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  • Advanced In depth analyses limitations
  • Advanced Monitoring limitations
  • Advanced Backlinking limitations

Are you new to Affiliate marketing and SEO? Are you looking for a world class, affordable and accurate  SEO tool? Then Jaaxy could be just what you are looking for. Jaaxy is said to be the best SEO tool for beginners by many affiliate marketers.
In my upcoming reviews I will go through a series of SEO tools so you can make up your own mind about what is the best SEO tool for beginners and for you. I am starting with Jaaxy. Is Jaaxy the winner for a beginner? Let us see what Jaaxy can offer you in this review.

Before you read the rest of my article I want to inform you according to the best online practices with information that may be important to you:

Affiliate disclaimer: This post contain affiliate links which means I will get a commission at no extra cost to you if you should click through and make a purchase.

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Opinion disclaimer:

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My intention is to give you helpful information to base your own decisions on. I have done some research trying to highlight the Key details about Jaaxy I think you should know about. I have set up some criteria to look for. I have to inform you that I am a daily user of Jaaxy myself and an affiliate of the Jaaxy affiliate Program.

However I will do my best to give you a review that is unbiased and provide helpful information to you about Jaaxy.

If you do not know what a Keyword is and what SEO is please read my previous reviews of Jaaxy where I explain that more about this and seo techniques in detail.

Read my previous reviews about Jaaxy Here:

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Find the best Keywords with Jaaxy Pro


Jaaxy Review – A winner SEO tool for the beginner?

This video is made in Invideo

Number 1

Jaaxy is developed by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate and is said to be the worlds most advanced Keyword search tool because it has an accuracy and search coverage on 99,7% according to Jaaxy.

Target Users: Jaxxy users are all types, Affiliate marketers, bloggers, big brands, enterprises, agencies as well as solo entrepreneurs, SEOs, digital marketers and website owners


Usefriendlyness score: Not found on any , but Wealhy Affiliate members love Jaaxy.

G2: 5 out of 5

Trustpilot: Not found

Coverage: of online searches:99,7%

Accuracy: Excellent

Free trial: 30 free searches free searches.

Pro versionGo Pro.. Access to all features. $49 a month

Enterprise VersionGo Enterprise and get optimal results $99 a month

Affiliate program: Become an affiliate? Jaaxy affiliate program is a very lucrative affiliate program with high commissions.

Offer training? Yes Excellent tutorials and different techniques to succeed with finding your best Keywords.

Special Features: Siterank, search analysis, Brainstorm and Alphabet Soup

App: no

Plugin: Yes

Support:  Quick and Superb support. Always there to help you out.

Jaaxy Training

How to use Jaaxy like a boss – Live training from Magistudios

How to understand the low hanging fruit technique

Jaaxy case study

Proof that Jaaxy works by Magistudios

My own proof that Jaaxy works – Ranking on Page 1

Only today I had 22 posts ranking on First page on Google with using Jaaxy Pro. Jaaxy have helped me rank, because I find the best keywords using the tool and techniques Jaaxy teaches through the Pro membership  or Wealthy Affiliate training

All Wealthy Affiliate members have access to Jaaxy lite – a special offer that only Wealthy Affiliate members get. Jaaxy lite is a hybrid between the Free trial and Pro and a very good starter SEO tool.

The techniques and training Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate offers have helped me to rank on page one many times. In June I had 29 posts ranking on page 1 in the same day and today as I write this I had 22 posts on Page one. below you can see the results as I took a printscreen and pasted the results in Canva. 


(Print screen of 3 of my ranking posts today)

The golden eggs of Jaaxy

Jaaxy pro and Jaaxy Enterprise will give you features like Alfabeth soup, Brainstorm, Siterank and search Analysis Brilliant features helping you find the best keywords for your niche, articles, blogs etc. It is fast and you do not have to do anything manually.Jaaxy accuracy is also a big plus. I have found Jaaxy to be very accurate. You get help from the community and  founders Kyle and Carson if you need more advanced help on different matters.

Downsides of Jaaxy

. Jaaxy search analysis is a great feature but It is not as good on in depth analysis and monitoring competitors as Semrush and Ahrefs according to various sources online.

What does users say about Jaaxy?

G2 Reviews of Jaaxy

Tony Hamilton. Wealthy affiliate member: Jaaxy rocks

What are the alternatives to Jaaxy?

Well there are many other SEO tools out there for different types uf use and in my upcoming reviews you will learn more about them, but I will mention some of them here.

But before I do that, go to the sidebar now and sign up for my weekly tips and updates so you are sure to get my upcoming reviews. In the list below you will see some of the SEO tools I want to review:

1. Semrush : Number 1 SEO tool 2019 – SaaS platform

2. Raven – Leader Fall 2020 –  SEO, social media, ppc, content platform and tool.

3. Serpstat : Top 50 at G2

4. Ahrefs  – Leader Fall 2020 – backlink analysis tool

5. Spyfu – Top 50 at G2 – research and reporting tool

6. Wordtracker – Keyword tool

7. Keyword. io tool – Keyword tool

8. Keywords Everywhere – Keyword tool

9. Google Keyword planner

10. Moz Pro – Leader Fall 2020 – G2

11. Wordstream – search advertising tool for adwords

12. Junglescout – Amazon search tool – Leader Fall 2020

14. Longtailpro – AI optimization tool

My final thoughts about Jaaxy

I am not in any doubt that Jaaxy is a brilliant SEO tool that will give anyone, not only beginners real value for the money.

Using Jaaxy Pro for a while now have given me the opportunity to get to know Jaaxy in depth and I know for sure that Jaaxy works if you want to take my word on it. My rankings is a good proof.

Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate offers basic and advanced training in using this tool.

Wealthy Affiliate members love Jaaxy and it is also my #1 recommendation for anyone who are new to SEO or want to try a brilliant and very advanced SEO tool.

It is affordable and a quality tool. It covers 99,7% of all online searches which gives Jaaxy an extra edge.

From an analytical perspective Jaaxy do have some limits when it comes to advanced monitoring of competitors and more in depth analytical functions. As I see it Jaaxy should be in all marketers toolbox whether you are a beginner or on a more advanced user.

Jaaxy – A winner for the beginner?

Jaaxy is my #1 recommendation for SEO beginners without a doubt.


Try Jaaxy for free now!

I would love to hear from you in the comments below. have you tried Jaaxy? if not , what SEO tool do you use and why do you use it?


  1. Hi Hilde!

    Wonderful review on Jaaxy.  I’m an Wealthy Affiliate member and love using Jaaxy for keywords everytime I write an article for my website. I can’t write one without doing some research on Jaaxy. Thank you for writing this and bring awareness to other writers that need help writing their blogs.

    1. Author

      Hi Denise! thank you for leaving your thoughts on Jaaxy! Yes Jaaxy have become my best SEO friend for finding the best keywords too! Wealthy affiliate members are especially found of it, but I hope many others outside of Wealthy Affiliate discover this amazing tool too.

  2. Thanks for the great review about Jaaxy, you gave me the necessary information about pros and cons to conclude that Jaaxy is a great help. In order to be able to break through as beginners, we need help. The SEO tool is a great thing. I wish my site was first page ranking in Google.

    1. Author

      Hi Natasa! Thank you for your thoughts. Jaaxy is a very helpful tool not only for beginners. But for beginners it is great. You can start for free and then go pro. As a Jaaxy pro member you get access to all features you need from start and much more. If you follow the Jaaxy and Wealthy affiliate training you  will learn how to rank on Google. There are of course no guarantees for ranking as the algorithms change from time to time and many other factors. But with Jaaxy accuracy and coverage you can be sure to have the best potensial for ranking.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the Jaaxy review, that I’m sure will help many to get the best keywords for their websites, I’ve been working with Jaaxy and this might be the best keywords tool every marketer needs to find the keywords that will help to rank on page # 1 as you well said in your article. It will help anyone who is interested to write content for their website, this is the tool every marketer needs today! 

    1. Author

      Thank you Alejandra! Jaaxy will definitely help you find the very best Keywords in real time.

  4. Thank you for the review. You have helped simplify everything for me that has to do with Jaaxy. Though I have been hearing  about it  from others about how good Jaaxy is for finding good Keywords. I haven’t been using it. Reading about it here, I can not hide my excitement for it because it makes so much sense being a SEO tool that can be used to achieve more and better rankings. Thank you for the overview here Most helpful.

    1. Author

      Thank you Darmi! Yes Jaaxy have been my favorite a long time due to its user friendly interface and accuracy on Keywords. It is fast. As you saw in my review Jaaxy helped me to Page 1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Go try it yourself. It is free to start.

  5. Your article about Jaaxy is right on target! I use Jaaxy daily in my writing and cannot imagine going back to how I used to search for keywords and articles. 

    Each feature of Jaaxy is quite important and one of my favorite parts is the speed that it works in. As you may know, writers can be impatient with certain parts of the process. We want to find those keywords and get on with the writing! 

    Jaaxy gives me that help at a speed that works well for me. I have it as part of my WA membership but if I didn’t, I think I would still purchase a version of it. It is that good.

    1. Author

      Hi Diane! I can totally relate to what you say here. Speed is important when writing. Jaaxy is fast and accurate always. Thank you for leaving your thoughts.

  6. Hi there , as an affiliate marketer and also an SEO , I have been searching for a accurate and a very affordable SEO tool but I’m really glad I came across this great article, and I think Jaaxy would be the perfect option , and I love the fact that it’s the best SEO tool for beginners in affiliate marketing , I really find this article quite interesting and highly informative, it is also helpful, which i will recommend to others. 

    1. Author

      Hi Jack! Thank you for leaving your thoughts here. You will not be disappointed with Jaaxy. It is a brilliant tool! 97% search coverage online which is awesome! Glad you found it helpful and I hope Iinspired you to use Jaaxy.

  7. I use Jaaxy on a daily basis through my Wealthy Affiliate membership, and I would not be able to write blogs, without first doing my keyword research on Jaaxy. 

    From personal experience I would certainly say that Jaaxy is a winning SEO tool for anybody, beginners and experienced marketers. Every marketer needs a tool like Jaaxy. 

    1. Author

      You are so right Line! Jaaxy is not only for beginners although it is the easiest for beginners to learn about SEO. Jaaxy is a professional tool for Enterprises as well as for starters.

  8. Hi,

    From my online research SEO Keyword Research Tool is focused on finding good keywords with plenty of traffic but a very low amount of competition. These keywords are considered Low Hanging Fruit and are easy to rank in Google, Yahoo, and Bing for, in Jaaxy you often needed a degree in search engine marketing to be able to use a Keyword Research Tool for SEO.

    Thank you.


    1. Author

      Hi Aluko! That is right. You do not have to have a degree in finding good Keywords with Jaaxy. 

  9. Well, I can’t say that Jaaxy is not the best SEO tool out there because I have not tried any other before but this one is the very best that I have seen out there. I’m really happy you’re able to share the information on it. It would be very nice to give it a try and see how it would work for me. Thank you very much for the info.

    1. Author

      Hi Jackie! I agree with you that you need to try before you can say if Jaaxy is the best for you or not. Would love to hear how it works out for you. Thank you for  giving your thoughts.

      1. Hi Hilde,

        I am a Wealthy Affiliate Member since February. I am glad I learnt in the first month or two, to use Jaaxy for two purposes:
        1. keyword research in preparation for writing EVERY single article
        2. monitoring Site Rank for all my articles

        Whereas I had managed to write articles that got indexed before I started using Jaaxy, the indexing and Ranking happened much faster with the use of Jaaxy.

        I am just troubled by the discrepancy between Jaaxy, Site Content and GSC, when I search if an article is ranking. But of course, I don’t know which of the tools is wrong in every instance. My suspicion though is that the Site Content feature is the one that lags behind.

        Why would the G on SiteContent not light up for an article (meaning not indexed), and yet on Jaaxy, that very article is on Page 1 of Google? (I am using Jaaxy Lite though, and can only search the 1st Pages of search engines.)

        Warmest regards! ?

        1. Author

          Hi Teboho! Thank you for your input. I think you are right about the Wealthy affiliate Site content that it is not showing the index icon always until later.
          But I never use Sitecontent to check the rank. I use Jaaxy or Google. Sitecontent is for writing and plagiarism checking.
          Jaaxy is accurate with the site rank. I have double checked on Google most times. I am using Pro now, but It was the same when I used the Wealthy Affiliate membership lite version.

  10. Hello there, so many search engine tools are out there and its best to go for the one that works for you and creates easy means of usage for all.  With all of these in place and the lots that I have seen so far, Jaaxy has been one that I have seen with some of the best reviews. As an affiliate marketer I have not been making use of a particular Search Engine, but giving Jaaxy a try would be nice. 

    1. Author

      Hi Lawson! As an affiliate marketer you need a SEO tool unless you pay for ads and bid on the best keywords. If you have not tried any SEO tool yet Jaaxy is a great and much more advanced tool than it seems at first. Wealthy Affiliate members swear to Jaaxy. Many Affiliate marketers in the make money online niche that I am in are using multiple tools to get the best optimized websites for SEO.Thank you for leaving your thoughts.

  11. I’ve been using Jaaxy for keyword search often. I combine it with google instant search i.e. suggestions from google when you type a word in the search bar. I think as a blogger or influencer you always need to find a good keyword to spread your message because you can be the best writer in the world or have the best videos but if they don’t reach any audience, you’d be writing for a ghost town. There are many keyword tools but this one provided by Wealthy Affiliate is really good. Thanks for this excellent review.

    1. Author

      Hi Lenka! You are absolutely right. For people to find you in search you need to learn how to rank with Keywords. Or else you will be like a little webshop in a back alley withouth any direction signs for people to locate you online.Jaaxy is excellent for finding the best keywords.

  12. Hi thank you for a very good review of Jaaxy. It’s always good to know the good and bad things before you start using something. My friend has a website and uses Jaaxy very often. It helps her a lot in writing. It is also good that it helps beginners. I see that I can start for free and then go pro. I am new to the WA platform and I think Jaaxy will help me a lot. Thanks.

  13. This is such a great and well-thought review of Jaaxy. I’ve been searching for various free keyword tools, and Jaaxy seems the best for beginners. Personally, I don’t mind if they lack the advance analysis since I’m still a beginner in SEO anyway. Before signing up, can I reconfirm that this tool is really worth for a beginner in its free trial state? Thanks

    1. Author

      Hi there! The Jaaxy Free trial will give you 30 searches for free . To get full access to all features you need to go Pro.

  14. Hi, many thanks for sharing this article. As a WA member and a relatively newcomer to the world of online marketing I really like using Jaaxy, however it is always interesting to learn from other people’s experiences. Although I am sure your content was extremely good, it’s really encouraging to read that Jaaxy went a ways to help you achieve page 1 on Google for so many articles. I have such a long way to go! 

    1. Author

      Hi Paul! Welcome to the world of marketing. You are up for an exciting journey building a business online. Well as a friend of mine said,your website is your real estate online. So your website is also an asset if you treat it well.. You might want to read my post How to build website Assets as well. You may look at Keywords as a kind of location or position. The better searchable Keywords – The better your organic search traffic will be. Yes the content also plays a role in ranking for sure. That is why having a good SEO tool is important. And yes Jaaxy and the techniques we learn at Wealthy affiliate is extremely valuable for a marketer. You will get there if you learn your basic well and are consistent in building your website.

  15. Though Jaaxy may not be the greatest SEO research tool but it is very friendly for beginners especially like me, and it’s not expensive. Using Jaaxy has made me know how keywords work, understand its concept, and how to stay ahead of my competitors. Before I subscribed, I took advantage of its 30 free searches and saw how it worked before I committed. You mentioned about in depth analysis and monitoring competitors. That is not really covered on Jaaxy. I think I’ll check those keyword tools out.

  16. Hey 

    Thank you. I fully agree that Jaaxy is a winner for beginners. I am one of the said beginners and I enjoy using jaaxy to choose right keywords. It is user friendly and easy to understand. Thank you for opening my eyes to other options though like SEMrush and others ,I would love to explore them and compare .

    1. Author

      Hey Bogadi! Thank you for your input about Jaaxy. Glad you enjoy using it. I love it too because of its accuracy. I would like to use many different tools too to learn more and get the best optimization.

  17. An overall rating of 4.95/5 is quite outstanding. Jaaxy must be a high quality SEO tool. I am a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate and it excites me to see that Jaaxy is also working with Wealthy Affiliate. As a beginner in affiliate marketing, I think I am going to try Jaaxy out and also benefit from their awesomeness. Pls does the Jaaxy platform work on both mobile devices and laptops?

    1. Author

      Hi Kelvin! Yes Jaaxy is a Premium tool and actually very advanced. Probably most known for its accuracy in finding superb Keywords for ranking. Jaaxy was developed by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate. It is a part of the WEalthy Affiliate training. As a premium member you have access to Jaaxy Lite which is a hybrid of the free trial and Pro. Jaaxy Lite is only offered to Wealthy Affiliate members. As a beginner Jaaxy is a superb tool and more than you need for a long time.Jaaxy does not have their own app, but I can access Jaaxy through my Android phone easily and look for Keywords while I am not at home close to my computer. It works just fine.

  18. Excellent keyword tool. Both Jaaxy and the training at Wealthy Affiliate are a good complete of each other. The both present starters and professionals standard way writing articles that will rank on the front page of Google.Jaaxy pro is excellent. it handles competition research and analysis your competitors webste in such a way that you understand their number of backlinks, alexa ranking, keywords and even their word count 

    1. Author

      Hi there! Yes Jaaxy was made by the founders of Wealthy affiliate to be the Keyword research tool for WA members. I am glad you mention how excellent Jaaxy really is and how it handles competition research and analysis. I just love Jaaxy myself. 

  19. Jaaxy is a great tool for keywords search and more. I like using it to catalog my content of the month, I can do my research and save everything within my Jaaxy account for future reference.

    And I use Jaaxy also to find affiliate products related to my niche or to a keyword. As a premium member, you can enjoy that feature and also check if your content is ranking to different search engines. You can also make money by promoting Jaaxy as an affiliate program. This feature helped me to use Jaaxy without paying cash from my pocket, my affiliate commission from Jaaxy pays my monthly subscription.

    So, Jaaxy is definitely an awesome keywords tool to use.


    1. Author

      Hi Adyn! Great to hear about how you are using Jaaxy. The Jaaxy affiliate program is a great affiliate program with generous commissions too. It is cool that you have financed your subscription with this program. Well done.

  20. Awesome review of the Jaaxy platform! I love it. I’m on it almost everyday, catching the keyword bug is no joke. If you ever doubt Jaaxy, you’re doubting the mass amount of customers who it works for. Great article, it gave me more confidence in Jaaxy as a whole, and I wish you the best!

    1. Author

      Hi Adam! Thank you for giving your thoughts on Jaaxy. Yes Jaaxy works amazingly in finding keywords that people actually search for and bring organic traffic to your website. It is a very advanced Keyword tool. I just love it too. Glad you liked my review. 

  21. I have learnt how important it’s to use a keyword tool. And I like that I can try Jaaxy for free. I am just getting started so I really don’t need an advanced tool. Jaaxy  will be more that enough for me. But I still have concerns. How do I know the results I am getting from Jaaxy are right? Is there a way to test these results?

    1. Author

      Hi Ann! A very good question you ask here that I have tried to find out about myself.

      Here are some ways to check if your Keyword is working.

      First test is to get your post indexed on Google.

      To find out if your keyword is working you can go to Siterank and check out if your Keyword is ranking on the search engines on page 1. Then you know it is working well.

      SiteRank is a feature in Jaaxy and other Keyword Search tools as well that let you see how your keyword perform on the search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo.

      Or you can simply check it directly on the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo if your posts are ranking on first page.

      You can also check your organic search in Google analytics to see if your keywords are being searched and your post is being read.

      Hope this helped.

  22. The importance of Search Engine Optimisation is something that every affiliate or digital marketer should know about and also all it entails which is why Jaaxy sounds like an ideal tool and I want to appreciate you for reviewing the tool and also how it works. It seems like a very accurate and good tool that I would love to try out.

    1. Author

      Hi Sean! Jaaxy is one of the major SEO tools built for internet search and is ideal for this.99,7% search coverage on all search engines is a lot and it is therefore regarded as a very accurate tool to use in finding keywords. You should try out the Pro version where you get full access to all the features like Siterank, spying on competitors rank, Alphabeth soup and Brainstorm.

  23. I have heard so much about Jaaxy and it’s usefulness being a SEO tool. Reading this article and getting to know more about Jaaxy is just so interesting and amazing to me. I became a member on the Wealthy Affiliate platform not quite long, and the SEO tool they offer members for their personal website(s) is Jaaxy, which is so great! 

    1. Author

      Hi Nelson! Glad you found my review interesting. Yes, Jaaxy was built for Wealthy Affiliate as their own Keyword tool. And it is a very advanced Keyword tool. As a Wealthy Affiliate member you will have access to all the awesome tutorials on how to Use Jaaxy to its full potential.

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