What is Wealthy Affiliate premium Plus - Wealthy Affiliate Premium plus review

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus

995 Yearly

Free trial




Premium Plus



  • 50 hosted websites included - huge saver
  • Jaaxy Enterprise included (value $999 yearly)
  • Advanced taining and access to industry merchants and experts


  • High price for most marketers
  • Not yet any description of future expert classes
  • Not for beginners

Big changes have been done to Wealthy Affiliate lately. As all other companies they need to adjust to new technology and customer expectations. Wealthy affiliate is now introducing a new level in their product development called Premium Plus. What is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus? I will tell you all I know about it in this Article.

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Facts About Wealthy Affiliate

Owners and founders: Kyle and Carson

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com


1. Free trial

2. Premium

3. Premium Plus

3. Jaaxy

4. Siterubix websitebuilder

Features: Online entrepreneur education, Affiliate boot camp, Jaaxy Keyword search tool, Siterubix websitebuilder, Weekly Live training, Classrooms, WA Blog, Expert help, Coaching, Mentor, Community, Advanced training.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

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Major changes

Wealthy affiliate have updated their interface. The new interface is super awesome, very fast and intuitive compared to the old one. Beautifully designed and easy to navigate. It is new and at the same time familiar. It has kept much of the old layout, but the look and user experience is so much better than before. I simply love how it looks and how it feels to use now.

The other major Change is the introduction of Premium plus. A new membership bundle within Wealthy Affiliate.

In this review I will concentrate on the new membership bundle, features and try to give you some useful information about it.


What is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus membership?

The Premium plus membership is a part of Wealthy Affiliates product development strategy. For a long time they have prepared Wealthy Affiliate members that major and significant changes will come during 2020. Recently the founders announced that BIG changes were coming soon and a follow up video a day later explaining the premium plus and about the changes that are made on the platform. See the video.


Who is Premium Plus Membership for?

As I see it, Premium plus is an advanced premium bundle with expert and enterprise features suitable for more advanced Affiliate marketers and businesses. It is also an in depth dive into Affiliate Marketing. You can also call it a more Valuable version of Jaaxy Enterprise.

Why choose the Premium Plus membership?

I asked myself after watching Kyle, one of the founders, introducing the Premium plus membership. Is this membership for me? Who is this membership most useful for? My first thoughts were that this membership are for the veterans in the industry. The successful marketers who wants to take their business to another level. But is that really the case? I can not give you the answer yet on this question. Time will show if this is a useful membership for all premium members at Wealthy Affiliate including myself or not.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus Features

So I will not keep you in suspense any longer. Here are the features of the premium plus membership.

In other words The premium plus membership includes:

Premium Features

50 websites

Jaaxy Enterprise (value $99 monthly)

200 expert classes

Two free domains

$100 credits to use on site comments, feedback and other Wealthy Affiliate community services.

Priority expert private help

Instant competition analysis

Communicating with merchants and industry experts

Hosting for 50 Websites are included.

All new features in the future.

Higher commissions


Premium plus Pricing

Price: $49 the first month then $99 per month.

Yearly plan $995 (already premium members $795)

The price is $4 dollars less than Jaaxy Enterprise just to put things in a perspective here.

Premium plus Pros

Before you had to pay a Yearly Premium fee $495 + a Jaaxy enterprise fee $999. By bundling these two together it will actually become less expensive for those who already use Jaaxy enterprise.

It is clear that one of the advantages with premium plus is more advanced training and contact with merchants and industry experts.

Veterans will get their own space. I know that some long – time successful members have wanted a space where they can learn, exchange and discuss more advanced marketing strategies and industry secrets. Premium plus will allow them to do that.

More in depth training and expert training make this a valuable membership and much-needed for those who wants to scale their online business.

50 hosted websites is included in this price and is clearly a huge plus and will save you big time in hosting fees and will give you multiple streams of income.

2 free domains (value $26 – $30)

Jaaxy Enterprise is worth the price in itself and you get access to the most advanced features of Jaaxy. Jaaxy Enterprise is far more advanced than Jaaxy Pro with in depth analysis, instant competitor analysis and more search results.

Commissions in the affiliate program will be higher and it represents a new and awesome income stream and benefit for Wealthy Affiliate Premium plus members.

Premium plus Cons

Wealthy Affiliate is known to be trusted and unique because they have collected marketers on all levels in one platform. If this uniqueness disappears with the premium plus that will be a big loss.

Many members today are worried that this will affect the quality of the premium training as they will not be able to access the premium plus training.

The price is quite high for most marketers and there is no description of the future content of expert classes and the content beyond what is mentioned in the Video.

However, I found out that in the expert classroom there are already some videos there already and some upcoming live events you can Sign up for as well.

1. Becoming an Authority copywriter

2. The fundamentals of copy writing (streaming live on November 4. 2020)

3. Building likability and trust with your content (streaming Live on November 11.2020)

4. Writing copy for search engine optimization (streaming on Nov 18 2020)

5. The art of Killer Ad copy (streams on November 25 2020)

6. Writing to scale – Becoming a Power writer (streams on December 2 2020)

Is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus membership worth the money?

Is the Premium membership worth $995 a year? All I can say it better be. Knowing the core values of Wealthy Affiliate I am sure that this membership will be worth the money. I was mind blown with the value of the free trial and the Premium membership and I see no reason why I would not be mind blown by the Premium plus.

Time will show what premium Plus members say after using it for a while. I have joined a 90-day Free trial that I get as a premium member and I am very curious if this is something worth putting my money into right now. The premium membership already offer a lot of value for most marketers. If you are a premium member already you can try out the Premium plus by signing up to the free plus trial before November 11.

Final discussion

The premium plus membership is $4 cheaper than Jaaxy Enterprise yearly plan. There are many advantages by becoming a plus member like Jaaxy Enterprise, 50 hosted websites included, expert classes, higher commissions.and priority expert help. This is definitely not a beginner membership. It is a valuable bundle all together. I am in no doubt that it is worth the price. And I would recommend you to go for this package if you can afford it. However, it remains to see how the quality of this training is compared to the normal premium training and how this will affect the Wealthy Affiliate community as a whole.


  1. Hi Hilde, thanks for this comprehensive review and comparison of the Wealthy Affiliate Premium and Premium Plus membership. I’ve been a premium member for more than a year and I’ve seen the value of Wealthy Affiliate clearly from the first moment.
    However, just like you, I’m not sure whether it would bring me the value to upgrade to premium plus at the moment. I’m not an online marketing veteran, still on the way up, although I can see some slow increase in traffic and started earning some small commissions which I’m very happy about. But I can’t figure out how the upgrade to premium plus could increase my income or speed it up. I’m sure there’s a value in it for some others though.

    1. Author

      Hi Lenka! Thank you for your comment. I do not doubt the value you get from Premium Plus. Especially if you are already a WA member and use Jaaxy Enterprise. These are now bundled together an you save $495 a year on going Plus. In addition you get a lot more in depth training, 50 websites and two free domains. Just like you I do not know if it is the right time for me at the moment. I am trying out a  free trial now before I make a final decision. I am sure Kyle and Carson will give us lot of value for the money.

  2. Hello there. Thanks for this review article. Getting to read more about the Wealthy Affiliate premium plus membership is so amazing. I am a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate and my experience so far has been very great. From all I can see here, the premium plus membership has even more installed for subscribers. I think I will be upgrading to the premium plus membership very soon.

    1. Author

      Hi Nelson! Yes Premium plus is a special product bundle combining Premium membership with Jaaxy Enterprise and more training. I have tried it out now since it launched and it is really great. The training is extremely valuable and not to mention Jaaxy Enterprise which is the best, You get full advantage of the search tool and the search for keywords have never been easier.

  3. Premium Plus is another power pack from kyle and Carson. I am a member of wealthy affiliate and I can testify that premium plus is another golden product. It grants you access to Jaaxy enterprise, free hosting of 50 website and a bundle of expert  training not less than 200. This you can trust kyle, when it comes to training they deliver one of the best in the industry. Like you mention this is well suited for advanced affiliate marketers 

    1. Author

      Hi and Thank you for your comment! Yes, Premium Plus is truly a power package of value. You get what you pay for. I have used it myself now since it was launched and I totally agree with you that you are going to look a long time to find something similar.

  4. I am discovering that Wealthy Affiliate launched a new membership called Premium Plus. I thought their policy was to keep all their services under one unique memebreship plan. But this new plan seems quite cool! I’d really like to check out their experts training. Thanks for giving me these news.

    1. Author

      Hi Paolo! Yes Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where marketers of all levels are in the Premium membership . However to give Wealthy Affiliate members who use Jaaxy Enterprise a huge saver. they made this bundle with Jaaxy Enterprise included. 

      Normally The membership includes Jaaxy Lite. All Jaaxy Pro members and Enterprise members have paid extra for these upgrades in Jaaxy before. 

      So this Bundle is extremely valuable. The experts training you mention is awesome. I have tried it out myself. So I understand the need for a training room for more advanced members. But the core values of Wealthy Affiliate is still there and we all help eachother to succeed.

  5. wow, i have heard so much about wealthy affiliate and its good features and the reviews are always top notch so i tried it out last month and i must say that it is really worth it and it is a very nice platform that i will recommend for anyone because it is cost effective and also very simple and user friendly

    1. Author

      Hi Collin! Good to hear you tried it out and found it worth while recommending. With the new interface the training is better than ever. 

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