New Wealthy Affiliate Price

A Review of the New Wealthy Affiliate Premium Price and Perks

New Wealthy Affiliate Premium


Free Trial


Premium before 11th may $299


Premium after 11th May 495



  • Updated training features
  • New Jaaxy features
  • Increased Affiliatebonus


  • Price goes up to $495

For the first time in 15 years Wealthy affiliate is now raising the price on the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Product! This is a big deal. As I wrote in my previous article WA are making a lot of significant new changes for the next decade to come. Being a world – class training program with incredible low price and extreme amount of value and success. This raise the question: will the value and success of Wealthy Affiliate Premium be less or more after the changes? What do you think? Let us review the new price change in terms of value and success for the new decade to come.

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Why you should NOT wait to get your Wealthy Affiliate Premium!

The reasons to why you should go for Premium yearly now is many. It is harder to find any reason not to.

First of all Affiliate marketing is set to grow to stunning 6,8 billion by 2020 according to Forrester research.

This is a lifetime opportunity that you will not regret. Being a premium member myself I know what I am talking about here. I have been a member of many online communities throughout the years, but  I have not found any online community like Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want you can Google as many other affiliate communities you want, but you will not find anyone that will give you as much value as Wealthy Affiliate if you take the time to compare all the features and the costs.

Yes! I was a skeptic too! After so many lousy quick schemes, scams and scoundrel companies out there I really found the golden nugget. A place of value on all levels. After I found Wealthy Affiliate I will never change it for anything as long as it can provide such value. And the number of success stories and content customers is a tale in itself.

The price have been raised on Wealthy Affiliate Premium. It is actually the first time in 15 years they raise the price! Incredible if you ask me. In fact, they are renewing their whole Affiliate training to stand the test of time into a new decade. This raise was already planned before the corona came along.

The Price went up from $299 to $495. My question is and maybe yours too – Is it still a good price compared to other companies out there? Will the value be less or more?

The answer is yes if you compare what you get with others out on the market you will be blown away how incredibly low the price is in total compared to others.

According to Kyle and Carson, the founders, “Comparable hosting to what you get here within the Premium membership runs you at over $250 per month (or $2,000+ per year).” You can read the announcement blog here. So you see the price is never going to be a big issue at all. Wealthy Affiliate knows how to take care of you. Premium membership also offer ways to earn revenue by making your own content and an affiliate credit system to cover your costs.

Yes I want to go yearly and get a special bonus from my mentor

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Owners Kyle and Carson
Owners Kyle and Carson

If you never heard about Wealthy Affiliate before it is an online affiliate learning platform where you learn how to be a successful internet marketer following the well-known blueprint of Wealthy Affiliate. A blueprint that is well documented over a long time and have produced a lot of success stories on all levels.

Owners are Carson and Kyle (picture above)



Free trial

Premium: $299 until 11th May – Then $495

Features: There are so many features – Take a look here

Wealthy Affiliate Premium offers a world-class Premium Online Entrepreneur education and an Affiliatemarketing Training

Who is Wealthy Affiliate Premium for?

Wealthy Affiliate Premium is for you who want to learn how to become an internet marketer and for you who want to take your business seriously and really learn what it takes to create a successful online business. Wealthy affiliate is for internet marketers on all levels and for all niches.

If you are looking for a quick money scheme then Wealthy Affiliate is not for you. You need to have a long term mindset to succeed. By going on a yearly Premium plan you are learning new skills, taking your business seriously and creating a successful mindset.


Review of the New Wealthy Affiliate Premium Price and perks – changes for a new decade to come

This review will focus on the new Wealthy Affiliate Premium versus the old Wealthy Affiliate Premium. And I will review The New Wealthy Affiliate Premium Price and perks out from these criteria:

1. New and old features

2. New and old Price

3. New and old Support

4. New and old education

5. New and old value for the money

6. Benefits

7. Knocks

8. Surprises

9. Should you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate Premium?

New versus old features

Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership – Old Price and perks

Premium Yearly = $299 per year (OLD PRICE)

Premium Bi- Yearly = $234 per 6 months (OLD PRICE)

Premium Monthly = $49 per month (OLD PRICE)

First Month Premium Monthly Offer = $19 First Month (OLD PRICE)

Note: These Prices are valid until 11th May 2020


It includes 50 online entrepreneur lessons :

The lessons are divided into 5 phases. I have gone through all these lessons and the value here is tremendous. You get all you need for starting and running a business online and more.

70 Affiliate marketing lessons:

These lessons are so valuable and give you a step by step education in how to become an affiliate marketer. You can watch my video about Wealthy affiliate boot camp here and my little short video snippet on how to become an affiliate marketer as well.

Weekly video classes:

Very popular up to date training with a senior member

Access to 12 classrooms

10 websites

10 income possibilities. You can actually start 10 websites in whatever niche you want.

300 hours of expert education

You can create your own training

After 3 months as a premium member you can create your own training and earn a revenue.

You get your own WA authority blog

You can use your blog for documenting your journey as many members' do and you can share other members' blog post with your own affiliate link to promote or use in your own posts that are relevant.

A writing platform with integrated spellcheck and plagiarism checker

This is a very useful tool and the plagiarism checker is just outstanding.




Access to Jaaxy the worlds most advanced Keyword Search engine

Jaaxy really works – Watch my video about Jaaxy here or read my previous review – How Jaaxy can get you on first page in Google

Expert mentoring and support

You will get your own mentor with Premium and access to a lot of experts on all levels inside the community.

Website on the most secure and fastest platform in the world :

Your website is in the very best hands it could ever be. This is the Rolls Royce of websites with SSL certificate, spam free,

You might want to read my earlier reviews:

Does WA online entrepreneur certificate have an increased value in 2020?

Value and success with Wealthy Affiliate Premium

Where dreams do come true

You can actually start with an empty pocket and get 1 website with a siterubix subdomain + 10 online entrepreneur training lessons + 10 Affiliate boot camp training lessons + access to support and a mentor for 7 days totally for free so you can get started. In Premium your own .com domain costs from $13 -$15 if you are using Wealthy Affiliate webhosting Siterubix.

You will not find any other company who will provide so much value for free. That is why Wealthy Affiliate is so unique, because it gives their customers more than they really bargained for. And you will get access to a grateful and happy community who will give you the support, inspiration and motivation and advice that you will need when working as an internet marketer working from home.

Click Activate your 7- day trial

Activate your 7- day trial

What is new? The New Wealthy Affiliate Premium Price and perks

New Price

Premium Yearly = $495 per year (NEW PRICE)

Premium Bi- Yearly = $234 per 6 months (REMOVED)

Premium Monthly = $49 per month (UNCHANGED)

First Month Premium Monthly Offer = $19 First Month (UNCHANGED)

Note: these prices starts 12th May 2020


Expert help + Live Bonus with Kyle

  • Access Personally to Kyle & Carson
  • Help from the Community Through Many Mediums
  • Private Communication/Mentoring Access


Updated training

  • 52 Weekly Live Classes Per Year (100% value)
  • Access to 400+ Hours of Past Classes (old WA training)
  • Unlimited Class Replays
  • Cameo Live Classes

Updated Affiliate bonus system:

You will learn more about this once you become a Premium member or a WA affiliate, but the affiliate bonus is increasing. You may have noticed a lot of companies like Amazon have decreased their affiliate bonuses drastically due to the economic situation globally. This is a huge thing for affiliate marketers. Wealthy affiliate take good care of it`s members' on all levels by increasing affiliate bonuses.

New Jaaxy features:

Jaaxy – the worlds most advanced search engine will be revolutionized this year – The first new features will come this summer /fall. Jaaxy also have a very lucrative affiliate program.

Support: Support at every turn.



The new updates have not yet taken place, but we know this will rock your business.

1. To get up – to – date training is definitely a benefit and you still have access to the 400 old training.

2. Affiliate bonus system changes.

3. Updated SEO tools.

4. Refurbished support system.

5. Not to mention the unparalleled web hosting with Siterubix who are using the fastest servers in the industry and on top of this you get Sitespeed. It is also the worlds easiest websitebuilder. Your website is at the safest place it can be, protected from malware, spam and hacking with a full redundancy. Only this is worth the price alone.

6. Getting your own expert mentor and access to the founders is just out of this world benefit.

7. You get 10 websites or 10 income streams.

8. Feedback system

9. Extremely supporting community


I have no knockers to tell you about with the new features as I have not yet had the chance to try them out. I have twisted my head around to find some knockers to write about.

New features:
1. Yes the price goes up, but it was kinda expected after 15 years with the same low price. It was really only a matter of when.

Old features:

1. The knockers on the old is that there is so much information according to some users, but that is a matter of taste. I actually like there is much information. It can be very valuable. I can understand some find it a bit overwhelming at start.

2. The old training platform have som outdated lessons.

Do not worry – the price is still incredibly low!


I was happily surprised to read that there will be upcoming changes to Jaaxy. Jaaxy updates are a welcoming and surprising news. I am really looking forward to this. Jaaxy is already the best Keyword search engine in the world so making extra improvements is going to increase the value on this offer immensely. Being a Premium member you get access to Jaaxy lite with 100 site rank searches a month and unlimited searches on keywords.


===>    YES! I WANT THE $ 495 Yearly Premium OFFER  =====>

Should you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate Premium now?


(Image Design by Wealthy Affiliate member Loes )

So to sum all of this up my answer is YES – If you want to make an online business Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be.

There are other platforms out there who offers similar training too but they can not compete on the same level as Wealthy Affiliate on price, on web hosting, community and contentment.

I have read a few reviews online from people who never even went through the training that says the opposite without having any good competing alternatives to come up with. That WA is old and outdated and 90% do not earn anything. It is far from the truth. Just so it is said: Wealthy Affiliate is not a pyramid or MLM scheme. Neither is it a scam.

It is true that some of the old training lessons is outdated. The industry is moving fast. Now with the new updated training in addition to the old ones in place, Wealthy Affiliate can not be called old nor outdated anymore. Now it will be a new and fresh learningplatform for affiliatemarketers of all levels.

When I read negative reviews about any product I try to find out Who is this person writing this? what experience does this person really have with the product ? What other agenda does that person have? And I ask myself the question: Why should I listen to this person?

The new Premium product is going to be better than ever and it is designed to be updated for a new decade and new success stories to come. All success stories – small or huge – are being documented in Wealthy Affiliate by the members themselves.

With all the new updates in training, Jaaxy and support. Wealthy Affiliate will rock your business like never before. Despite the fact the price is going up it is still an amazing offer that others will have trouble to match.


Wealthy Affiliate online entrepreneur certificate have now gained increased value and is ready for continued success. We are entering an exciting decade in Affiliatemarketing and the best place to be is with Wealthy Affiliate and get expert help from Top- notch Affiliate marketers who have done this over and over again and are still standing strong after more than 15 years.

Will you rock your online business with Wealthy Affiliate the next decade? Sign up here

If you have any questions about the new changes or starting a business online I am here to offer you my helping hand. Let me know!

I would be super grateful if you share this review with a friend who have been thinking of starting up an online business or on your social media. You may be the reason for someones success.


  1. I guess for many like myself the up in price comes as a surprise but in order to make money, you have to invest money. But after 15 years with the great offers here at Wealthy Affiliate and the proven track record in helping people to have much success, I guess and extra $195.00 is a small investment compared to the thousands of dollars that can be earned or a monthly or yearly basis and for some on a weekly basis.

    1. Author

      Hi Norman! Well it is really not $195 extra raise. It is actually not more than $8 if you are already a yearly member. Read chrystophers analysis of the new Pricechrystophers analysis of the new Price:
      Summa summarum he points out the fact that the Price have always been $588 for a decade now. The yearly special price have been 359 before and now goes up to 495. However over the years the yearly price have been a special offer. By going yearly instead of monthly you save a lot.

      If you look at the total costs of being with another platform it is a huge difference. WA is extremely low priced compared to the value. I created another website on another platform some years ago that is not an all in one platform. I was part of another online community before WA and I got no support what so ever. All support costs money there. And the value for the money was low. I paid $3000 for this training.Nothing was included. Everything was extra – your domain, your tools, No expert community to help me out when I felt stuck. No mentor, My website is spammed daily – no secure server. I am now planning to move this site to WA instead. I pay double if not more on the other platform.

      With WA you get all the tools you need to be successful. You get an All – in – one Package that delivers what it says and more. And yes the price goes up a bit, but hey! If you do the math out there you will see how extremely much value you get and how low priced WA is. I think it is only natural that WA now raise their price at the same time they raise their value on the training.

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