OLSP Megafunnel Insider Review - Guaranteed Commission Machine

OLSP Megafunnel Insider Review – Guaranteed Commission Machine


Megafunnel Frontend


Megafunnel DFY


OLSP Dominators



  • Very easy to set up
  • High conversion rates
  • 100% Commission on frontend


  • Is not optimized for all niches
  • Not completely free funnel - There are upsells like OLSP dominator and VIP program

Are you an affiliate marketer who Struggle to get commissions online? In this OLSP mega funnel Insider Review I will show you a guaranteed way to earn commissions online going behind the scenes of this funnel and show you how it works.

Before you read the rest of my post I want to inform you according to the best online practices with information that may be important to you:

Affiliate disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links which means I will get a commission at no extra cost to you if you should click through and make a purchase.

Earning disclaimer: There is no guarantee that programs mentioned in this post will work for you as there are too many factors beyond our control to make any earning guarantees.

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The OLSP Megafunnel Review

In my earlier review about the OLSP system I explained how this system can be a good entrance to Affiliatemarketing and learning how to generate traffic online.

However, OLSP are constantly updating their system with smaller and bigger updates.

Today I will review the new big update OLSP have introduced to make it even more easy for startup affiliate marketers to earn their first commissions online while they learn how to earn even more commissions, building a list and generating traffic.

I will go behind the scenes of the mega funnel to show you what you get and how it really works, Take a look at the pros and the cons and let you know my final verdict of this Mega funnel.

This is an insider review which means it is not an unbiased review from people who are not users of the product. I am a user of this system myself so this is based on my experiences and my sign ups experiences as well as Betatesters experiences with this product.

I have made a Video where I show you what you get when you access and I have also summed all up below the Video. I hope this serves you well and that you are able to make a better decision whether or not this is for you after seeing my Video.

Who is the OLSP Megafunnel for?

This new mega funnel is for affiliate marketers, Internet marketers,

Online marketers in all niches who wants a step by step done for you set up funnel and make commissions, generate more traffic and build a list.

And I would add that it is for people who will take action and actually do the work. A system will never help you if you do not apply it.

Why Use the OLSP Mega funnel ?

I got this question from one of my sign ups.

Why should I use the Mega funnel?

My reply was really simple. Because it works and converts well according to the stats from beta testers.

Can You earn commissions without using the OLSP Mega funnel?

Sure you can but it will take longer time and more effort needed. The megafunnel is a convenient tool for marketers to use to boost commissions.

Is the OLSP mega funnel suitable for all types of Niches?

You can use the Megafunnel in any niche you want, but the squeeze templates and OLSP Solo ad Clicks are optimized for biz opp and mmo as far as I am told.

The support team will help you with this.

You will find a lot of templates in the TD pages for a lot of different niches.

You can alter these landing pages and customize and optimize them to your niche and use Solo ad vendors that specializes on your Niche products if you are using paid traffic.

How does the Megafunnel work?

First you need to Sign up to the OLSP Megafunnel

After you signed up to the OLSP mega funnel you will find it in your OLSP product access Area.

1. The first 4 steps

The first thing you will see are the welcome video and the 4 first steps to set up your funnel.

Step 1 – Sign up for the system

Step 2 – Setting up your mega funnel Squeeze pages and settings

Step 3 – How to get paid traffic to your Mega funnel

Step 4 – How to earn your First Commissions

Step 5 – Become an OLSP dominator

2. Product Access

After you set up your funnel, you will get access to a Listbuildimg training.

It used to be a bootcamp before, but the system is constantly improving to help you get commissions so now the Listbuilding training is where you start, Go here to start.

In addition, you get access to Traffic Nemesis which until now have been a separate program for generating organic traffic.

You also  get 50 Solo Ad clicks to get some extra eyeballs to your squeezepages.

You can get the whole mega funnel all set up for you by the OLSP team.

And you will get a discounted access to OLSP Dominators.

The Megafunnel benefits

It is a super focused step by step set up system to earn commissions.

It is easy to follow and use for beginners.

It is set up to optimize and help you earn commissions.

It shows how powerful this system is.

High conversion rates

Good commissions

A very active and happy community

The Megafunnel Cons

It is not a completely free funnel

It is not for lazy people

It is not optimized for all types of Niches

The Megafunnel alternatives

The alternatives to the mega funnel in OLSP is more costly.

The mega funnel is designed for people who start to get a good experience and feeling of how powerful this system is.

You can buy individual products that you are interested in and set it up all yourself or you can join the OLSP dominator group or VIP group where you get access to almost everything and weekly coaching.

Should you go for the Megafunnel?

This is your decision. Not mine.

I have offered you a look inside the mega funnel to help you make a decision if this is something for you or not.

Personally I think this offer is a no brainer for anyone who wants to start online because it is easy and OLSP have a powerful traffic machine system. Go here to join the OLSP system 

The megafunnel is a powerful tool if you want to boost commissions and get it all set up for you.

If you want to maximize the power of the OLSP system this is what you need to do to accelerate your commissions.

Go here to start the megafunnel


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  1. I have one big question that I’m hoping you can clarify. The article mentions that this isn’t for every niche. But it states later that this mega funnel is for internet marketers   online marketers and affiliate marketers in any niche. Could you clarify this for me? And, is there a list of niches the product isn’t suited for?  It could be that I dont fully understand the acronyms just yet – biz op vs. mmo etc….  i am relatively new to affiliate marketing,  but learning fast and I think this could be very useful for me and just need further understand and clarification. 

    1. Author

      Hi there! I mentioned that the OLSP traffic system is not optimized for all niches as it is designed for bizopp and mmo, but you can use it for any niche. If you have a special niche and you are using paid traffic I will recommend you to use traffic vendors that specialize on targeting your niche to get the most out of it. There is no list, but if you have any questions the support team will help you out.

  2. Thanks for the review. I read the entire article, and my have just missed this, but is there a free trial? My concern is the limited niche focus. Is there a way to see the list of niche that this program works well for ? Is the product itself templeted and we just fill in the blanks or is more information and work needed on our part?

    1. Author

      Hi Cathy! The setup of the megafunnel is completely free. It is designed for Bizopp niches, but you can use the funnel for many other niches as well. Just be aware if you are buy traffic to this funnel that you buy it from a traffic vendor that specialize on your niche. The funnel is tested and have high conversion rates according to beta testers.

      It is a very simple 3 step system – 1. sign up 2. Watch the video on how to set up the funnel. It takes a few minutes or so if you have done similar tasks before. 3. Traffic Bootcamp 4. Get traffic from the powerful OLSP traffic machine. (optional)

      There are free and paid options on all steps. So you can do it all for free if you want to.And there are some bonuses as well.

  3. Hi Hilde, I read your review about OLSP megafunnel and it seems a great opportunity to get more traffic and commission. I never used up to now paid ads, so I’m thinking about it. If I understood well, you mentioned here that the set-up of OLSP is free, but can you help me with the average monthly cost of using it. Do the costs depends on my Niche and the frequency of paid ads? How to clarify if my niche is on the OLSP list optimisation?

    Thank you very much for your answer. 



    1. Author

      Hi Alketa!  The OLSP Megafunnel is normally a funnel that costs at least 10 K to buy and even more to create. So this is an exclusive offer right now to piggyback on someone elses funnel for free as an affiliate.

      Setting up the funnel is completely free. No cost. No monthly cost of using it.

      What costs is traffic. Here you get an exclusive offer to take advantage of the OLSP traffic machine and buy traffic from that. This traffic is real, warm, ready to buy leads.

      You can even earn commissions on the free plan

      But you do not have to. It is optional. But if you do not buy from OLSP you need to generate your own traffic organic.

      On many big platforms online they offer a free plan and a paid plan. Some have a temporary free plan like 14 days trials/30 days trials on some products and other have 100% free plans and upgrades to memberships. Most platforms will not let you earn commissions on a free plan.

      I hope I answered your question

  4. I thoroughly enjoy insider reviews, and yours was excellent here! OLSP Megafunnel sounds nice at first glance, however the fact that it is not universally applicable to all niches gives me pause. It is good though that this service is not advertised as a “done for you you get rich quick” scheme.

    1. Author

      Hi there!  I think you might misunderstood a bit about. The megafunnel  itself is universally applicable to any niche. It has nothing to do with the funnel . 

      It is all about the traffic you direct to the funnel. But the OLSP paid traffic source are supertargeted and optimized to bizopp. 

      Most funnels are targeted to an audience and I doubt you find a funnel that are super targeted and optimized to every niche i the world.

      So after you have set up the megafunnel you need to provide traffic to it.

      You just use a trafficsource that is supertargeted to your niche.

      What niche are you in?

  5. It really sounds like a great system and you say that you use it and it works for you. I liked the video and it was very informative. I’ve never been one for non-free products but I see that you said that during the signup process you can choose a free or paid version. Is there a money-back guarantee if you use the paid version?

    1. Author

      Hi Lily! It is not so normal to earn a lot of commissions on a free Front end products. Often it is the upsells that pays more for affiliate marketers. Here you earn 20% on the free plan on the Frontend of the Megafunnel when someone upgrades within the funnel. You will of course earn more . Here is an overview: 

      Mega Funnel

      100% Free Front end for every one

      OTO 1-4 – 20% commissiosn for free Megafunnel members when someone upgrades 

      OTO 1-4 – 50% commissions for OLSP Dominators when someone upgrades

      OTO 1-4 – 80% for VIP members

      OTO 5 – you must be an OLSP dominator to receive commissions at 33% when someone buy OTO 5

      On some of the products you have a trial period together with a special discount. And there is a 14  days Money back guarantee.

      Hope this serves you well.

  6. This is something I had never heard of before landing on your website.  I have now read all the information you provide, as well as listened to your video.

    It appears to be an excellent programme.  I must say I have never known of a similar programme and I have a feeling of confusion as to how it works.  I acknowledge that you have explained the procedures in detail.  As I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for several years I’m not sure that I need this for myself, although I have never created a funnel!  As you say, I would need to do the required work which, of course, is fair enough.

    I am interested in learning more about OLSP Megafunnel but feel this is not the right time, due to an already overloaded schedule.  I will look at this again as soon as I’m able to.

    1. Author

      Hi Valerie! The Megafunnel is an excellent gateway to getting more traffic, leads and sales online. There are many experienced marketers who tried the funnel who told me they wish they had a funnel like this to offer their audience years ago. For you as an affiliate marketer it is a great way to help people get started learning how traffic really works online and how important it is for getting leads and making sales. The funnel is not so much to consider using because all the  hard work is done for you, and will for you as an experienced marketer just become an additional income stream that you can offer for free to your audience.  It is not much work to set up – only a bare minimum that even my non techie grandmother could do. The funnel is already created. You just piggyback on it for free.

  7. I have two websites in different niches. And you answered my question before I asked it. I am eager to test OLSP Megafunnels in my niches. I have read positive reviews and have worked a lot to get to this point. So, I will dive into this platform. I live that the platform is created beginner-friendly.

    1. Author

      Hi Abel! I am glad I answered your question. The Megafunnel is just a small part of this awesome platform. The platform is designed for taking newbies as well as intermediate and High ticket marketers. 

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