5 things you need to go from zero to your first 1K as an Affiliate marketing beginner without a website

How to go from zero to your first 1 K as an affiliate marketing beginner without a website?

In this article I will give you some tips on how to do it with and without a website 100% organically.

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Starting on Zero as an affiliate marketing beginner

You are not the only one who started on zero. All affiliate marketers online started with nothing.

And you are not the only one who may wonder if Affiliate marketing will work for you because there are so many Affiliate marketers out there.

Well, like one of my mentors used to say – “there is enough space online for everyone to succeed”.

And he is right.

Do not be afraid to be looked upon as a beginner

Most people do not like to be looked upon as beginners. They feel small and insignificant.

The truth is that is exactly what you are starting on zero.

But that does not mean you are going to stay that way, right?

In this article I will give you some tips on how to get to your first 1K online, but first I want to adress a few common questions I often get from my Affiliate marketing sign ups.

Do I need a website to do Affiliate marketing as an affiliate marketing beginner?

This is a question I often get.from my audience.

The simple answer is no. You do not need it,

But there are some pros and cons having one versus not having one.


Pros with a website for an affiliate marketing beginner

A website is an asset if you manage to provide valuable content

It can be a good organic traffic source where you can reach a wider audience

A website is your own property.

It helps you build a brand.

You can promote many different offers.

It is a good way to build authority online


Cons with a website for an affiliate marketing beginner

It costs money to buy a domain and keep it hosted

You need to add regularly content to attract your audience

Having a website you need to learn SEO well

It takes time to build authority online and get traffic.

It takes time to build up a good amount of organic traffic

Pros without a website

Not having a website will keep your expenses down in the beginning.

You can join different affiliate  membership platforms that offers done for you traffic and email follow ups.

Cons without a website

You need to find other platforms to get traffic to your offers from.

It is harder to build authority online.

Do I need an autoresponder as an affiliate marketing beginner?

No , you do not need it from the start. There are free platforms that provide done for you follow ups and there are free autoresponders you can use if you want one.

I personally think the best investment you can do as a new affiliate marketing beginner.is to invest in an autoresponder service provider.

Most autoresponder providers have a positive view on affiliate marketing which basically means that they allow affiliate links in your emails., but there are a few who do not, so be careful to pick the ones who allows it

Investing in an autoresponder is a good thing if you want to build a list so you can create your own relation with your audience.

Do I need to use Social media as an affiliate marketing beginner?

Yes! In our digital world most people walk around with mobile phones and have constant access to social platforms.

I think if you turn a blind eye to the power of social media you will loose out.

I am not saying this to scare you, but you need to look at the stats and facts.

I would suggest using Facebook as an affiliate marketing beginner as it is the biggest social media platform online and a good platform to build authority on and build an audience.

5 things you need to make your first 1K as an affiliate marketing beginner

There are basically 5 things you need to make your first 1 K as an affiliate beginner that you should always have a laser focus on.

You need to know your audience

This is the most important thing you can do when starting. Take time to do some research from the start. It will pay off later.

You need a good offer

One mistake many affiliate marketing beginners are doing is to offer low quality and low cost programs. I did the same mistiake myself.

The only problem for an affiliate marketing beginner is that you will not be accepted into the more high ticket offers if you cannot show any results.

I suggest you take the time to find some good quality offers to promote that also have high ticket upsell programs.

You need traffic

Traffic is the big nemesis in this industry – this is super important. You need traffic to your offers.

Traffic is in my eyes the most important factor you should focus on.


You need sales

To make your first 1K you need sales of course

Selling is a skill that you can learn if you follow a solid roadmap.

You can also join programs that do all the selling for you like the OLSP system

You need a good roadmap or a coach

As an affiliate marketing beginner I thought I would figure it out quite quickly by myself, but I quickly realized that having a solid roadmap and a coach was something I needed to progress.

Coaching programs are expensive and coaching calls are really expensive, so I suggest you find a solid roadmap to follow from the start.

Personally I use the OLSP system because they can offer me all of these things.

And they can offer New Affiliate marketers an opportunity to earn while learning.

Want me to help you?

If you want me to help you get your first commission and first recurring commission online with or without a website

I can help you. You can contact me on Facebook messenger or join my Daily Practice for success tips

Daily Practice for Success



  1. Thank you very much Hilde, affiliate marketing is totally new to me and I know I will take time to grasp everything at once thus paving my way to learn and practice it daily and one thing I am super excited on is I have come to know you and joined OLSP.

    Ready to learn and just do it.

    1. Author

      Awesome Judith! That is the spirit. Just do it and learn as you go. Yes it can be overwhelming when you are new. That is why you should focus on these 5 things from the start. I am happy to getting to know you too and congrats for joining the OLSP system. It is a wise decision. If you have any questions just let me know. I will guide you.

  2. Thanks Hilde,

    OLSP is a great system and solves the problems ‘beginner affiliate marketers’ didn’t even know they had,


    1. Author

      I 100% Agree with you on that Joy. It is an amazing system

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