How to make the best year ever!

How to make the best year ever!

You wake up. It is a New Year. You have decided that this year is going to be the best Year ever. You have not set your Yearly goals yet but you tell yourself you will do it now. You have said that this year you are going to do something different. You will make this year the best year of your life. But how, you don’t know yet. In this article I will tell you how to make the best year ever and to do something different that may change your life around.

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Searching on Google for ideas to make this year the best year ever

Search for the best year ever

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You do a search on Google to find some good ideas to make this year the best year ever. Ideas that can help you to become the person you want to be this year and an idea that can give you more income. To make this year the best of your life.

You may just lost your job or you want to change your current job or situation to the better. So, what are you going do to make your life better? You need to rethink everything. You have so many Dreams you want to fulfill but how are you going to do this now?

The pandemic is not over yet. There are so many restrictions. It seems like it’s going to last for a while. You have to stay at home. You search for a work from home job. You think that could be a good option for you.

Suddenly you see a post about an online training that can help you build skills to become an affiliate Marketer and work from home. You decide to investigate this opportunity a bit closer.

What is an affiliate Marketer?, you wonder. you search a bit more to find out. You find some reviews and articles about it that sounds interesting to you.

1. How to set up a website for free – for the non techie

2. How to get free online business training with Wealthy Affiliate

3. How to earn Money Working from home – become your own affiliate marketing boss

The best year ever – A 7 days free Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

An affiliate marketing boot camp. Totally free and you can build your own website and monetize it. You can visualize the plan already in your head just like that. This could be something for me. You made a decision just like that. You are going to learn how to build your own online business! Why not?

The post you read says It is for everybody. Everybody who has an interest or passion or a dream. You have a Dream and you are going to make this dream come true.

What will you learn?

The Affiliate boot camp looks like the perfect solution for you right now. You do not know anything about online marketing or technical stuff like building a website. But you are more than willing to learn.

The affiliate boot camp offers a websitebuilder that builds your website in minutes. And it offers a step by step training in how you do it. Sounds just perfect.

You always wanted your own website. And to be able to build one that will become your business and make you money is exactly what you had in mind.

You never thought you could do it, but now you see that this training can actually give you the skills as well. You love to learn new things. You sign up to the Affiliate boot camp and create a free account.

The best year ever – After 6 days in The Free Training

You go through the affiliate training and choose a niche and create a website. You get help every step so it is easy. You understand how to make money online.

How to plan your website pillars and foundation. How to set up your site for the search engines and how to create the initial content to your site.

You have even learned the process of Keyword research and how it works. A lot of tasks and information in 6 days. You also got to know the awesome Wealthy Affiliate Community and experienced firsthand how helpful they are.

The Action Bonus

How to make the best year ever - Action Changes Things

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From the first day you have heard about the action bonus while your focus was on starting the training. But now you really want to grab this action Bonus, because you know that this is something you really want to do for years to come.

You know you need this to get started the right way instead of struggling alone. The Action bonus is Awesome. It gives you the first month for only $19. Your 7 days Full support trial has come to an end. You can still keep your free website for 6 months, but you will not get more support and access to the community if you do not become a member. Well It was only a free trial. You know that building a business normally costs a lot of money. But this training platform offers the full package to a real good price. You have done your research and found out that this platform is a well known platform to start a business at a low cost. This is exactly what you need.

You need to make a decision. Should you stay or should you go premium now? All the night you keep pondering this question. You can hardly sleep. Should I do this or not? How much will this cost me? Can I really do this? What If I do not succeed?. What if this is just a scam? Can I do this Alone without a community to lean on? What if I decide not to grab the bonus and regret myself afterwards? You think long and hard. You weigh the pros and cons until you make your decision.

The Premium Pros

First month is only $19 if you decide now, otherwise you will have to pay $49.


The yearly startup and training costs are less than with other platforms and you save 2 monthly fees.

You get the best advanced Affiliate marketing training online. You feel you need this one to grow and reach your goals.

Jaaxy Lite is included and you will learn how to use the worlds most advanced Keyword tool and the ranking methods and techniques. You really need to learn this if you are going to get organic traffic.

You can start watching other members training as well. And after 3 months, you can create your own and make money.

Learning how to become a good content writer, even if you have no idea how to write 500 words, is something you really want to learn.

You need help to Monetize your website so you can start making money and you know Wealthy Affiliate can help you do this the right way and the best way. They will help you avoid scams and programs that are not good.

The community is a true value that can offer you a lot of help, feedback and support so you do not get stuck and give up on a bad day.

Wealthy Affiliate Community will make you feel you are not alone while working from home.

Being able to interact with the founders and successful affiliate veterans is a great opportunity you do not get elsewhere.

You can earn Money on Promoting Wealthy Affiliate as well.

The premium Cons

You need to make an investment $49 a month or $495 a year. Going yearly is definitely the best deal. You are not so sure if you have the money to invest.

The job is not done automatically. You need to make time for it some hours a week.

You are not sure if you are going to be successful at all. There are no guarantees for success.

The best year ever – The Decision to go Premium

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You made your decision to go Premium. You are so excited! You have no Idea what is in store for you. You Just know that this is your chance to become financially independent and lead your life on your own terms.It feels like a good decision.

It is your chance to become successful and create something that can change your life and hopefully other peoples lives as well.
Your adrenalin is sky-high. You are welcomed warmly by the community that wish you much success.

The Advanced training is a totally different world than the free training! So much more value you cannot believe it. You are so happy that you decided to become a premium member and not do this on your own.

You realize you would not have made it this far on your own. You need a community of like-minded people who face the same struggles, milestones and successes as you do. And here you have the opportunity to help others too.

The best year ever – After 3 months – You have built the pillars


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Since you decided to become a premium member, you have made a big jump. You are now seriously committed to create your own business. Now you have found affiliate partners that are offering you high paying commissions. You have connected to the Wealthy Affiliate and warmly welcomed by the other affiliates.

You have experienced how helpful they really are. It was not just on the free trial. You Love the founders vision of giving value and being a helpful member of the community and society.

The training offered by Wealthy affiliate and other members have been a huge blessing and help to you.

Your website is monetized and indexed on Google. You have created content for your website, found affiliate partners to promote and learned how to Use the Jaaxy Keyword tool to get organic traffic to your site.

You have created emails, Social media accounts, set up Google Analytics and Google search console to capture data from your website. Your website is now hosted on Wealthy Affiliate servers – Some of the most secure servers in the world.

The foundation for success is built. You have even got a few referrals and made some small affiliate commissions. Now is the time to practice what you learned

Now you can start creating your own training to help other members with your experiences and expertise.

The best year ever – After 6 Months – Growing to a new level


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Your website is growing in online authority and many of your posts have been ranking. You have created a long term plan for your website to manage your time in the best possible way.

You are starting to rank and get more traffic. And you are still learning new things about Affiliate Marketing every day. You still feel you just started yesterday. Now you start to see the fruits of your work the first six months. You may even have made some more sales.

You also work on yourself, your obstacles, confidence, distractions, self-discipline, patience, persistence, productivity, focus and much more. Despite the challenges you face you are determined. You are not giving up your dreams easily.

When you are stuck, you ask the Wealthy Affiliate Community for help. They are always there to support you, help, motivate, inspire and comfort you as well as giving you feedback and good advice on how to proceed.

The best year ever- 6 to 12 Months – Daily Practice for success

You have built the pillars and you have established a good plan and practice for growing your business. Now is the time to execute what you learned so far and to build a long term mindset. To practice daily to reach your goals.

This is a never ending process of succeeding and failing. Manage your time, distraction and obstacles the best way possible. Now your mindset is put to the test. Will you be persistent, consistent and pursue your goals or will you give up at the first bump in the road?

There will be bumps for sure. But there will also be small and bigger successes to celebrate along your Journey. Your expectations and patience will be put to the test. It takes time to grow a business.

But you can do this by getting help from the Wealthy Affiliate community, Focusing on your goals and believe that you can do this.

The best year ever – After 12 Months – Foundation for success

The foundation of your online business is made and you have now probably more than one website in different niches. You can create up to 10 websites with Wealthy Affiliate and grow multiple income streams.

Your traffic is growing day by day and you just love your work. You are in the becoming of being a successful Affiliate marketer. You have been consistent, patient and persistent and it starts to pay off.

Your skills have improved beyond your first expectations and you feel you are ready to take your business to the next level. You want to make the next year the best year ever!

Premium Plus – Super Affiliate training

Now you may be ready for even more advanced Affiliate marketing training. Wealthy Affiliate can offer a premium Plus membership as well if you want to take your business to even higher levels. This membership is a Yearly program for $999 a year. You can read more about Premium plus here:

The journey has just started!

The description of the different phases for the first year as a new affiliate marketer is based on my own Journey and other Wealthy Affiliate members journeys. This is what you can expect to happen if you do the training and the tasks.

But you have to remember that your journey may look different based on how much effort and time you put into it. You may use shorter time or longer time. It is up to you. How much you will earn is also up to how you choose to use this training to your advantage.

You might want to read some helpful WA blog posts as well:

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2. 5 years into Wealthy Affiliate – Making $16,773 in one year and one program

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Summing up Video

Make this the best year ever! Reach for what you want in life

You have nothing to loose by going through the Affiliate Bootcamp. Many People have done it before you and succeeded. And many did not succeed because they gave up for different reasons.

Who Knows? Maybe this will change your life around like it has done for so many others including myself.

Make this the best year ever and reach for what you want in life! Start the Affiliate Bootcamp Now!



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  1. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate and I can vouch for everything you say.  It truly is free to start and training is a though step-by-step method to teach you everything you need to know!  As you say, you have to be committed to doing the work and there is no guarantee of success but, there are plenty of people to help!  There is a whole community of people who are willing to look at your site, give advice and help you over any hurdles that you may have!  I recommend 100%!

    1. Author

      Hi Cynthia! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. Yes committment is important to keep on going. Also loving what you do. When you love what you do you do a better job and it will show. Success is never a guarantee, but all progress is success in itself. As long as you grow, learn and do what matters to you you will feel fulfilled at the end of the day.  Also taking Massive Action counts. Read my blog.

  2. Hello there, thank you so much for sharing this. this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this.  Reading about this article how to make the best year ever sounds really exciting. The tips given were awesome. And I’ll definitely follow it in order to make this year the best year of my life. 

    1. Author

      Hi Charity! Glad you liked my tips and found them helpful to you. What tips did you like best? And What tips do you think will make your year to the best year ever? 

  3. Hello , some time it takes my time to read a lot on the internet. I’ve been impressed with all that I have seen on your website so far,. A lot of people do not know the right business to get involved in. They have seen so much information about affiliate marketing and they feel a good training platform is all they need. Wealthy Affiliate Platform would make room for them to grow faster. I loved to read this article because you explain how this platform works very well and I can absolutely see myself using this platform for starting my online business.

    1. Author

      Hi Sean! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes I have tried to make it crystal clear what to expect when starting an online business by taking you on a journey tha t for many will be very realistic if they do all the training and the tasks. However as I wrote it all depends on you and how much you are able to make out of this training. But you never know before you start. When you start you are learning. It is like planting a seed in the ground. This is no quick fix. You cannot Harvest the same day and tell the seed to grow fast. It will take the time.  You cannot get oranges if you plant apple seeds. You have to cultivate the seeds, water them and nourish them. That is how it is building a business too. If you want the fruits you need to plant and cultivate the seed. You need to start and add value.

  4. Haha thanks for the article my guy! It’s super reassuring to know that you support Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve always wanted to find a way to make money online and make a passive income. Why? Because financial freedom is something I truly want. I’d love to be able to spend as much time with family as I want to, wherever I want to. I hope Wealthy Affiliate can help me do that! 

    1. Author

      Hi There! Wealthy affiliate can give you all you need to create a goos foundation for your online business. You need to build it. You seem to be quite clear about what you want and why you want it and that is always a good start. Finding your deepest why always makes it easier to build wealth. You know what you are doing and why. It is a strong driving and motivational factor. Now you just need to get started building your business.

  5. Hi, I feel good and so motivated after going through this article. It’s the beginning of the year and everyone wants to set goals to prosper. I have a good feeling that joining wealthy affiliate was the best decision ever and I hope by the end of this year I will be enjoying fruitful results. Hard-work which does not give results which are expected causes much frustration, I hope that wealthy affiliate is going to make my dreams come true.


    1. Author

      Hi There and thank you for sharing your thoughts! Just follow the training and do the tasks. It is designed for you to succeed. Do an effort and do it for yourself and your future. Have faith in the process and believe you can do this. Be consistent and you will be rewarded. It is not a quick fix. Building an online business takes time and effort. Everyone who tells you differently are not telling the whole truth. There are no shortcuts to success. Glad you found it motivating and I wish you the best year ever!

  6. Thank you for your post. It is inspirational. We are living in pandemic times, a very special period of time. There are a lot of unknowns before us. It is so nice to see that you have the spirit of creating your own future. Starting business is certainly one the best things we could do to create our own future, which could be surely the best decision we make, creating the best year ever. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best place for you to start your online business, particularly affiliate marketing business.

    1. Author

      Hi Anthony! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I hope the article served you well. Creating another business stream can be wise to do whether you want to just have it as a side hustle or a full time business. The great thing about Affiliate marketing is that you spread the financial risk. You can create up to 10 different incomestreams with the Premium membership and up to 50 different incomestreams with Premium plus.

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