The 6 Best Keyword search tools to become visible and found

The 6 Best Keyword search tools to become visible and found

Want to become visible and found online in the great ocean of websites? Well look no further. Today I will give you the best keyword search tools to become visible and found on a silver platter.

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Be visible and found online

How do you become visible and found online? Most website owners and marketers of all kinds use tools that help them to be found online. A keyword search tool is an absolutely must for marketers these days who wants to be constant visible online.

If you do not know what a Keyword search tool is you can read my article – What is a Keyword search tool?

When I started my online website I wondered what Keyword search tool was the best for me to use, easy to learn and understand. I also wondered which one was the best tool for me as an affiliate marketer to be found on the internet among so many other websites. I did my research. I wrote some reviews to get to know these tools better one by one.

1. Jaaxy Review

2. SEMrush Review

3. Serpstat Review

4. Raven Review

5. Longtail Pro Review

6. Ahrefs (Review is in process).

I have not yet reviewed Ahrefs so I will exclude them from my Top list for now, but it could be worth taking a look at that one too.

I am not finished with the research, but I believe I have covered all the most relevant Keyword search tools out there from a beginners perspective.

A keyword tool that will make you become visible and found online is essential if you are new to SEO. So my intent is to help you out in your decision process. I might see things differently than a marketer who have been in the industry for years because my situation and experience is different. I will not need the same functions and features as a marketer who have been in the industry for 20 years. You only need a Keyword tool that is perfect for your needs.

We have different perspectives, needs and goals according to where we are in the process and this will also impact what kind of Keyword search tool you find most relevant to use. I will not tell you which tool to use. You need to make up your own mind based on your own situation and needs.


My Top 5 Best Keyword Search Tool List

I have made a list over the 5 best keyword search tools I think you should take a closer look at.

Here is my Top 5

1. Jaaxy Review

2. SEMrush Review

3. Serpstat Review

4. Raven Review

5. Longtail Pro Review

1. Semrush

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2. Serpstat

Serpstat Black Friday Offer

3. Jaaxy

4. Raven

All In One SEO Reporting Tool

5. LongtailPro

Long Tail Pro Black Friday

Feel the Success with the right Keyword search tool for you

I am sure that whatever tool you decide to use out of these 5 you will succeed better in your daily tasks as an affiliate marketer. All are great Keyword search tools, but they are all built for different tasks and functions.

That is why you should first find out what you are going to use the Keyword search tool for and where you are in your process. What are your needs and what are your goals short term and long term. Will you need more than one search tool maybe for different tasks.

If you are new to SEO you may want to start out with a free subscription on one of the most userfriendly tools for beginners and go on to a more professional one as you grow your knowledge.

As a professional Marketer you might want to choose a pro subscription with the tool that can give you the most functions and good analytics features.

No matter what you need to learn how to use all of them. I hope this article was somehow helpful to you in choosing the right Keyword search tool for you.

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  1. This afternoon, researching about keyword tools, I have changed my preferences. Up till this point I was convinced that SEMrush was the best keyword research for me. But now, I feel that although it is still the best tool (in my book), because I’m still a newbie, I may not benefit as much from it as an experience marketer would. I think I’ll start using another keyword tool that is less expensive.

    1. Author

      Hi Ann! Thank you for your thoughts. If you feel SEMrush is the best tool for you –  you can totally go for it even if you are a newbie. You can attend to the SEMrush SEO fundamentals course. No matter what tool you choose, you need to learn  the fundamentals on how to use it. SEMrush is userfriendly and provide good  video tutorials you can follow. From a total beginner perspective  I would say Jaaxy is probably the easiest to learn how to use  on this list and more affordable. 

  2. It is very nice to get to know about, not just any keywords search tool, but the 6 best keywords search tool available. I am happy to see Jaaxy on this list as it is the keyword search tool I will be making use of for now, as a beginner, with the hope to extend to others as time goes on, which by then,  I must have mastered using a keyword search tool.

    1. Author

      Hi nelson! I am glad you read my article. Thank you for the comment. It always takes time to master a tool. Before you know it it becomes second nature. And by time your needs may change too and you may want to try out multiple tools for different tasks and functions.

  3. Hello there,. Thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. For me, I would stil stick with my jaxxy as it has been the best and most profitable for me, I know the others are good but jaaxy is the best for me from my research.

    1. Author

      Hi Nelson David ! Thank you for leaving your thoughts on this matter. Jaaxy is an awesome keyword search tool built for searches on internet and is said to be the most advanced Keyword search tool built for internet with 99,7% search coverage. Jaaxy Enterprise also includes more advanced features for more experienced  marketers. Serpstat also have a good search coverage according to my research but is higher priced. There is no best tool here. All are great. What matters is what is best for you. Glad you found out.

  4. A good list here. I only know about SEMrush before and I will say that I am very familiar with SEMrush before I joined wealthy affiliate that I have decided to use Jaaxy alongside too. It is definitely good to see all of these keyword tools you have mentioned and I will definitely make the best use of all that has been shared here. I think having the right mastery with the two would be perfect and enough.

    1. Author

      Hi Liza! Thank you for your comment. Using both SEMrush and Jaaxy will be  a great combination to get an extra edge in your SEO mastery to rank on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  5. Keywords are the most important things to learn as we start out in this business.  You can have killer content but it does no good if no one ever finds it!  I think you are correct to advise newbies to subscribe to a free service (or free level of service) to begin with.  As we learn and grow, it would be then that we need analytics available in the higher levels.  I currently use Jaaxy but I’m going to check out some of these other services to see how they can help me in improving my keyword game.  Thank you for this great information!

    1. Author

      Hi Cynthia! I really appreciate your comment and I think you are spot on here.  You are right that as a newbie the focus is more on the keyword search and traffic and not so much on analytics. When you grow analytics become more important so you can know what your readers and customers want to hear more of. What posts does your readers like to read? What topics are the most useful for them? Analytics is all about serving your readers and customers in he best way possible.

  6. Hi there Hilde

    Thanks so much for sharing, keywords are a must-know for any blogger. I must admit I did not really k ow what a keyword was until I started blogging. Funny I used to search articles and products on Google, but I did not for a minute think I`m typing in a keyword.

    I like your list of keyword tools, I have( and still continue to use Jaaxy) and love it, not to mention the price, it`s a no brainer really if one is serious about ranking their content.

    I have also tried Longtail Pro and SEMrush but had to give them up, there is more to blogging that finding the most profitable keyword, I just could not justify the price tag long run, as blogging cost money from time to time, I stuck with Jaaxy as it delivers what I want when looking for a keyword.

    Having said that, I also tried Ahrefs and I found that they offer so much more than the other keyword tools you listed here but then again, I could not justify spending $100 per month on a keyword tool, but if I were some big time, five-figure income blogger, I`d sure use Ahrefs or SEMrush.

    Thanks so much for sharing, really informative.

    1. Author

      Hi Roamy! I can totally relate to what you said about your time before you became a blogger and had no idea that your Google searches actually were Keywords. I can understand that your wallet have to decide sometimes on what tools to use. We all have to make these priorities. However I think I would love to use them all if my wallet was thick enough. All of these tools are popular among professional bloggers for different reasons. Glad you found my post informative. I hoped it served you well and thank you so much for giving your thoughts and experience with these Keyword tools. 

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