affiliate marketer who wants to build a list fast, easy and with top Quality traffic, the magic link is something for you.

Go here to start now

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