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Email Automation Marketing Tools for Startups

Email marketing works. It has been one of the best ways to do marketing for years now. So today I want to take a closer look at some Email Automation Marketing Tools for Startups and why Email Automation Marketing Tools are important for affiliate marketer startups and how this can help startups to grow an income faster.

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Why Automate your emails?

1. As an affiliate marketer startup you want get to know your audience and give them good value. So you want to personalize the information and give it to your audience effectively and as personalized as possible. Most consumers like to read personalized messages that appeal to their interests.

2. You want to build a list over people who are attracted what you can offer them of knowledge, information and help so they can get a better life. Email marketing is an effective way of doing just that and reach more people who actually want to buy from you. With a list you have the possibility to offer your audience a lot of value and build trust.

3. You want to sell or offer your products or services to the right people. By targeting your emails to a specific audience you will generate more income.

Email Automation Marketing tools will help you automate your workflow to send customized, targeted emails to specific customers with a specific interest. This way you can follow up your leads better and get more conversion from your list who become customers.

What Emails to Automate?

Email Automation Marketing Tools for Affiliate Marketing Startups

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When You are a startup, everything seems overwhelming when entering the Affiliate marketing world. Building a website, getting traffic and making money, right? It is an exciting journey. Everyone starts on zero and grow from there. How fast you grow and how much you earn depends on many different factors.

One of the key elements in growing your business is Email automation. Normally affiliate marketers provide targeted information, tips, freebies, e books, courses, training and products through emails to a specific type of audience.

Instead of making a freebie, course or a campaign many times over you make them one time and automate them. This is especially great for Freebies, E books, training, webinars, courses etc.

You want to automate as many emails as possible. Welcome emails, Freebies, campaign emails etc. The sooner you start automating your emails the faster you will grow.

Personally I did not automate my first year. I noticed that after a while It was a lot of work with emails because I had not automated them.

It was time-consuming. So I went looking for a platform where I could automate the whole process. I love All in one platforms. So let us take a look at the Email automation process and how to do it.

How to Automate Emails?

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To automate your emails you normally need an email provider, opt in, email list, an email auto responder, a landing page and an Email Funnel.

Drip Campaigns

I use Mailpoet email provider. In Mailpoet I can create a contact form where people sign up to a list to receive specific information. After they sign up they get a welcome mail and a series of drip mails you can schedule.

This can be good for a plain, simple shorter email course or an email challenge where you do not need a landing page or videos. You can schedule the emails weeks ahead with drip campaigns. Drip campaigns are easy and quick to do and can be a part of a bigger email marketing funnel strategy.

How to Make a Drip Campaign with Mailpoet

Email Funnel

An email funnel consists of a series of actions you do from getting the audience to sign up to your form, being directed to a landing page and a series of follow up emails that normally end up with your audience getting the product for free or pay for a product. A funnel is also used to offer many different products or services to your audience

To make this process easier there are some really great email automation tools that can help you make amazing funnels very easily. An Email funnel can be long or short.


Basic Short funnel

Lead magnet -> Opt in form -> List -> Welcome email -> download offer mail

If you have a freebie someone wants to download they opt in on a form and will automatically join the list. Then an automated welcome email is triggered and sent to the person who opted in. In a short funnel they get the PDF or the offer in the next email.

Need an extra Income


Long Funnel


Lead Magnet -> pt in form -> List -> welcome email -> Landing Page -> Download offer -> Thank you, Page -> -> Series of emails -> series of upsell and downsell Funnels.

If you have a freebie someone wants to download, they opt in on a form and will automatically join the list. Then a welcome email is triggered by an Opt in and sent to the person who opted in.

In a long funnel they are being directed to a landing page where they can download the free offer they opted in for – After downloading they will be directed to a Thank you page and follow up emails that are triggered by an Opt in. Now you can keep sending follow up emails with personalized information and opt ins to other funnels you may have.


Email automation tools are great for people who are not techies, because the tech is all done for you. You get done for you made templates and all you need to do is to customize and personalize the templates to your audience.

Many of these marketing automation tools offers great tutorials in how to do it step by step.

Auto Responders

An email auto responder is a service that collect the email address from a contact form on your website and replies to the person who sign up to it with automated messages. Examples of great Email Auto Responders are:



Read my review: Mailpoet Free form editor review – Easy made sign up forms

Get Response

All-in-one software


Here is my review: Get Response All In One Marketing Automation Tool Review





You might want to read my review: Optinmonster Review – The top of the cream opt in solution

Formidable Forms


You might want to read my review: Create a contact form in less than 5 minutes

WP form

How to Personalize Automated Emails?



This is becoming more and more relevant as the audience often knows what they are looking for. The better you are at personalizing your messages according to your audience interests, the better results you get.

You will get more Quality audience and traffic. Get Response and Optimize Press are two platforms with features that are good for optimizing personalization and very affordable and easy to use for a startup.

Personalized emails as part of your ongoing marketing strategy is something you should implement and focus on.

You want to give the right people the offers they are interested in, not just spam them with a ton of emails they do not care about, right? That is why choosing an email marketing automation platform that help you personalize your emails is important.

What Email Marketing Service is best?

Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]

There are several good email marketing service platforms that offers to help you automate the whole process but if I should pinpoint a few for you I would take a good look at these two below. I believe they are really good startup options and have a good value for the price.

Get Response is clearly one of the platforms with best opening rates, personalization, conversions, good price and integration.

OptimizePress is another that works well with WP sites and integrates well with different Email providers, affordable and delivers good results.

What I like about them: They have easy drag and drop functions and are easy for beginners as well as for more experienced users. And You can do anything inside the platforms. Build opt in forms, Landing pages, drip campaigns, Email campaigns, Funnel builder, Membership builder, payments and more.

Alternative Platforms like Thrive, Clickfunnels and lead pages cost way more and are not necessarily better tools to use.

Free Email Automation tools

Get leads. Get sales. Get growing.

Email automation tools are normally not free. If you are lucky you can get a free trial or money back guarantee.

With Get Response you get 30 days free trial and Optimize Press 30 days money back guarantee.

When is it necessary to buy an Email Automation Tool?

If you are a startup and want to grow and scale your business, it is crucial to have an Email Automation tool. When your list grows, you will use too much time on emails if you do not have an Email Automation tool.

I think it is necessary to buy one as fast as you can afford one. Personally I waited too long before I decided to invest in an Email automation tool because I felt I did not need it from the start. Now I know better and I think investing in an email marketing tool is one of the best things you can do early on.

Why Affiliate marketers love Email marketing Automation tools

Email marketing Automation tools are so wonderful for Affiliate marketers because instead of writing a new email campaign every week or write to every new lead you get, your new lead is directed into one of the lists in your funnel and then you can loop the funnel over and over again or direct the lead to other funnels you have based on personalization. This will make it easier for you as an affiliate marketer and give the customer a feeling of being remembered and taken good care of.

And you only do the job once. You then have time to answer eventual questions from your audience or doing other tasks. A huge time saver. And you are selling on Autopilot.

Infographic - How To Sell Through Email


Create a Daily Practice for Success with email automation


An important part of the daily practice for success in Affiliate marketing is clearly to create an automated email funnel. This is how successful marketers manage to wake up to recurring sales every morning. Because they have a great Email Marketing Automation tool that works for them. Imagine how it would feel to hear those Plings everytime you get Money into your bank account. Sound good?

Read my blogpost: Pling! You got a new Payout

Should you Automate Your Emails?

My question is definitely YES. If you want to grow, scale, 10x or whatever your goal is, it is a must to automate your emails.

Marketing automation can be a huge cost for many marketers from the start. I think it is better to start smart and when you start making money you can upgrade. I would not invest in a costly funnel from the start. Keep the costs down and choose platforms that will give you great value for the money.

I can not tell you what Platform to choose. This is a decision you need to make. I have only pinpointed two platforms here in this article that I believe will be great to start with and I know deliver great results. As a bonus they do not rip your shirt off before you started.

I hope you found my article Email Automation Marketing Tools for Affiliate Marketing Startups valuable and helpful to you.

If you have any questions about Email marketin automation please leave your comments below and I will get back at you as fast as I can.

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  1. Hi, I’ve just gone through your article on email automation marketing tools for startups. I find it very informative and helpful too. I’m still new to Wealthy affiliate marketing and I’m glad to have come across this useful information. Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing piece of writing, I will be sharing it further too with my colleagues to spread the word. thank you once again.

    1. Author

      Hi! Glad you liked my review. This tool is especially easy for startups with no tech skills. It is all done for you and you can only drag and drop and customize the texts from the premade templates that are included. The tutorials and step by step guides are good and you get a good support to help you set it all upp. Try out for Free for 30 days

  2. This is really great information. I have just started a new website and I am brand new to affiliate marketing. There is not much traffic to my website and I am still building it out. Doing automated emails is something I definitely need to do, however, speaking personally I really dislike getting lots of emails trying to sell me stuff. Can I set mine up so it doesn’t feel like that for other people, or does it just come with the territory?

    1. Author

      Yes you can set up your autoresponder to send emails according times that you think is best. But Getresponse can offer you awesome tutorials and good statistics on what works for you. They also provide awesome email analytics so you learn to know what your audience are interested in. You can even send your audience a poll and personalize your emails accordingly. People can always unsubscribe if they do not like your emails. 

  3. I have a real struggle getting on board with anything to do with email. I think it is a personal block or just something I am not good at and so I just don’t do it. I am decent at writing articles but really suck at email marketing. I guess I am going to have to push through and just immerse myself in it and become better. Never heard of MailPoet and Getresponse but willing to give it a shot.

    1. Author

      Hi Dan! It took a while before I started too, but you do not have to be good at it to start. You become better as you go. Start with a weekly letter or less if that suits you better. Give some tips or value to your list. It can be anything. You do not even have to sell anything. A weekly update on what you are up to. Start small and expand. Be you.

  4. I haven’t started with email marketing just yet. It seems like a whole new world to me and I have been postponing this digital tool. However I know I will get into that sooner than later, as my website is growing and the email automation marketing tools for startups sound like a good deal for me as a newbie in this field. 

    1. Author

      Hi Sunny! Thank you for your response. Automation is smart to do even if you think it is early. It will save you precious time you can use for other tasks. I started with small funnel automations and I constantly add new funnels as I see the need for it. I think you will think Hey! why didn`t I do this before once you start. 

  5. Hi. I read your article about email automation marketing tools and I can say every part is very interesting.
    I have only been a member of the WA for a few months and am constantly researching tools to grow my online business.
    This is really worth trying to use. We all aim to increase traffic and I know we have to work hard to succeed.
    Thanks for the helpful info.

    1. Author

      Hi Denis! I am glad you found my article helpful. As a newbie it can be smart to build small Email funnels from the start and add more as you expand your online business. You will get more time for other pressing tasks. Automation is worth the money.

  6. For me the funnel is the most important part of email marketing. How you treat/sell to your audience is vital, otherwise all the hard work of capturing the lead is wasted. 

    How long does it take to set up the Email funnel in these tools? Do they have Funnel Templates? Which had the best templates do you think?

    1. Author

      Hi Hugh! Appreciate you share your thoughts about this. I completely agree that how you manage your audience matters for your audience and for your business. It is impossible to give you a time fame on how long time it takes to set up a funnel because it depends on the length of the funnel and what tool you use.  

      But I can say setting up an automated short funnel drip campaign in Mailpoet is quick and easy to do – I do not use more than maximum 1 -2 hours making the contactform, list and emails. 

      Getresponse have awesome landing page templates that are designed to capture emails. I believe that you would manage to build an awesome funnel in less than a day with this drag and drop system. With practice you can do it much faster – maybe in a few hours.

      And you can duplicate and customize funnels as well which will save you lot of time. Get Response have their own Email creator. They have contactform templates and Landing page templates, confirmation page templates, newsletter templates, invitation email templates, Event templates, niche templates and more. 

      Another smart personalisation trick is to use smart tags with optinmonster How to Use Optinmonster Smart tags to build a list

      Elementor is another platform that is good for building Landing pages. You may want to read this – How to build landingpages with Mailpoet and Elementor.

      I hope I managed to answer your question Hugh!

  7. Email automation is a must for anyone with an online business. It is great that you can write the message once and it gets sent automatically according to how you set it up to your list, allowing you to get on with the more important task of growing your business.

    I am surprised to see how many different automation companies have shot up over the past few years. It used to be only Aweber and Get Response in the beginning days, now they have so much competition.

    I find some of them a little expensive for my budget, especially when the price goes up each time you grow your subscriber base. I prefer ones that charge the same price no matter how many subscribers you have.

    1. Author

      Hi Michel! Thank you for expressing your views on this. Email marketing is a smart and time saving way of marketing. Automation tools are expensive because they have done the job for you and saved you a ton of time and  hazzle.

      I think most automation tools will increase according to subscribers you have. They allow you to start small and grow from there. If you have a converting funnel it is totally worth it. 

      I can understand that for a startup with a small budget it can be adifficult decision but if you think about it you will be rewarded 10 fold or more for your investment with converting funnels.

      Now the personalization factor is very important in marketing. You would want to have a tool that can personalize your emails and give you good statistics to be able to deliver what your customer wants. It is all about customize content for your customers.

      Get Response

      have specialized on this and have high conversion rates on emails. And  you can try it out for 30 days before you decide. You can start for as little as $15 a month whichh I think is a decent price. If you have a converting funnel you will not loose any money.

      Optimize press is a Great alternative specialized for optimizing landingpages in Wordpress and works well with most autoresponders. Optimizepress does not offer a free trial. It is a yearly fee of 199 which is $17 a month. You can also pay $90 quarterly which is $30 a month and you can use it on up to 20 personal sites.

      Both offers pre built landing pages and funnels ready to customize to your business.

      Personally I think it is a good investment to get an automated marketing tool for your business

  8. Liked your post on Mailpoet. I have tried Mailchimp and Get Response and found my self turning in circles without going anywhere.

    I had not heard of Mailpoet before I came across your site. So will be giving that a go. It seems suitable for a non techie like me.

    I will look at your other reviews too maybe I can find out what I was doing wrong with Get Response. 

    Thanks for this information. Appreciate it.

    1. Author

      Hi Michael! Thank you for your comment. Mailpoet is easy to use and also Aweber is a great choice. It is free up to 500 subscribers. Get response is great for personalizing but costs a bit more to use for a starter. I think it is smart to send Getresponse support a note and ask for help. I am sure they will give you some good advice on how to proceed.

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