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Daily obstacles are something we all need to face. A part of your daily practice for success is to practice how to overcome daily obstacles that can stop you from moving forward towards your goals.

In this post I will address the most common daily obstacles we all face daily and look at what you actually can do to make your obstacles into a daily win and to help you reach your goals and grow.

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What is a daily obstacle?

A daily obstacle is something that gets in the way of your daily focus that is challenging to you. In the perspective of a daily practice for success it is what stops you from moving forward towards your goal.
Whether obstacles occur in your personal life or in your business you can learn to overcome daily challenges. It will serve you personally and serve your business on many levels.

When do you need to practice loving your obstacles?

A daily practice training on loving your obstacles will help you succeed faster. Is it easy? No, not at all, but practicing daily will help you deal with obstacles or challenges coming your way. The more you practice the easier it will become. There will always be obstacles in our lives. There is no question about that. The question is how do you meet your obstacles in the best possible way that serves you, your goals, your life and your business?

11 Common daily obstacles

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What is your most common daily obstacle? Have you ever thought about that?

Mine is definitely patience when coming to getting tasks done and learning. I am normally patient with people but not with myself, my tasks and learning.

Throughout my life I have registered a bunch of obstacles people are struggling with at work, at home etc.

I have struggled with many of them myself. The daily struggle with obstacles are real and I think you would find a few that goes for you in the list below.

Most common obstacles I have registered are:

Fear of failing :

This fear is so overwhelming for many so they never start a project or trying to reach a goal.

Fear of changes and loss:

Changes and loss are difficult for many people because they do not know how to approach a new situation or a new task or what the changes or loss will bring.

No or little motivation:

It is hard for many to stay motivated over time if you do not see any results.


To have patience is a deed that needs to be developed and this can be quite challenging for many people.

Low Discipline:

Discipline over time is hard and maybe one of the hardest obstacles to overcome for most people. Little or no long term discipline will slow you down in reaching your goals.

Not feeling enough:

Insecurity and the feeling of not being good enough, know enough, achieve enough etc. can stop you from moving forward.

Managing time:

Managing your time is essential in moving towards a goal and many people let this stop them from going forward.


Doing things straight away are obviously difficult for many and will be a hinder for rolling on.

Not Taking action

Not taking action is a quite common obstacle. Most people want to take action, but often they do not. To take action is important for reaching your goals.

Making decisions:

A lot of people think this is challenging and it can stop them from moving in the right direction.


Many people have too many expectations that makes them disappointed and will make them stop or slow them down.

How to make your obstacles into a daily win?

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First of all you need to take a step back and become aware of what your obstacles are on a daily basis. Use the next week to see what you are struggling most with. At the same time have in mind previous obstacles you have had. Take a deep look at them and see how you used to deal with them in the past. Is there a pattern to some of your obstacles?

As I wrote in one of my first posts it all starts with you.

My favorite obstacle tool

I will give you a tool you can use daily.

The first and the best tool you can use to overcome all of your obstacles is mental and emotional focus.

Focus puts you in a mental and emotional state that will help you move forward.

You must shift your emotional focus on :

– fear of failure to the emotional focus of success. What if you succeed?

– fear of change to the emotional focus of welcoming change and positive outcomes of change. What if change makes your life better?

– no motivation to the emotional focus of why you are doing what you are doing and your goal.

– little patience to the emotional focus of relaxing and to go step by step.

– low discipline to the emotional focus of results and trust in yourself.

– not feeling enough to the emotional focus of being enough and believing in yourself.

– managing time to the emotional focus on results of manage your time smarter and differently.

– procrastination to the emotional focus on what you can achieve if you do not procrastinate.

– not taking actions to the emotional focus on benefits by taking actions.

– fear of making decisions to the emotional focus of results of making decisions and consequences of not making decisions.

– expectations to the emotional focus on reality.

Stories of practicing loving obstacles that lead to success

Do you love success stories? I do, whether they are big or small. I find it amazing when people dare to believe in themselves and their dream and go for it. And it is even more amazing when they make it. You have to remember that people who make huge success often have failed a lot of times before they made it. And we would never have heard of them if they gave up on their dream.

I am a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate where I learn to be an online entrepreneur and affiliatemarketer. Daily I read success stories from other members who make personal or online success. People from all walks of life who want to take action on their goals in life.

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If you want to join us to reach your goals you will get 1 website, Access to two classrooms, 10 Online entrepreneur lessons, 10 lessons in affiliate boot camp.

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Why should you practice loving your obstacles?

By controlling your mental and emotional state with focus you will be able to do more and reach your goals faster.

Your obstacles will go away over time by practicing emotional focus. It is not done overnight. New obstacles will always occur, but at least you know how to deal with them constructively. You will feel less fear and you will get more clarity, become more courageous, productive and feeling much more happy with yourself and your life.

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And I would be very grateful if you leave a comment below and let me know what your daily obstacles are.


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(“This post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase.”)


  1. Your article is awesome. I discovered that my procrastination has shown signs of an outbreak recently, and I am thinking about how to overcome it and make myself better. 

    You have listed the daily obstacles in more detail, and given the corresponding solutions. I believe this article will be useful for many people. I will share it to make more people learn from it. Thanks.

    1. Author

      Thank you! I am really glad my post is helpful for you and I hope you practice to overcome your procrastination. I know you can do it because I used to be a procrastinator in many areas of my life a long time ago. Thank you very much for sharing my post! I hope this can help the one you share it with as well. 

  2. This is an excellent article. It is really very informative. You know many people are unsuccessful in life because they do not know the right ways to overcome obstacles in life. Fear of failure is one of the biggest obstacles for many people. This article will be of great help to many people as it teaches how to cope with daily obstacles. Thank you very much


    1. Author

      Thank you! I am happy you find my article helpful. I agree with you that fear is the greatest obstacle for most people. But the good thing is that it helps practicing to love your obstacles. If I may ask- What do you regard as your greatest obstacle?

  3. This is certainly a good read as you nailed the obstacles that people face day to day.

    What I cannot understand in general is why it appears that people have two personalities whereby they may be organized and detailed at work but untidy and disorganized in their personal lives.

    There must be something else that may have a contributory factor?

    1. Author

      Good point you have there!  People are complex – no doubt about that. But it have all to do with focus.  I am very patient with people, but not with myself. I used to be a procrastinator very many years ago but after I started focusing differently it changed. I rarely procrastinate anymore, but it can happen. I am just a normal person.  It is about Focus and your deepest why. Maybe the ones who are organized at work are fear driven? Afraid others should find out they are not organized and they focus a lot on that because what values to them is what other people think. Or maybe they manage to focus better when they have a clear goal at work. Maybe they set higher expectations to themselves at work than at home ? Just some thoughts. But thank you very much for your question. If I may ask – What is your biggest obstacle?

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