How to use Optinmonster Smart tags to build a list

How to use Optinmonster Smart tags to build a list

Wouldn’t it be great to have the possibility to identify your leads and customers who visit your website? In this article I want to show you How to use Optinmonster smart tags to build a list and personalize your website to increase visitor conversions.

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What is Website personalization?

Websites can be personalized to give your visitors a better user experience while visiting your website and make them want to opt in on your offers. There are many ways to personalize a website, but today my intention is to show you how to use Optinmonster smart tags to build a list, personalize your content and how powerful and affordable this can be for your online business.

In my last article I wrote about All in One Email platforms that was personalized to get better visitor conversion.

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Who can use the Optinmonster smart tags?

If you have a website, blog or an e-commerce site how to use Optinmonster smart tags is something you should take a closer look if you want to build a list and reduce visitor abandonment from your site.

The benefits of website personalization

The benefits of personalizing your website is more traffic, conversions and sales.

Personalization is a new digital trend that more and more marketers use because it works. Your visitors knows what they look for and do not want to be presented to a lot of fluffy stuff they are not interested in. With the Optinmonster smart tags you can personalize your website for every visitor who visit your website.

Normally personalization tools can be quite costly but today I want to show you One easy and affordable way to do this is by using Optinmonster smart tags. This is so easy that anyone can do it.

I must admit I have not used this feature myself yet, but I would love to try this feature on one of my Websites and that is why I have done some research on different smart personalization tools. I hope you find this valuable to you and that you also see the value in personalizing your content to your visitors. So how to use Optinmonster smart tags?

How to set up smart tags in Optinmonster

The Optinmonster drag and drop builder help you build opt ins that are highly optimized for conversion using merged tags based on the information your visitors give. It works a lot like personalized emails does.

For only $9 a month you can start to use this feature. That is very affordable and very profitable solution if you are on a low budget.

You can create an account here. You have 14 days 100% refund guarantee in case you should change your mind. And you get access to the Optinmonster University with courses, guides and video tutorials.

Greet your visitors with their name

Yes, you can actually greet your visitors with their name using the smart tags. How cool is that? This is a great personalized feature you can do with the smart tags. The smart tag recognize previous subscribers when they visit your website and they will feel more appreciated when coming back. Most visitors will think it is nice to be recognized and become positively surprised when they see their name or a special offer that is personalized for them. When you learn how to use Optinmonster smart tags you can create unique content for your customers

Create unique content for your customers based on interests and location

You can create amazing and unique content with making use of the Optinmonster

– full screen campaigns


– Stunning Inline campaigns

– Optimized Slide in Campaigns


– High converting Pop ups and more

with special offers based on Interests, location, date, day of the week, city, state, zip code, or country.

How amazing is that? Just imagine how you can target your audience and surprise them with offers specially for them.

Imagine how they will feel. They will feel seen, more understood and taken care of. And it build a better relationship between you and the customer.

If I go to your Website I will get a pop up with an opt in for a special offer for visitors from My city or country or I log in from

because you have installed the smart tags for dynamic text replacement. Go to the optinmonster drag and drop builder and see how easy it is to use the smart tags. Now let us take a look at the smart tag integration. How well does Optinmonster Integrate with other services?

Smart tag integration

The integration possibilities with Optinmonster are huge. It works on almost any site and integrates with a lot of email services, WP, Wix, Zapier, Salesforce, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Manychat, Blogger just to mention some of the most common ones.

Personally I use Mailpoet Email service. When I asked the Optinmonster support chat how to integrate Mailpoet I got a quick reply from a real human on how to do it. The support is really good and fast. I got the answer on all my questions.

Another question I asked that was relevant for me and maybe for you too is how it works to promote a freebie like a PDF or an E book. Optinmonster does not have landing pages, but they do have something called success pages. So If you want to promote a Freebie or an E book, you can create a Full screen campaign and direct your customers from an opt in to a success page hosted by Optinmonster where you can have the link to a PDF, E book or a landing page. This feature can easily be used to promote a freebie or E book. Find out more here.

What does the Customers say?

According to G2 Optinmonster have a high customer happiness score and is one of the leading personalization tools for converting leads into customers. They were one of the first in the market who managed to optimize and capture leads more effectively. Customers are generally very content on how well leads are captured and how well it works to grow a list.


According to the customer reviews customers find it great for E book campaigns and Freebie Campaigns.

The exit intent feature is great and manage to capture more leads to opt in lists.

Quick and friendly support.


I could not find any cons about using smart tags.

According to some customers Monsterlinks does not integrate with all Email services and can be tricky to integrate with WP menus.

Alternatives to Optinmonster

Elementor Pro is another tool that I think can be a good solution to Optinmonster with great opt in forms and landing page builder and can compete on price. It costs $49 a year which is $4,9 a month (paid yearly).

Get Response is also a great All in One automated lead generation tool that have all under one umbrella, but costs $49 a month with a 30-day free trial.

3 tips to how you can Use Optinmonster smart tags

1. Make a Freebie

2. Make an E book

3. Make a special offer to your customers

Use the Optinmonster smart tags to capture leads and build a list

Should you personalize your website with opt in monster smart tags?

That is a decision I cannot make for you. I hope that my article have helped you to see that personalizing your website, blog or e-commerce site can be a super smart thing to do to capture more leads and increase conversion and sales.

It is a huge digital trend at the moment to personalize content to your visitors interests.

Optinmonster Smart tags is a leading and proven method for doing this and customer happiness is high and it is an affordable solution for most online businesses. If you are building a list this is definitely a fast way to get a huge list.

If you have any questions about optinmonster please leave them in the comments below and I will get back at you.

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  1. Wow, I hadn’t really thought about creating a personalized experience for website visitors, but it does make sense that something customized for a person would be more effective. I can see how this could be a very useful tool and it sounds like the customization options are as easy as drag and drop. Thank you for sharing this neat approach to reaching your website visitors!

    1. Author

      Hi Aly! Well the focus is now more and more on personalized information to give your audience a best possible user experience while visiting your website. It is a very affordable and effective solutions for many marketers. And you get free access to Monster University when purchasing any plans now ( normally $1997 value). 

  2. Hello Hilde.

    This has been an interesting read. I’m running a blog and I know personalization helps us improve traffic and at the end of the day, conversion.

    I know that one of the secrets that has made Amazon the success it is, is personalization.

    I have decided I’ll give this a try. Thank you very much for pointing me in this direction.

    1. Author

      Hi Paolo! Yes personalization is the key for future leads and sales.Optinmonster smart tags is absolutely something I would try out.  If you are using Amazon a lot I would also recommend you to take at another new SEO optimizing tool especially made for Amazon tool called Sellerly. made by Semrush. Can help you boost your amazon sales even more. 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing this article. I was just having a read through it just now and it sounds like something i definitely have to look into as i’m always keen to find new ways of expanding my list of contacts and imporove my website. I must admit though, it would be better if it had at least something you could try out free before committing as theres so much out there people are trying to sell. It’d be good to know its what you’re looking for first. Thanks

    1. Author

      Hi! Yes I understand you, but Optinmonster smart tags works and they have a pretty low start price and a 14 day normal refund guarantee for purchases online.

  4. I currently do not have a list and have been very aware of the fact that the money is in the list. This is the first time that I come across Optinmonster Smart Tags and the way in which you can personalise your website for your visitors. You mention it is a drag and drop builder, but does that mean I need to know hoe to code to use it?

    Would I still need an autoresponder like AWeber or does Optinmonster do it all?

    1. Author

      Great question! Yes you need a mailprovider Like Mailpoet, Aweber and many others.  You will see the tutorials on how to do it on optinmonster website. You do not need to know any code. You just drag and drop.

  5. Hi, I’ve just gone through your post on how to use optinmonster smart tags to build a list. I find it very informative and helpful. Little did I know that personalization tools can be easy and affordable by using optimonster smart tags as you have clearly stated. I’m glad I came across this post today, I will be sharing it with my colleagues. All thanks to you for sharing this amazing information with me.

    1. Author

      Hi! Yes Optinmonster startplanis affordable. Right now you get a Free access to Optinmonster University when purchasing one of their plans. ($1997Value of courses, videos and tutorials)

  6. I was just starting to discover the field of e-mailing on a website and I didn’t know much about it yet. That’s why articles like all the possibilities are very welcome, as they broaden my horizons and create ideas.
    Optimonster Smart Tags is a great option to build a list. I currently have AWeber set up. Is Optimonster compatible with this existing email list, or is the program I use instead of AWeber?
    Personalization seems great to me and given the scale of all the possibilities within this program, I still have a lot to discover. Thanks for the presentation!
    Friendly greeting,

    1. Author

      Hi Nina! You can use Aweber. It integrates well with the optinmonster smart tags. You will find out how to set it up on the Optinmonster FAQ sites. Right now you get a Free access to Optinmonster University when purchasing one of their plans. ($1997Value of courses, videos and tutorials)

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