Funnelmate listbuilding tool review

Funnelmates listbuilding tool review










  • Complete funnel builder
  • activate a funnel in 27 seconds
  • Effective Listbuilding feature


  • Not hosted on your own website
  • Limited amount of autoresponders available
  • Only possible to activate a certain number of free funnels a month

Are you building an email list or a funnel for the first time? Or looking for a high converting email and funnel builder system for your freebie or online course? How do you build a list and a funnel fast and easy? What is the best email responder and funnel builder? In this article I will show you How to build a sales funnel fast and easy and how the Funnelmates list building tool is one of the fastest tools for building an email list.

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Funnel marketing strategy

Wish funnel

(Photo edited in Canva by Daily Practice for Success)

In your Daily practice for success you need to have a focus on giving value to your audience, because it is your audience who eventually will become your recurring customers. The people who love to hear what you have to offer.

I have been talking about building an email list before and why this is so smart and important to do for affiliate marketers.

I have also been writing about how important email automation is for your business to save time, money and efforts and to make your business grow.

So my intent today is to give you some valuable insights to Email Marketing funnel building and How to build an email marketing funnel fast using the Funnelmates list building tool.

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How do you build a marketing funnel?

When you build a marketing funnel, you need to have the customer journey in mind.

Below I have made an info graphic of the classic customer Journey. First you get a visitor on your website. If the visitor like your content, he or she become a content reader.

If your reader click on some of your links and sign up to a free trial of some kind, the visitor turns into a lead and a prospect. This is where your email list comes into the picture.

A link or a contact form will most of the time lead to the visitor being added to some form of list. Once on your list, you can offer your customer something of value.

Here is where the Email funnel come into the picture. An Email funnel that is customized and personalized towards a lead or a prospect are way more likely to end in a purchase.

And then the visitor turns into a customer. Sounds easy, right? Here is where the funnel can help you keep a good relationship to your customers by offering them even more value so they might become a recurring customer.

If you have a high quality, automated personalized, responding email funnel and a good customer support, then the chances are high that the customer will serve you well as an advocate.

customer journey

(Infographics: customer journey Sales Funnel made in canva by daily practice for success)

Funnelmates – the complete funnel and list building tool

Today I want to present you to a new, innovative List building funnel tool and system that is quite extraordinary. It is fast, easy and highly converting funnels to help you in your marketing business.

And the best thing is that it is a complete funnel all set up – It is all done for you so you can succeed. You can use this tool to build a list, sell other peoples funnels or create your own funnels fast and easy using the templates inside the Funnelmate builder.


What is Funnel Mates?

Funnel Matess is created by Cindy Donovan a woman entrepreneur. Launched 20 April 2021.

Cindy Donovan

This creative Australian Affiliate marketing expert and funnel creating veteran have now created a funnel tool called Funnel mate which is high quality tool with supreme support and step by step tutorials on how to use the system.

She saw the need for a fast, solid and easy funnel builder system to build an email fast. So let us take a look at how Funnel mate works.

How does Funnel Mates work?

Watch the two video walk throughs I made here:

(Ps. Some of the launch prices mentioned in this video is only valid until Midnight 27.04.2021). After this the prices increase.


Or you can also see another walkthrough of Funnelmates on my Rumble channel


First you need to sign up to The Funnel Mates List Building tool. There is no free plan but you have 30 day money back guarantee on all price plans.


Price plan 1: Funnelmates Access $33,97 before 

You get $10 monthly to spend in the store buying funnels (value $120)

Learn more about the Access features here


Price plan 2: Funnelmates Deluxe $67

You get 20 to spend in the funnel shop (value $240)

Learn more about the Deluxe features here


Price plan 3: Funnelmates platinum Annual 

You get $30 every month to spend on funnels (value $360)

Learn more about the Platinum features here


Just think about it. Everyone who sign up have a certain amount of money to use in the store to buy new funnels for every month. So the chance of getting your funnel sold to members as well as your list is quite high.



After you have signed up to the Funnel Mates list building tool go to the home section

1. Set up your account – add your PayPal address so Funnelmates will know how to pay you.

2. Take the 27 seconds challenge and activate your monthly free funnels.

3. Look for groups and mates to join inside the community



After you have signed up to the Funnel Mates list building tool go to the training section of your dashboard to learn about the platform. There is a lot of steps by step tutorials on how to do everything. It is quite overwhelming how much work they have put into explaining everything easily for beginners.


General settings

Before you start doing anything it can be wise to go to settings and fill out the general settings.

Here you fill in your ID to other networks like clickbank, JV zoo, Warrior plus and Pay Kickstarter.

You may want to read my reviews about clickbank and Warrior plus below:

Clickbank review

Warrior plus review

Get Response Review

When your settings are done, it is time to go shopping some funnels with the money you got from Funnel mates.


The store section


The Funnel Mates list building tool have a store where you can see the available funnels. There are different kinds of funnels.

Free funnels – Everyone who sign up will go to your list and the funnel creator list as well. Free funnels are designed for building your list.

Premium funnels are made for sales and sign ups will only go to your list not the creator.

White label funnels are made

Exclusive funnels

Find a funnel you like and click on unlock funnel and it is activated. So fast is it! Awesome or what. A funnel all done for you.

Even a small child or my grandmother with bad eyesight can do this.


Funnel licensing

There are 4 different types of licenses.

Free – All done for you – Nothing to think about – Sign ups goes to you and the creator.

Premium – A fee is paid to unlock the funnel and Sign ups goes only to your list.

White label – You can customize the funnel and sell it as your own.

Exclusive – Full ownership of the funnel.


Apply to promote the product

Now you can click on promotional tools and ask to promote the Funnel Mates list building tool or the product. It can take 3-5 days before you get an answer.


How do you get your link?

Your Affiliate link to the Funnel Mate list building tool will follow all the funnels and you find it by clicking on Funnels in the side dashboard and then on funnel link and traffic kit. On this page you will find a short link and a long link.


Build your own funnels and make money

Free funnel everyone can grab it for free and you get a copy of every email collected by others to your list.

Premium funnel – You can take money for it and no one else get your sign ups.

You can build your own funnel from the scratch in the builder or you can Use one of the templates.

If you sell the funnels in the marketplace you can earn money on them. They need to be approved before they can be sold in the marketplace. I think that is good that they have a form of quality check before it is put out there.


===>> Learn More about Funnelmates Here =====>

The Funnel Builder

Go to the builder and select one of the done for you templates in the builder. First you need to name your funnel. And then you click create a lead magnet funnel which will generate all doe for you pages.

You can edit these pages easily with a drag and drop system. There is step by step training showing you how to set up your funnels from scratch which are very good and easy to follow. I have tried it out myself so I know for sure this works like magic.

There is a lead magnet funnel, a video lead funnel, a social lead funnel, A lead webinar funnel a review funnel and a Quiz lead funnel. All the funnels have ready-made pages you can customize. Your affiliate link is already put in it so you do not have to think of the technical side at all.

The email contact forms in the templates are hosted on the Funnel Mates server.

Once you created the lead magnet page you continue with adding your follow up emails. You can even load email templates that are done for you and high converting.


Funnel link and Traffic kit

Go to Funnels and there you will see all your funnels. Click on Funnel link and traffic Kit on the product you want to promote.

Here you will find all the promotional tools like Email swipes, Banners (HTML and JAVA) Links to promote on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook. You can share the link directly from there which is quite genius.
If you created the funnel, you can use done for you templates or create your own.

The funds Page

On this page you can see how many leads you have generated, transactions, your list of leads, How much you earned, How much is ready for withdrawal etc.

How to track conversions in Funnel Mates?

This is very easy. You just go to Funnels in the dashboard and go to the product you want to check

How to get paid?

In your general settings you can add how you want to get paid. PayPal, Stripe, Payoneer and others


1. No need to configure anything.

2. Everything is done for you include your built in affiliate link. Pretty awesome or what?

3. Complete funnels

4. Easy to set up

5. Activate free funnels in 27 seconds

6. Good tutorials

7. Fast support by the wildfire concepts.

All you have to do is to send traffic to the system.


1. Limited amount of autoresponders available to connect at the moment, but the support are very helpful.

You can use Zapier, Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Sendlane, Convertkit, and mailer lite at the moment, but more will be added later on.

You can only activate two free funnels a month.

3. Not hosted on your website

Customer Happiness

Since this is a quite new system there are not many reviews of it yet, but from what I have seen customers are really happy because they can do so much within the platform. It will save them lots of time and money.

The alternatives

The Alternatives to Funnel Mates are Clickfunnels, Getresponse, leadpages and Optimizepress just to mention a few.

Final thoughts

Is FunnelMates listbuilding tool worth the money? Absolutely. I have already signed up myself because I think it is brilliant and unique. So my answer is yes especially if you are new and need a low cost but superb listbuilding funnel builder. I am sure this program will be very popular among many affiliate marketers.

I think in a few months there will be hundreds of programs to promote here that can help you build a list and you can earn money from. And you can earn money from making your own as well.

Hope this FunnelMates listbuilding tool review serve you well. I f you have any questions please leave them in the comments below. Would love to hear your views on this tool.

===>> Learn More about Funnelmates Here =====>


Wealthy Affiliate


  1. I enjoyed your article about Funnel Mates. I have never heard of it so it was very interesting to read. It seems like a great tool for affiliate marketers or other online businesses. Your review is very comprehensive with a lot of details. I like how you explained a lot of the features. The cons and pros sections is very useful as well.

    1. Author

      Hi Anna! Thank you for your thoughts. Yes I give a quite in depth insight into this program because It is a brand new Funnel platform and a super tool for building a list and create your own funnels as well with the funnel builder. If you are new to Affiliate marketing Funnelmates is the perfect funneltool to create your own leadmagnets and freebies in. If you decide to try it out I would love to hear what you think about it later on.

  2. I have heard about Cindy Donovan before. And I am eager to try one of her products. I want to create a well-designed affiliate funnel. I know that once set up, it works by itself with minimal intervention on my part. The only thing I will require after that is to generate as much traffic as possible to my capture page.

    1. Author

      Hi Abel! This is not just a product but a platform where you can activate a complete done for you funnel in 27 seconds and you are up and running. There are many products from funnelcreators in here. A very exciting new platform that I think Is great for building an email list fast.

  3. It has been my question since I started about building an email list. I am being answered , it is too early to build one. 

    You have tackled both the funnel and list tool. Yes, your content is interesting but to be honest, I think I will understand it more with more reading or training and  joining one. 

    For the meantime, I will bookmark your post and read more on your other posts and links. Thank you for your post and your entire site. I have seen some of your other articles that I want to look at too.

    1. Author

      Hi Rose! I understand exactly how you think, but I recommend you to start building an email list from the start. 

      You will thank yourself for it later. I wish myself I had done it straight away, but I was more focused on building my website from the start. I guess you are too.

      With Funnelmates it is done in 27 seconds and it is all done for you. I recommend you to use a free Aweber account if you do not already have an autoresponder . This way you get all the leads into your own email system as well and it integrates well with Funnelmates.

      And Yes! you will understand it when you get hands on with it and follow the tutorials step by step. Thank you for leaving your thoughts! Love to hear from you later on what you decided on. 🙂

  4. I have not heard of Funnelmates before, but if it only launched just over a week ago, than it is not surprising. You have given a very detailed review of the funnel building tool, and it indeed sounds as if affiliate marketers will benefit from it. I am just confused by the fact that you mention that it is not hosted on your own website, so where is it hosted?

    1. Author

      Hi Line! Thank you for your question. No the funnel  and list is not hosted on your website. It is hosted on the Funnelmate platform. You can choose to connect your autoresponder to the platform and get all your list subscribers to your autoresponder. But if you do not have an autoresponder yet, Funnelmates will host your list and send all follow up emails with your personal links to those people on your list. I hope I answered your question. Let me know if you have other questions.

  5. You see, I haven’t gotten into funnel list building just yet and that’s something I have been thinking of lately. This is a great review of the FunnelMates list-building tool. Very informative. Thanks a lot! It seems to be a good product. I like the free version of the FunnelMates tool as it offers an opportunity to do the work and see results before signing up for premium. Even two free funnels is ok 🙂 Let’s see what happens after that! 

    1. Author

      Hi Sunny! Building a list funnnel is a must for all marketers nowadays. Looking back from when I started I wish I knew how important it was and done it from the start. Funnelmates is a great way to start building your list. and it can go faster whe co creating with others. 

      think about it. If you create your own free funnel so others can use it then you get a copy of all the emails who signed up to their lists as well. 

      Excellent way to co create for everyone and everyone win on it.  There is no Free plan. I think you may have misunderstood that point. 

      You get a certain amount of money to spend on each plan and a certain number of free funnels to activate every month depending on your plan. Personally I chose the deluxe plan, but the Access plan is the cheapest.

  6. Hello, Hilde!
    Wow, what a great product! Being a newbie at WA I really have to keep focused on the audience and the funnel technique seems a very good idea. Your explanations are very thorough and easy to follow.
    I’ve never tried a list building tool but I’m sure I have to go that way.
    Thanks a lot for sharing and keep safe!

    1. Author

      Hi Antonio! Yes Funnelmates is a great tool for building funnels and If you do not have any funnels and just want to share other funnels and freebies. It will definitely grow your list. There are many listbuilding tools out there and this one is very affordable and easy. 

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