When creating your personal daily practice for success  it is important to find out what is  your deepest why in life.

Finding my own deepest why in life has helped me gain more clarity in my own life and helped me reach my own goals.

I feel happier and I am more aware of what I focus my own energy on every day.


Why do you do what you do every day?


I found my own WHY after it was necessary after a burnout .

I knew it was necessary to do something different with my own life situation.

But I didn't know what.

Almost all coaches I came over online consequently mentioned the importance of knowing your deepest why in life.

I took all kinds of courses online and read several books about wellness and personal development.

In retrospect it was necessary for me to search for my own why because I had no clue what it was.


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I thought why do I do what I do every day?

I never really had time to think about that before with a conscious mind.

Sounds familiar?


My life at that moment had consisted of mostly work, work and work.

I barely had a social life for a long period. My priority was work.

I was constantly stressed and overloaded with tasks and time limits.


I was not kind to myself.  No time to eat regularly and almost no time to sleep or exercise as much as I would .

I can not seem to remember I ever thought about why I was working so much, Why I was stressed out every day, why I did not eat properly and why I most of the time chose to work instead of going out with friends.


Actually I felt quite miserable. I had a feeling of being on the wrong shelf in life.

I knew I was able to do more, do better, become happier.

Why did I do what I did every day? What was my own motivation?

What was driving me to do that? what was the purpose?

I really had to think deep down. Asking myself the question several times.


For me it started with I wanted to live an economic independent and happy life.

I wanted freedom. To live my own life on my own terms.


Then I asked myself : Why do I want to be independent and happy? Why do I want freedom?

I asked myself why over and over again until it all boiled down to that when I die I want to know I have lived my own life the way I wanted to live it and that I have loved my own life and the surrounding people to the best of my own ability and that it was necessary made a difference for myself and for others.

I told my own best friend about it and during our discussion she asked me “but why do you want to know all that when you die?”

I was not able to give an answer.

I kept pondering on it for weeks. Asking myself why do I want that?

In the end I found my own answer – I want to feel fulfilled and complete.

Why? I am still pondering on that…

Why do you do what you do every day? Please feel free to share Creating your answer in the comments field below this post.


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What is your why today?

Today when you woke up. Why did you wake up?

You probably did  your morning routine. Why do you have that routine?

You probably went to work – why do you go to work?

You went to the gym – why did you go there?


Or maybe you just stayed home in bed ? Why did you stay in bed today?

Did you think about why you did all these things you did today?

I mean the real reason?


Feel free to leave a comment about this in the comments below.

I would love to hear what is  your why.


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Why is why important for Creating your daily practice for success?

You have a success goal and a dream for Creating your own life that will give you the success you want if you achieve it.

But if you don't know why you want to achieve that success goal or dream you will most likely not do what is necessary to get there.

Make it a habit to ask yourself this question;

What is my own why today?

What can I do today that support my own why?

I believe it will help you get more clarity every day and help you do the things that really matters to you in Creating your life.


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What is the power of why?

When the going gets tough  your why keeps you going.

Finding my own why helped me in times when I normally would give up before.

It helps me keep on going no matter what.

It motivates me when challenges arise.

My why makes me more consistent in everything I do every day.

Every day I remind myself of my own why.

I feel happier when I focus my own energy on my own why.

Your why is a power fool tool in Creating your daily practice for success.


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Your why matters to Creating your daily practice

As I mentioned before in one of my own previous posts you are the secret ingredient in Creating your success.

Self awareness is the essence and crucial in Creating your everyday life.

Knowing why you do what you do everyday helps you improve Creating your daily practice and get clarity on a deeper level.

When your energy focus on  your why  your energy become powerful beyond measure.

Ask yourself what is  your why over and over again until you find clarity.

Make it a daily habit and a part of  your lifestyle.


If you do you will notice improvement in how you focus  your energy and how you think.

You will start doing things that matters to  your happiness and fulfillment.


I hope this post is useful for you and I would love to hear from you in the comments field below.

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  1. Important and very thought provoking. Not nearly enough people take the time to ask the questions you have asked. Approx 7 or 8 years ago I went through the processes you have suggested. I now have my goals and my life’s fantasies/purpose. Every morning i write out my affirmations, read a chapter of what ever book I am reading, meditate and list what I am grateful for. If something comes to me and it does not assist me in achieving my goals or life’s purpose, I dismiss it. I have never been happier.
    Thank you for supporting a better life for everyone.

    1. Author

      Thank You very much Stephen! I appreciate your feedback.
      I am glad to hear you have found your own daily practice for your own success.
      So many people struggle with stress and other challenges.
      If I can contribute to making someones life better I am grateful.

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