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  • Internet connection should be stable

If you are an internet marketer new or old you should stop what you are doing right now and read this Xbotz high converting follow up system Insider Review. It is a brand new organic cloudbased multichannel traffic tool that claims it will change your marketing for ever with high converting multichannel follow up flows.

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Xbotz Video review

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What is xbotz?


Photo: Xbots affiliate promo material

Xbotz  is a never before seen cloudbased bot with multippel channel functions and flows to generate traffic, leads and sales as well as a brilliant follow up system that will automate most of your marketing tasks to work like clockwork.

The creators of Xbotz are Kent Brosser, Luiz Mann and Anthony Rouzek. They have been testing and proven this product for a long time before the release 11. september 2021. The launching period is from 11-18 september and have been a very popular product that have sold a lot already with none refunds so far.

Who is Xbotz for?

This tool is for all Types of marketers who use Social media, sms marketing, ecommerce, messengermarketing, email marketing and who wants to maximize and optimize organic traffic conversions on follow ups.

Follow up rates in general are not high for most marketers. What are your  clickrates and conversion rates on follow ups?

Imagine you could get 85% conversion rates on follow up messages? Would you like that? With xbots it is proven to increase  conversions on follow ups in some cases to over 90% for some of the testers of the system.

How does Xbotz work?

xbots 4 steps

Photo: Printscreen from xbotz salespage

After you have signed up to Xbotz you must follow the step by step guide to set up your Xbotz. Each step is explained in detail and is easy to follow. Once set up you can just forget about it because it will do the work for you.

You no longer need to use hours answering messages or sending messages. This system do it all for you on autopilot.

It does not take long time to set it up.

All you do is login, schedule, set up and send traffic

What are the benefits of using Xbotz?


Photo: Xbots affiliate promo material

At first when I heard about this new software I thought just another chatbot. But I was very wrong. I went to the launch live to see what exactly this tool was able to do and from being not very interested I soon turned into a superfan of this product.

The benefits of Xbots are huge. It covers so many areas other bots does not and it is way more affordable too.

With Xbots you will easily get higher conversions and clickrates.

Until now I have thought email marketing was a super way to get more sales and conversion, but my email clickrates are bleak compared to the clickrates and conversions this tool can give.

With Xbots is Easy to follow up your audience faster and get much more engagement and conversions.

Beginners can easily set this up and build a buyers list faster than ever before.

Tutorials are easy to follow and the support is great.

Xbotz have been tested for a long time before launch and the testers have been more than happy with this products and got amazing results.

The bonuses that follow this product are very helpful.


It is hard to find any cons on such a new products. One thing I have not been able to find out yet is how Xbotz will perform when your internet is unstable. It is my guess that for this tool to work perfectly it needs a stable Internet connection.


More Sales and commissions


Photo: Canva

In my opinion this tool will be a huge gamechanger in getting more sales and commissions.

I also do believe it is a good service for your clients, customers or signups to be able to be followed up if they want to.

If not it is easy for them to stop the bot from sending messages.

Some of the Xbotz users also use this tool together with the Commission lead machine tool which have put their marketing on full fire.

Xbots Upsells


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There are some upgrades with Xbots  that are really great additional products to make the most out of this tool.

1. Visual Flow builder

2. Done for you Chatbots

3. Setupservice

4.Coaching Masterclass

5. Resell rights

Xbot  Bonuses


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Besides the fact that you save time using this tool and you will feel that you suddenly have many extra arms to do the tasks for you Xbots come with the following bonuses:

Bonus 1: FB chatbot messenger marketing capture page

Bonus 2: Checklist on how to use the App

Bonus 3: Social Media marketing Checklists

Bonus 4: Access to Xbotz Community

How much does Xbotz cost? Is it worth the money?


Photo: Canva

Xbotz front end is incredibly cheap Only $27

OTO 1 – Visual Flowbuilder $47

– Over the shoulder training

– Build interactive  chatbots

– Premium support

– Strategies and more.

OTO2: Done for you chatbots Costs $67

– 10 DFY Chatbots

– Sales Chatbotz

– Listbuilding chatbots

– Welcome bot and more.

OTO3:  Setup service Costs $97

– 30 min coaching

– Social media importation

– Affiliate promo setups and flows

– Landing page to use for messenger and more.

OTO3: Masterclass coaching $97

45 minutes weekly followup group masterclass

FB Group

4 monthly sessions with personal help and support

Up to date training and more.

OTO4: Coaching $147

OTO5: Resell rights $97

– 80% of profits

– sell it as your own

– DFY tech setup and more.

OTO 6: Lifetime access $497

This is an affordable price for a very effective software and it will pay off in terms of commissions you are able to generate with this tool.

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Should you buy Xbotz?


Photo: Canva

If you ask me I would say yes without any hesitation. This is a brilliant tool. But I am not you.

You are the decision maker. Not me.

I have just provided you with relevant and hopefully helpful info so you can make a decision that you feel happy with.

If you want to set your marketing on full fire I would definitely get this tool. I just hope you see how valuable this tool can be for you and how newbie friendly and easy it is to use. If you want higher conversion on follow ups, more leads and sales this is something I urge you to buy.

If you have any questions regarding Xbotz please put them in the comments below.

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  1. Xbotz sounds like an interesting program if you have a good build traffic network already. Would you recommend this system for someone who does not have a big traffic visiting their site yet? Cause the reason I ask is it is quite pricey for the platform and it feels it will be useless if you do not have a traffic. If I am wrong, please guide me how the xbotz will help for website makers that are just beginning in the online market. Will really appreciate your feedback.

    1. Author

      Hi Bernard!

      I would absolutely recommend it for newbies. Let us say you have a landingpage you want to get signups on, you can automate a whole funnel in xbotz and get higher conversion rates. 


      will help converting traffic from multiple channels Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

      You can connect it to autoresponders as well so there are almost no limits to what you can automate and how many websites you can connect to it as well. 

      It is a high conversion automation tool. 

      Having a new website your traffic is normally generated by your content, Keywords and promotions. You can do organic promotion on social media and use xbotz as well as using the software for paid ads lists. 

      I wish I had knowledge of this tool when I stared my website. I would definitely have set up a landingpage or form on my website and connected it to xbots to get the best conversion.

      It will help you earn more money from your affiliate products if you use xbotz,

  2. It is usually a good idea to have a system to leverage one’s online business.activities. One way is to build a human team to work with you. Another alternative is to use technology in the form of software. XBotz as you explained it can automate one’s social media activity after an initial setup.

    I noticed one can join for as little as $27. What functions does one get for that? I also noticed several other offers labeled from OTO 1 to OTO OTO 5 that add up to $552. Then there was OTO 6 that offered a lifetime offer at $497. Am I correct in assuming that when one purchases OTO 6 you get lifetime access to OTO1 to OTO 5 for life? I was a bit confused on this point and would love some clarification. 

    All the best to you Hilde. 


    1. Author

      Hi Edwin! For the$27 frontend you get the software xbotz and the basic training on how to use it and connect it to different platforms. 

      You need to buy the frontend. Then you can choose if you want to upgrade one by one or become a Lifetime member and get all included.

      If you purchase the Lifetime OTO you do not need to buy the other OTOS  except the frontend. 

      All the other OTOS are included in Lifetime. 

      In the lifetime you get it all set up for you with Done for you templates and coaching and is definitely the best offer.

      The great thing with Xbotz are that it is a multichannel tool and you have almost unlimited opportunities.

      The system is very flexible.

      Hope this answered your question.

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