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$15 - Business


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  • Easy
  • Multilingual videos
  • Text to voice


  • Some upload time
  • Needs Google chrome
  • Limited features

Did you know that you can easily convert your articles and reviews into videos? InVideo is a top- notch power tool you can use to convert your articles and reviews into video and much more.

2020 marked a new decade in how we present our website and our content to the world.

New innovative and creative technology, platforms and solutions let us be more creative and efficient than ever before.

Let us take a closer look at what Invideo is and how you can use this tool to get more traffic and make your website stand out.

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InVideo overview and facts

Owner: Abstrakt Video Private Limited (Invideo)

A growing IT company in animation industry

Founded in 2017, San Fransisco, California


G2 High Performer 2020 – Rated at 4,8 out of 5


Product 1: Free plan: Full editing features – 60 export videos watermarked a month. 5 minutes duration videos

Product 2: Business: $20 month 60 videos a month, 15 minutes duration, 300 premium photos, Automated text to speech.

Product 3: Unlimited: $60 month unlimited videos a month, 15 minutes duration, unlimited premium photos, Automated text to speech.

Product 4: Business Lifetime $399

Features: YouTube Video Editor, Invitation Maker, Intro Maker,Outro Maker,Facebook ad template – Pre- Made templates for Facebook, Slideshow Maker, Ad Maker – Make your own Ads, Real Estate Marketing – Make real estate videos from templates, YouTube Intro Maker – Make a You tube intro, Facebook Video Ads, Make A Poster, Instagram Video Editor, Wedding Invitations, invitation Templates, Promo Video Maker, Birthday Invitation Templates, Online Video Editor

Invideo Review

Today I will have a perspective and focus of a self-employed, Solopreneur, blogger, Affiliatemarketer, working from home person wanting to convert articles into video in mind.

I will focus mainly on how to convert articles and reviews into video.

I have used Invideo myself and I find it very easy to use.

You do not need any special tech skills to use it.

I want to review InVideo by these criteria:

1. Is InVideo user-friendly and easy to manage?

2. What is Invideo Support?

3. What are Invideo key features?

4. Is Invideo giving you value for the money?

5. Invideo time consume. Do you save time?

6. How is Invideo pricing table? Which pricing table should I choose?

7. Why should I buy Invideo ? Pros

8. Are there any Invideo surprises?

9. What do I dislike with Invideo? Cons

10. Should I get Invideo? Is Invideo a smart tool for Self employed internet marketers, Affiliate marketers, Solopreneurs, Small business owners working from home?

What is video articles?

A video article is an article presented in video form.

It is presented in a way where all the main points in the article emerge.

Video articles is on the rise as technology makes it easier for individuals like you and me to create video articles easy and fast without having to use hours of understanding more advanced and complex editor programs.

This decade we will see a rise and change in the userfriendlyness interface of many programs and this will change the way we present our websites online.

Why Use video articles?

Video articles can be a successful contribution to your website and to your social media

It can help you make your website look more personal, professional and better.

Articles and video can complement each other perfectly.

You show flexibility to a new decade in your business.

You will reach new and different kind of users with your message and get more traffic to your website.

Adding video articles to your website content can help your rank and are easy to share to social media.

Video articles are branding made easy.

It is an excellent way to make your content or message visible and interesting in a more creative way.

Your readers and customers have different preferences.

By using video articles you will attract other readers and customers to your website than you would do without.

Who is Invideo for?

Invideo are for everyone working online.

Invideo is for everyone running their business from a website or social media who wants to make classy, easy and simple videos of their articles or blog, promote a product, send a message and more.

Who is Invideo not for?

As far as I can tell from my research Invideo is not for very advanced video users and advanced video projects at the time being.

Is Invideo easy to learn?

According to most of the users Invideo is easy and Quick to learn.

Personally I found it very easy to learn and use.

You do not have to have any prior knowledge to use it.

You just follow an easy- to – follow training. Invideo support will help you and guide you how to do it if you are stuck.

How is Invideo support?

Invideo support have a chat function on their website.

You can also schedule a demo.

According to most users they are rating Invideo support 5 out of 5.

Most of the users mentions response within minutes and 1-1 guiding.

That is very positive.

There are very few complaints about slow response and only one customer complained he did not get refunds before 4 months after complaining.

The help section contain tips on many topics. Users describe the training as easy to follow. The overall support seems to be excellent.

What are Invideo Key features?

Invideo Features:

  • YouTube Video Editor – create videos for You tube
  • Invitation Maker – Make video invitations
  • Intro Maker
  • Outro Maker
  • Facebook ad template – Pre- Made templates for Facebook
  • Slideshow Maker – Videoslideshow
  • Ad Maker – Make your own Ads
  • Real Estate Marketing – Make real estate videos from templates
  • YouTube Intro Maker – Make a You tube intro
  • Facebook Video Ads
  • Make A Poster
  • Instagram Video Editor
  • Wedding Invit
  • invitation Templates
  • Promo Video Maker
  • Birthday Invitation Templates
  • Online Video Editor
  • Meme generator

You wil basically find something for most niches.

Do I save time with InVideo?

You will definitely save a lot of time by using pre- made templates instead of creating videos yourself.

The pre- made templates are perfect for making small mini reviews and mini articles you can use on social media to promote your full article or review.

Just think of it as IGTV for Instagram where you show a snippet of your full video.

Which Invideo pricing table should I choose?

Product 1: Free plan: Full editing features – 60 export videos watermarked a month. 5 minutes duration videos

Product 2: Business: $15 month 60 videos a month, 15 minutes duration, 300 premium photos, Automated text to speech.

Product 3: Unlimited: $30 month unlimited videos a month, 15 minutes duration, unlimited premium photos, Automated text to speech. Go yearly save 50%

Life Time Business $399:

If you need more than 2 videos a day and unlimited access to photos from story block and shutter stock you should go for unlimited or Life time Business.

Personally I would not choose the free version because the videos are watermarked.


Why should you use Invideo ? Pros

So let us take a closer look at what is good about Invideo and why you should use it. Invideo is user-friendly, and provide a lot of pre- made templates.

It is easy to convert an article or a review into a short video to use on social media as a hook to read the whole article or review on your website.

If you want to use video as part of your promo, convert text to video, create ads, promote a product this is an affordable and time saving solution.

The alternative is to go for more advanced video editing programs that cost a lot more.

Invideo was awarded the G2 High Performer prize for 2020. They got 4,8 out of 5 stars.

Comparing Invideo to alternatives like Filmora and Camtasia on G2 Invideo get better ratings than both.

(Image: Printscreen of G2 review site)

What do I dislike with Invideo? Cons

According to several users Invideo only works with Google chrome.

I can not verify this claim.

Invideo have limited and simple editing features, so if you are looking for some more advanced stuff Invideo is not for you.

Are there any Invideo surprises?

Some really cool and surprising features is multilingual videos and the text to audio feature.

What does the Invideo users say?

Doing my research on Invideo I found that users have been a bit divided in their views but 98% are content with the product according to 76 reviews on G2.

In Trustpilot reviews Invideo was rated 2 out of 5 I found only 7 user reviews 2 bad reviews and 5 excellent.

In Capterra reviews Invideo is rated 4,8 out of 5. I found 204 user reviews and the users were positive and content.

User cons: It seems like Invideo have had some prior issues with some instabilities from time to time and speed (slow uploading.) Some have had issues with slow response from Invideo in terms of complaints on products and refund.

New features have been added but the latest review also pointed out more templates. It is unclear if all of them used the free version or the unlimited version. Several users mentioned Invideo only works properly in Google chrome, but I can not say if that is correct or not.


User Pros: Long term users describes a growing company that is constantly adding new features to the product.

Former Lumen users seems to love Invideo. 98% of the users are content with what the product offers.

It seems like Invideo have a splendid support and features and try to meet their customers demand while growing.

They are responsive to their customers. Unlimited product Users describe Invideo as a Powerhouse with a Top-notch support.

You might want to read the review of Jason Z – Project support manager.

He gives a very honest review of his experience with Invideo.

He gives an insight in both products. (photo: print screen of Invideo voice over feature)


Is Invideo a smart tool for Self employed internet marketers, Affiliate marketers, Solopreneurs, Small business owners working from home?

Photo: Unsplash

I think this is an exceptional tool for simple video projects to complement articles on your website.

Being a fresh company they have managed to make a real smart product in demand.

As the product is now it is more than good enough for a self-employed, startups, small business, Affiliate marketers, bloggers and Solopreneurs.

I am sure this product will develop further and be even better as time goes by.

Should you get Invideo? Buy or Skip?

From what I can see Invideo users who use Invideo for short, quick and fast video jobs are extremely content with the product and the price. As one of the users say: Invideo is for simple video projects not for more advanced editing.

So if you want to make your website stand out with some Top- Tier video articles I think Invideo is a supreme choice.

Invideo is a very fresh company in full growth, founded in 2017, and I believe many of the above mentioned cons will be swiftly addressed and new and better features will be added over time.

My Final thoughts

Invideo is an awesome innovative and creative solution for small businesses, affiliate marketers, bloggers, solopreneurs and online marketers.

Being able to make fast, short, easy and breath taking video articles to distribute on social media or use as a contribution to an article on your website or YouTube is something I think we will see more of.

More and more people understand it is more wise to build their business from their own websites and not directly from social media platforms owned by others.

Using Social media platforms as extended tools to drive organic traffic with video articles to your website.

From what I have learned about Invideo I will definitely want to use Invideo to make videoarticles.

I will make a new review of my experience to share with you later on. This is absolutely a powertool worthy of  a new decade.

My final verdict: Start making your Top- notch, astonishing and impressive videoarticles and minireviews!


  1. Hi Hilde,

    Thank you so much for sharing the article. I did not know about Invideo but seems such a good way of promoting the website through Social Media. I would probably start with a free membership and give it a try. You pointed out that is a very good tool for beginners and it is easy to learn.This is very important as I have no experience with creating video articles.

    Best regards,


    1. Author

      Hi Yoana! Yes it is a very foolproof platform to use. Other editing programs are much more complex and advanced and take time to learn. Invideo is perfect because it offers premade templates where you just add your own text. You might want to see the short snippet I made for Invideo here. I used the robot voice called Joanna in the video, but you can also record your own voice or upload Audiofiles.(more advanced).

  2. This is pretty cool but I would have really loved to see a sample editing done by it just to know how it would look like. I am aware of using videos to create reviews but I don’t really know how videos work for articles because a lot of affiliates write articles and creating videos on those articles would be a really good way to get traffic from other platforms apart from google so is there any way I can see a sample of this?

    1. Author

      I am working on a mini video article now in connection with a new article I am writing. I will leave a link to it when finished here in the comments as a reply on this post.
      This time I am using my own voice and not the robot voice. I use the same template, but I add extra scenes, change colors and pictures to point out the main parts of the article. A videoarticle is not a full review, but only the main points, questions or features of the product you are reviewing. Like a little teaser to read more on your website. I am al so working on a screencast on how you can do it. I will let you know when it is ready.

  3. I’m just starting to add videos to my website. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never had time for, so this program sounds interesting. What kind of videos do it actually make, though? Are they animated? Sketch videos? Live action? Can you record yourself speaking, or is it text to speech? (and if so, how good is that, actually?) You say it’s for making more basic videos without a lot of editing – which I’m guessing means you have less control over what the finished product actually looks like. The trade off, of course, is easy to use and less time spent.

    1. Author

      Hi Shanna! Great Questions! I suggest you give it a try and sign up for free. However after I wrote my review I signed up to try and made a very short video snippet of InVideo in the Invideo plaform. I used maximum 5 minutes. Watch it here. I had never used the program before. I will let you be the judge. I am now working on some more longer templates as well. The templates are different. Templates for ads, for tutorials, for marketing etc. You can also make your own. I think you will find it surprisingly easy. You are right that using the templates you have less control, but you can create your own. In the free trial you do not have full access to everything, but users who use the Unlimited version are very content.  But for a starter with no need for very advanced features this is a Marvellous tool.

  4. This sounds so exciting. I am always creating content and at the back of my mind I am wondering if someone will read it. The world has become so visually oriented that using video to do articles is such a great idea. I have read the review and I am pleased to note that a lot of what I might struggle with is supported with templates which makes The set up user friendly. I will be signing up for the free trial and see how it goes from there. Thanks for the introduction

    1. Author

      I can totally relate to that. I am so glad you will give it a go! Leave me a comment later on to tell me what you think. I would really like to know!

  5. Nowadays, the use of video is indeed growing. I am an author and I see many animated book covers and video trailers of books to attract more readers. To do this for website posts is amazing and I agree that it will make your website look more professional. So, basically, Invideo converts an existing blog post with images into a video, using the same images I posted in my article? What is an outtro maker? I saw that listed in this article and I was wondering what it was.

    Thanks in advance for your answers!

    1. Author

      Hi christine! You have many opportunities with Invideo. Creating a mini video article you take the main points of your article and make a short teaser  so they want to know more. Normally a video consist of an intro, the content and the outro. So the Outro is how you finish the video or saying good bye. It could be a CTA or a trigger to do something after they see the video – It could be a special offer or a free gift. It could also be a link to your full article. I hope I answered your question.

  6. Great suggestion about how to create video from your blog! I know how to use Final Cut and Premiere Pro, but sometimes loading a timeline could take a lot of time. I’ve been looking for an easier option, and something that would benefit me in making a Youtube intro. Thank you for sharing this, as it gives me an idea about other options for a lazy editor like me! Cheers, A

    1. Author

      Thank you for your thoughts on Invideo A. Invideo is very userfriendly and easy to learn. You can try it out to see if you like it before you make a decision if this is a tool that will suit your needs in making You Tube intros. I used it for You Tube intros myself.

  7. InVideo is a powerful tool for affiliate marketers to use. I like the idea that it has pre-made templates already set up for you to use. Even though InVideo are a young company time will tell if they can improve their product. For now, it seems like a good product to use. I can appreciate a user-friendly environment. This will make it more fun to create your videos. Thank you for sharing this info.

    1. Author

      Hi Sj! Yes I think it is a great tool for affiliatemarketers. It is easy to use and you save a lot of time on editing. I have seen it developing only the last year to become better and better. You can have a lot of fun playing around with the templates to see what suits you. I Use it to make mini reviews and mini aricles just to mention a few ways. Thank you for airing your thoughts!

  8. Hello and thanks for writing about Invideo. My friend told me about this tool. At first, I have no idea that a written article can be made into a video. I feel that making a video will take a lot of time. Since I don’t have any skill in video production, I think this tool will be good for a beginner like me. It’s too bad that the video will be watermarked for a free plan. I will take some time to consider it. Thanks.

    1. Author

      Hi! Yes you can convert your article to video very easily with Invideo. They offer many features depending on what plan you choose. A free plan is often what it is – A trial and a test period. Personally I have used watermarked videos on the free trial. Invideo is great for beginners and for making quick and professional videos.

  9. It is very good to be able to make the best out of the articles and reviews that we have, this is actually the first time that I’m reading about how to do this and I think this invideo product is a really nice one, is love to check it out and get you posted about how it goes. Thanks for sharing this article

    1. Author

      Hi Bolt! It is free to start and try out so just check it out. I look forward to hear from you about your experience. I use Invideo because it is fast and easy to make a video and leverage my articles with this tool. 

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