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Are you looking for a job? Is it difficult to get a job right now? Why not start your own online business? I will show you how to start and how to get free business training online that can actually turn your life around.

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Finding inspiration

The reason I write this article is mainly because I was in the same situation as you not so long ago. Working only part-time as a health worker did not give me a lot to live for every month. It was then I found an article online about a woman who had changed her life around by starting her own business. She inspired me to start. I hope to be the one to inspire you today to start a free online business training and take a leap into the world of affiliatemarketing and that this will contribute to a change in your life.

Self doubt?

Self doubt

I know what you are thinking. You think you do not know enough about business or marketing. You may think how can I afford to start my own business if I do not have any work? To take the risk is scary. What if you fail? What if it is all just a scam?

It is understandable questions my friend. I have been through all those thoughts, doubts about myself and my abilities. I wrote my first article ever in my life when I built my first website at Wealthy Affiliate in the free business training.

Now, I have written more than 200 articles! If someone had told me then that less than a year later I would have 2 websites up and running, more than 200 articles written, being on first page of Google plenty of times and getting sales I would not have believed it.

You can just relax. I know it is a lot to take in. Just want to tell you this because small daily steps adds up to bigger amounts over time. Just imagine what you can do in 365 days! More than you ever knew was possible.

I just want to release your stress a little and give you a unique opportunity to change your own life the way you want it.

It will not happen tomorrow, but step by step. It is totally up to you if you want to grab the opportunity presented here or not. You are the decision maker – not me. It is your life – not mine.

What I provide you here today is a true opportunity for future wealth if you just dare to start.

Dreams and reality

I felt related to this woman and her situation in many ways. She wanted to do something more out of her life and get out of debt and give her children a bright future. She had a dream and a purpose and she took action on it. And she succeeded through her dedication. Today she works full time as an affiliate marketer, she bought a house and is financially independent.

What if she did not start? Her life would have looked very different.

I also wanted to do something more – I wanted to be able to work from home and I wanted to do something I had always dreamed of – to be my own boss and have my own online business.

You know, dreams and reality does not always go hand in hand. There is no guarantee for success just like there is no guarantee you would have a normal job for ever if you get one.

Dreams will never come true if you do not take a step closer to them.

The feeling I had that this was my chance to make my dreams come true and a leap into the unknown excited me.

If you feel this could be your chance too – at least give it a chance. That is my best tip for you.

The game changing decision

Game changer

I had no training in starting my own online business. So I decided to give the free training this woman recommended a try. After all, it was free. I told myself: What do you have to loose? At least you will find out if it is something for you.

So the decision I made there and then to say yes to the free training was the thing that should lead to a whole new way of life for me and to a whole new row of doors opening. New opportunities was just waiting around every corner and still do.

Sure I had those negative voices whispering constantly in my ear that you might hear too: you can not do this! You are not good enough! Who do you think you are? What will your family and friends say? You will probably fail! This is probably just a scam! Do not ever think your dreams will come true this way.

But I decided not to listen to those negative voices and to prove them wrong. I wanted to show these voices – It is possible for me to do this! To be good enough! To become be a successful affiliatemarketer! My family and friends will have to swallow their words at some point. I might fail over and over again, but I will not give up. This is not a scam. And yes My dreams will come true if I never give up on them.

Not long after I started the free training I found out I could not work as a health worker anymore because of a sudden knee injury and on top of it all a pandemic came and turned many peoples life around all over the globe including my own. It was all over the news and in business forecasts – more than 40% would be working online by the end of this year. I was so glad I had started this training.



If not now then when?

If not now, when?

So I thought If not now then when?

I started the Wealthy Affiliate free training. And wow! I was blown away by the warm welcome, the training and the community I was getting a glimpse into on the free trial. So much value laid out on a silver platter.

After just a few days on the free trial I decided to become a Premium member with full access to all the advanced training, mentors and the awesome community.

The action bonus you do not want to miss

I got a special action bonus while doing the free training to become a premium full access member. For only $19 first month (normally $49).

You will also get this action bonus when you start. You have to decide if you want to take the offer within 7 days of the free training. If you do not take the offer you have to pay full price or loose the access to the community and mentors, but you can still work on your free website, earn commissions on promoting Wealthy Affiliate and become a full member when you are ready.

But I recommend you to go for the action bonus. $19 is not a lot for a whole month of full access to world-class training and mentoring. It is an affordable price for most people and a very good investment and start up price for an online business.

I jumped on it and it was all worth it. So I decided to become a yearly member ($495) to save two months of monthly fees. It is a small investment to start a business if you are serious about it.

To be my own boss now. I have several websites and I feel that working from home is the best opportunity I ever got. To be growing my business every day step by step with the help of the training, the community and my own dedication to it.

So today I will share this awesome opportunity with you and give you the same opportunity I got to change your life around. you can do it. I know. If To become – so can you for sure.

Start for free now

You only need to start. You only need to make a decision to say yes to yourself, your dreams and to this awesome opportunity to get free business training in how to start a business online.

The free training does not cost you anything. If you say yes to this opportunity I will be there to welcome you and help you through the First 7 days of the free training at no extra cost to you.

It is easy, free and you do not even have to leave your credit card credentials to start- only your email address.

I want to see you succeed


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Don't Believe me?

Since you probably do not know me in person, I know it can be hard to believe just by reading an article like this. But To be not the only one who took this training. Many successful affiliate marketers have done this before. And it works.

They started out with an opportunity like this, self doubts and a dream about changing their lives somehow. The reason why they succeeded? They took the first step and never gave up!

Here is just a tiny collection of many stories to inspire you from other Wealthy Affiliate members.

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This is what you will get

The free Wealthy Affiliate business training will provide you with the most basic in online marketing and help you create an online business step by step from scratch.

I know many people who used this free training to grow their offline businesses as well because it is so good training.

Do yourself a favor and try it out if you have been thinking of starting an online business.

You do not want to miss out on this world-class training that many well-known successful online marketers have been through before you.

Try for free now!

I know you can do this

The first step is always the hardest one you know. To make the decision and stick to it. This is where 9 out of 10 fail in making an online business.

They start and then stop because they do not have the right perspective on what it really means to build an online business.

You do not want to do the same mistake because I know you want something more for yourself just like I did. Am I right?

Start and the doors of opportunity will open up to you. You will never be 100% ready.

You want to change something in your life and you will do it step by step.

It will not happen tomorrow, but you are willing to learn what it takes.

To be just telling you – This is your chance. The big question is: Are you ready?

Try for free now!

Before you dip out!

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  1. Indeed, the business training at Wealthy Affiliate are free. Aside being free, the most interesting part is that they are very effective. Taking either of the business trainings at Wealthy Affiliate will open one’s mind to the possible opportunities online and how to take advantage of them. I know these because I am a premium member on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, already benefiting from the trainings. Since I am still new to the platform, I would love to know if there is an electronic copy of a certificate that will be issued at the end of all the trainings?

    1. Author

      Hi Nelson! Glad to hear you are a Premium member and Benefit from the training. This training have been a huge gamechanger for me and I hope it will be for you as well. 

      You are right – The free trial often have that effect on people who wants to build a business. In the free trial you will soon discover the real value of Wealthy Affiliate training and become a premium member if you are serious about making it online. 

      To answer your question – you get a badge on your WA profile that tells people you have completed the training. You get a badge for every level you complete, for rankings in google, when you become a certified commentor and activity on the  WA platform and much more. As far as I know, there is no downloadable digital certificate yet.

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