The Longtail Pro Review - A Keyword analysis tool for scaling and better ranks?

Long Tail Pro


Free Trial


Annual Starter


Annual Agency



  • Multilingual
  • 7 days free trial
  • Affordable Price


  • You tube videos not updated regularly
  • Two search providers
  • Not automatic rank crawler

Did you know Long Tail Keywords can give you higher rankings on Google? Long tail Keywords is a way to get higher rankings. I will take a closer look at this tool in The Long tail Pro Review – A keyword analysis tool for scaling and better ranks?

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Long Tail Pro Review

This review is written from a beginners” perspective. I am not a user of Long Tail Pro but I promise to give you the best information about this tool that can help you who are new and looking for a good SEO tool, to make a decision based on useful information.

My Keyword tool Criteria

In this review will take a look at one of the top Keyword tools named Serpstat and dig deeper to see if I find out more about the

1. Coverage – How much search coverage in % do the tool have on all online searches?

2. Accuracy – How accurate is the tools in searches.

3. Do they offer free trials to test the product?

4. Do they offer training in using the tool?

5. Do they have an affiliate program ?

6. Is it easy to use?

7. Do they have an app?


8. How is the Support


9. Pros and cons

10. What does the Customers/audience say?


I also want to see if this is a tool for beginners’ or more advanced.

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New to Keywords and SEO?

I will not go in details on the Keyword and SEO basics in this review so if you have no idea what Affiliate marketing, content writing, a Keyword is and what SEO is I suggest you look at these resources first:

Watch this video to get a short introduction to keywords:

What is a Keyword and what is SEO? A short beginners’ intro.

What is a Keyword Research Tool?

Why Use Long Tail Keywords?

If you are relatively new to Keywords you probably heard about Long tail Keywords and wonder why on earth you should use them. Am I right? I know I did wonder about that. They are actually good for ranking and are one of many ranking techniques.

I found out I had used Long tailed Keywords without knowing it on a post I ranked for on page one in Google. This made me curious to find out more about the benefits of long tail keywords and what keyword tools that had the best long tail keyword features.

If your goal is to rank well in Google, there are a few things that you need to understand about Long tail Keywords.

I found out that the thing about Long tail Keywords is that they are less popular, but more specific.

I can give you an example:

(Photo: Daily practice for success – Made in Canva. These are print screens of searches from Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool made 05.11.2020)

Here you see that How to rank on google serps is a better keyword. It is longer, less searched (Avg) but have a better chance of ranking( QSR) and a better SEO (search engine optimization).

You get the idea. If someone searches this long tail Keyword, it is actually easier to rank. However, It must be a keyword that people actually search for because you want to get traffic to your website.

What is Long tail Pro?

This is a software created for finding Long tail keywords to help you rank on Google. They also offer Long tail cloud based system. Long Tail Pro have been on the market for a while. They have followed the technological development as good Keyword tools must do, to stay updated.

Watch the intro video here:

Founders: Spencer Hawes

Founded: 2009

G2 score: 4 out of 5 stars

Trustpilot score: 3,7 out of 5 stars


Free trial

Annual starter: $37

Annual Pro: $67

Annual Agency: $147

Affiliate Program: 365 days cookie

Features: Long tail pro desktop and cloud, Rank checker, Long tail Academy, Long tail Bootcamp, Support, AI optimization.

How to start a Long Tail Pro Free trial today

Click on start here on the banner to start your trial.

Long tail Pro Features

Long tail Pro Software desktop offers

1. Global search volume

2. Unlimited keyword results

3. Google/Bing competition and domain availability

You only get these features in the desktop version.

Long tail Pro Cloud sources

Cloud is using external data sources like Google Keyword finder and AI optimization.

Cloud Offers a Feature called Rank tracker


Affiliate program: The affiliate program offer a 365-day cookie

User friendliness

Long Tail Pro is said to be user-friendly and have an updated and intuitive interface. You can read more about what the customers say if you go to the part of the customers views.

Long Tail Pro Coverage and accuracy

From my research I have found that Long Tail pro use Google Keyword finder and AI optimization tools. In the FAQ they say they use two Keyword providers, but do not mention their names.

However, There is not so much information to find about these external resources they use and what % coverage of all searches they have.

This is of course an important factor in measuring the accuracy of the tool. They say they are working towards integration with providers who have better coverage.

So I think it is right to assume that the coverage is not Top Notch at the moment. I am sure that when they have this in place Keyword results will be better.

Long Tail Pro Training and support

They offer a wide range of different support:

A You tube channel

They do got a You Tube channel and that is a plus I think. I noticed that there are no new videos in a couple of years. I personally find it more interesting when a company that offers updated videos on You Tube with helpful tips on different matters that customers are struggling with.

Long tail University

This is only for monthly and annually subscribers. As far as I can see it consists of a series of Video tutorials and lessons.

Long Tail Bootcamp

This is a 14 days SEO strategy course. You can watch the first 7 days for free. To get the rest of the course you need to sign up for the starter plan.



Day 1: Finding core Keywords

Day 2: Understanding Intention and Finding Better core Keywords

Day 3: core Keywords and Basic Keyword Research

Day 4: Competitor Analysis

Day 5: Using Rank Value to Determine Keyword Profitability

Day 6: Combining Keywords and Serp Crossover

Day 7: On-Page SEO

Starter plan

Day 8: Site Structure and Silos

Day 9: How to Fill Out Your Silos

Day 10: Outsourcing Your Content

Day 11: Outreach

Day 12: Beyond Google

Day 13: More On-Page SEO

Day 14: The Final Day

Long Tail Pro Knowledge base

This is a base of frequently asked questions. If you have a question, it is recommended that you check the knowledge base.

Support team


You can contact the support team via In- App support or Email. I noticed that they had a Spanish translation in the support pages which is positive.

Long Tail Pro Pricing

Free trial:

Free SEO Course

Annual starter: $37 month

Annual Pro: $67 month

Annual Agency: $147 month

This is an affordable tool, but not the cheapest.

Long tail Pro customer views

According to customer views from G2, Trustpilot and others I found online users seems quite content with this tool.

G2 and Trustpilot provided very few reviews and there were no Pricing tables or enough info for comparisons.

Some say it is a good beginner tool and others says it is not.


The website can be read in multiple languages.

They offer a Free 7 days hands on training.

You can check multiple keywords at the same time.

SERP dashboard and analysis are great.

The price is very affordable.

The Affiliate program have 365 days cookie.


According to Long Tail Pro there could be a problem to find low volume keywords both national and international.

The rank tracker does not crawl automatically.

You tube Videos are not updated regularly.

What are the alternatives to Long tail Pro?

1. Semrush : Number 1 SEO tool 2019 – SaaS platform

2. Raven – Leader Fall 2020 – SEO, social media, ppc, content platform and tool.

3. Jaaxy Keyword research tool

4. Ahrefs – Leader Fall 2020 – back link analysis tool

5. Spyfu – Top 50 at G2 – research and reporting tool

6. Wordtracker – Keyword tool

7. Keyword. io tool – Keyword tool

8. Keywords Everywhere – Keyword tool

9. Google Keyword planner

10. Moz Pro – Leader Fall 2020 – G2

11. Wordstream – search advertising tool for ad words

12. Junglescout – Amazon search tool – Leader Fall 2020

13. Serpstat : Top 50 at G2

Long Tail Pro Versus Jaaxy

Jaaxy have a much easier interface for beginners’ and are easier to use.

Long tail Pro is a bit cheaper than Jaaxy.

Both offer free trials

Both can find long tail Keywords

Jaaxy have 99,7% covers 99,7% of all searches on Internet.

It is unclear how much coverage and accuracy Long tail Pro have, but they use Google keyword finder.

Long tail Pro offers multiple languages – Jaaxy do not.

Users find Jaaxy very accurate.

Jaaxy Enterprise rank checker is automatically crawled While Long tail pro is not automatically crawled yet.

Long tail Pro Versus SEMrush

SEMrush have a more professional looking interface but both are just as easy to use.

Long Tail pro is a more affordable choice than SEMrush.

Both offer free trials and can find long tail keywords,

Long Tail Pro offer multiple languages.

Both have an unclear accuracy rate, but users seems to think SEMrush is slightly better on accuracy.

Both have a large data base of keywords.

SEMrush rank checker is automatically crawled. Long Tail pro is manual.

SEMrush update their You Tube channel regularly with helpful tips.

Long tail Pro Versus Serpstat

Serpstat and Long tail Pro have both seamless interfaces.

Long tail pro is lower priced than Serpstat

Serpstat does not have a free trial – only a 30-day money back guarantee.

Serpstat does not offer multiple languages.

Long tail Pro is not clear on how much coverage they have while Serpstat use all search engines.

Long tail Pro Versus Raven

Raven and Long tail pro have both a seamless interface.

Long tail Pro is a more cost effective to start with than Raven.

Both have old You Tube videos.

Raven is better on reporting

Long Tail Pro is more specialized in Long Tail Keywords.

Should you choose Long tail Pro?

According to Long Tail Pro they help you scale your business and rank on Google.

However, I would say That Long Tail Pro is not for the very beginner who never used a Keyword tool before, but more for users who are familiar with a keyword tool and are looking for a great analysis and competitor tool using Long tail Keywords.

I do think it is a very good and cost effective tool and one of the top Keyword tools out there for Long Tail keywords. However, I think the other tools I have mentioned in my earlier reviews are strong if not slightly stronger competitors to Long Tail Pro.

I like that the interface is multilingual and I think that is a huge plus. The pricing is good and I think it is well worth the money. I would like to know more about the coverage and accuracy. The You Tube videos could be more regular and updated and address current problems today. But I would absolutely recommend using Long tail pro for long tail keywords.

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  1. Interesting review of long tail pro.  I had never heard of this program until stumbling across your review but I will be checking it out now.  Quick question, do you need to put a credit card number in to access the free training or the seven days of training? It’s unfortunate they don’t keep their youtube training videos up to date. That is a big con in my book, but the rest of the program sounds pretty legit. Thanks for all this valuable info! 

  2. Having an overall rating of 4.85/5 is indeed good enough for this keyword search tool to be rated among the best. I am making use of Jaaxy for now, but it’s nice to be reading about the Longtail pro as I would definitely make use of other keyword search tool like this. I like the fact that it is multilingual and affordable. The cons are something to consider too, but at the end of the day, Longtail pro is indeed one of the best keyword search tool.

    1. Author

      Hi Nelson! Thank you for your comment. Longtail pro is a superb Keyword tool with a high focus on long tailed keywords as the name states. It can give you an extra edge to use several Keyword tools as all do have different strengths and different functions. And They are all built for doing specifiq tasks on different platforms. You might want to read my article the 6 best Keyword search tools to be visible and found

  3. Hello there!, thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece of information here, your review on long tail pro is very very needed. This is like the first time I am hearing about long tail pro but with just one read of your review, everything made sense to me. And I like the fact that it has a free part which I want to know if we have to input card details for.

    1. Author

      Hi Maureen! You can start the free longtail Bootcamp by signing up with email, Facebook or Google. No Creditcard needed. 

  4. It is always a good thing to know how to actually benefit from the use of long keyword because it is always better as it offers a much better chance at getting the unique pick and getting to be at the top. The longtail pro seems like a perfect keyword research tool to have access to alongside others to help generate the longtail keywords too

    1. Author

      Hi Liza! Yes Longtail Pro is an awesome tool for Longtail Keywords. If you learn to master long tail Keywords you will increase your organic traffic and rank higher more easily. I do agree that Longtail Pro is a tool all marketers should have in their toolbox.

  5. I’ve actually been looking for something like this! Great review – really appreciated! As I’ve stepped up my keyword game in recent weeks, I’ve had a bit think about this and the Long Tail Pro tool looks very effective. It is nice to see that they have their premium university and bootcamp options as well as a YouTube channel to share content – great stuff! 

    1. Author

      Hi A Jaynes! I am glad my article could give you some valuable info about Longtail pro. I am sure you will love this tool. It is awesome for longtail keywords and rankings. The perfect tool for stepping up your keyword game indeed. Thank you for leaving your thoughts on this! Appreciate it!

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