10 Daily Practice for success tips to make money online

In this article I will share with you my Daily Practice for success tips to make money online that I think will be very helpful for new Affiliate marketers.

Before you read the rest of my post I want to inform you according to the best online practices with information that may be important to you:

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What I have learned after 3 years online

Time flies when you love what you do, right?

3 years ago today I set my first foot into the affiliate marketing world without knowing anything about Affiliate marketing.

I started with this website and moved on to build an email list and learn about traffic and social media.

And now 3 years later I am creating something of my own as well.

It takes time to grow

As many who start online I would like to see results of what I do in form of an income.

I soon realized my journey to financial success would take some time.

And it probably will for you too.

There are skills you need to learn first like SEO, Building a list, Give value, How to generate traffic and how to automate and keep your list warm.

As a newbie You can compare yourself to a small seed that is planted in the soil. It needs water and sunshine to grow.

How long it will take depends a lot on you. Your willingness to go out of your comfort zone to do something new, Your self-discipline and consistency.

But it does not have to take 10+ years as many says.

We are all human

You are just a human. You are not born with supernatural powers.

Yet you can accomplish so much more than you may think is possible if you just give it a go.

You will do mistakes 100%, but it does not matter as long as you actually learn from them.

I have done a lot of mistakes. That is how I learned valuable lessons.

My best tips to make Money online

1. Write a journal and document your story.

I started documenting my story on post it and in paper notebooks. I soon realized I got a ton of notebooks so I looked for digital tools where I could organize all in one place.

It was not easy to find. I tried out various digital planners, schedulers etc. No one had all the functions I was looking for.

Then I moved on to CRM tools. These are good, but costly. But it was still lacking that little extra.

But I found one system where I could Journal, plan, create, schedule, research and a lot more .

I have been building my list and business from monetizing my journal in many ways. I will show you how to build a business from your journal if you join my email list.

Remember your story is your fortune.

2. Build an email list

Your list is an asset. This is where your money come from. Every little thing you do in your business should evolve around building a list.

There are two ways to build your list. Paid or organic. Organic takes time.

I can count on one hand the paid list building programs I have earned commissions with that are really good.

You learn to email marketing skills, How to write great headlines and emails. How to connect with your audience and how to give value.

There is one Email marketer who have tested more emails than anyone else online.

And he has a great program to help you build a list. Go here to learn more about this program

He has programs for affiliate marketers on all levels.

One of my favorite Traffic and Listbuilding systems is the one that really helped me earn online and showed me how to do it.

Go here to get a free High value list building training.

You will also get 100 free clicks and a magic link when you decide to start building your list. This program helped me build a list and earn commissions. It is very affordable and have helped so many affiliate marketers build a list and earn commissions. It is well documented to work.

Another program that also have helped me build my list fast and easy is a DFY list building system that helps me build my list and earn commissions.

They also do almost all the work for you like sending emails to your list. You only do some promoting to your list. Go here to learn more

3. Build a website.

A website is also an asset if you build a lot of valuable content on it.

One of the best things I have done is to build a website.

You learn SEO skills, content writing skills and much more

And you will build a stronger authority online.

Go here to build a free website with wordpress and get one of the best online entrepreneur training


4. Know your Audience

The key to success is to know your audience. The better you know them, the better value you can give them.

And they will like you more, and trust you more.

You are unique so you will attract your own unique audience.

Join my group if you want to get more tips on how to know your audience better

5. Automate your sales process

Another smart thing you can do is to automate your sales process.

Create sales funnels for every product you offer.

Want to know how to automate your business I can recommend these 6 systems:


B) Secret Email system

C) John Thornhill Partner2success

D.) Clickfunnels

E) ListElevate system

F) Notion

They are all legit, Top quality and works. I have earned commissions with them all.

If you do not want to struggle I would recommend investing in one or more of these systems

All of them are great Traffic and list building systems with a different angle

6. Sell high ticket offers

To save yourself a lot of time it is much better to sell one of the systems I mentioned above.

All of them have high ticket offers you can Piggyback on.

7. Create your own product

I have not had my own product until now, but I remember when I started some super affiliates told me to create something.

You can start with a lead magnet and when you get some more skills you can create your own.

I went from a health worker with no knowledge of affiliate marketing to become an affiliate marketing consultant helping others getting their first commissions online and then recurring commissions and now even High ticket commissions.

In addition, I help newbies so they will not only have an expensive hobby with a dream of earning. I actually help New Ambitious Affiliate Marketers to build their own marketing Ecosystem from scratch and from the very start. I can easily help you get your first 1K if you follow my method.

Go here to start to get more info

8. Be consistent

Self Discipline leads to more consistency so if you struggle to be consistent then work on your self-discipline.

Mindset is 80% the big gurus say and I agree with them. You need a good mindset and a long term mindset.

If you expect too much too fast it will only make you give up when it does not happen.

9. Dare to go out of your comfort zone

you do the same thing over and over with no results you know you need to change something.

Dare to go out of your comfort zone.

Growth will never happen in your comfort zone.

10. Never give up

We all become demotivated and distracted some times, but this is just small obstacles and bumps in the great scheme of things. You have the power to overcome those obstacles.

You can Fight with Affie as I call the ugly Affiliate monster who wants you to stop and always find a reason why what you are doing is so stupid and will never work.

But I know you can do it if you just make a decision and commit to it .

Are you ready to start making money online?

Let me hear i big YES and hopefully you will join my list so you can start earning faster, easier and be guided by someone who already been where you are now and knows your struggles.

Go here to join my Marketing Tips list here.and I will see you soon in my group.

You can also watch my Tik Tok video here where I tell my story and what I learned

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