Let`s talk about your dreams my friend.

I know, you have a dream you want to make true just like me.  Am I right?

Today I want to share with you a very special place to me where dreams I have visualized actually do come true.

Not only for me but for thousands of other people as well.

And maybe for you also if you have been visualizing a huge opportunity coming your way to spark your dream.

A place where you can turn your passion into a thriving business.

Throughout this blog I will review opportunities where your dreams do come true that you can take action on.

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The place I will talk about today is Wealthy Affiliate.



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My Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2020

I have decided to give you my honest opinion about Wealthy Affiliate and how it can turn your daily practice into a success.


My dream place – My Wealthy Affiliate family – I love this

What I love about Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is not only the opportunity it has given me to pursue my dreams, but also the big WA family with so much love for one another. For me this is important.

I have been so overwhelmed by this community of people who dream together and help each other more than any other community I have been a part of before.

Everyone I have met is so helpful and want you to succeed.


I started out Thursday 13 of February 2020 signing up to the free training .

I was a bit skeptic at first – So tired of all the scams out there.

On the free training I read the success story of Jelena on the community blog who chased her dreams numerous times without succeeding.

With Wealthy Affiliate – She turned her passion into a money making machine.

And now live her dream from affiliate marketing.


Her story is just one of many  I have come to know via the WA family.

Somehow I can relate to Jelenas struggle. Her story inspired me to take the leap to become a premium member.

15 of February 2020 I decided to become a premium member .  Read my WA blogpost


Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

Whether you are a woman like me chasing your dream , or just want to have a side hustle , this is for you.


Making money from your sofa?


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You can start from your sofa by making the decision to affiliate.

You only need a computer or a mobile to get started.

Enroll the free program and start your journey in your own pace.

You will be guided all the way.

There is always someone holding your hand whether it is a mentor or the community.

When you have your website up and going you can start affiliating.

When you start affiliating you start earning.

It\s all on you – you must do the job and the community will support and help you succeed.


My journey so far with Wealthy Affiliate

I signed up  to Wealthy Affiliate 13 february 2020 to the free boot camp.

In just 6 days I have reached a certified online entrepreneur level 2 with WA.

You can use as long time as you want on this training. You don`t have to do it quickly.


I chose to be a premium member after 3 days . I wanted to learn more and to connect more

with this wonderful and supportive community of like – minded people.

I got my first website up and running 16 february (4 days ago).

My site is up for indexing on Google as well.

I just got a confirmation message.

I wouldn`t know how to do that without this training.

I have been giving feedback on other community members sites and getting feedback on mine.


Photo: Hilde Regine – Me writing

I am writing my first affiliate review today. My first ever! 

I already connected with more than 100 members in the network.

I have not made any affiliate sales yet since I just started up.

I know it will take some time before my first sales from affiliating ticks in.

And you will be the first to know when it does.

You can follow my WA blog here to see my progress.

I promise to give you a completely honest firsthand review of this,

so you are able to conclude for yourself if this is something for you or not.


Some stunning facts about Wealthy affiliate

Name: Wealthy affiliate

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Starter member : free.

Premium membership 49$ a month/ 495 a year (recommended)

dailypracticeforsuccess.com rating 4.8 out of 5

Training: 4.8 out of 5

Support: 5 out of 5 ( I can write under on that)

Success stories: 4.5 out of 5

Research tools: 4.6 out of 5

WordPress hosting: 4.8 out of 5

Website builder: 4.9 out of 5

Click here to a free sign up


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Opportunities that are waiting for you

Do you have a dream in your stomach just like me waiting for it to see the light?

Then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for to come along if you want more skills, connections and money.

I really believe this.

I have attended many courses online, but I have never seen anything like this and done so professionally.

What wealthy affiliate can offer you is completely unique in my eyes.

Get your free trial now

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Is Wealthy Affiliate for you?

– Some opportunities you get when you sign up:

I have written my own opinion under each opportunity. Based on my own experience with Wealthy Affiliates

  • Personal Mentoring
    • – I have numerous personal mentors inside every training and I have access to lot of competent people within the network. That means so much, to get advice from people who started from scratch and have succeeded. You can save a lot of time and huzzle to listen to them. Lots of valuable advice. The mentors are honest, engaged, inspired and dedicated to help you succeed. This is a very valuable tool.
  • Community
    • The very best online community I ever been a part of. It feels like having a real big caring family. Cheering each others, helping, giving feedback, getting connected, sharing ups and downs. 
  • Training Courses, Step by Step 
    • This training  is worth the price alone. I have learned so much about WordPress, writing content and affiliate marketing. This is really valuable for me.
  • Support (Live Chat, Site Support, Q & A) – The support is fast and amazing! Every time I contacted  sitesupport they fixed my problem  fast. The chat and Q&A are also valuable tools where you can give and get help from WA family.
  • Weekly Live Classes (and 100's of hours of replays)
    • I have access to many live classes but only had time to see a few yet since I started. But I will definitely use the Live classes as a learning platform.
  • Ambassadorship Program 
    • not there yet,  but I might soon. 
    • When you reach a certain activity ranks within the community and manage to keep it there over a certain amount of time you can become an ambassador. You get ranked according to how much you help others within the community and are active in training and create learning materials. There are incentives for top 100 and Top 12. It means you will help yourself by helping others as well. During my short period within the community I have been very active attending the training and doing the training tasks, active in commenting on others and connecting with others. This have had a huge effect on my community rank. 
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification 
    • –  Enrolled and in process – leveling up every day as I learn new skills. You will learn what you need to be an online entrepreneur. I have learned a lot I can use in my daily practice with my website.
  • Affiliate Boot camp
    • Enrolled and in process – step by step how to affiliate. For me who had no experience with this from before this is very valuable training. 
  • The Affiliate Program 
    • –  Enrolled – I have decided to become an affiliate of WA because I think this will help a lot of people making their dreams come true.
  • Building Websites 
    • – Building 1 website now, more to come. I can have 10 websites if I want.
  • Website Performance Tools (SiteRubix)
    • – Very easy to use, good tutorial guides on how to use them.
  • Website Engagement Platform (SiteComments) – This is valuable. It is always useful with feedback.  
  • SiteContent Writing Platform
    •  – just great! I love it. This is very useful. I use it a lot. I have access to numerous templates and pictures to use for writing my content. This makes the job easier and I save much time.
  • Keyword Research Tool –  One of my favorites.I have learned so much. I love Jaaxy
  • Statistics on every action on my website . – It is already started driving traffic, 
  • Access to multiple lucrative affiliate programs – I have already joined some of them
  •  and much, much more.

Daily practice for success

Wealthy Affiliate is a practice for success. It has already changed many peoples lives for the better.

And you can do it daily as part of your daily practice for success.

You got this! Own it! Go get your dream now.


I hope you found this review useful to you and i truly hope you will join our WA family!


If you have any questions about it feel free to ask in the comments below and I will do my best to answer you.


  1. Hi Hilde,

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate a month before you and I totally agree when you say that this opportunity is the way to make your dream come true. In my case being an independent online entrepreneur with affiliate marketing. In short; this learning platform has it all.
    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    1. Author

      Thank you for leaving a comment Luc! I appreciate that. I do agree – This learning Platform has it all. I am so amazed. And I have learned so much

  2. This is such a great review of Wealthy Affiliate! I joined in January of 2020, and I am continually blown away by the value I get from the tools that are included. And the community is so vibrant and motivating. I love checking in to see what everyone is up to!

    1. Author

      Thank you Shara! Happy you like the review. Yes it is a unique program and the best community for growing and learning.

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