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Can we be prepared for everything? Of course not, but sometimes we need to take action before something serious happens to protect ourselves and our small business. We need to be aware and prepared mentally, emotionally and physically. We are now facing the Corona Virus or Covid 19 as it is called. It is spreading quickly and we all need to safety guard ourselves as good as we can. It is affecting us all whether we want it or not and therefore I want to address this and how this relates to your daily practice for success.

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Have you thought about how this can affect you as an affiliatemarketer, blogger, small business owner etc.? Are you prepared for unwanted events?

After many countries now have closed down due to Covid 19 I think we need to think about this.

In my previous post Create a master plan for success and you will succeed I wrote that I would address How to create a health plan in a later post. If you have a small business like “Olivia” it is important for her to know what to do to protect her business from unwanted events.

Today I will help you create a simple health plan for your small business that also help you focus on your goals

If you do not have a business health plan then read this post and find out how you can create one..

What is a business health plan?

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A business health plan helps you to coordinate response activities that impact all or part of your business’soperations, with a focus on protecting people, property, and minimized downtime.

I found out I needed to create a business health plan. There are many useful templates out there if you Google it, but I am looking for a relatively simple and easy plan to my small business. I do not need a several 100 pages document

I need a simple plan and a check list so I am able to practice resilience every day.

Facebook Quick Action Guide to small business resilience

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I have been looking for some tools to help me create a health plan and I found a very smart and useful tool on Facebook out of all places.

This is a quick and simple guide that helps you coordinate activities in your business when different events occur like the Covid 19 or other unwanted events. It helps you be prepared and is a simple and useful tool I will recommend to use.

Quick Action Guide

Get a quick overview over your small business today.

5 things you can do today

Facebook small business toolkit

I find this small business toolkit from Facebook very easy to use and very handy and useful. And it is free.

As a former certified first aid responder I have trained to be prepared mentally, physically and emotionally to unwanted events. I regard it as no different when it comes to my business.

Are you mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for unwanted events in your business?

The Facebook small business kit will be my new first aid case that is going to help my business respond to whatever happens.

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Why Practice Resilience?

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Just like first aid is “fresh food” as we say we need to practice being good at it. No one is a master just by reading theory or watching a YouTube video about first aid. No you need to practice.

Get it into your hands and fingertips so it becomes a natural thing to do when disaster strikes. It saves time, lives and further damage. Another word for it is preparedness. To practice business resilience is also something that become more and more normal because of climate changes, disasters happening around the globe.

Do you know what to do when something happens? Do you know what to do in your business when something happens or are you just relying on that you will figure it all out when it happens ?

The thing is you can never be 100% prepared for everything, but you can reduce the risk of unwanted things to happen by knowing exactly what to do.

How to practice resilience every day for unwanted events

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Resilience means the capacity to recover quickly from the disasters occurring all of a sudden.

Resilience practice of a small business mean creating a strategy and procedures in your business in order to fight unexpected events and disasters such as fire, power cut, loss of employees, loss of data or any other. The good thing you can do is to be prepared so you reduce the risks of going out of business or other aspects. Preparing is the good practice.


Some daily operations in your organization are more flexible than others. There are many parts in your small business. When a part breaks down you need to ask yourself: which areas of your business need first aid first? Business resilience practice means:

A: To identify the vital organs in your small business.

Just like in first aid airways is critical – If you do not breathe it does not matter if you have a broken leg or a huge bleeding. You are dead.

You need to make a priority list – What is the most vital parts of your business? What is the heart, the lungs etc?

B: Focus on the parts that is vital for your mission and your time because they are often less flexible.

C: If you have employees you need to know what functions, resources and personnel you need to stay in business.

Just like in first aid – if circulation stops it can be fatal.

D: Identify the risks – what can put you out of business?

The goal is to establish a minimum level of operation so you can still be in business.

To understand what makes you vulnerable is also critical. When you know that, you can prepare and practice.


What are the risks for an affiliatemarketer like “Olivia”?

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Here are some risks Olivia may be aware of:

Loss of contact with customers

Cyber attacks

Data breach

Loss of information


Availability of skilled people to help


Financial loss

And more…..

Using the Facebook Quick Action Guide will help her get a good overview.

Also having a website host with full redundancy would help a lot.

Create a daily business health plan

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I would urge you to create a business health plan even if you are a one woman/man business or a business with employees.

It helps you be prepared in times when you need it.

Use the Quick Action Guide daily and ask yourself if you are prepared in case of unwanted events.

I will definitely use this tool on a daily basis.

7 Interesting and useful books to read on resilience

Amazon Disclaimer: Daily Practice for Success is an Amazon Affiliate and by clicking through on this link I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase. When you click on these links data is collected by Amazon to track clicks, your behavior on amazon and for analytical and affiliate payment purposes.

1. Author: Yossi Sheffi

The power of resilience: How the Best Companies Manage the Unexpected (The MIT Press)

2. Author: Bonnie St. John

Micro resilience

3. Danny Morel (Author)

The resilience Roadmap

4. Author: Kurt J Engemann, Douglas M Henderson

Business continuity and risk management

5. Author: Margareth Robertson

Sustainability Principle and practice

6. Author: Nancy Meyer – Emerick

Using social marketing for public emergency preparedness

7. Author :Geetu Bharwaney

Emotional resilience


Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Final thoughts on how to practice resilience and prepare your small business by creating a daily business health plan

As a former first aid responder I know how important it is to be prepared for unwanted events. I find this topic very relevant to my daily practice for success in my daily life and in business always – not only in times when we are all affected by Climate change and Covid 19.

In my master plan for success I have now implemented Facebook small business toolkit  in my business health plan.

I hope this was useful for you and if you do not have a business health plan I will urge you to create one.

If you already have one I would love to hear about it and how it works. Let me know in the comments below.

Do you have any questions? let me know.


  1. Wow, great website! You covered all of the scares of a business in today’s world. I appreciate how you are helping others be proactive with their business. I will continue to follow your page. Thanks for bringing these safe guards to my attention. Good luck!

    1. Author

      Thank you! Glad you like it! Do you have a business health plan?

  2. It makes sense to have a business health plan. I’d never really thought about it before but why not treat it like anything else. Sensible. Thanks

    1. Author

      Yes – I think it will help reducing some risks and helping you grow better.

  3. We are having a meeting Monday morning about solidifying our action plan during this time. We are not overly fear driven in our response but know we have a responsibility so are acting accordingly. Your tips are practical and really stick. Thank you!

    1. Author

      Thank you! Good to hear that you take needed measures. It is always a balance. To be driven by fear is not a good idea. Being realistic and base your actions on facts is good enough I would say.

  4. I think the best response is to be responsible and look after your employees and those around you as best as possible. We can definitely take note from other countries that have had a similar outbreak and learned from their mistakes, taking the necessary measures to reduce the spread of virus. Great article, very useful information.

    1. Author

      Thank you! You are so right in being responsible is the key. Working in the healthsector these days is no joke I tell you. So many measures that needs to be taken to reduce further outbreak.

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