Tube Domination Review

What is You Tube Domination Tool? Review And Super Bonus

Tube Domination

$12.95 (limited)

Tube Domination



  • Powerhouse tool for traffic, leads and sales
  • DFY funnels
  • Do not have to be in front of a camera


  • Works only with You Tube Videos
  • You must buy comment credits

Are you a You Tube creator but lack subscribers, traffic and sales on your You Tube Channel? Or Maybe you want to create a You tube channel, but are afraid to get in front of the camera? In this What is You Tube Domination tool? Review I will take a closer look at a method that can help you increase subscribers, traffic and revenue from You tube without even being in front of the camera.

Before you read the rest of my post I want to inform you according to the best online practices with information that may be important to you:

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✅ You do not have to be in front of the camera

✅ Done for you Video funnels

✅ Promote your own Affiliate products

✅  Awesome video strategies

✅ Extra bonuses within the system

✅ Easy to follow 3 steps

✅ Simple method to get more comments, traffic, leads and sales

✅ Create a full time income

✅ Easy to start

✅ Easy to Use

✅ Earning potential is huge

✅ Extra income opportunities within the system

✅ You can start earning your first $20 straight away.


work only with You Tube not other video platforms

Comment credits are not free, but affordable

Facts About You Tube Domination

Tube Domination is a product from Traffic Dominators or the OLSP system that I wrote about in my previous review. It is a system that only works with You Tube Videos.

Create a Full Time Income With You Tube Domination

This is a method where it is possible to create a full time income with a foolproof game plan.

How to start with You Tube Domination?

As with all other products you need to sign up and create an account:

Tube domination is not a free product.

There is no Free trial, but I have made a little mini review so you can see how it works above.

How does You Tube Domination Work?

Tube Domination is a very simple method.

You simply add a Title and a video link into the Tube Domination page and set it to Live.

Then you need to assign credits to receive comments.

What is Video Credits?

You can choose to add credits to the Video to make it go more viral.

It is recommended to do that to get maximum effect of the system.

This is a paid service from the program.

Adding credits will give you quality comments on your Video.

So the more credits you add the more quality comments you get.

You buy credit packages from OLSP so they send you Quality traffic to your Video.

This is as simple as can be. Anyone can do that for Sure.

Comments will increase your visibility, subscribers, traffic and Income.

You can buy from 10 to 500 credits.

Give Video Comments

You can also comment on other peoples Videos. A list of Videos will appear for you to comment on. This way you help other Video Creators who are Tube dominators to get more value and visibility. It is a give and take function. This is also a good way to connect with other creators on You Tube.

The comments you give must meet some rules to get approved.

You need to comment on the content in the Video. So it is important that you watch the whole video before you comment. Another but important rule is to try to add some extra value to the video by commenting about your experience, asking questions or discuss the content.

Be personal when you comment. Do not speak on behalf of others using language like “we think…. This is generic and You would rather write “I think…. and your personal honest opinion, question or experience.

You can not copy and paste the same comment all over. This is meant to be a quality service for people who pay for getting more visibility and you are taking on the job with your comments. If your comments are low quality you will get assigned fewer comments to comment and earn money from because you waste other peoples money and do not give them what they asked for.

Comments with links to your own business or affiliates will be disapproved as they are regarded as spam and a very bad online practice. It is not written anywhere, but there is an unspoken best practice online.

And one of these best practices involves not dropping your links on other peoples posts or videos unless you are asked to do so.

If you do that in the belief that you will be noticed and gain more traffic yourself then think twice. Be prepared to be reported, blocked and in the worst case banned from the platforms online.

This does not only apply to Tube domination but all platforms online.

On the Tube Domination Pro – You get paid for giving comments. Follow the best practice. Be a good quality commenter.

Manage your Videos

You will get access to a CSV file with all the comments and you can give feedback to support if you find some comments low quality.

All the comments are normally reviewed manually before approved by this system to avoid low quality or generic comments. No one like these comments.

You want to have unique and personal comments. All the comments given are being written by real people. No bots are involved. Organic quality content.


You get paid for every single like and comment you do on other peoples Videos.

What you get Access to

A step by step process showing you how to set up everything in no time. It does not take more than 30 minutes.

Powerful strategies to start generating leads and sales

Different traffic methods

Bonuses and case studies

A Done for you traffic system

Access to Facebook group

What I like about You Tube Domination

1. First of all you do not need to be in front of the camera.

This will be a game changer for many wanting to use You Tube but let it be because they feel uncomfortable getting in front of a camera.

I know the feeling. I do not feel 100% comfortable myself although I have conquered my worst fears some time ago.


2. This is a perfect match for someone who have a website and a You tube channel.

For me as an affiliate marketer it means that when I write a review like this one and I make a mini video review or a tutorial about the product I review I can actually use this tool for getting high ranking and more subscribers, leads and commissions to my You tube channel and on my websites.

3. You get promotional material and good support

Along with the product you get promotional material and the support is really good.

4. You can promote your own affiliate products

On my you tube channel I promote many affiliate partners and this is a great tool for getting more comments, subscribers and sales.

5. You will also get help if you have issues getting accepted for Warrior plus and Clickbank promotions

A lot of marketers have problems getting accepted into many of these promotions campaigns because they lack sales or have no experience. With this method you will get help to get white listed.


Read my Clickbank review

6. With This method you can get people who are ready to buy, get an affiliate offer in front of them and build a list in one single swoop

7. You do not have to spend any money on traffic


This system only work on You Tube and not other Video platforms as far as I know.

I would love to see new solutions in the future for other video platforms as well.

You need to buy credits to get comments

Extra advantages with VIP

If you become a VIP member you get access to your own coach.


As an OLSP tube dominator you also get access to the OLSP platform. You can immediately start the traffic bootcamp and earn $20 in commission just for completing the bootcamp. After you have completed the bootcamp you will also get access to many more income opportunities and products to promote as an affiliate.

Final thoughts

In this What is You Tube Domination? Review I have been showing you how easy it is to get more traffic, leads and sales with this system. This is a brand new and very newbie friendly system easy to set up for anyone.

For Affiliate marketers this is a very good tool to get more traffic to their websites as well by paying for fresh comments and earning money on giving comments. I have tested this and it is perfect for startups in all niches and You will see fast results on your traffic.

It is also great for affiliate marketers who do not like to be in front of the camera. Adding their Video reviews here to boost them works like a dream. And it works for all Niches.

This system have been tested and proven. It is like having your own ATM on You Tube.

The only drawback is that it does not work on other platforms than You Tube at the moment.

This system is also especially made for the newly launched product Affiliate Domination which focuses on organic traffic method .. So using both of this systems together is extra powerful. It will give you much better traffic results,leads and sales. I will write about Affiliate Domination  in my next review.

Hope this Review served you well. If you have any questions please leave them below in the comments.

Feel free to share, like and connect!


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing a great review on You-tube domination that I’m sure will help many as it helped me to learn more about it, as many are looking for a way to start working from home, business opportunities like this one are all over the internet, but before I sign up to any, I always look for more information about it, after reading your review is clear to me this is not the business idea I’m looking for, as I want something that can grow with good work and later it can become into a passive income or close to, I like more the idea to keep working on my own website. 

    1. Author

      Hi Alejandra. First of all thank you for your comment. 

      You Tube Domination is a tool to generate more traffic on You Tube created by Wayne Crowe. It can help any website in any niche to grow. It is built to be used with Affiliate Domination which is an organic traffic method and system for websites mad by Paul Nicholls who have ben an affiliate marketer for yeas and have many websites. Together they are a traffic powerhouse. This method would be ideal for anyone with a website. 

      I would actually disagree with you that opportunities like this is all over the internet as you say. I have found nothing like it yet. You actually nd to try it to understand the true power of it.

      I have tried out many tools and platforms and have websites myself that I SEO to grow with methods that I learned at Wealthy Affiliate.

      This is a very new and unique You Tube tool. The OLSP system is also very Unique and will give you training from the legends in affiliate marketing and email marketing and can grow into a passive income much faster.

      It is all about seeing how you can use this tool to your advantage for your website. I use this tool in addition to organic SEO on my articles and reviews on my website online. I guess you are using SEO and a SEO tool as well? 

  2. Youtube Domination sounds very interesting as i don’t really want to do Youtube videos showing my face as I’ve recently had to have my hair cut off due to the lockdown.

    However, because this company is not 5 years old yet, I am wary of it.  I like to see some solid presence of training programs online before I invest my money with them.  I don’t think they are a scam from what you have shown here – they are legit.

    I will have to concentrate on Pinterest and Facebook for now…!  Thanks for sharing this information though, I will keep an eye on this program’s progress online.

    1. Author

      Hi Stella! 

      Tube Domination is not a company. It is a new product created by digital coach and long time marketer Wayne Crowe. It is part of OLSP system which is a Facebook based traffic system. 

      OLSP = One lead system pixel was created to make it easy for startups to earn their first commissions online while learning about Affiliate marketing and traffic. 

      They have now 91K in their Facebook group Traffic Dominators, 92 Vip members and 337 Action takers at the moment. It is considered as a High Value platform for action takers.

      They have many solid and proven to work programs like Free Bootcamp,  30 days email Journey hack, Traffic Nemesis, TD Pages, Click Domination, VIP, Commission Lead Machine Software (CLM), PPC shortcut, Chatmat Profitz  and the best quality solo ads you can buy online. 

      Wayne Crowe is a trusted digital marketer  and coach and have helped many people to online success. Many of these products have been on the leader boards in JVZOO and Warrior Plus.

      If you want to learn how to increase your organic Facebook traffic drastically  -OLSP is the place to be. 

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