Zapable - Apps made easy and Affordable Review

Zapable – Apps made easy and Affordable Review


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  • Easy to make an app - No technical skills required
  • Endless business opportunities for all niches
  • Awesome niche templates


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Ever wished it was more affordable to make your own App and that you did not need any technical skills to build one? Well, The time has come for you and your wishes have come true. Finally, there is an affordable App builder for everyone. In this Article Zapable – Apps made easy and affordable I will give you a good overview over this new product to see if it actually keeps its promises to be able to build an app in 60 seconds. Is that even Possible? Well, you will find out in this review.

What is Zapable?

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Founders: Chris and Andrew Fox

Zapable is a new developed app builder software where the user does not need to have any technical skills to use it.

It is user-friendly and easy to use. Not only that – It is very affordable.

In a 407 trillion industry this is a huge game changer. Finally, small businesses have a golden opportunity to grow their businesses easier, better and more affordable using apps than ever before.

Go to the FREE webinar here to learn more

A quick walk through of Zapable

Why are apps so important?

Almost everyone have a mobile phone now and the Appmarket have made huge money because Apps makes peoples lives simpler. Just think about it. How often do you hear people ask you after an app if you talk about a product or a subject. Quite often actually. I hear my family and friends talking about what apps they like and why they like them.

I have friends who are huge App collectors in different niches. They love to use all kinds of apps. The thing about apps is that it is user-friendly, fast and it solves a problem for you.

Shopping online, Bank apps, Training apps, search apps, recipe apps – you name it. You probably have a bunch already. We are surrounded by apps and many do not even notice.

How can you afford to make an app?

If you should guess how much an App cost to make. What would you guess? I had no Idea, but I knew it was costly, but I soon found out it was more costly than I thought.

An App have normally costed from around 50 K – 1 million to create and develop. That is a lot of money. But do not worry anymore.

Now you can actually make your own apps at a so low cost that will blow your mind. Click the link to Get Your 365 day App Builder trial activation

30 + ways to use Zapable

According to Zapable this App Builder have incredible possibilities – Just take a look at some of them below.

1. Sell Digital Products In App with Zap Digital

– EBooks, Audio, PDF, Step by Step Courses

2. Sell E com in App With Zap E Com – integrates with Teespring, woo commerce, Shopify, Volusion, Magento just to mention a few.

3. Membership Apps – Sell Access to Membership App – integrates with Wishlist, Clickfunnels, Teachable, Kajabi

4. Take Payments In App – Integrates with PayPal, Stripe, JV Zoo, Clickbank, Warrior +

5. Push Notification – Send instant push notifications to people with the app

6. Create Instant Mobile Apps – Access apps via a direct URL – No more paying Apple 30% for in app purchases

7. Automated Apple Submission – New technology enables rapid App submission process

8. Submit to Google Play / Android – Get live in the google play store within 72 hours

9. Digital Loyalty Cards – next gen “QR code scanning” enabling digital loyalty cards & employee control customization.

10. Audio Integration – Integrate into Sound Cloud, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer.

11. Video Gallery – Share your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and many popular video services

12. Image Gallery – Showcase beautiful images of clients businesses services.

13. Discount Coupons – Entice people into your brand with time sensitive discount coupons.

14. Real Estate Listings – Build amazing directories listing all available properties & features with option to book an appointment.

15. Folders (Working Title) – Create unlimited categories & sub categories in your App.

16. Maps – Share your businesses location with 1 click “go” function.

17. Form Builder – Build fully awesome customized forms to collect clients leads, quotes etc.

18. QR Coupons – Encourage repeat business by offering ‘Easy Scan’ QR coupons. Also encourage people to download your app.

19. Full Customisable Design – Drag n Drop – Pre Installed Templates & full “Build from Scratch” functionality.

20. Multiple App Menu Layout Options – Re order your App layout within seconds with our lightning fast and user-friendly interface.

21. Client White Label Members Area – Offer Clients their own awesome private login area with your company branding.

22. Restaurant Apps + Food Menus – Share your awesome restaurants menus in PDF format.

23. Online Food Ordering Integration – Integrate into just Eat, Grub Hub, Deliveroo and many more.

24. Social media Wall – Allow app users to share, like and comment directly within the app itself.

25. Auto Responder Integration – Integrates with Active Campaign, Get Response, Mail Chimp and anymore.

26. Appointment Forms – Allow clients to book scheduled appointments and set your availability.

27. Invite a Friend – Share your app with other people with totally customized reward plan.

28. Social Media – Share your Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Linked in profiles.

29. Privacy Policy – Stay compliant and share your company privacy policy.

30. Done for you Landing pages.

Now you can actually make your own apps at a so low cost that will blow your mind. Click the link to Get Your 365 day App Builder trial activation

Email Copy and Paste Connect Scripts

If you have no idea what price to sell an app for and what features to include zapable have you covered.

Zapable exclusive (and fully brandable) pricing rate cards covers app in various sectors.

Zapable choose the most suitable features for that app and suggest what price to charge accordingly.


Pricing script

A proven pricing script to make the customer an irresistible offer which they would be crazy to refuse to increase your average app order value by 30-40%.


Benefits of using apps for businesses

Fast access to information to your audience, A wider reach and more loyal and active customers. You can send out instant push notifications, make surveys and learn much more about your audience and customers.


How is the Appmarket?

This market is quite untapped because the costs of developing apps have been so high until now. This market is projected to grow immensely over the next decade making Apps will be the new essentials and a must have for any new business.

Businesses are so terrified of being shut down and loose revenue. Apps will definitely help businesses that struggle to get back on their feet faster.

The Price plans

Zapable offer many price plans. All the plans are really great offers. Below you can see the most popular ones.

Zapable App Builder Yearly Access (One Year Trial)

Zapable Agency

Zapable Agency Gold $1 free trial

Zapable White label

Zapable done for you Template pack

This template pack includes 10 templates and Layouts inside your account. This is an extra feature you can order so you have ready and done for you templates in different niches like:

Sports training, Ladies Fashion, Cleaning service, Cars, Podcasts, Gym and fitness, Hair saloon, Pet vet

Wedding planner and Retro. It means you can easily make apps for all of these niches.

Get your Zapable done for you Template Pack


Actually there are very few cons to find about this product. I think it must be the best appbuilder I have seen in a long time.

Alternatives to Zapable

According to G2 Appy Pie, BisnessApps, quixy, buildfire, bubble and Wavemaker are just a few alternatives out there.

Some of them are drag and drop and low code appmakers.

What are the potential of Zapable?

I believe Zapable have paved a new way for a new era in app making with their new software. After watching the launching webinar I was amazed at what this app can do and how easy it was to use. Even me who are no techie can actually build an app in a few seconds.

It is a real good app builder to promote for agencies and affiliate marketers who want a great product in their marketing toolbox with a lot of opportunities.

Helping others creating 100% professional and customized apps and You can create apps for any niche very easily and this is a new golden weapon for many businesses online. The best thing is that you do not need any technical skills or experience to use it.

Is Zapable Worth it?

I would say yes to that question, because I believe this appbuilder will be very popular and I think many have just been waiting for an appbuilder like this one.

Should you get Zapable?

I can not make this decision for you, but I hope I have given you some great information to base your decision on.

Now, imagine if you could design an app in less than 60-seconds… without any programming experience… and use it to earn a good income. You can even do better and sell them to entrepreneurs who need a mobile app. With the new ‘point-n-click' app builder by Zapable, you can do both. The possibilities are endless.

Zapable is handing you EVERYTHING you need to make apps and sell them to clients… practically on autopilot.

Now you can actually make your own apps at a so low cost that will blow your mind. Click the link to Get Your 365 day App Builder trial activation









  1. My first time to read about Zapable.  This is amazing! I can’t imagine, I am getting information like this. 

    I am just playing game apps and now, I have also the chance to create one? Am I not mistaken from what I understood in your post?

    I may or not, you give valued information on where people could go further in this online industry. And I thank you for this.

    Although to be honest, I am not yet ready for this. In the coming years, probably.

    1. Author

      Hi Rose! Yes You can make your own  game apps easily with Zapable and it is a good businessopportunity with Zapable as well with the Agency or Whitelablel solution for people who want to make money online. It is perfect for small businesses who wants to reach their customers online. 

  2. Very interesting to learn more about zapable to easily and affordably make apps. I would like to know more about the plans and pricing without having to click over to another site, watch a video, and share a credit card number. Can you share more about what is offered, as the signup page is REALLY light on the details about the program… which makes me very nervous about even agreeing to a 4.95 charge.

    1. Author

      You do not need to add any card or watc a video. Just click on the link and you will see the price.

      1.start your 12 Month App builder Free Trial: Activation Fee $4,95 – rebills $297/year in 12 months time.

      2. Agency – Normally $1997 but via my link you can get a time limited bonus for $497

      3. Zapable Gold Free trial $1 then rebills at $49 a month where you get 60 days to enjoy full access to gold.

      4. Zapable Whitelabel – Regular price $997 but you get a special offer for $297 via my link

  3. I know how important apps are. I want to launch an ecommerce store where people in my town can buy groceries. However, having an app will make a huge difference. I started researching and I came across something called Flutter. It’s a programing language crated by Google that uses Dart to create apps, both for iOS and Android. But the learning curve is slow. And now I came across Zapable, and it seems to solve my problem. Thank you!

    1. Author

      Great to Hear Paolo! I know people who use Zapable are very happy with it. It is just an awsome tool. Hope this will make a huge difference for your ecommerce store.

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