A daily Practice for Success starts with you

A daily practice for success starts in the same womb as all great ideas and actions that ever existed started.

It starts in your mind and in your heart.


So let`s look into the basics of that today.

Let`s start go deepdiving into our unconsciousness for a while where it all starts so we can understand better.

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The unconscious

The unconscious are hard to define but  I call it the mother of all wombs to make it easier to understand.

The unconscious have no understanding of space and time. It just is.


It is where all thought processes starts as far as we know and also connected to our mind,heart and feelings.

It is also connected to our dreams , memories and our intuition.

We connect ourselves to the unconscious by being in the present moment in a state of just being.

The unconscious have unlimited power but needs to be directed by your consciousness to gain that power.


I will come back to why this is important to know a bit about  at the end of this post in case you wonder why I am talking about this and what it has to do with a daily practice for success.


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Your consciousness is your best friend if you get to know it better and know how it works and how you connect to it.

Your consciousness is with you everywhere you go.

No matter what you do it is there.

You do not get rid of it and you can`t ignore it.


The thing about consciousness is that it can only be fully experienced  here and now in the present in your own body.

Your consciousness is connected to your unconscious which has no understanding of time or space.

You can choose to use your consciousness actively which is called beeing conscious or just be “unconsiously”driven by it.

You can choose to connect  or disconnect from your unconscious with your consciousness.


Your consciousness is the most interesting part of you because it is a bit like having a mystic friend walking along with you all the time.

How well would you say you know your consciousness on a scale from 1 to 10 ? (10 being very well).

Please share your answer in the comments below.


To know it you must experience it.

And the only way you can experience it is in the present moment.

And you experience it with your body, heart and mind.


Connecting your conscious mind to your unconscious is like connecting an electric guitar to an amplifier or a booster.

When you connect it you hear the sound of the guitar.


Did you know we only use about 5% of our unconsciousness consciously in our everyday lives according to science?

It is kinda mindblowing to think about.

Your conscious potensial is huge.

I want you to think about that for a second.

I will explain why later.

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Self Awareness

You are more than just able to think or being conscious. You are also  a self aware being.

Self awareness is a realization of your ability to think, feel, taste, smell, hear, talk etc.

Awareness is In other words your ability to reflect upon your own thoughts and feelings.

Your ability to choose is also connected to your awareness.


This is important for your daily practice for success as I will come back to.


Paying Attention

The same goes for your attention.

Attention is an important tool in your daily practice for success as well.

When you pay attention to something you direct your conscious mind to wherever your attention goes by using your senses and  your experience.

If i look at a picture – my attention will go there where my eyes are going.

If I smell someones perfume my attention will flow to it while smelling or reflecting about the smell.

If I hear a song my attention will notice it through my ears.

When you get hurt your attention goes to the pain you feel.

When we meditate our attention goes inwards and connects us with our unconsciousness.

I hope you got my point now.


In our daily lives so much is happening and our attention has a tendency to make priority between all we experience.

This is how our attention are also connected to our values of importance.

In building a daily practice for success it is therefore important to be aware of where our attention goes and why.







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Focus is one of the most important tools in your daily practice for success.

It is important to know how it works.

Focus goes where your attention goes.

So when your attention is on something wether it is a feeling, a sight,  something audible or tangible  you will focus on that.

In a daily setting where much is going on at work or home , our attention make priorities to what we are doing according to what values it is given or learned by you and your environment.


In just one day our attention shifts all the time, making priorities accordingly.

Our focus can be used for helping us move forward or it can take us completely off course.

Focus direct, connects and redirects,reconnects energy through your attention.

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Energy cannot disappear only be transformed according to physics.

Energy is also important for your daily practice for success an vice versa.


Your daily practice is important for your energy as well because it can give you energy or steal your energy.

Do you have a daily practice that give you energy?

Please leave your answer in the comments below.


Your energy is a precious thing you must take care of every day by getting your sleep, eating healthy and move your body.

I use to say : My energy is my wealth.

It does not matter if you have the best ideas, plans strategies etc if you don`t have energy to execute them.

Or if you work all the time without sleeping your energy will not last long and you will suffer a burnout or worse.

My point is -You need to nurse your energy every day.


Your energy just follows your focus. It is that simple.

I guess you have experienced this a lot of times too:

You are talking to a good friend or a colleague. Suddenly your phone rings.

What do you do?

Do you choose to take your phone that is ringing instead of talking to your best friend standing next to you ?

–  If you choose to take the phone your attention automatically prioritize the phone over your friend and all your energy flows to the phone conversation. Your energy are not longer present with your friend or colleague.

It also moves your focus and your energy to another place.

Attention and energy is connected to prescence.

To be present in what you do at anytime is hard.

I know from my own life  my mind  is often elsewhere  in different situations at work or at home.

Sounds familiar?

Feel free to leave a comment below.


Energy is also connected to our feelings of  joy, hate, passion, sorrow etc.

Feelings have energy and vibrations.

And when you choose to be angry that is the energy you are vibrating out to your environment.

So using your energy wise is something you need to learn when creating a daily practice for success.

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Clarity comes when you know what, where, when, how and why you focus your energy on something.

Where are you now?

And where will yo go?

When will you do it?

What is your goal?

How will you do it?

Why is the reason why you do what you do?


Learn the fundamental basics first

So where do I want to go with all this?

Consciousness, Self awareness, attention, Focus , Energy and clarity are the fundamentals in your life wether you like it or not.

We are born with a powerful tool  we use way to little in our everyday life.


They are the basic tools of your daily practice for success.

They are also the basics for your mindset.

It is important to keep this in mind when you create your Daily practice for success.

Until you have clarity you will not be able to  create a daily practice that fully support the fullfillment of your dreams.


Clarity comes by doing as well.

You can start creating your daily practice for success today by noticing these processes in your own life at work.

You might find some more clarity.

I would recommend you to write your insights down – they may come handy later on.


I hope this post is useful and made some sense for you and gives you something to think about.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below. How much do you pay attention to your consciousness?

Feel free to share, like and connect!

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