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Think about it. How would you feel if someone offered you 1 year of training on the best affiliate marketing platform in the world? I would be over the moon for sure. Have you ever thought about giving away an online business opportunity as a gift? What is the best online business start gift? In this article I will give you my best recommendation and tips to give an online business as a gift.

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Why an online business as a gift is a great idea


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Every time I am giving someone a gift I’m thinking about what is the best gift I can give that person. Personally I love useful and valuable gifts. It is not Easy to find the ultimate gift for someone. An online Business as a gift is an excellent idea because it is valuable and useful. Have you thought about that? It can actually change a person’s life forever.

I think this year the best gift could actually be to give someone an online business because an online business is an asset, income stream and could be of great value for the one you give it to, providing they use it.

Learning how to start an online business will build important and valuable skills like: mindset, writing skills, Social media skills, SEO skills, Marketing skills, Confidence, networking skills, self-discipline, focus and the best monetizing strategies, and leader skills. Skills that are highly sought after and usable online as well as offline.

Who can you give it to?

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Everyone with a hobby, skill, passion, interest, experience or dream. People of all ages. I know teenagers, stay at home moms and dads, grandparents, disabled, retired people who loves to work online creating their own business, income and future.

Everyone can benefit from an online business gift if they use it well.

There are so many niches you can make an online business in.

Health niches, Gaming niches, Technology niches, Make money online niches, Animal niches, Hobby niches, Work from home niches, Spiritual niches, Gardening niches, Music niches, Coaching niches, Legal niches, Financial niches, Social media niches, sports niches and food just to mention some niche categories.

I am sure that someone you know have a hobby, passion, interest, skill or dream they could turn into a business. That is how many successful online marketers started out. You would be surprised how many people are looking for a chance to create something of their own and make a living out of it or who just wants to sell other peoples products that they love.

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How to give an online business gift to someone?

Think about it. If you really want to give someone something of great value to them, I would recommend you give someone a free online business training. You can give someone a business Free To start.

You don’t have to invest a lot of money if they don’t want it. The Free online business training is easy to give and you save a lot in shipping costs – it can be written down on a nice card or letter, sends with email or sms or delivered with a phone call, song or video message. There are plenty of ways you can deliver this gift. It is only your imagination that set the borders to how creative you can be.

Imagine you wake up to a video message from someone telling you they want to give you a year of business training to make your own business online. Wouldn’t that be just awesome? Most people would be grateful for getting an opportunity like this, because getting started is often the most common thing that stops people from doing it.

Or Imagine you give it to your retired grandparents and tell them to fulfill their dreams by creating a blog or online business. There are many retired people who would love a gift like this.

And what about giving it to some teenagers so they can learn some real valuable skills that will be in high demand for years to come?

5 Awesome online Business gift tips


1. All you need to do is to give them this link to a free training to start with. You can give it as a bonus gift. No credit card needed. All they have to do is to enter their email in the sign up form and get started.

2. Tell them that if they find this interesting your gift includes an action bonus – First month of training paid by you if they decide within 7 days. The action Bonus must be grabbed within 7 days from signing up. You give them a start and after that they have to pay the normal monthly fee $49 themselves.

3. Another twist can be to pay for the action bonus ($19) + 2 additional months with premium membership ($98) so that they get a good start.

4. Or you can choose to be extra kind and help them with a great start for the first 6 months. ($294)

5. Or if you really want to give an extra valuable gift – Pay for a whole year of training for $495. You will save 2 monthly fees.

Worlds most advanced SEO tools and hosting and the possibility to create up to 10 websites are included in the premium membership.

Where to get an online business gift?

(photo: pexels)

Wealthy Affiliate is an Affiliate Marketing platform that has been around since 2000.

It was from the start actually a keyword list and. Can you imagine that? They soon became the best affiliate Marketing platform in the world with world-class training, websitebuilder, affiliate program and their own amazing SEO tool Jaaxy.

I know that it is the best, because I am a member of this platform so I know that the value you get from being a member. It is huge. You will not find anything like this platform anywhere else. It is the best place for a newbie to start .

If I tell you today you can give someone a Wealthy Affiliate training and in one year the person you may give it to will have an online business or a good foundation for their own online business will you believe me?

Now you’re thinking, oh this is gonna cost a lot of money. Actually it does not. Don’t worry you will still have your shirt on at the end of the day.

I have done this training and I want to share this opportunity with as many as I can because I know there are many people in need of some extra opportunities right now. The Global financial situation is unstable and not predictable. Will you still have your job in a year or not? The insecurity you may feel right now is a good reason to give yourself or someone this awesome gift.

The first thing you have to do is to find the right online training platform That is legit and good. Starting with training is the best way to lay a good foundation for any online business. When you are new you need to learn the basic skills on setting up a business and how to monetize your business, tips and tricks from people who have been in the industry for many years.

With Wealthy Affiliate you get it all in one package

(photo: unsplash)

The Opportunity to do something to help someone with their dreams and the opportunity to help them change their lives around is right here at your fingertips.

I’m so glad that I got this opportunity and I found it. I Just wish I had found it sooner or that someone had shown me this before.

Just imagine how happy the one person will be to receive an opportunity like this?

✅ You give them a new light in the tunnel. A new opportunity and challenge with a long term value.

✅ You give them a home office so they can eat exactly when it pleases them and structure their days as it suits them.

✅ You give them the possibility to learn new skills, techniques and methods to grow.

✅ Not only growing the business but their mindset as well.

✅ And you never know. You might help change someones life forever.

I would say that is a valuable and useful gift. Don’t you?

I’m so happy that I have the possibility of giving a business opportunity like this for free and let me tell you now t you can give it too and it will it be totally free and have a ton of value.

The Free Wealthy Affiliate online gift basket

Totally free Training in affiliate marketing.

🎁 One free website

🎁 10 Free online entrepreneur lessons

🎁 10 Affiliate bootcamp lessons for free.

🎁 30 free searches in the worlds most avanserte keyword search tool called jaaxy.

This package is extremely valuable for someone who wants to start an online business.

Famous affiliate marketers have done this training and the best thing about it is at you can do it step-by-step you don’t need any experience in advance. You will get step by step training in how to do it and they will help you along the way to your success.

If you give it to someone especially now when it’s so insecure about the future it will maybe mean something extra.

You know, predictions for the next 6 years is that affiliate marketing sector will explode because more and more people will work from home or work online. So this is the most effective gift you can give. And It is suitable for all ages. Teenagers, grown-ups and old people.

The Wealthy Affiliate Action Bonus Gift Baskets

You can choose to give them

🎁a free trial as a gift with an action bonus,

However this action bonus on the free trial must be grabbed within 7 days of sign up to the free account.

🎁 Action bonus with a monthly premium membership gift or

🎁 you can choose to buy a whole premium membership package for the first year if they want to make an online business.

🎁 The ultimate Premium plus membership package for more advanced marketers.



The Wealthy Affiliate Premium online business Gift Basket

(photo: Pexels)

Buy a monthly or a yearly membership so that you know that they can build a good business foundation in one year and the chance to build their own future. You give them the tools do it.

I would have been extremely excited if someone had given me a 1-year package to build an online business.

🎁A monthly membership cost $49 a month.

🎁 A full Year package will cost $495 A Year.

You will save 2 monthly fees on going yearly.

That is not a lot of money to start a business and there is more value for the full year packets.

10 websites you can monetize and earn from, expert help and mentor, hosting on the world’s most secure servers. No downtime. 50 online entrepreneur lessons and 70 affiliate marketing lessons. And a super supporting community.

The Premium Plus online business gift basket

This is the ultimate business gift for someone who is more advanced in marketing.

Premium plus features.

(photo made by Daily Practice for success in Canva)

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What if they do not want to start an online business?

It could be that they are not sure. That is why giving them the free trial first will be a good idea. They can try it out for 7 days. And if they like it, you can tell them you will pay for the action bonus. First month for only $19. And if they then want to be real serious and go for it you can give them a whole year or one of the other gift ideas I mentioned above.

If they do not want it, then you know. Online business can be taught to anyone, but not everyone wants to create an online business.

Wealthy Affiliate have a gift for all kinds of pockets and all kinds of levels.

I know some Wealthy Affiliate members who gave their children a website on the platform and they are making money from it already. It is a great investment to help your children create an online business and build real hands on skills that will be highly valued in the future.

You can give your child a good start in life. A chance to be financially independent and build valuable life and mindset skills.

All teenagers have interests. They can start bløgging about it and earn money. How cool is that?

Or you can give it to your retired parents, husband, wife, partner to help them develop new skills they did not even know they had or use their passions or experience to build a business. And they will learn from the best in the industry how to do it.

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  1. What a great opportunity! I think they are many, particularly younger people with aspiration, who desperately want to try something from themselves. For Christmas, you can choose to either give someone a “small fish” or give them the tools to create “forever fish.” You have given your readers such a wonderful discussion on gifting the start of an online business. As a Wealthy Affiliate member, I can attest to these benefits first-hand! 

    1. Author

      Hi A. Jaynes! Thank you for the comment. I agree that getting a chance to do something for yourself is priceless. Instead of giving a fish you learn someone how to fish. Great Analogy. I like it. I know some may disagree and do not like to give this kind of opportunities for free. That you should work for it to appreciate it more. I think if you give it to a person who will use this opportunity it is well worth it.

  2. Well said Hilde,

    Gifts are supposed to be free in the first place so if we want to offer something to someone even as an opportunity instead of something tangible, it should be something free otherwise it’s not giving, it would instead be selling. It’s a brilliant gift plan though, especially now during the pandemic, having an online business is really what most people need to work from home.

    1. Author

      Hi Riaz! I agree with you. I think a gift should be a gift. A Free online business training is a valuable gift to give. Some will find it very valuable and others not. That is life. If they do not want to use it – that is fine. I have got many gifts over the years that I have never used because it had no value for me. But the best gifts I ever got was training lessons and courses that could give me some real life skills.

  3. Some people are extremely difficult to buy for they seem to have everything. This would be a great gift idea, it is free to start so if they were not that enamored it hasn’t cost anything. If they are excited and wish to continue $19 is great value and the continuing monthly payments for something that is going to give so much pleasure is a win, win situation in my humble opinion.

    1. Author

      I agree with you 100% Lisa. A gift of learning are the best gifts to give in my opinion. And most people normally use $4-500+ in gifts anyway so why not give something of longterm value. Thank you for your opinion. Much appreciated.

  4. Wow. This really opened my eyes on how I see affiliate marketing. I didn’t realize there are so many opportunities and strategies just waiting to be used.Giving something to someone is really great and valuable to build trust with that person so later on you can do some business together.

    1. Author

      Hi! There are many ways to see affiliate marketing. Giving a business gift is what it is – A gift. It is not really marketing or business.If you expect something back it is not really a gift.  But if the person you give it too love your gift and take action and find it valuable, you have helped someone to build an income stream which is valuable in itself. For me – giving a online business gift is an awesome way of helping someone grow – I do not think in a strategic business way when I give a gift. 

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this post. I have never really thought about a giving a gift of knowledge to someone before but that is the best gift ever and it is thoughtful. I guess it goes to the old saying as Give a man a fish or teach a man how to fish am I right?

    You are right, anyone can benefit from a gift learning online marketing. Thanks for sharing about Wealthy Affiliate, I am going to check it out and maybe give it as a gift to my friend. 


    1. Author

      Hi Nuttanee! Gifts of knowledge are the best. And very versatile gifts too. I would only give it to someone i know will use it. A great friendgift for sure!

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