Where to learn the skills of Affiliatemarketing and how to find affiliate programs to trust?

Want to learn the skills of Affiliatemarketing, but do not know what programs to trust?

In my article I will show you where to learn the skills of Affiliatemarketing and how to find affiliate programs to trust I will show you some real good and trusted programs and give you 7 criterias to use when chosing a program.

What Affiliate programs to trust?

If you are brand new online, it is so difficult to find the programs that will really help you to learn the skills of Affiliate marketing.

I used to have a lot of questions that you may also have:

How to find good Affiliate programs to promote over time?

How to find Affiliate programs to promote for big profits?

How to find good Affiliate programs for my website?

How to find Affiliate programs for my Niche?

But most of all I wanted to find an Affiliate program that really worked for me.

As a beginner to affiliate marketing I know It is hard to know if you can trust them or if they would even be here in a few years.

Trust me, I have tried a lot of them before I found the few affiliate programs that helped me learn the skills and build a solid foundation for my online Journey.

7 Criterias to look for when chosing an affiliate program to stick with

Here are 7 helpful criterias I was recommended to use by a super affiliate when I was a newbie in order to make a good decision. I still use these 7 criterias.

  1. A complete Training – If they do not offer a complete training it is a no, no.
  2. A transparent roadmap from start with clear outcomes.
  3. Tested and proven by many people online.
  4. Affiliate program with evergreen products, tools and opportunities to earn higher commissions as you grow.
  5. A helpful and active community.
  6. No money guarantees or promises of green and golden pastures.
  7. Been online 5 years

There are no money guarantees in real trusted Affiliate programs because there are too many factors that you do not control online.

Stay away from shiny programs that promise you high weekly commissions. Just saying.

I know they are tempting to join, but trust me it is just a gimmick to get you hooked.

Trusted programs for learning Affiliate marketing skills

After almost 4 years online, I can count on one hand programs that are serious and who deliver what they say they are.

I went from having the shiny object syndrome to come down to earth. If you do not know what the shiny object syndrome is – it means you are blinded with all the fancy and new stuff that promises gold and glitter out there. Or in other words you are being deluded from reality.

I have tested many programs as a betatester or as an affiliate or writing reviews, and I will share with you below the ones I picked to bee serious, long term and that I use myself in order to become a better Affiliate marketer every day

Wealthy Affiliate – If you want a website and build an online business

Wealthy Affiliate is the whole package when it comes to learn how to build your online business using a website.

The creators Kyle and Carson have a long experience in the industry and knows what it takes to be successful Affiliate marketers.

They fill all my 7 criterias above.

A platform that is constantly evolving and you will always feel updated on the latest movements in the industry.

There is few other Affiliate marketing learning platforms that can deliver what Wealthy Affiliate can in forms of value.

If you decide to join this platform you will not regret it.

Even if you never make a penny from promoting it, you will gain so much knowledge and value that you will never find anywhere else.

My experience is that if you follow the program you will grow and become better and better as an affiliate marketer and build authority online.

And as you grow better so will your earnings grow higher over time.

This platform is not for the “quick fixers” who needs money yesterday.

This platform is for people with longterm mindset who wants to build a solid foundation for passive income.

This platform have helped me build a solid foundation and learn skills I found nowhere else online to deliver.

It also helped me in finding a gap in the market to create my own Affiliate product.

Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here:

OLSP SYSTEM – if you want great traffic training and use Social media to build an online business

Another proven and trusted system online is the OLSP system created by Wayne Crowe.

It passed all my criterias above as well.

You can start as an affiliate without any experience and without a website and actually earn your first commission in no time providing you follow the training and grow into becoming a megabuilder.

Personally I started early with this system and followed all the phases in the system over time.

This is a system that helped me a lot and many others to generate traffic and commissions.

The focus in OLSP is concentrated around generating buyer traffic, listbuilding, training and tools that help you generate more commissions as an affiliate on social media using unique techniques.

Just like Wealthy Affiliate it is a very active platform with all sorts of marketers where the founders are actively engaged on a daily basis.

With the latest updates you can now also promote your own products through the new megabuilder system they have created and even create your own websites.

Start the Free OLSP training here

Email marketing system – for serious listbuilders online who wants passive income

Another system I found that met all my criterias was an email marketing system created by a man who has documented more emails and built more lists than anyone else in affiliate marketing history.

Now an email marketing Guru who earn millions on his Secret email marketing system.

If you decide to join his program you will learn from the best of the best about building a list, maintaining a list and monetizing your list. You will also learn a lot about content creation and copywriting

Go here to learn more about this email marketing system


Before I close up I just want to adress something that no one really likes to talk about and that is investment. It is often the big elephant in the room.

If you want to learn from the best in the industry you must be prepared to invest in learning and tools that will help you earn more.

How much does it cost to join as an Affiliate? you may wonder

The answer is: you can often start as a free member and level up in many programs.

How much do you need to invest to be successful? is a question I often get

There is no correct answer to this question but by going all in for one of the programs I listed above you will receive tons of value back for the investment in form of lifelong skills at least.

In other words – I think it is worth the investment no matter what.

I use to say – Whatever I have to invest and whatever it takes within my limits to invest.

I hope that you find my tips helpful for you who wonder about what Affiliate programs to trust online. There are of course many other trusted programs that I have not mentioned in this article, but for a serious beginner online these are definitely super Affiliate programs that delivers and works providing you take the time to learn and apply what you learn.

My short online story

As I mentioned before, learning the skills through these programs helped me find my own path and create my own product and even my own Affiliate program and generate income online.

The Idea came to me when I was documenting my Journey and I did not find any Affiliate Journal systems.

So I created an Affiliate marketing Journaling system to help me stay focused, organized and stay consistent.

In the process I discovered how I could develop this idea into a business online by applying the skills I learned.

My message is – by learning new skills you will be able to find your own path online.

just like someone learn how to crawl and walk before they run or how to play a guitar.

In the beginning you just play songs others have made to learn the accords and grips and when you become a better player you can start creating your own songs and become more confident with your own skills.

My FREE gift for you

I want to give you my Affiliate marketing Journal template for FREE as a gift so you can start documenting your journey and become a more consistent and better affiliate marketer.

Grab my FREE GIFT for here

I would love it if you decide to join my Affiliate program as well…

Remember that the most important thing in order to become a successful marketer is YOU.

If you do not work, your online business will not work very well either.

Focus on learning skills and aplly them to create a good foundation for generating Income.

If you want more tips from me please feel free to receive my FREE marketing tips here

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