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Do you plan your social media posts? Whatever you want to grow you need to put your focus on it, whether it is in your daily life, your health or your business. Planning helps you get focused and direct your energy on your focus. Having a good strategy for how you want to reach your dream is essential in your daily practice for success. In this article I will give you some good How to plan your Social media posts tips.

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Having a website is not enough

Although a website is a must for most marketers. You need traffic to your website if you want to grow. Traffic means people who visit your website, read your posts, visit your website, read your content, like your content, share your content, buy your products etc. Traffic is important for your business and how to plan your media posts. When you start measuring your traffic you will see patterns over time and you need to use these patterns in your planning.

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Who is your customer?

Before you start driving traffic to your website it is important to have a clear idea about who your customer is.

The main problem many businesses have is that they do not know who their customer is and what their customers wants and aspire.

You must find your niche. Who are you talking to?

Let us say you are selling baby toys online – Your niche would be stay at home moms with toddlers not business leaders or if you have a cat blog your audience would be cat owners or people interested in cats, not dog owners or horse owners. You get it.

What should you know about your customer?

1. How old are your customers?

2. Males or females or both?

3. What are the psycho graphics of your customers?

3. What is your customer looking for that you are able to provide?

4. What is the main problem you are solving for your customer?

5. How do you solve it?

6 What do you want your customer to do, learn, buy etc?

7. What extra value can you give your customer?

8. What social media platforms do they use?

Niche down does not mean you exclude others. Anyone can visit your website, but your target audience is the ones you are talking to who most likely will read your articles and reviews and buy your products. This is a continuous process you need to work with. Some niches like the affiliate marketing, make money online, health and personal development niche have all kinds of customers while other niches like clothes for pregnant women are more narrow.

Why is it important to know your customer?

To know your customer well means that you are able to give your customer exactly what they are looking for. You will be able to give them some valuable information, news or experiences as well as offers that might be of interest or help to them. If you start using social media you need to define your audience to get to the right customers. It is not so easy as it may seem always. My tips to you is to do some good research on your customers. Find out what platforms they are using most.

Social media platforms

Almost everyone use social media these days. Facebook and Instagram are clearly the biggest platforms right now, but not the only ones. You can be quite successful if you know what platforms your audience are using.

If you are an affiliate marketer or social networker Webtalk or Gateway or cashjuice might be the right place to be to showcase your brand and your business. These platforms have very active members from all over the world.

Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, Reddit are huge platforms too where you can reach your audience. Other forums like Quora are also good places to connect to your audience. Other platforms like Telegram or Parler can also be good platforms.

Why Social media posts?

Social media posts makes you more visible to your audience. This is the way most of your customers will hear about you, find you and connect with you. Your website alone is not enough – you need to direct your audience from Social media to your website. It is a communication channel where you connect with your audience. You need to plan your social media posts with this in mind. Social Media can easily be a huge time consumer so having a plan is essential.

How to choose a social platform for your social media posts


After you have done some research about what platforms are most relevant for your customers and your website you should choose the one you think is the best and focus mostly on that one. You can easily change or add a platform if you see your majority of customers are coming from elsewhere.

I know any marketers will tell you to focus on only one from the start and be good on that one before you focus on others. True, but I do not think you should limit yourself too much. Create an account on some other platforms as well. You might be surprised.

The reason I say that is that my experience have told me that your customers are not always coming from the places you think they will. Most of my customers have come from other platforms and my experience have told me it can be wise to have an account on different platforms even if you focus on mainly one.

My best tips on choosing a social media platform

Let me give you a real example from my own experience on why it can be wise to be on more platforms.

1. Facebook and Instagram

When I started my website I was told to use the biggest platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Understandable because they have most users. But do they have the most interested users? I started to ask myself this question after Google analytics told me otherwise. You should keep an eye on this as well. Some marketers do get a lot of customers from Facebook and Instagram.

The problem with the huge platforms for a beginner is the algorithms. If you are just starting out and no one likes, comments or share your posts, your posts will not reach many people. And you will not get much traffic to your website.

To get a huge reach on these platforms you need to do daily lives or videos. The most successful people on Facebook and Instagram are doing live casts every day almost. That is how the algorithm works. It favors Live posts. And the algorithms change often. So growing a substantial follower base on these platforms demands you to create live videos.

I experienced a low reach from the start, but as people notice your posts and you do some live videos the reach grows. I do get a lot of traffic from Facebook and Instagram but it is not where my sales have come from.

Good tools to schedule your Social media posts are the integrated Facebook planning and publisher tool and Tailwind for Instagram

2. You Tube and Tik Tok are other platforms that are very competitive but can generate good results if you do it right. I know affiliate marketers who made a ton of subscribers, referrals and sales through You Tube and Tik Tok because they post every day and they only focus on this channel. But it can take time to grow and you need to be super consistent.

3. Rumble. Another Video Platform that is quite interesting is Rumble it is a new Video platform where it is actually easier to make money on your Videos than on You Tube. You do not need a certain amount of subscribers or followers to earn money. The platform syndicates with You Tube and other video networks. They also offer an affiliate program which is quite good. The benefits of using this channel is that you can reach out to other types of audience and it is easier to get a revenue.

3. Webtalk. I then tried a completely new platform called Webtalk. It was still in Beta mode when I created an account. It is a new Social Media Platform that allows you to earn by being social. I got a tip from a friend to try it out because people were so active on this platform. I had not really any high thoughts about it as I started out, but I always like to try out things before I give my opinion.

It is free to sign up so I created my free account. To my surprise I could make money as well by just being active on the platform. I joined the affiliate program and soon I had a growing network from where I earn money as well.

Not only that. I started to notice in my Google Analytics that the traffic from Webtalk was growing day by day and it even resulted in Sales. This platform is projected to grow immensely this year as they officially launch their platform. I do recommend you to create an account here as well because I think it is a good platform. Create a free account here.

4. Pinterest and Tumblr. Another Surprise was Pinterest and Tumblr. Both of these platforms are targeting more visual creative people with all kinds of interests. I found Pinterest to be a great platform for me to generate a lot of traffic and sales.

Pinterest just changed their algorithm and introduced an ad program last year. If you use the ad program which is quite cheap you can get a lot of reach.

Personally I do not do ads yet because I focus on growing organically through SEO. Using the Pinterest Keyword search you are able to find good Keywords for your pins. However, I do recommend creating your pins in Canva and to use Tailwind for Pinterest to schedule the pins.

MLM Gateway - Helping network marketers build their business

5. MLM Gateway. Another good tip for you is MLM Gateway. This platform is maybe the one that surprised me the most.

Do not be tricked by the name. It is a platform for all kinds of online marketers to connect. Many marketers do both affiliate marketing and multilevel marketing on this platform.

It is free to create an account. And you can also become an affiliate in the Gateway Affiliate program.

Here you can write your business announcements and connect with other marketers all over the world.

I connected with many people and I got a lot of customers from this platform as well. I met many interesting people and have exchanged and found a lot of good marketing ideas here. They have monthly challenges that will help you grow your business as well in the affiliate program.

So how to plan your social media posts demands you to choose the platforms that is most relevant for your customers and website.

Daily planning for Success

Now you can start planning your social media posts for success. I have already mentioned some tools for planning. But before you do some planning you should create a Social media Content strategy.

A social media content strategy will help you reach your goals. You can not just post without having a goal with your posts.

Tailwind and Pinterest have also good tips on how to do your planning and scheduling. When you sign up to tailwind for Instagram or Tailwind for Pinterest you get a lot of good tutorials, templates and tips. I have found this extremely helpful.

Promorepublic have also got a great free course on Social media planning called the Some Academy. I took this and I learned a lot from this one. It will give you a good insight into social media posting.


Another great tool for planning and scheduling is Social pilot. It is awesome to manage your different accounts in one place. This tool is just Awesome and you release so much time to do other tasks. Get started here.

You can read the Social Pilot Review to find out more.

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Final discussion

I hope these tips were helpful to you in regard to your Social Media planning. Knowing your customers and what platforms they use is a good place to start. Then creating a good Social Media content strategy is smart to do before you start posting. Posting to social media can easily be a full time job. Using different tools as I have mentioned above like Tailwind, Canva, Promorepublic and Social Pilot to plan and schedule your posts are essential so you can release as much time as possible.

Hope this article served you well. If you have any questions or comments about how to plan your social media posts just leave a comment below and I will get right back at you. I would appreciate it a lot if you would follow us on Social media and share this article with someone who might need to hear this.

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    1. Author

      Hi there! Glad to hear you found my tips at an appropriate time for you. If you want more tips I urge you to join my monthly challenge and weekly tips. It will help you grow. If you use these tips you will have a good start.  Always have a goal with every post and make a strategy before posting. Do not forget to measure the results so you know whatyour customers want more of.

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