How to start a business at 50 with Wealthy Affiliate

Are you around 50 years old? Have no job or could need an extra income? Then you should read this article where I will address how to start a business at 50 With Wealthy Affiliate. You will learn the 4 things you need to do to get your business rolling.

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Yes you can! – 50 is just a number

50 is just a number and if anyone tells you cannot start an online business at 50 – DO NOT listen to them. Read this article at least before you make up your mind. Just think about all the knowledge, experiences and Know How you have that younger people do not have.

I am writing this article because I started my affiliate marketing business at 49. I have a background in marketing, but never did affiliate marketing before I came over Wealthy Affiliate. Since then, I have built two websites and I love the work. (photo: pexels)



You think the train have passed you by in regarding starting a business online? Think twice.

I thought the train had passed for me to start my own business. I went to some courses in how to make an online course and how to make webinars and Facebook Lives. All very good courses. I had good mentors. I learned a lot and made a free online course that I had running for two years and had more than 500 participants on. But there were not much to earn because most people wanted the free stuff, The free webinars and email courses.and Influencer marketing was at its peak.

The focus of the online courses I attended to was much based on paid advertising and building a personal brand through paid advertising. That is all important and fine, but I felt I needed more basic training before I could start building my brand and not blow a lot on money on free stuff.

It cost money to keep advertising and setting up email funnels, making Facebook lives, webinars and You Tube videos. Much more than you earn from the start. Before you do that you need a solid fundamental for your business.

Everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that. Just like you, I wanted to create a business I love to do every day, the lifestyle I want and to fulfill my dreams.

I knew the only way was to get trained in how to do this and make a solid fundamental for a full time online business. Being a health worker does not give me much revenue, but it adds other values to my life that is important and useful.

I came accidentally over an article online about a woman called Jelena who had started with affiliatemarketing.

Affiliate marketing is a way of marketing where you market other peoples products via your website or blog or sell your own products via your website or blogs using affiliates.

Jelena was a lonely mother with children and struggled financially. She wrote how Wealthy Affiliate had changed her life completely. After two years she became financially independent and a full time affiliate marketer.

Jelena was not 50. She was a bit younger, but the age does not matter. She took a chance and won the big prize due to her decision to act and the hard work she put into it. She offered a Free trial to Wealthy Affiliate in her blog post. So I signed up. A bit skeptic at first. Was this just a scam or real? I soon found out this was the real thing.

What amazed me the most was that Wealthy Affiliate went far beyond my expectations. They delivered more than I bargained for. And what they deliver is pure value for an online business. I have now turned 50 and I have two websites with Wealthy Affiliate. I have had numerous posts ranking on Page 1 in Google. There is no coincidence that you read this post today. You needed to hear this. Am I right?

That is why I share this opportunity to start a business with Wealthy Affiliate with you. I want to offer you a free trial to Wealthy Affiliate so you can make up your own mind about it. Get your Free trial here

What can Wealthy Affiliate do for you?

I had never heard of Wealthy Affiliate before. You may not have heard about it before either. So What is in it for you?

Wealthy Affiliate can give you a free solid fundamental in building your online business and offer you valuable advanced training.

Here is what you get if you sign up to the free trial


1 Free Website

10 Online entrepreneur lessons

10 Affiliate Marketing lessons

1 Keyword tool

7 days support

A helpful community


Action Bonus valid the first 7 days

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Get FREE training!

Sign up for free here. The free trial is a no brainer. You get a solid basic online entrepreneur training you can use for the rest of your life for free. Then what do you do after the free trial? You make a decision to take your business seriously or you just quit.

Get a domain!

I am just telling you – You need a website and domain for your online business. This is your online office where you are the boss, the leader and operation manager This is where all the magic in your business happens. You should get a domain because a domain is a valuable asset in your business. It costs between $13-15 dollars to buy a domain with Wealthy Affiliate. And your domain will be hosted on the most secure servers in the world.

Best Websitebuilder 2020

If you do not have a domain Get your domain here now!

No need to wait – This is #1 Rule – You need people to find you online, an online address, an online visitor room, an online connection point. How will people find you if you do not have a website?. Through Social media? Well some people use Social media accounts to grow their business from, but that is quite risky to do because you do not own your own content. Just think about it. You want to have the ownership of your name and content. And it is much easier to do branding if you have a website. A social media account does not grow in value, but a website with good and helpful content does. It is pure online real estate.

Get Advanced Premium training

Yes! The premium training is all worth it and more. I will be your new startup mentor if you go premium here and now.

I will help you start, stay on track, understand how it all works and start building an online business so you reach your goals of a new way of living and fulfilling your dreams. Get Premium + Action Bonus now!



Monetize your Website, start marketing and develop a daily practice for success

Through the free trial you will learn how to monetize your website. In the premium membership you will learn much more about how you can leverage your website, strategies, techniques and updated industry secrets. I will help you to create a daily practice for success so you can reach your goals.

You can do this!

I look forward to seeing you inside Wealthy Affiliate. I will follow and help you on your online Journey! Just like you I had a brilliant idea, passion and an urge to live my life on my own terms. I took action on it no matter how scary it felt. I do not regret it for a second. It has been quite a journey, but I have loved every minute of it. I am sure you will too. That is exactly what you need to do too. Just jump into the training and get started now!

The decision is yours.

Want to start an online business?

If your answer is YES – Get started for free here.

How to get your Action Bonus



If you Sign up today to the free trial and become a premium member within 7 days, you will get an Action bonus the First month as a member. First month for only $19 (normally $49) and a special helpful bonus video from me to help you on your journey. I will also give you a helping hand along your journey.

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  1. Starting off a business at Wealthy Affiliate is not something that’s so hard and it is for anyone who really wants to make some good money online. There is no age grade for those want to give it a go that Is why I agree that those around this age too can make something from Wealthy Affiliate. I like that you encourage people of all ages to create their own success. 

    1. Author

      Hi Suz! Great to hear your thoughts on this matter. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who have a dream about creating their own business online and are willing to learn how to do it. you will learn bit by bit and step by step the affiliate marketing basics to succeed. Having people of all ages in the community make it vibrant and many feels more at home.

  2. Thank you for being generous with this information here. Actually getting started at Wealthy Affiliate is the best option for anyone. Whether it is late or early, It is better to make the decision to start..All you shared here is superb and I really value it all here and will help a lot. Thank you so much and I will be delighted to get myself on board Wealthy Affiliate too

    1. Author

      Hi Nath! Glad you made the decision to start your business with Wealthy affiliate. I am looking forward to follow your journey. Let me know if you need a hand with anything. 

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