How New Affiliate marketers can build an evergreen moneymaking list fast

If you are new to affiliate marketing there is ONE thing you need to know. How to build a list. In this article How New Affiliate marketers can build an evergreen moneymaking list fast I will give you my best tips to how you can do this as a newbie online.

Before you read the rest of my post I want to inform you according to the best online practices with information that may be important to you:

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Why do you need an email list?

The simple answer is you need to connect with your audience to make sales so you can earn commissions as a new affiliate marketer.

Your list is where you build know like and trust by sending emails to them.

You are able to give people on your email list information, updates and offers

Your list is a valuable asset. It means you own your list.

Every name on your list have a value for you as an affiliate marketer because this is what will give

you evergreen revenue over time.

The faster you build your list the faster you will earn money.

3 Types of email lists you need to build

Most new Affiliate marketers are never told to build 3 lists.

Have you ever been told to do that?

The reason is that you attract different people with different interests.

You basically need 3 lists:

1. A warm list

2. A cold list

3. A buyer list

So let me explain how to build these types of lists,

How to build a warm email list?

To build a warm list you need a lead magnet to an offer that are connected to a list in your autoresponder

You can also use a contact form on your website where people who wants to sign up to your newsletter or marketing tips can add their email and recieve information, tips and offers from you.

Another way is to send the loptin to your list to people you have connected to on social or offline

We call this type of traffic (people) warm leads.

They have taken action and opted in or asked for  more info from you or signed up to something free.

You have some form of connection with these people.

And you follow them up with warm emails like tips and tricks and giving value.

Your warm audience are people who normally want to learn and have a longer decision process before they buy something

How to build a cold email List?

A cold list is very different. You buy clicks from a vendor to send traffic to a special offer.

People who opts in on the offer is normally called cold because you have no relation to them.

Strangers who happened to see your ad and clicked on it to find out more or to buy your offer.

The cold audience are normally people looking for new opportunities online and are often spontaneous when buying stuff.

Do not be surprised if you sell a lot of products people never start.

You follow them up with cold emails until they drop off your list or buy something.

The easiest way to build a cold list is to use a  Solo ad method which gives you

commissions on every email click. Go here to find out more

How to build a Buyer email List?

A buyer list is simply a list of people who bought something from you one or several times.

You follow your buyer list up with lots of value, help and tips and you build more deep relations

with your buyers normally.

Want to become a mega listbuilder in 2023?

In my article I have showed you 3 types of lists you need to buy as a new Affiliate marketer. that you normally are not told

as a complete newbie so I hope you found this helpful.

If you want  to earn money fast in  2023 you need to build these 3 types of lists.

I recommend to start the mega list builder training.  Also follow my marketing tips for 2023

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