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Videly Review – How to rank a You Tube Video with 3 clicks



Standard $47 (one time)


Pro Upgrade $47 (Quarterly)


Agency $67 One time



  • Agency rights
  • Ranking Videos
  • Easy to use - only 3 clicks


  • Need internet to use
  • No guarantee it works for ranking
  • No guarantee for more subscribers or traffic

Wondering how you can get your videos to rank in Google within minutes? Is it even possible? In this Videly review – How to rank a You Tube video with 3 clicks – I will take a look at a tool that claims it can do exactly that.

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Videly Review

Videly Review - How to Rank a You Tube Video with 3 Clicks - Product overview
Videly Review – How to Rank a You Tube Video with 3 Clicks – Product overview

In this short review I will give you a sneak peek into what Videly is and hopefully help you find out if this is a tool you should put in your affiliate toolbox.

What is Videly?

Videly is a quite new and exciting video tool that is made to help you rank your You Tube Videos on Google. It has been called the ultimate SEO super Weapon by marketers who use You Tube. In this Videly Review you will learn how this tool can benefit you as an affiliate marketer.



Vlad Christian and Stoica Bogdan – Two Innovative online You Tube marketers and creators are the founders of Videly.

They have helped many marketers and small businesses to succeed with optimizing conversions and find loopholes that can help you get more conversions and traffic. They are also the founders of the text to speech tool Speechelo that I wrote about in my previous review.


Videly offers three products:

1. Standard Front end

2. Pro Upgrade

3. Agency

Videly Review - How to Rank a You Tube Video with 3 Clicks - Product overview
Videly Review – How to Rank a You Tube Video with 3 Clicks – Product overview



Niche analysis, Rank tracker, Multiple campaign support, Bonus split blaster, Video report module, Agency rights, Data in PDF format, Download research, DFY Agency website, Videly Cash machine

Why Put Videly in your marketing toolbox?

70% of all affiliate marketers are using video now. One tool you definitely want to have is the videly video blaster that will help your Videos Rank in Google. 11.000 You Tubers are already using this tool to generate more traffic from being on page 1. I guess if you want more traffic this is definitely a tool you should give a go.

Is it possible to rank in 3 clicks?

Videly claims it is possible to rank in 3 clicks. See the video here

1. Find a relevant Keyword for your video

2. Videly Generate a Title for your Video, a description and Tags

3. Upload your video and add your Title, description and tags

So simple and so Easy – But does it really work?

Here is what some customers say:

Customers who have used the tool say this tool help them generate more traffic and that this tool help them rank fast.

They got more You Tube subscribers and have ranked more than they ever did before.

Assosciated Press also gave a positive review of the product and their verdict was that it may help videos rank and found it to be a helpful tool in terms of traffic increase, leads and referrals.

Videly Review - How to Rank a You Tube Video with 3 Clicks - Customer testimonials
Videly Review – How to Rank a You Tube Video with 3 Clicks – Customer testimonials

How does it work?

You can check it out here.

1. Videly find untapped Keywords by analyzing how many competitors you have and what keywords they are getting most visitors from.

2. Does SEO optimization easy for you. After analyzing Videly will suggest the best titles, descriptions and tags for your Video.

3. You use the suggested headlines, descriptions and tags on your uploaded video.

It cannot be easier done than this and what a huge time saver! You do not have to sit and search manually all the ranking videos to see what keywords to use so you can do it better.


As a Videly Customer you have a 24/7 support. This product is so easy to use that I doubt you will need a lot of support. If you do not like the product you can get a refund within 30 days and your purchase will be refunded within 24 hours.

I have not found any helpful customer reviews about Videly support. If this product works like it is supposed to I guess there will be few refunds.


✅ This tool Works in any language.

✅ It is perfect for any kind of niche.

✅ The price is very affordable for any marketer.

✅ This product can give you higher rankings and more traffic

✅ Extremely Easy to use

✅ Your visibility are likely to increase

✅ 30 Days – No questions asked Money back Guarantee

✅ You do not need any back links to rank

Videly Review - How to Rank a You Tube Video with 3 Clicks - Product overview
Videly Review – How to Rank a You Tube Video with 3 Clicks – Product overview


I really could not find a lot of reasons not to try out this product.

✅ You can not use it offline. You need an internet connection to use it.
✅ There is no guarantee for ranking.
✅ There is no guarantee for traffic increase or subscriber increase.

Videly Review - How to Rank a You Tube Video with 3 Clicks - Money Back guarantee
Videly Review – How to Rank a You Tube Video with 3 Clicks – Money back guarantee

Alternatives to Videly

Paid traffic

Paid traffic or PPC is another solution to rank on Google Page 1 that many marketers use. However, this is quite expensive and if you do not have a marketing budget that can run consistent PPC campaigns you are much better off using a Video tool like Videly.


Organic SEO

Organic SEO is the best way of getting traffic, but also the most difficult one that requires that you have a very good Keyword search tool, more time and that you actually understand how SEO works. Here are the 6 best Keyword search tools to be visible and found.


Happy go Lucky or fail Method

Just go by your own feeling and try to see if you are lucky enough to get a video ranking. This method does not work anymore, because the algorithms have become so complicated. You can not base your business on sticking your finger up to feel where the wind may blow.

Comparing the most common ways of getting traffic in this Videly review will give you hopefully a better perspective on the alternatives.

Videly Review - How to Rank a You Tube Video with 3 Clicks - product overview
Videly Review – How to Rank a You Tube Video with 3 Clicks product overview

Videly or not? discussion

I find this You Tube tool to be very innovative and interesting. That is why I wanted to write this Videly review. I have not tried it out myself yet, but I definitely will. You have 100% 30 day money back guarantee. So Why not?

What I have found during my research made me think that this is a good product to put in your marketing toolbox if you want to leverage your You Tube Channel with more views, subscribers and traffic.

With only 3 Clicks you can rank your You Tube Videos on Google. This will mean more traffic, subscribers and more sales for you. It is not a huge investment if it really works.

However you have to remember that in marketing there are never any guarantees that a tool will work for you even if it works for others. There are so many factors into play you do not have control over.

I hope this Videly Review served you well and will help you in making your decision. I have tried to find as much information I can to give you the best foundation. I will probably write another review later on when I have tried out the tool myself.

The founders behind this tool are well known innovators in the industry and I know their products are quite popular among online marketers. And they would not be so popular if they did not work would they? Based on this I can only say – Give it a go!.

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Videly Review - How to Rank a You Tube Video with 3 Clicks
Videly Review – How to Rank a You Tube Video with 3 Clicks

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  1. So far I am liking what I have read so far about Videly but have a question regarding the one-time payment. Do regular updates come with this package or is this something you are paying extra for when required? If regular updates are included then I would say that this package would probably be the one I would go for.  

    1. Author

      Hi Rina! Great Question. I will have to check that out to give you 100% confirmation, but It seems to me  it is automatically updated. According to their salespage one of the arguments is that other programs are not constantly updated: I quote: ” Nowadays it’s pretty hard to find good software products, that are delivering what they are promising and are constantly updated to satisfy the client requests.” I will give you a note when I get it confirmed.

  2. Hello there, thank you so much for sharing this. Sounds really awesome.  I’m really happy I came across this review.  Reading about Videly and how to rank a YouTube video with 3 clicks sounds really interesting. I use You Tube and This tool could be very  helpful for me since I am no SEO queen I must admit. I enjoyed reading your review. All the steps given were simple steps I am sure I will be able to do. I will definitely give this one a try to see if my You Tube rankings will become better.

    1. Author

      Hi Charity! Thank you for leaving your thoughts about Videly. yes, I do think this is a no brainer tool if you use You Tube. It can for sure help your rankings. But as you say you will never know before you try. You do not have to understand SEO even to use it. Although Keywords is a ranking factor you have to remember that helpful video content is the greatest ranking factor. 

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