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  • Free trial and New logo, colors are great
  • Up to date features
  • Up to date courses


  • Higher price layer tool
  • Not for low budgets
  • Nothing bad to say about the makover - It is great

Have you noticed that SEMrush recently had a new makeover? In this Review I will take a closer look at the new SEMrush SEO tool makeover. What is new? What are the benefits for you as an affiliate marketer and customers?

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What is SEMrush?

Listing Management Tool

SEMrush is one of the leading edge research and Keyword tools on the market. If you do not know SEMrush you can read my previous review about SEMrush here: The best Keyword Research tool for success?

SEMrush new Face lift

In this SEMrush SEOtool makeover review I will look at the new face lift SEMrush have done in 2020.

All online tools are branded differently. Some are really good at branding themselves and others are not so occupied with it. But branding is shown to make a difference for customers. Customers are more likely to buy from a strong and visible brand than from a less known brand.

SEMrush is maybe the SEO tool that is always up to date with new leading edge technology, tools and looks that attracts their audience. One thing is for sure. They have grasped the key to branding themselves. In 2020 they did a huge makeover.

The new SEMrush SEO tool Makeover will not go unnoticed for sure. The logo,  colours, visuals, price plans, content marketing tools,have all been given a huge face lift. They also started to use Shareasale as a new Affiliate Platform.

But is this face lift good or bad? Is the new suit of SEMrush making them better in the customers eyes? Do they attract the customers more easily with this new state of the art branding?

So let me take a closer look at the most important updates and find out if the updates will benefit you as an affiliate marketer and if it will benefit you as a customer. Because that is what you want to know. Do you agree?

The New SEMrush Logo -The Fireball

Here it is:

SEMrush logo

Let us take a closer look . The symbol in the logo is a fireball. There is no doubt about it. Looking at the new logo is like looking at a piece of art. It is simple, hot, telling, full of energy and movement. I feel I get energy just by looking at that fireball. Don`t you? It is on fire and ready to roll. The logo tells me that this company is energetic and full of initiative, guts and power.

I like the igniting feeling the fireball give me. It is like I can do anything. I feel excitement, Joy and a sense of urge at the same time. What do you feel when you look at it?

I think the logo is awesome and very appealing. It is definitely a logo that draws attention to its customers and affiliate partners. It is a logo you can easily identify with if you are a customer looking for something that can fuel your business forward or an affiliate marketer looking for a tool to research the best keywords and make success.

New Best practices for using the new SEMrush logo

Most brands have a best practice for using the logo. Let us take a look at  some of the SEMrush best practices. This is especially important for affiliate marketers who are promoting SEMrush products. But it is also important for customers because they easily recognize the brand if they are consistent with the Logo use and colors.I will not go into all the details, but just give you the most important information I think it is good to know.

It is recommended to use the logo in orange, but the  logo can be used in white color where appropriate. Below you can see an example of how to use the Logo right and how not to use it.

SEMrush hot orange logo

Photo: printscreen from SEMrush new visuals manual made in Canva.

SEMrush clearly states that their logo can not be used in any other color than hot orange, white or black. See examples below:SEMrush Logo uses

Photo: printscreen from SEMrush new visuals manual made in Canva.

On the dark indigo and hot orange backgrounds the inverted version of the logo is used. The same goes for photo backgrounds where the inverted version of the logo is used. This way it is easy for customers to recognize the brand.

The logo should according to SEMrush best practices be used in a smaller scale that equals a lower case letter. It is not recommended to use it on a large scale. See the Examples below:
Photo: printscreen from SEMrush new visuals manual made inCanva.

New SEMrush Wordmark

A wordmark is how the design of a brand name is customized. Below you can see the new wordmark of SEMrush. White letters on a dark indigo background.

SEMrush wordmark

A logo lockup is a combination of a logo and a wordmark locked together. In the case below the SEMrush logo is locked up to the SEMrush wordmark according to SEMrush best practices.The SEMrush logo lockup will look like this:

SEMrush logo lockup

New SEMrush Colours

SEMrush have also introduced a new brand colorpalette. The new color system looks like this:

SEMrush color system

New SEMrush Logo Pack Basics

In the SEMrush Logo pack basics you will find all the Logos, Lockups, Wordmark, Colorpalettes, custom types, custom graphics and custom Icons that SEMrush use. I have just shown you just a small part of the most important changes SEMrush have done to their logo and brand.

New SEMrush content marketing Platform updates

One of the most exciting things about the new updates for affiliate marketers and customers are the new marketing platform updates. A brand new Content Marketing Toolkit  that you actually can access for free. So let us take a closer look at this toolkit

Get a free trial on the Content Marketing Toolkit

The benefits of the content marketing toolkit is that

1. it helps you become analytic and creative at the same time. SEMrush have created a unique tool for content planning which includes Topic research and a marketing Calendar.

2. Not only that SEMrush helps you creating and optimizing content with SEO content templates and a writing assistant.

3. The content marketing Kit help you to Measure your performance  through Content Audits, Post tracking and Brand monitoring.

New SEMrush Price plans

SEMrush pricing plans

Photo: printscreen of SEMrush Pricing plans edited in Canva.

SEMrush offers a free trial on all their subscriptions and that is really great. You get to try the product to see if this is for you. The prices are high compared to other Keyword tools, but SEMrush is giving value for the price. It is not often Semrush have raised their prices, but as the company grows and make a new face lift it will of course reflect the price as well. The last 4 years SEMrush have grown to be recognized as the best SEO tool i the market and a symbol of quality.

How will you benefit from the new SEMrush SEO tool makover  as an affiliatemarketer?

If you sign up to Shareasale affiliate network you can apply to become a SEMrush affiliate. Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content. This is also a part of the new makeover because before they did not use Shareasale. The SEMrush commissions at Shareasale for affiliate marketers are good. They show that they appreciate the job Affiliatemarketers do and create regular contests and offers for their partners to use to help them sell the product.

The SEMrush Affiliate Program offers you up to date widgets, banners, Semrush Ebooks, SEMrush Academy, Videos and much more.

SEMrush affiliate partners loves to be a partner with a brand that are always up to date with branding. This is important for making new sales and helping SEMrush getting more customers. It is a win win situation.

A clear, visible, easy and recognizable brand will show on your sales stats because customers do care about it whether they are conscious about it or not.  You will not struggle with old and outdated information or looks that does not appeal to people anymore. This is the most obvious part. The other benefits are that SEMrush offers Quality products that are up to date like Ebooks, courses, training and much more.

What are the NEW SEMrush SEO tool makeover benefits for customers

Customers can more easily recognize and identify with a more modern and visual fresh brand. And the new look is fresh and modern and they give good support to their customers.

One of the the things SEMrush is good at is offering their customers what they need like the,Content marketing toolkit course,  SEO fundamentals course or a free trial.

As I mentioned above I think there are many businesses who identify with the logo and the fireball that symbolize growth, energy, resilience and fuel.

The cons with the SEMrush Makeover

There is not much negative to say about the new makeover. It is Simple, hot, modern fresh, upto date and brilliant. There will always be some who does not like changes – that think it was better before and may stop being customers just because of that.It costs money to do facelifts on branding however it does not have seemed to affect the prices or the affiliate commissions. Affiliate partners and customers seems to be pleased with the new Makeover

SEMrush rocks the SEO scene in a new suit

My final thoughts are that I love the new makeover SEMrush did. I think it was a huge success. It shows me a flexible company that can adapt to changes and new times. It also tells me they care about giving their customers and partners the best service. I think the new logo and colours are very appealing for both customers and affiliate partners. The new content tool marketing kit is awesome.


  1. SEMRUSH sounds like an amazing SEO tool, a one stop shop. A bloggers dream, however it seems costly. All I want is to drive traffic to my website, SEMRUSH provides so much more. I will defiantly do the free trial and weigh my options. Thanks for sharing such useful information

    1. Author

      Hi Diana! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes – Semrush is a superb tool without a doubt. I think it is wise to try it out before you make your decision. I am sure you will not be disappointed. I would love to hear from you how you find the free trial.

  2. Thank you for this article on SEMrush seo tool makeover. I have never heard about SEMrush seo tool so I also checked out your other article where you review SEMrush seo keyword research tool. So far I have only used Jaaxy and I must say that SEMrush looks much more complicated and very pricey too. Is there any major difference between SEMrush and Jaaxy?

    1. Author

      Hi Irina! Thank you for your thoughts and questions! Semrush is a superb tool and was ranked as number 1 SEO tool in 2019. For a total beginner Jaaxy is perhaps easier to learn to use. Both Semrush and Jaaxy are advanced SEO tools, but with slightly different specialities you may say. Semrush is superb on in depth analytics like site audits, advertising, reports and much more. You can get a free trial here and check it out for yourself . They also offer a free SEO course and a content marketing toolkit course you might want to take a look at.

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