Solo Ads with Guaranteed sales on every run - The Solo Ad Growth Hack Review

Solo Ads with Guaranteed sales on every run – The Solo Ad Growth Hack Review

Solo Ad Growth Hack

$90 (100 clicks)/ VIP discount $55

100 clicks $90


200 clicks $176


500 Clicks $425



  • Magic Link - Sale on Every Run
  • Huge Vip Discount
  • Fresh Lists


  • Magic link only works with OLSP system
  • costs money

New to Solo ads? then you should read this review on how to do Solo ads with guaranteed sales on every run so you do not have to worry to risk your money for no gain.

Before you read the rest of my post I want to inform you according to the best online practices with information that may be important to you:

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About this Solo Ads Review

Photo: Made by Daily Practice for success in Canva

In this review I will show you a Growth Hack for Solo Ads with Guaranteed sales on every run. This post is meant to help newbies and startups who are sitting on the fence wondering if they should take a plunge and try Solo Ads. It can be scary to start with Solo Ads for a newbie who does not understand how it all works and risk loosing money without getting any results. This Review will show you a way with minimal risk.

It is also a good tip for more advanced marketers to use this growth hack and get access to fresh lists and actual buyers.

This is a walk through and a video review about Solo Ads Growth Hack created by Wayne Crowe and the OLSP system

What are Solo Ads Marketing?

Solo Ads marketing is marketing done with Paid traffic basically. It is very effective when it works well and you have a good offer and optimized pages, a list with fresh actual buyers and a good solid inflow plan. You can build a list fast and earn faster. So let me show you some benefits of this particular Solo ad Growth hack

Benefit OverView

✅ Easy to set up

✅DFY system

✅Good Pricing

✅Guranteed Sales

✅Optimized and tested Squeeze pages

✅Good conversion rates

✅ Good opt in Rates

Photo: Print screen of OLSP Bootcamp squeeze page

Bonus overview

Free boot camp training where you earn $20

TD Pages and products

OLSP Dominator

More Growth hacks

Earn with Solo Ads testimonials

VIP Discount on Solo Ad clicks

Additional training and commission opportunities

Approved for high ticket Affiliate programs you normally will not get access to as a newbie

Comment domination

Tube Domination

Instagram Domination (New Product – Only with VIP)

Does it Work?

I bought 100 Clicks to see how this Solo Ad Growth hack works. It was easy to set up. Good video tutorials and great bonuses. I got a bonus called the swipe sniper just for buying clicks.

The VIP solution is the best. Since I am testing the VIP platform I got a VIP discount on the clicks and access to a Top marketer Cash flow planner named 30 Day Email Journey Hacks, Sociaol Post magic, CLM, Traffic Nemesis, Content Gorilla and much more.


In many Solo Ads marketplace groups on Facebook You will find tons of updated testimonials and Solo Ads results

Here is my personal testimonial after Using the same Squeeze page on both runs.

This Squeeze page is unique for this Growth Hack and can not be found anywhere else.

This is my Solo Ad run with the Magic Growth Hack using 100 Clicks:

Seller: Wayne Crowe

Clicks Ordered: 100

Clicks Delivered: 107

T1%: 100%

Optins: 46

Sales(if any): yes

Delivery Time: 48 Hours


500 clicks with another vendor :

Seller: Another vendor

Clicks Ordered: 500

Clicks Delivered: 500

T1%: 500

Optins: 3

Sales(if any): 0

Delivery Time: 3 days

Pros and Cons

It is important to understand that paid traffic is very effective when it works. When you have optimized opt in pages and a solid and trusted system who teaches you how to maximize your traffic.

Solo ad vendors are using different methods. You can risk throwing your money out of the window Going in to Solo ads.

I recommend you to do your own research about your Vendors.

I never thought I would recommend Solo Ads to anyone as I do SEO on my website and have not had good experience with buying clicks online and DFY campaigns. Never got any good results before.

This Growth hack however have changed the way I look at Solo Ads.

I can now see it is possible to build a substantial list and earn good money with it if you have a good Cash flow plan.

For me Using the solo Ad Growth hack and the cash flow planner and training in the 30-day email hack have

given me results.

Alternative Solo Ad Vendors

Udimi is a good and trusted Solo Ad vendor just to mention one. I have not tried them all so It is hard to say who is the best vendor, but personally I trust Wayne Crowe and his magic link more.

Final Thoughts

I hope this review and video review helped you understand that this growth hack is unique and if you are new to Solo Ads this is a safe way to start buying solo ads without risking loosing. It also offers extra bonuses you can take advantage of.

I urge you to try this growth hack out if you are a complete beginner, but also for all other marketers. This system works. And Yes, you will guarantee get sales using this growth hack according to Wayne Crowe.

If you have any Questions what so ever about these Solo Ads do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below.


  1. I have mixed feeling about Solo Ads Growth Hack. On one side, I have always been a bit afraid of paid advertisement. I know that we can lose a lot of money if we don’t do it properly. However, on the other hand, these discounts and this easier way to approach ads encouraged me to try it. One never knows if this is the way in which I’ll become proficient running ads.

    1. Author

      H paolo! I totally understand you because it is exactly what I feeel and think too. I can assure you that this magic solo ad growthacks works. I have tested it out so I know you will make a sale on every run. The number of sales will vary according to your offers.  But you have to remember this is sendt to fresh traffic ready to buy.

  2. Hi and thanks for sharing this. I am curious about one point. You said that you use mostly SEO content on your website and not paid traffic. You also said that you had tried paid traffic and had very poor results. But then you say you tried Wayne Crow’s Solo Ads Growth Hack and it worked. Did you need to change anything on your site for this hack to work? Did you change your landing page or something else about how your sales funnel was structured? Thanks, Andy

    1. Author

      On my website I use only organic traffic. The magic solo Ads  links are connected to a landingpage I have on TD pages. TD Pages is a software I use for creating amazing call-to-actions to grow your email list and run special offers. 

  3. Hi, after reading your review  I’m not entirely convinced that the sale is guaranteed because Wayne says so. I am glad that it worked for you and these tried and tested reviews are helpful for beginners as there are so many similar programs out there that are not what they seem. Thanks for the read.

    1. Author

      Hi Dan! I assure you everyone who do the soloAd growthack get sales with it. I got on all mine. you can go to the Free facebook group and see .

      All testimonials from Solo ad growth hacks are collected in a testimonial group. 

      To get sales on every run you need to use the magic link.

      Watch the replay on Solo ad domination growthack here

  4. Thanks so much for sharing a great Solo Ads review, as I’m working on my website and learning about how to get more traffic, it’s great to find a good article to learn more about how Solo Ads work and if is a good idea to work with on a new website, I will bookmark your article, as I’m sure I will need to come back later. 

    1. Author

      Hi Alejandra! Glad you found it helpful. Solo ads can be great if you are running a campaign on an affiliate product  to laser target it on your audience. If you have a website in bizopp, mmo or digital software products these Solo ads are some of the best.

  5. I am a bit scared of any paid traffic as the word paid says everything. You basically paid for them to go to your ad and does not guarantee they will be back. But, then again if you do not risk things like playing the lotto, then you will never know if you will succeed. I will explore the solo ad option, but be careful due I do not have much money to spend and cannot risk losing money for no results. Thank you for the exposure.

    1. Author

      Hi Bernard! Yes, Paid ads cost money. It is very fresh traffic and very targeted buyer leads. Paid ads is very effective if you buy from a good vendor with fresh lists. These Solo ads are optimized and targeted for affiliatemarketers in bizopp, digitalmarketing and mmo and have good conversion rates.

  6. Hi Hilde,

    I love to see that there are systems that work since my experience with them in general has been quite bad in terms of conversions.

    The truth is that I am focused on content and SEO at the moment, although I want to launch a campaign shortly and I was not very clear through which tool or platform I could obtain a result that at least allows me to recover the investment and ideally obtain benefits. .

    You have certainly encouraged me to try this system and I will save this page to give you my feedback when I try it.

    Thank you for helping the community and those of us who started in this business.

    I wanted to ask: How long does it take to get results (conversions) with this system?

    Does it serve both for product sales and for affiliate links to platforms that pay commission for adding new members?

    A cordial greeting!

    1. Author

      Hi Antonio! Glad you found this interesting. From you buy the clicks until you get results it takes about 1-3 days until you get the results. I have done a couple of runs with this system and I got between 40 and 50% conversion rates and made sales. You can use the magic link when you promote OLSP products, but not on other products. But you can buy traffic for any product offer or affiliate offer you like. But these solo ads are meant for bizopp,mmo and digital marketing products. Not so suitable  for other niches.

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