GetResponse All in One Marketing automation tool Review

GetResponse All in One Marketing automation tool Review










  • Good integration with other platforms
  • Drag and drop features
  • Perfect timing feature


  • Your free account is terminated unless you upgrade to basic within 30 days.
  • PayPal buttons will not work on adding landing pages with PayPal buttons to your word press site.
  • ust like many other platforms they Give no warning before terminating accounts after getting spam complaints (Antispam policy) as it is in their right to do so. However, a warning would be great to implement.

Are you a non techie affiliate marketing startup? Looking for an All in one Marketing automation tool that will make your working days easier and getting results faster? In this All in one Marketing automation tool Review I will take a closer look at this marketing tool to show you the benefits and the cons and help you make a decision if this is for you or not.

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Why use an all in one Marketing tool?


I just love all in one marketing tools and for this reason this tool caught my eyes. Just admit it, you want to grow your business fast, effectively and smart. In this GetResponse All in one Marketing Automation Tool Review I want to find out how smart this tool is and does it deliver on generating more conversions?

A marketing tool is being judged on the basis of how well it performs to deliver results. Marketing tools have one goal in common – to generate traffic, subscribers, leads, sales and eventually recurring sales, agree? An all in one marketing tool is awesome when it can deliver the results in all parts of the process from start to finish. The benefit of all in one marketing tools are that you have all in one platform, A streamlined process from a to z. So let us see how awesome GetResponse Marketing All in One Marketing Automation tool really is.

What is GetResponse?


GetResponse is an up to date and very trendy multilingual marketing automation tool aiming to deliver the best results for customers and marketers by using an automated responsive process.

About the creators

Simon Grabowski is the SEO of a large team of passionate marketing geeks all around the world who delivers supreme quality marketing solutions that benefits both marketers and customers alike.

Their Vision is to empower entrepreneurs and help them grow. It is a good vision. The story goes that Simon Grabowski started with an autoresponder more than 20 years ago, went global in 2009 and was ranked as number 2 email provider in Website Magazine, got the Stevie Award in 2011 for Email creator and landing page. Launched GetResponse Marketing Automation tool in 2016 and are now a Major global marketing actor in more than 22 languages.

How does it work?


Focusing on personalized communication this is a very interesting and attractive tool for marketers to use. They claim to have 99% thehighest delivery rate in the industry which is very high.


Automation templates

Email marketing :

Email creator, Autoresponders, Analytics, Transaction emails, list management.

Landing Pages:

Facebook pixel, Signup forms, Popups, Countdown timer, E commerce tools.

Marketing Automation:

Tags and scores, Automation Flows, Abandoned cart emails, Website visitor tracking, Product recommendations.


Screen Sharing, Whiteboard, CTA buttons, Polls and surveys, On demand webinars.

Paid Ads:

Facebook Ads, Google search Ads, Facebook pixel, Social ads creator

Conversion funnels:

Sales funnel, Lead magnet funnel, List building funnel, Webinar funnel, E commerce tools

Web push notifications:

Custom prompts, Unlimited notifications, Web Push Analytics


You can choose a monthly plan, annual plan or a 24-month plan.

All-in-one software

The price plans are fit for any kind of pockets and absolutely great for a startup who wants to keep the costs down and grow with the business. They have a pay as you go service. You will save 18% ongoing Annual and 30% on the 24 plan. This will of course save you a lot of money.

I advise you to always read the terms and conditions. It is always wise to do before signing up to a program or platform so you know the rules for staying on a platform and are not in for any surprises.

Some short Awareness tips to new customers based on the terms and Conditions that can be helpful:

1. The terms of service clearly states that this is a business-to-business service only. The service include access to the SAAS platform, customer service and add-ons. If you are not your account can be terminated without any warning.

2. You can Host up to 1000 subscribers on the free trial. Once you reach this limit you must upgrade if your account is younger than 30 days old.

3. Free trial accounts that have not upgraded within 30 days will be terminated.

4. You can only run one webinar at a time with one account.

5. Addons or third Party services are not provided or controlled by GetResponse. Example: PayPal buttons will not work when adding your landing page to WordPress. This is a function controlled by PayPal internal settings and not by GetResponse.

6. It is important that you meet the technical requirements mentioned in the terms and conditions.

Getresponse Price

(photo: Made in Canva by Dailypracticeforsuccess)

Free Plan 30 days trial ~ no credit card required

The free plan includes: Email marketing, Autoresponders, Unlimited landing pages, Unlimited automation templates, 1 Sales funnel, Unlimited lead funnels, Facebook & Google Ads, Chats

Basic Plan: Start Price $15 Increases with more subscribers

The Basic plan is the same as the free plan:

Email marketing, Autoresponders,

Unlimited landing pages,

Unlimited automation templates,

1 Sales funnel,

Unlimited lead funnels,

Facebook & Google Ads,


Getresponse Prices


(photo: Made in Canva by Dailypracticeforsuccess)

Plus Plan: Start price 49$ increases with more subscribers

Everything in basic +

5 Automation builder workflows,

Webinars (100 attendees),

Contact scoring and tagging,

5 sales funnels,

Work together up to 3 users

Webinar funnels

Professional Plan: Start price $99 Increases with more subscribers

Everything in the plus plan +

Unlimited automation builder,

Web push notifications

Paid Webinars up to 300 Attendees

Unlimited sales funnels,

Unlimited webinar funnels,

Work together up to 5 users

On-demand webinars


Max: Custom pricing according to the customers need

A quick GetResponse Tour



GetResponse have an awesome support. They work for you 24/7. And the most amazing is that they give email support in multiple languages. You can contact them via email, Chat or you can search in the help center for answers to your problem.

GetResponse Awards

(photo: Printscreen of GetResponse Awards edited in Canva by Dailypracticeforsuccess)

Customer happiness

Get leads. Get sales. Get growing.

As usual I always look at what the customers have to say about a product before I make a decision to buy. And I found a load of helpful customer reviews.

Most customers find this tool amazingly easy to operate and are especially content with the high opening rates on emails.

It also solves the problem of easy automation for many low tech marketers. E commerce users like it a lot and report about good experiences.

Customers loves that this tool is multilingual which makes it easier to personalize and optimize content to a global audience.

Others seems to love that you can add your landing pages to your word press website quickly and easily.

Out of 625 customer reviews on G2 56% gave the program a 5 star and 29% 4 stars which is superb. Only 5% gave the 2 stars or less.

As expected I found some unhappy customers who complained because they do not feel any tools meet their needs completely or run into compatibility problems with older programs they use or have not read the terms and conditions properly which have lead to closed accounts.

Many sign ups on the free trial seems to have missed out on the terms of service saying termination after 30 days will happen if you do not upgrade to basic.

All in all this platform seems to deliver what it promised based on what the majority of customers have to say.

The Awesome

Another awesome thing about GetResponse is the number of awards they have received. Quite impressive! Right?

Best Software, Best Landing pages, Best Email marketing software, Best Support and so on.

GetResponse Best digital

(photo: Printscreen of GetResponse Awards edited in Canva by Dailypracticeforsuccess)

The good

Advanced email automation service

Easy to use product

Responsive and friendly support

Good opening rates on emails

Good integration with other platforms


Drag and drop features

Friendly pricing

You can embed You tube videos on landing pages

Transaction email addons

Perfect timing feature

High mobile responsively

Web push notifications

Perfect Timing

The bad

PayPal buttons will not work on adding landing pages with PayPal buttons to your word press site.

Your free account is terminated unless you upgrade to basic within 30 days.

Just like many other platforms they Give no warning before terminating accounts after getting spam complaints (Antispam policy) as it is in their right to do so. However, a warning would be great to implement.


So what are alternatives to GetResponse? Aweber is a great alternative and Optinmonster is another optimization tool that could benefit your traffic and conversions. Read my Optinmonster review.


This is a pretty straightforward marketing automation tool with awesome features. Perfect for low tech startups who wants to personalize their marketing to get better conversions. In this GetResponse Marketing tool Review I have found that GetResponse is a leading marketing automation tool that will deliver what they promise on opening rates and higher conversion rates.

The good things about this tool clearly outweighs the less good things that are pointed out.

It is great for startups with little or no experience because it is easy to set up and use and offers good low cost price plans so you can upgrade as you grow.

Choosing a marketing tool is in many ways a matter of taste and needs. A 30-day trial will give you the feeling of this tool and if this is the right one for your business. I am sure that anyone using this tool will see their email list, opening rates and conversions grow.

I hope this GetResponse Marketing Automation tool Review have been helpful for your decision to start using it.

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  1. Looks like a positive program that would be beneficial.  I also like the fact that it has a 30 day trial.  You don’t see that a lot anymore.  And I just refuse to pay for something up front when I don’t know if it is worth anything or will be beneficial to me.  I am wondering if this is something you use?  I didn’t see any information from a personal point of view.  If you do use it, what kind of benefits do you see?

    1. Author

      Hi Leahrae! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes you are right about that.  I just joined the free trial myself so I can not give you any personal numbers yet. The best way to find out if it suits your needs is to try it out. 30 days are a very generous gest these days as you mention. However I love automation tools because they give me more freedom to to other tasks in my business. I shared this review because I believe it is a good marketing automation tool. The benefits customers points out are quite clear. Timesaving, better open rates on emails and more conversions because the emails are more personalized.

  2. I came across get response online and I just have to find out that it is something that I need or not, thanks to your review. I love the package that comes with the service, they provide all the tools that I need for my website. I guess I am going to take a free trial first and take it from there. 

    1. Author

      Hi Nuttane! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes it is an All in one Package and that makes many things much easier and time saving when you can operate all from one dashboard. 30 days trial is quite generous so you will get a good impression of the platform and how it works for you. Just be aware that if you do not upgrade to basic within 30 days your account will be terminated.

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