why you should have a high ticket product

High ticket affiliate marketing and sales is where the big money is. In this Article I will address why you should have a high ticket product and give you some useful tips to how you start selling high ticket items.

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What is a High ticket product?

Before I go into why you should have a high ticket product I want to explain what a High ticket product is.

A High ticket product is a product or service (your own or someone else s) that normally cost more than $1000 and gives you higher value in return.

Why you should have a high ticket product

If you are an affiliate marketer looking to earn commissions High ticket products is the best way.

Many startups start to small. They jump on the low ticket products in the belief that they are easier to sell.

But is that true? Is it easier to sell some products for $12,95 than $1000 product or is that just an illusion.

High ticket affiliate marketing – How does it work?

It is actually very simple when you have some good training in it, but for startups it may seem like something difficult to do.

You may think it is easier to sell a low ticket product, right? But why do you think so?

There are basically 3 things you need.

1. You need to find a high quality offer. ( se some tips at the end)

2. Get traffic to your offer.

3. Find quality buyers

The exact same things you will need to sell low quality offer.

So it should not be a huge difference selling a High ticket product would it?

And you would even earn more doing so.

I know you can pull off a High ticket sale

Most startups who are asked if they could choose between selling 100 products for 10 dollars and 1 product for 1000 dollars say they would of course choose the $1000 dollar one.

I guess you would say the same, right?

But in reality they do not think they can pull it off and sell low products instead.

If that goes for you as well I will say I know you can do a high ticket sale.

So it is not that the High ticket offer is harder to sell at the end of the day.

It is really matter of confidence in yourself it boils down to.

You need to learn how to envision your success.

You may want to read some older articles of mine I think may help.

1. A daily practice for success starts with you

2. Daily practice for success – visualize every day

3. Practice your daily obstacles

4. Be consistent every day

Now I want you to put yourself for a moment in your customers shoes and ask yourself a few questions.

Why do you buy ?

Just think about it. When you search online for a tool to help you generate more traffic.

– It can be a SEO tool for organic traffic

– proven to work digital methods or strategies

– A traffic funnel with good products

– VIP/coaching programs that will give you better opportunities, training and skills

– A platform/system that is easy to use

– High converting Ads or Ad tools

– Email marketing tools

What is it you look for? What is it that make you buy a tool instead of using a free tool ? Do you know?

Would you buy from yourself?

Tough Question, but this is important because if you do not believe in yourself others will neither.

I am sure you have lot of value to give your audience if you just dig into it.

Once you have done your first sale your confidence will grow and it all

become so much easier.

You have your unique experience and personality which is a value no one else have.

Use this to your advantage.

High Value is the key to High Ticket sales

The main reason people buy High ticket products is the value the buyer give the product. I guess it is the same for you.

Let me give you some examples.

1. You are looking for good quality SEO tool to help you rank for keywords and generate more traffic

If you think Jaaxy Enterprise will give you more value than the 30 Free searches or the pro Version, you will buy it. Why?

Because you know With Jaxy Enterprise you will get full support, training and all the awesome functions.

It will help you find better keywords than your competitors with the spy tool in Enterprise and you have access to it whenever you need it.

You will save time and get better rankings which in return will give you more traffic and sales.

So you value the results it will give you.

You might want to read my Jaaxy Enterprise review



2. You look for a place to learn how to start an online business.

If you think you will get more value out of Joining OLSP VIP group instead of joining the Free Facebook group or Free affiliate boot camp only to earn $20 for completing, you will do that if you believe it will give you more success long term.

The value is in the results you get.

You might want to read my what is the OLSP evergreen traffic system review



3. If you look to create your own affiliate marketing website

Wealthy Affiliate will be the most natural place to go to create and host your websites

You would want to go for Wealthy affiliate Premium Plus instead of the 7 days free trial, because you put a higher value on the end results it would give you long term.

You might want to read my article Change your life with Wealthy affiliate

4. If you are looking for a well proven cash flow strategy

A strategy for generating steady income that top marketers use you would probably want to choose the 30-day email journey hack which is a cash flow planner and system that is awesome for generating steady cash flow.

Instead of figuring it all out for yourself this is a strategy many are willing to pay to get because it works.

You put a high value on your time and having a steady cash flow.


No matter what niche you are in this is the same.

5. Instead of going to the free week at the gym you sign up for a whole year or sign up with a PT because you know you will get better results, right?

I think you understand now that it all boils down to the Value you give the product and its benefits to be for you. You have to remember that your customers think exactly the same way. They buy into the value it will give them.

So What will the value for you be selling High ticket offers?

Benefits of doing High ticket affiliate marketing

Selling High ticket offers often give people a higher value long term and It will increase your chances for success.

You will get higher commissions.

High quality Customers

Less sales needed

More time to use on what you value doing

Better results

10 High ticket Affiliate Programs I recommend

It is a ton of High ticket products out there to choose from. In my list below I will give you few good high ticket products I know
is working well and convert well in the mmo niche.

You need to do your own research to find out what will
suit your audience best.


2. Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus

3. Affiliate Domination

4. John Thornhill Ambassador Program

5. Jaaxy Enterprise

6. Semrush business

7. The Secret email system

8. Funnelmates Platinum

9. Promorepublic Agency

10.Zapable instant mobile App agency

11. Doodlemaker Whitelabel Enterprise

Learn High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

High ticket marketing follow a different process than Low ticket marketing, So where can you learn High ticket Affiliate marketing?


Below I have listed some platforms and training I know offers High ticket training that is proven to work and offers great Value, but I also urge you to do your own research.

OLSP VIP Group is one of the best places to learn about high ticket traffic marketing for business with social media.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium plus and Semrush is definitely good platforms for high ticket seo marketers with websites in all niches.

Affiliate Domination offers training in creating High ticket sales combining SEO and You Tube.

John Thornhill partnership to success program is for high ticket content creators on clickbank

The secret email system is a high ticket program for email marketers created by Matt Bacak and he has his own EPC institute.

Funnelmates platinum is also a good high ticket affiliate product to promote and offers training in creating high ticket funnels.

Promorepublic is a good product to promote and have a good training program for Social Media and High ticket agencies.

Zapable offers a lot of High ticket training within mobile apps products in all niches with the product.

Doodlemaker offers product training in high ticket sales with their product for enterprise and white label.


Now you need to pick a few high ticket offers to focus on in your online business.

you might want to read some of these reviews i have written about some of these platforms

What is the OLSP system?

Affiliate Domintion Review

Zapable apps made easy review


Promo Republic free social media course 2020

change your Life with Wealthy affiliate

Funnelmates Listbuilding tool

what is john Thornhill Ambassador Program?

I have now given you some great tips about the product. Next thing you need to do is to get traffic to your product

How to get traffic to your high ticket products?

Traffic is what most marketers struggle with. How and Where do you find your buyers?

Well, there are mainly two ways.

Organic traffic and Paid traffic.

You need to decide if you want to use both or just one of them.

So let me quickly take you through the traffic sources you can use.

Organic traffic

Organic traffic sources are Search Engine optimization, Email marketing, Social media marketing and network marketing.

SEO is tool most bloggers and website owners use.

Read my previous article The 6 best Keyword Search tools to become Visible and found

Email marketing is a powerful way to find your quality buyers and the best email marketing training you can get if you want to succeed is The Secret email system. No one have tested more emails and documented it more than the multimillionaire email legend Matt Bacak who built his empire on organic traffic.

Social media traffic is also a good traffic source and if you want to explode your traffic on Social Media you definitely want to become a part of the OLSP VIP group where you get access to organic super social media tools that will blow your mind like Traffic Nemesis, to mention one

Paid traffic

Solo Ad Growth Hack

PPC and Solo ads are paid traffic. There are many vendors and providers out there so I recommend you to do your own research on Solo Ad vendors before you buy clicks.

Both Google and Bing offers PPC. If you are new to paid traffic I have some proven and tested tools that will help you succeed with paid traffic.

Read my previous review on the Solo Ad Growth hack that guarantees you sale on every run


Click Domination


I would recommend using Click domination for generating traffic and leads.

It is a Step by Step Beginner’s Guide to Adwords.

How you can make a winner campaign and how to import it straight to your account.

In-depth training on how Adwords work and make sure that your ads are working right!

PPC shortcut

Another tool I recommend for paid traffic is PPC shortcut.

It is a perfect tool for beginners – a shortcut to getting highly-targeted paid traffic that gets you hot leads and puts money in your pocket without any prior skills or experience with PPC.

Wealthy Affiliate also offers a great training on ppc in their Affiliate bootcamp course suited for beginners and more advanced marketers.

Traffic bots

Bots or non-human traffic are becoming more and more popular to use.

It is mainly a piece of software that helps you perform certain tasks faster or scale some performances.

But there are good bots and bad bots.

According to Imperva bad bot report – bad bot traffic stood for over 25% of traffic in 2020. Read their article here

Some food for thought.

The good bots are automation tools that will benefit your customers and do not spam every blog or group online.

How to get High ticket Buyers?

High Ticket buyers are everywhere. They are attracted to high value and offers.

It all boils down to the question if you believe you can pull off a high ticket sale or not to get more profits.

You must believe that your product or service is worth the money.

You must be willing to charge your customers a higher price because it is worth it.

By getting High ticket sales training on the platforms I mentioned above you will learn many ways to attract High ticket Customers.

Final thoughts

Hope you found this article helpful and understand why it is smart to have a High ticket product in your affiliate


High ticket sales follow a different process so I have also provided you with a few good mmo products and platforms where you can learn more about this.

I urge you to find something that is relevant to your niche. If you have any questions about this do not hesitate to leave

a comment below or you can join my mail list or my Facebook group to get more tips and strategies about high ticket marketing.



  1. Yes! I agree that as affiliate marketers,  we should go high ticket. One high ticket sale I’ve pulled off was through Google ads. It’s the Super Affiliate System by John Crestani. With SEO or paid advertising, pulling off high ticket sales require the right selection of keywords. I’m also promoting high ticket products through SEO, by leveraging product reviews. That’s because those leads are ready to buy, but they’re searching for the review just before whipping out their credit cards to ensure the product is good. From my experience with high ticket sales, targeting is extremely important. From keywords, to demographics. I absolutely agree with your article! To making those high ticket sales!! 

    1. Author

      Hi Julian! it is  good feeling when you pull off your first high ticket sale and even better when they just keep coming. I agree that optimizing the whole funnel for high ticket sales is important. And it starts with us. That we believe we can do it. From my perspective I feel more confident selling high ticket offers that I have tried out myself and knows is working and can help my customers with  instead of writing so called unbiased reviews of lots of low ticket products I never tried based on online research. I have done bosth and I like high ticket insider reviews best. And I know that my customers will get high value back in return. to me it is a win – win situation. Thank you for your comment.

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