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Does Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certificate have increased value in 2020?

Did you know that by the end of 2020 more people than ever will work online? Right now it looks like online marketing will see more business than usual this year. If you are thinking of working from home, becoming a Wealthy Affiliate (WA) member or are already a member going through the online entrepreneur  and affiliatemarketing education you probably asked yourself if the Wealthy Affiliate online entrepreneur certificate will have an increased value for you in 2020? I know I asked myself this question before I signed up at Wealthy Affiliate. In this post I will take a closer look at the value of Wealthy Affiliate online entrepreneur certificate. Will it have an increased value in 2020? (photo: pixabay)


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What is Wealthy Affiliate online entrepreneur certificate (OEC)?


The Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certificate (OEC)is something you get when you have gone through the online training at Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Education.  A certificate is a proof of having learned something or having a skill in something. Wealthy affiliate online entrepreneur certificate is a proof that you have fulfilled the education and now have the skills needed to be an online entrepreneur. (Photo: Screenshot of OEC certification getting started page)




Why is a Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certificate (OEC) important in 2020?

A certificate is a way to ensure that all the members get the same training and the same quality on the training. Wealthy Affiliate University is a well recognized online education that gives valuable training in a well proven business blueprint and support to its members. With this certificate you can get more authority and knowledge as a blogger, affiliatemarketer, solopreneur or small business owners working from home. As more and more are working online it will be more important to have a legit certificate and training. (Photo: Pexels)

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How do you measure the value of Wealthy affiliate entrepreneur certificate (OEC)?

You can measure the value of this certificate in several ways as I will mention below:

1. Customer contentment is one way to measure – Most people joining the Wealthy Affiliate bootcamp is surprised just how much value they get for free. And when they move on to the premium membership most are mindblowed with all the training, support and skills you learn. Customer contentment is very high in WA. In 2019 217.000 people started their business with Wealthy Affiliate.

2. Another way to measure its value is Results. Most of the premium members of Wealthy affiliate get great results depending on the dedication they have. They realize that this blueprint for success is working and many premium members have made huge success online. All the results are documented and there is no doubt that Wealthy Affiliate entrepreneur certificate has a value when it comes to results. Results do not lie. You might want to read some success stories here

3. The education in itself can also be measured on content and the way the content is presented. It is a step by step education and you do not need any previous skills to go through this training. The content is designed for you to succeed whether you have no skills, some skills or many skills.

4. Longterm results: There is no doubt that WA members who are in it for the longterm do well and keep going back to this training also because of the community. The community within WA is a thriving, learning, vibrant place where you get help and provide help to others. There are many mentors and experts who will help you forward in your business in different ways.

5. Mentoring: The way Wealthy affiliate follow up their members is good. When you become a member you get a coach and you have several mentors in every phase of the training who helps you succeed. These mentors have experience and expertise within the specific fields of the training. Only this is worth the price alone. Many other companies charges extra for coaches, mentors and 1 to 1 support. As a premium member you get all this. (photo: unsplash)

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The content of Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certificate (OEC) training 2020

The content of the training as it is now is based on a well established and proven blueprint for success. As a premium member you get 50 lessons with quality OEC training. The goal of the training is to give you a solid fundament, understanding and knowledge in online marketing of your business. The training is divided into 5 Phases: (Photo: screenshot of OEC Phases).

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In all the phases or levels you will get relevant training. There are tasks you must do before you go to the next level. You can actually practice while learning and build the foundation of your business.

Wouldn`t You like to have access to :

12 classrooms with extra training resources and the affiliate bootcamp with 70 lessons a 7 phase education in affiliatemarketing?

Weekly online classes with relevant topics for premium members and good tips to improve your business further?

Training made by members with expertise in relevant topics?

The possibility of making your own training and to earn a revenue on this training?. This requires being a premium member for 3 months.

A wealthy Affiliate blog where you can write blogposts, document your progress in WA and share it via an affiliate link to your social media?.Other members will also be able to share your blogposts using their affiliate link and use them in their blogposts or reviews.

In addition to this you get a Jaaxy lite membership as a premium member. Jaaxy is the worlds most advanced keyword search engine. Using keywords is a huge part of the training and having access to this powertool is priceless.


My best Wealthy Affiliate Online Certification insights 2020

I am a premium member of WA myself and I have almost finished my Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certificate training. I started out as a free starter. I have never experienced an online training that give you a so detailed step to step guide in building a business and so much extra value. A lot of the course content will soon be updated as the significant changes in WA will take place this year. You might want to read  more about the changes here.

The good thing about Wealthy affiliate is that no matter if you have no money or no skills you can start this training and actually develop the skills you need. Upgrading to premium is very affordable and really worth it.

I think that the Wealthy Affiliate online Entrepreneur Certificate will be much more valued in the future for people who want to work from home, affiliatemarketers, bloggers, solopreneurs and busnessowners on all levels. As more and more people change the way they work ,and more and more people work online, this education will be worth its weight in Gold. (photo: wealthy Affiliate)


How legitimate is Wealthy Affiliate University?

Wealthy Affiliate University is definitely not a scam. It is regarded as one of the best  quality online training for doing business online. I would say it is the best in terms of value. If you are looking for a well proven blueprint for success and learn the fundamentals of starting an online business. This is the training I recommend to sign up for online. (photo: Pixabay)

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Final thoughts

We are living in changing times and this means a change in the way we work and live as well. As more and more people will work from home now due to technology and epidemies like corona.

I think wealthy Affiliate Online Education Certification will be more popular and valued than ever before. If you are a jobseeker it will look good on your CV to show you have the basic understanding of online marketing from a well recognized online university.

As an affiliatemarketer this is one of the best training out there and the one with most value. The documented results and the contentment of WA members says it all. There will be changes in WA as well but it will not affect the value you get for being a premium member much. If you have been thinking of working from home you should really consider this training.

Let me be the first to welcome you to Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Education!

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  1. What an eye catching url that I found in a search! I think you are right, particularly following this global crisis the pressure to work from home will really magnify. You explain things and introduce “wa” in a way that is really helpful and attractive. You have spelt out n a really  helpful and practical way that makes this organisation sound like a College or a University.  Is it really that good?  Are there any catches? It doesn´t sound like it, “the education, the mentoring”, it sounds impressive.  Your personal experience describing your own journey also helps me to realise that this is a genuine experience and programme. It also sounds like a reasonable price.  Thank you for sharing this.  I´m very interested.

    1. Author

      Thank you Trevor! It is an online university and I truly think It can measure itself with an official business school. I think the difference is you do not have the same time frame. Here it is totally up to you to use what you learn. But you have a huge supportive community with expertise while in a normal business school you will not find so much expertise with real experience in the community except from the teachers and speakers at lessons. I do not think you will earn education credits at WA, but you will get so much other value.

  2. Thank you for that post. I hadn’t thought about the fact that the certificate would look good on my resume. I will have to remember to update my paperwork when I complete the training. This article definitely made WA look to be a great learning place, and it is. Many members here have been participating long after they finish their training. You mentioned early on that Wealthy Affiliate was a University. Does that mean we will be earning education credits upon completion? 


    1. Author

      Good question Carrie! It is called Wealthy Affiliate University. I am not fully finished with my training yet so I can not really tell. I do not think we get official education credits, but the education is well recognized and respected in the online world. I think this training is on level and more with many official schools.  But maybe we will  get education credits in the future? There are many changes coming in WA this year so who knows?

  3. What excites me most about Wealthy Affiliate (yes I am a member) is the opportunity it provides for the average person to create a world class online presence in one of the economical and complete platforms I have ever seen. There is a lot of “stuff” being promoted on the internet that is very questionable, in respect to the actual quality of what you are getting. In my opinion Wealthy Affiliate is that brilliant beacon of light in the darkness and confusion of the online training world. The founders are quality people and the memebers that make up the community are simply amazing. It is the place to be for anyone even remoting interested in creating a viable online presence. Great article! 

    1. Author

      Thank you Myles! I agree with you. WA is a unique opportunity to get world class training. You really put it nicely – a beacon of light in the darkness and the confusion of the online world. We are lucky to get this opportunity.

  4. I think I have not gone up to the third stage of the lessons at WA though I have had access to the platform for more than a year now. I have never really thought of the importance of getting the Wealth Affiliate ORC, I was so satisfied with what I had learned i forgot that learning never ends. I guess I should continue where I left. After all wealthy affiliate is a school on its own. Thank you hey I really need to get started again and earn this certificate

    1. Author

      You absolutely should Donny!  It is so good to hear you are satisfied with the education you have been through already. You may learn even more if you finish all the lessons and levels.

  5. Great written about Wealthy Affiliate. It is true that a certification of this sort is going to get you more authority and trustworthiness in the online business community if you have a certificate to show for it.

    The education for the Online Entrepreneurs Certificate is superb, and there is nothing like it anywhere else. 

    1. Author

      Thank you Fredrik! I truly agree with you that this is superb and unique. Are you a WA member?

  6. As a WA member myself, I like that Wealthy Affiliate offers a good number of lessons at no cost, which includes the Online Entrepreneur Certification course Level 1. Now that doesn’t mean it offers less value just because it’s free, In fact, I still use the fundamental principles taught in the Level 1 OEC to help grow my online business.

    Although it has been a long time since I’ve consumed the basic lessons at OEC, I’ve found out that there’s been a revision in the tasks assigned by Kyle. Do you think I still need to go back and faithfully follow Kyle’s tasks? Or can I proceed with what I’ve already learned and still become successful?

    1. Author

      Hi Dominic! Thank you for stopping by here. OEC level one give you the basic you need. I think you can proceed with what you already learned and become successful. Many have already become successful with the old training.

      But it would be a good idea to take a look at what is new in the training and tasks to see if you are missing out on anything new and relevant. But you do not have to take the course again.

      The new updated training launches on 12th of May so if you are not a Premium member already, you should consider going for the yearly special time limited price that is being offered now before 11th May for $299. After that the yearly price is $495. 
      claim your yearly special bonus!

  7. Wow!, this is really incredible! It seems a lot of persons are going online to do their business and this makes like easy and to find out that there is an online certificate you get at Wealthy Affiliate is something that is really great. This means that after the online training education, I get to have a certificate for my training, I must really try and finish my training on time to get it. Nice work fam.!

    1. Author

      Hi Maureen! the Wealthy Affiliate training OEC or online entrepreneur certification have 50 lessons, When you have done all you get an online  Wealthy Affiliate Certifictation  Badge. You do not get an actual certificate. 

  8. Good day to you. Thanks for pointing out such an amazing fact about the Wealthy Affiliate online entrepreneur certificate. I am a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, and I’ve had this same question in mind a few times, but could not seem to arrive at an answer. I had a great learning experience reading this article. 

    1. Author

      Hi Nelson! Well as more and more people work online, the need for a legit, professional platform that can offer you a step by step training in how to set up your online business from the ground by starting to build a website and then monetizing it in different ways is huge. More are looking to new ways of getting a real income now. So I would absolutely say that the training Wealthy Affiliate can offer you is more worth than ever before. They have been in the industry for 15 years and have educated many successful online marketers. And the training is for everyone – All levels. 

  9. Years ago it was suggested that millions of people would be working from home using a computer. The idea was scoffed at, fast forward a few years and it is now a reality. This post that you have shared has given me lots of valuable information that is needed to make an informed decision. The OEC training looks very comprehensive and a brilliant way of learning.

    1. Author

      Hi Lisa! You are so right. I remember years ago too when we had these “looks into the future”. I remember I was on a computer tech seminar where the idea of personal computers at home was presented. So many people thought it would never happen. Not to mention internet, the windows revolution and the first home offices and the robot technology. Now it is the reality for so many and it will only increase. A new lifestyle have emerged as well. OEC is the best training for newbies. You get so many possibilities with it both offline and online. Valuable skills and techniques. Thank you for your comment Lisa! Much appreciated.

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