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You are maybe a blogger, an affiliatemarketer, a solopreneur or a small business owner working from home or maybe looking for an extra income opportunity online? Everyone working online knows there will be hours in front of the computer writing, working, researching etc. Sounds familiar? How do you maintain a daily healthy practice marketing from home? There are so many who do not think about this when starting a business online. Today I will address this and give you some valuable tips to how you can maintain a healthy practice marketing from home. (Photo: pexels)

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A healthy practice starts with you

A master plan for success involves having a daily healthy practice working from home. And it all starts with you.

“Olivia”, as I told you about before in my previous blogs, dreams of being an affiliatemarketer and have just set up her website and found her niche. She has set up goals and made a master plan for success and now being super motivated and full of energy. The power tools for success to start on her journey is in place. But she does not yet have a plan for her own health and how to practice it daily.

She sits in front of the computer most of the time. She has so much to do that she forgets to eat properly and sleep properly not to mention she does not move enough during the day. She has no time for it she tells herself. I can do it tomorrow she often thinks.

As the days goes by she gets less and less done and feels stressed because she has so much to do. She has less energy and she is starting to feel demotivated. She starts to believe this is nothing for her and lose the trust she had in herself. This sparks a fear in her of failing. What would her friends say? She realizes if she does not do something about it she would probably give up. I think we all can recognize ourselves in Olivia somehow.

Think about it for a moment. Do you have a daily personal health plan to stick to or are you a victim to randomness as most people are? What can you do right now every day to become healthier? (Photo: unsplash)

How is your daily healthy practice?

Do you ever think about if your daily practice serves your health and long term goals? Your daily health practice should serve your health as well as your long term goals of success. When they serve your health and goals your dream will come closer and more tangible. Becoming more aware of your own daily health practice you will be able to adjust your practice to serve your goals. In the master plan for success your daily health practice play an important part. (Photo: unsplash)

My 10 best tips for creating a daily wellness plan when marketing from home

My 10 tips is based on well-established and proven facts for being healthy. I did not invent the wheel here. There is no need to because there are so many well-established and proven health schemes out there. I think if you want to have a daily practice for success your master plan for success must also contain a wellness plan. I have listed 10 tips I regard as important to be a part of your wellness plan. (photo: pexels)

1. Establish a healthy sleeping pattern.

Sleep is essential to our health and energy. It is recommended that we should sleep 7 to 8 hours a day. When we sleep our unconscious is working and our brain is cleansed from toxins. We become more focused, our memory is better and we have more energy. Creating a healthy sleeping patterns means to go to sleep at a specific time every day and wake up at the same time every day. It can be challenging if you are working part-time online and part-time in another job, but it is important for your long term health and success. It reduces stress and you will also make better decisions if you get enough sleep.


Many years ago I became sleepless due to stress and this experience taught me a very important lesson about sleep and how valuable it is to have a good sleeping pattern. I try my best every day to get 7-8 hours of sleep. (Photo: Pixabay)

2. Eat and drink properly

Photo: Pixabay

I grew up hearing breakfast was the most important meal of the day. My mother always encouraged me to eat at least a half slice of bread or an egg and most important take one tablespoon of Tran.(Fish liver oil). I still think breakfast is important. Eating properly mean making sure your blood sugar and your energy is stable throughout the day and making sure your body get the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and energized.

You can optimize your energy with food. Becoming aware of your eating patterns will help you to make the necessary changes. What kind of food you are eating is important for your health. Half fabricated food has become the normal, but is it really healthy for us? What kind of food are you eating? Making a list over the food you eat will help you do the changes necessary. I am a believer in eating as much fresh food as possible, in super food and taking vitamins and minerals every day.

Making sure you drink properly is also crucial to your health. I actually joined a challenge on drinking water some time ago. In my water challenge I wanted to find out if drinking more water had a positive effect on me. If I felt more energized and if it had a positive effect on my general well-being. I jumped in on an online water challenge where the daily intake amount of water was to be 1 gallon. For two weeks I was drinking 1 gallon of water and here is my summary of this: Drinking more water made me feel more energized, my skin became better, I slept much better at night. I have now increased my water intake. I believe water is the best drink for you as long as you have access to clean water.

Eating and drinking properly will help you reach your long term goals. You will have the energy to pursue it and be more consistent in what you do. (Photo: Pexels)


3. Move your body at least 30 minutes a day

Your body is made for movement. You need to move every day. When you work at home, you have the advantage of being able to plan your day much more. You may find yourself sitting too much time in front of the computer. Many people get stiff necks and back problems because they sit too much. By establishing an activity every day ex. go for a fast walk or other training you like to do will help you to stay healthy over time. No matter how much you have to do in a day you should move your body at least 30 minutes or more. Create a morning routine or an evening routine you can live with over time. It is never too late to get in shape.

My morning routine for health is Chi walking/running for 20-30 minutes and doing my tai chi or Qi-gong for 30 minutes. It helps me to get in shape and have a good energy throughout my day. (Photo: Pixabay)



4. Establish good working routines

Good working routines is a must if you work from home. You need to focus everyday on what will take you closer to your goal. Create a practice that will help you focus and concentrate. I find that using the High Performance Planner to plan my days, weeks and months helps me maintain a good working routine. It is an excellent tool. Keep your daily routines relevant, goal oriented and essential. Decide how much time you are going to work every day and stick to it.

I have two jobs. I work as a health worker and then I have my Affiliatemarketing blog. As a health worker I work in daytime, afternoon and nights so it is important that I make a good writing schedule that is adjusted to my working hours. It demands a lot of discipline. ( Photo: unsplash)


5. Take some breaks

Every day you should put in a few breaks for practicing visualization, gratitude, meditate or just breathe. It will help you focus on your goals. And it will reduce stress and increase your clarity. (Photo: Unsplash)




6. Practice discipline

Discipline keeps you concentrated about a task. It is all about keeping the promises you made for yourself. To do the essential tasks every day. Working from home it is tempting to delay doing the task or thinking “I will do it tomorrow”. Practicing discipline means you actually do the tasks needed every day at the time you planned it no matter what. The more you practice it the better it gets and soon it will feel perfectly normal for you. (Photo: Unsplash)



7. Focus on your goal


A daily practice for success involves having your goal in focus on a daily basis. If you have trouble to focus there are ways to practice focus you can learn. Or you can have reminders like intention bracelets or making your focus visible in some way.
(Photo: Pixabay)


8. Connect with family and friends

Working from home alone can be a challenge if you never have time to be with your family. You may feel isolated and in your own little bubble. Others work from home because they have to be home with kids. Make sure that when you are with your family that you are present and not on work in your mind. This way you get a much better connection.

I think separating work time and time with family and friends is essential for your overall well-being and happiness.

9. Be a part of a supportive and learning community



Photo: Wealthy Affiliate

When you have an online business it is wise to be a part of an online learning community who supports you. A community you can share all the daily ups and downs with. It will give you new perspectives on things, and it is good for your overall well-being.

I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Community and I am so grateful for all the training and support I get from this community of like-minded people.

10. Laugh more and smile more



When you wake up in the morning and go to the bathroom do you smile to yourself in the mirror? Most people do not. Whether you smile to yourself in the mirror or not in the morning my point is to smile more and laugh more. Smiling to others you meet during the day. Reading some jokes or making other people laugh can have a positive and healthy effect on you and others.  The feeling of overall happiness will definitely increase. Photo : pexels


Can you do this?

Of course, you can! You can start today just by creating your daily wellness plan: Make it simple from the start so you are able to maintain a daily healthy practice marketing from home. Schedule times to eat, work, move your body, be social, taking breaks and connecting with others. Make it a part of your master plan for success.
It is all about determination, practice, selfdiscipline and the hunger for reaching your goals. Take one step at a time. Rome was not built in one day. Be consistent every day and do what you planned out to do. Taking care of yourself is taking care of your business and your dream.


ONE thing before you leave:

Will you do me the favor and write below: what is the most important thing you will have to practice more of to become more healthy out of the 10 Tips I have mentioned above? Was this post helpful to you? Let me know.

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