What tools do an Affiliate marketer need to start generate income?

What tools do Affiliate marketers need to start generate income? In this article I will answer this question based on my own experience as an Affiliate marketer and also offer you my success box with the 6 basic tools all Affiliate marketers need

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What I wish I knew when I started Affiliate Marketing

When I started learning affiliate marketing I did ONE big mistake.

I had no idea what tools were essential to an affiliate marketer except having a website, a blog and an affiliate offer.

Now I have learned what tools will help new Affiliate marketing action takers generate income?

Well My biggest mistake was not to build a list from the start.

What Affiliate Marketing tools should I use?

Not all affiliate marketing tools will help you generate income.

If you search affiliate marketing tools on Google you will get a long list of paid offers at the top

These are mostly software or affiliate products people want to sell to you.

I discovered that Not all affiliate marketing tools are essential to your affiliate marketing business.

Not all tools will help you generate income.

So what are the basic Income generating tools all affiliate marketers need in order to get leads, traffic, sales and commissions?

Here is what I found out after being online for some time now


6 Basic tools All Affiliate Marketers need

I often get questions about affiliate marketing tools. What affiliate marketing tools should I use? What tools are you using?

So I decided to create a success box with the 6 most essential income generating affiliate marketing tools all affiliate marketers need.

You can get my success box for free here

#1 tool All Affiliate Marketers need to start generating income

As an affiliate marketer you need to build your list. This is the most income generating tool you will have.

Your list is not only a collection of interested people. It is your fortune.

Your list is your fortune and an asset.

You may have heard the expression: the money is in the list. But what does it mean?

The money is in the list

It means that your list holds a potential for earning money. It is only a question of math.

If you have a list of 5000 subscribers you can basically have $5000 in revenue.

There are tools and methods to increase this $1 value for every subscriber.

So you see your list is a huge asset if you use it correctly

You need 3 lists to start

1. A warm list for people you connect with and organic marketing

2. A cold list for paid ads

3. A buyer list for new customers

Want to know more about how to build a list then you can check out my success box where you will find some good list building training tips.

You may also want to read my article How to build a list fast when you are new to affiliate marketing

How to chose the right Affiliate Marketing tools?

Ask yourself these questions when you are choosing a tool online

1. Will this tool help me generate income?

2. Will this tool help me drive sales?

3. Will this tool help me get more leads?

4. Will this tool help me get more traffic?

5. Will this tool help me get more commissions?

All essential tools will be able to do this.

Check out my success box here where I have collected 6 Essential tools all affiliate marketers need

Start building a list first

My best tips is to start building your list first.

Not building a list from the start will slow your growth down and you will loose out on commissions.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and an action taker I suggest that you check out my

basic success box with the 6 essential tools all marketers need

You will also receive my daily affiliate marketing Journal as a free bonus.

This is a tool that I have created myself in order to document my journey, stay more organized, more focused on income generating tasks to move the needle forward in my affiliate marketing business.

Hope it will serve you well

If you want more marketing tips from me then go here

Basic successbox for Affiliatemarketing actiontakers
Successbox for Affiliate marketing action takers

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